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December 2010:
Free Fall, Ken Vandermark's trio formed in 2001 with pianist Håvard Wiik and bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, released his fourth album for Smalltown SuperJazz: Grey Scale. Here, Ken is on clarinets, and features 9 new tracks for the first time completely improvised. Recorded in september 2008.

Cam Jazz released In Stride, the new Oregon album, on which we can listen to the standard quartet (Paul McCandless: oboe, English horn, soprano saxophone, flutes; Ralph Towner: classical, 12-string and synth guitar, piano; Glen Moore: double-bass; Mark Walker: drums, hand percussion) performing 11 tracks (for quite 1 hour), new but also old and rivisited, recorded in february 2010. 6 of them are new Towner compositions.

Tzadik released Fred Frith's Eye To Ear III, the third volume of his film soundtrack music, that includes studio work from the past six years, 16 tracks (52 minutes), whose first 11 were recorded in july 2004, and the other in june and november 2003. Fred  is on guitar, bass, keyboards and home-made instruments in a nonet with Ada Gosling (violin), Tilman Muller (trumpet, flugelhorn), Bernd Settelmeyer (percussion, waterphone), Sheela Bringi (bansuri), Wu Fei (guzheng), Heather Heise (piano, melodica), Carla Kihlstedt (violin, nyckelharpa) and Gino Robair (percussion).

Also from Tzadik, the new monthly John Zorn album: Interzone, his tribute to William S. Burroughs, largely improvised; recorded in June and July 2010, this CD features John on saxophone, in a lineup with Mark Ribot (guitars, banjo, sinatir and cumbus), Cyro Baptista (percussion), Ikue Mori (electronics), Kenny Wollesen (drums, vibes, chimes, tympani, wollesonics, percussion), John Medeski (keyboards) and Trevor Dunn (basses). Interzone is a 3-mouvement suite, for 50 minutes.

World Saxophone Quartet. The lineup formed by founders reedists David Murray and Hamiet Bluiett has just released his 22nd album in 34 years: Yes, We Can (for the label Jazzwerkstatt). Performed with saxophonist Kidd Jordan and sax-tenorist James Carter (but for the first time without Oliver Lake), this is a live set from Berlin in 2009, that celebrates the election of Barack Obama. 8 tracks.

Lullaby for Lali is the new Ferran Fages album, a long suite recorded at the end of 2009 and now released by Etude as ltd edition vinyl (300 copies), that features a new musical approach for Ferran, far from improvisation and quite melodic (sidea A is Lullaby Electric, whereas side B is Lullaby Acoustic), on which he plays guitars (electric and acoustic), melodica and electronic, in the company of Lali Barrière (guitaret, metallophone and electronics).

Also on Etude, Aura is the new work by Alfredo Costa Monteiro, composed by a series of recorded sounds, all produced by percussion instruments, played though by Pilar Subira. All the sounds are acoustic without electronics or processing. Some sounds result from acoustic combinations of other sounds. Recorded between 2008 and 2009. Ltd edition (300 copies).

Meta released the until now unreleased 10-track The Blue Mountain's Sun Drummer, credited to the duo of Wadada Leo Smith, here on trumpet, flugelhorn, mbira  (an african thumb piano), flute and voice, and Ed Blackwell (drums), recorded live at Brandeis University in 1986.

From the Telarc label comes Have You Ever Been...?, a curious string-arranged Turtle Island Quartet's foray in rock music. Jimi's compositions collated as suites of songs inspired lengthy improvisations from the quartet. Recorded in february 2010, the album includes Tree Of Life, an original Balakrishnan composition that was largely influenced by Hendrix, a solo string quartet version in four movements, adapted from the large form version which included dance, theater and spoken word. Let's remember the most recent lineup: Mads Tolling and David Balakrishnan on violin, Mark Summer on cello and Jeremy Kittel on viola. As Summer said, «we've chosen music that really shows Jimi Hendrix as a composer; you know, people think of him as a guitar god, and David's whole take (in the violinist's arrangements) is to show how Hendrix was thinking compositionally. Our aim is to make this sound elegant yet ferocious».

Since 2006, the label Widow's Taste released several posthumes albums (studio and live) by legendary altoist Art Pepper, who died in 1982, all named Unreleased Art, and containing performances never (legally) released. Vol. 1 features a Japan concert recorded in November 1981 with pianist George Cables, bassist David Williams and drummer Carl Burnett. This is a two CD set. Vol. 2 is entitled The Last Concert, and features 5 long tracks performed by same lineup, plus pianist and composer Roger Kellaway, on 30 may 1982: his last live performance. Vol. 3 is another 2 CD set, for more than 2 hour of music, a concert recorded in may 1981 by the altoist with Milcho Leviev on piano, Bob Magnusson on upright bass and Carl Burnett on drums. Vol. 4 features instead, as title says, The Art History Project, and is a 3 CD set; in these unreleased studio tracks played a very large ensemble. First CD, Pure Art, is performed with «Stan Kenton Innovations in Modern Music» orchestra. CD 2, Hard Art, contains first six rehearsal tracks, all previously unissued, with a newly-formed quartet, apparently all that has been uncovered from the studio to date from a brief gap in between incarcerations in 1964. Other tracks date back to 1968. CD 3, Consummate Art, documents the last Pepper's period. And just now is out Vol. 5: Stuttgart May 25, 1981, another concert gathered in 2 CDs. Pepper played alto saxophone and clarinet with pianist Milcho Leviev, bassist Bob Magnusson and Carl Burnett on drums.

Black Swan is the new Cristian Vogel work, recorded for the choreographer Gilles Jobin, a ltd edition (1000 copies) released by Sub Rosa, a dance piece for four performers composed in 2009 and containing 3 tracks, for 49 minuts.

After recording for Not On Label their ltd ed. Live In Finland in december 2006 (400 copie with no distribution), the Scorch Trio releases now for Rune Grammofon Melaza, the new «live studio» album, 8 new tracks recorded quite without overdubs, on which the leader, Nilssen-Love, was succeeded by Chicagoan drummer Frank Rosaly. This is the fifth album: indeed, the trio, formed in late 1998, debuted discographically in january 2002 recording 7 tracks live in studio in just two days with no overdub or editing, as a self-titled, released by Rune Grammofon. Luggumt was recorded in january 2004 and Brolt in october 2007.

Intakt released For A Little Dancin', credited to the trio Oliver Lake (on alto sax)/Christian Weber (on bass)/Dieter Ulrich (on drums), an album composed all but title-track by Oliver Lake, recorded in march and april 2009, that gathers 10 (mostly brief) tracks.

The label Vinyl Lovers restores as a DoLP the old and unfindable Sun Ra Arkestra’s Live At Praxis '84 3 LPs, released by Praxis in 1984, that documented a live performance recorded in Athens on february 1984. Largely improvised, the concert featured a lineup with the leader on keyboards, the reed section Ronnie Brown/Marshall Allen/Eloe Omoe/John Gilmore/Danny Ray Thompson/James Jacson, and the rhythm section Rollo Radford /Matthew Brown/Don Mumford/Salah Ragab, plus dancers Myriam Broche and Greg Pratt.

A Night At Cafe Bohemia/The Pithecanthropus Erectus Sessions is a Charles Mingus' 2 CD set Giant Steps reissue that collects well-known 1956 masterpiece and a little known live session (originally released by Debut as A Night at Cafe Bohemia), recorded on december 1955, i.e. 1 month before Pithecanthropus' sessions. The live 1955 session was played by a quintet on which Charles was accompanied by drummer Max Roach, pianist Mal Waldron, trombonist Eddie Bert and saxophonist George Barrow. The performance gathered standards as well as three Mingus originals.

Baden-Baden ’75 is a Globe Unity Orchestra 2CD set, a reissue of their old Jahrmarkt/Local, recorded with guests  in 2 sessions: november 1975, when was performed composition Jahrmarkt, and june 1976 (when was played Local). Only first composition was released as LP; Local, instead, was unissued till now. Both of pieces gathered a «stellar» lineup, with trumpet-trio Enrico Rava, Manfred Schoof and Kenny Wheeler, Anthony Braxton and Peter Brötzmann on saxes and clarinets, Rüdiger Carl (alto & tenor sax), Gerd Dudek (saxes and flute), Evan Parker (soprano & tenor saxes), Michel Pilz (bass clarinet), the trombone-trio Günter Christmann, Albert Mangelsdorff and Paul Rutherford, Alexander von Schlippenbach on piano, bassists Peter Kowald and Buschi Niebergall, and drummer Paul Lovens.

21st Century V-Bop is a new project by a quartet consisting of drummer Mark Anderson, tenors&sopranoist Paul Dunmall, guitarist Philip Gibbs and keyboardist Tony Hymas, that debuted with a self-titled CD released by SLAM. Recorded live in studio without overdubs in august 2009, this album features 7 tracks for more than 1 hour. Still as for Dunmall, it's worth to mention his MANU, released by FMR, in a trio with guitarist Philip Gibbs and drummer Miles Levin. 2 tracks, for quite 30 minutes, recorded in january 2010; and Boundless, another FMR release recorded in january 2008 in a quartet with guitarists Barry Edwards and again Philip Gibbs, guitar, and Marks Sanders on drums.

After having released in 2005, after his death, his until then unreleased Abstractions Of The Industrial North, the Trunk label releases now, as vinyl and as CD, other two unissued Basil Kirchin's recordings: the album Primitive London collects these soundtracks, the first (that's the first ever) from namesake 1965 score, notorious as the UK's first and most important "Mondo" movie, that presents music jazz and drone-oriented; the other from 1971 The Freelance, that sports a more free form sound.

After having recorded Premonitions on july 1989, Paul Rutherford's project Free Jazz Quartet, that featured the trombonist with reedist Harrison Smith, celloist Tony Moore and drummer Eddier Prévost, recorded in 1992 Memories For The Future, an unissued album released now by Matchless, that collects 8 tracks, for quite 1 hour.

2 Seconds/B Minor/Wave is an Erstwhile album composed and recorded separately, the last summer, by the guitar-duo Michael Pisaro and Taku Sugimoto, that gathers those three tracks (each of them 20 minutes). Pisaro, say liner notes «has spent much of the last decade making field recordings, and occasionally using them in his work. Much of his recent composition, and especially the work with his primary collaborator, percussionist Greg Stuart, has concerned the massing and then the spatialization of sound to create 'homemade' environments. Pisaro lives in Southern California, teaching at the California Institute of the Arts, running the Experimental Music Workshop, and curating his own recently launched recording imprint, Gravity Wave».

Inclusion Principle is a new Martin Archer project, a duo with Hervé Perez. They have recorded for Discus in september 2009 The Leaf Factory Fallback, a software-electronics performance, on which Martin plays software instruments, organ, sopranino & baritone saxes; Perez, instead, is on field recordings, sound design, laptop and soprano sax. 8 tracks, for 52 minutes.
November 2010:
Floored By Four, released by Chimera, is credited to an unusual quartet: Nels Cline (here on electric guitar and effects), Yuka Honda (keyboards and vibes), Mike Watt (the cofounder of Minutemen and ex-fIREHOSE, who wrote all of tracks, sings and plays bass) and drummer Dougie Bowne (who worked with John Cale, Iggy Pop and Lounge Lizards). 43 minutes and 4 tracks, named each one a member of the quartet, i.e. Nels, Miss Yuka, Watt and Dougie. Recorded in july 2009.

Credited to Tony Malaby, Tamarindo Live is a Clean Feed live album, recorded in june 2010, on which the trio founded by the sax-tenorist with bassist William Parker and drummer Nasheet Waits is joined by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith as special guest. 4 tracks, for almost 1 hour.

Candid restores Chico Freeman's Lord Riff And Me, a studio album recorded in october 1987, and originally released in 1988 by Not Two, but too much soon forgotten and till now rare, that sees father and son both on soprano and tenor saxes in a very notable quintet, with pianist George Cables and rhythm section Cecil McBee (bass)/Billy Hart (drums). 9 tracks for 1 hour of music.

D'Autres Cordes releases Abstraction Distraction, the latest chapter in Elliott Sharp's Tectonics saga, recorded in august 2008, on which the New Yorker focuses entirely on soprano and tenor saxes, elaborated by analogue and digital electronics, with the drum programming and computer processing by Joseph Trump, Sim Cain and Tony Lewis. 7 tracks
Still by Sharp, Octal: Book Two is the second volume of his project realized on the 8-string guitarbass prototype built for him by Saul Koll. As Sharp's liner notes indicate, it's a solo album of purely digital music "in that my digits are the sole method of sound-production: no plectra are used, only ?ngers".

Cardew Works 1960-70, released just now by Confront, that features, among others, John Tilbury (piano), Michael Duch (double bass) and Rhodri Davies (harp), collects six compositions by the pianist and composer. Autumn '60 (10 minutes), premiered by a quartet in which the composer was on guitar and John Cage on piano, a version arranged and conducted by John Tilbury; 4th System (20 minutes), taken from February Pieces, composed between 1959 and 1961, originally written for solo piano; Material (4 minutes), a work for an ensemble of «harmony instruments»; Solo With Accompaniment (9 minutes), a complicated accompaniment supporting a solo part consisting of a repetition of single notes and a quasi-improvisational middle section; an excerpt (21 minutes) from Treatise, his most famous work; and Unintended Piano Music (7 minutes, a melodic composition).

Auricle presents three new duo
Gerry Hemingway's CDs, all recorded in august 2008 and largely improvised: Inbetween Spaces, on which Gerry plays his tenor sax with Ellery Eskelin (drums and voice); Below The Surface Of, a very eclectic performance recorded with the composer Terrence McManus, here on electric and nylon stereo guitar, whereas Gerry is on drums and voice; Pulses, on which he's again on drums and voice with Korean komungo player Jin Hi Kim (let's say that komungo is a fourth century traditional Korean zither).

Angels, Devils & Haints (released by Cadence) is a 2CD set by Joe McPhee, performed with a bassist-quartet gathering Michael Bisio, Dominic Duval, Paul Rogers and Claude Tchamitian, recorded in may 2000, when McPhee invited them to join him for two concerts in France, entitling them The Albert Ayler Project 2000. Joe played tenor and alto saxes and pocket trumpet. Stands out from all the 56-minute title-track on first volume, with bassists that play continually together. And again by Joe, Solo is a Corbett vs. Dempsey 2CD set that features previously unreleased solo recordings from 1968 to 1973, that document the very early years of McPhee's tenor playing and his interest in sound-making devices as drone organ, nagoya harp, by way of soprano sax and hand percussion in multi-track recording, here executed on a device known as a Sound On Sound tape machine. When he performed live in concert with the device, he called it his Survival Unit.

Szampler is a
Fennesz's MC-only limited edition of 500 copies (already sold out, though), that features two tracks (each of them quite half hour), that are, he says, a collection of samples made for his old samplers used between 1989 and 1996.

Sound Delta (released by Touch) is part of
Phil Niblock's TouchRadio mp3 series, and collects three pieces: Zound Delta (22 minutes), made at a residency with the European Sound Delta Project in 2009; Bells & Timps (5:30), made using church bells in Gent Belgium, recorded by Godfried Willem Raes of Logos Foundation, in 1986; BuchBel (12 minutes), recorded during an overnight train ride from Bucharest to Belgrade, whose all sounds were from the train, with many layerings; recorded in 2009.

Maya released
Morning Glory + Live in New York a 2CD set credited to a trio with pianist Agustí Fernández, bassist Barry Guy and drummer Ramón López. First CD, Morning Glory, collects 12 tracks, for quite 1 hour, and was recorded in february 2010; the second is a live CD, with 7 tracks, for quite 1 hour, and was recorded in may 2009.By the way, Agustí Martínez has now autoproduced Doubts Of The Reason (recorded in 2009), his second saxo solo album, a live studio recording.

Raster-Norton presents Mimikry, a DoLP album by Alva Noto (aka Carsten Nicolai), performed with composer and vocalist Blixa Bargeld (that, let's remember, collaborated with Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave). Recorded between January 2009 and July 2010, this is the debut full-length album by the duo (that released the last spring the 18-minute EP Ret Marut Handshake), that decided to develop a musical project from September 2007. Mimikry features 10 tracks, with two originals and two alternate versions of tracks from their debut EP, plus six brand new songs (52 minutes). Guest star on the album is model/actress Veruschka, known for her appearance in M. Antonioni's 1966 Blow-Up).

Merzbient is a 12-CD
collection (released by Soleilmoon) of Merzbow's previously unreleased ambient recordings, dating back to late '80s/early '90s. The composer, recently, rediscovered these multi-track master tapes and remastered them for a re-release. Limited edition (555 copies).

From Motema, is out now
The Storyteller, a Randy Weston's album with his African Rhythms, the first since their 2003 Live In St. Lucia, when they were a quintet (Randy on piano, Benny Powell on trombone; T.K. Blue on sax and flute, Alex Blake on bass and Neil Clarke on african percussion), here instead a sextet with guest drummer Lewis Nash. And by the way, The Storyteller is the last recording of trombonist Benny Powell (who passed away the last june). The set opens with Chano Pozo, a solo piano dedicated to this percussionist that accompanied Dizzy Gillespie in the 1940s. African Sunrise was instead commissioned for the Chicago Jazz Festival of 1984 in tribute, again, to Dizzy Gillespie. Then we can listen to The African Cookbook Suite, that opens with another Weston' solo piano, Tehuti, followed by a bass solo from Blake: Jus' Blues. Among the other tracks, Loose Wig is a song first appeared on his The Modern Art of Jazz, rearranged more dynamically. The only non-original track is the final Love the Mystery Of, written by Ghanaian drummer Guy Warren, that features low chants and  flute in the company of cantering percussion.

TrueMuze releases now Brot & Honig, new album by Evan Parker and Ton Art Ensemble, the lineup founded by Wener Dafeldecker. Here, the sopranoist is in a large and very eclectic ensemble, with guitarist A. Dannullis; H.-E. Gödecke on trombone and didgeridoo, M. Haase on banjo, O. Hoffmann and P. N. Wilson on bass, G. Ch. Hoppe on guitar and clarinet, R. Klammer on percussion, Nicola Kruse  and U. Levens on violin, H. Metzger  on clarinet, alto sax and synthesizer, C. Molter on flute and piccolo, H. Nitz on vibes and H. Wienert on soprano sax. The CD gathers two pieces: the calm title-track (36 minutes, composed by Evan) and Syrah & Papidoux (37 minutes, composed by Nicola Kruse), with many and individual improvisations. Recorded live in concert (direct to digital two-track) on October 30, 1999.

Matchless releases Uncovered Correspondence, a concert with pianist John Tilbury and percussionist Eddie Prévost, recorded on 15th May 2010. Tilbury uses also prepared piano; mostly improvised, the performance alternates collective and loud moments to other of calm and silence.

Visions: Live at Vision Festival (United One)
is a Ganelin Trio's live performance, recorded in june 2007 at Vision Festival in New York2. The lineup (let's remember: Vyacheslav Ganelin, her on piano, synthesizer and percussion; Petras Vysniauskas, here on soprano sax; and the drummer Klaus Kugel) performed a concert as a suite in 8 parts, for 45 minutes.

October 2010:
Rune Grammofon releases Supersilent's 10, a 12-piece CD for 42 minutes (their shortest release till now), the second album as a trio after 9: Arve Henriksen (trumpet and laptop), Ståle Storløkken (piano and keyboards) and Helge Sten ( guitar, keyboa and laptop) present some tracks recorded from 8's sessions (2005), but other pieces from an early 2009 session, and feature all a different approach, largely improvised and quite completely acoustic, dominated by trumpet and piano. Still for Rune Grammofon, Supersilent will release soon also 11, their first vinyl-only release, with material from the 8's same sessions.

The Neos label presents Carl Ludwig Hubsc's The Creators Bend A Master Plan, an album that marks drummer Gerry Hemingway’s first appearance on disc with the Hübsch-Schubert-Wierbos brass trio, who have recorded together for more than a decade. A drummer himself, Hübsch plays here his tuba with Matthias Schubert (tenor sax) and Wolter Wierbos (trombone). 5 pieces for 65 minutes, particularly the 32-minute Module Modulations.

From PI, This Brings Us To, vol. 2 is the follow-up of vol. 1 by Henry Threadgill, that features 5 new pieces (44 minutes), recorded in the same vol. 1 session (november 2008). Henry plays his flute alto sax with his quintet Zooid: Jose Davila on trombone and tuba, Liberty Ellman on acoustic guitar, Elliot Humberto Kavee on drums and Stomu Takeishi on acoustic bass. Let's remember that Zooid's mebers have been together for ten years, and that these compositions, as for vol. 1, are organized along a series of interval blocks, each of which is assigned to a musician who is free to move around within these intervals, improvising melodies and creating counterpoint to one another. The system provides the framework for open dialogue within the group while encouraging the musicians to seek new ways to improvise, away from a reliance on chord changes, scales or any of the clichés of certain “free” jazz. To pull it all off, Threadgill demands that his musicians dedicate themselves fully to mastering this new language.

Incus releases More 74, a Derek Bailey 1-hour solo improvisations album that gathers previously unissued solos from 1974. Derek played stereo electrtic guitar and string acoustic guitar. In these 13 tracks, notable are particularly the first and second version, under a different title, of the may 1974 Lot 74, here performed along a 20-minute and a 25-minute version, respectively.

Many releases, this month, from Hat-Hut, that represents old unfindable recordings, and other old unissued performances. 1) The 1-hour CD Annette, restored from his first 1992 edition, is credited to a trio with Paul Bley (piano), Gary Peacock (double bass) and Franz Koglmann (flugelhorn and trumpet), and gathers 12 pieces recorded in april 1992, all written by Annette Peacock (that, let's remember, was married first with Gary Peacock and later with Paul Bley), but one, the title-track, composed by the trio. All arrangements are by Franz Koglmann. 2) Are You Going To Stop... In Bern? (49 minutes) is a duo-collaboration between guitarists Loren Connors and Jim O'Rourke, that present 4 compositions recorded in december 1997, largely improvised and minimalism-oriented. 3) That Certain Feeling is credited to Ran Blake, and sees the pianist in a trio with Ricky Ford (tenor sax) and Steve Lacy on soprano sax; they recorded 19 pieces (66 minutes) in july 1990, inspired by George Gershwin compositions. 4) Different But The Same is credited to the tenorist-duo David Liebman/Ellery Eskelin, that lead a quartet with rhythm section of bassist Tony Marino and drummer Jim Black. Recorded in may 2004, is a 1-hour CD that gathers 8 compositions (4 are covers by Tadd Dameron, Lee Konitz, Wayne Shorter and Cole Porter). Liebman's sax was recorded on the left channel, and Eskelin's on the right. 5) At WBAI's Free Music Store, a tape broadcast till now available as a very limited 1996 edition for collectors, and recorded in october 1971, is credited to Joe McPhee & Survival Unit II, and sees Joe on trumpet and tenor sax leading a quintet with Byron Morris (soprano and alto saxes), pianist Mike Kull, percussionist Harold E. Smith, and the collaboration of Clifford Thorton on baritone horn, whose memory Joe dedicated the first edition to. 6 long pieces all by Joe, for quite 80 minutes; among them, the well-known Black Magic Man. 6) The Distance Runner is a David Liebman-solo CD (55 minutes), on which he plays soprano and tenor saxes and wooden flute, and presents 6 his compositions (particularly the 16-minute Time Immemorial: Before, Then, Now, After), plus a version of John Coltrane's Peace On Earth. This was the very first Dave's concert of unaccompanied solos (but he made 4 studio solo-albums), recorded at Jazzfestival Willisau on august 2004; the CD was ltd-released first in 2005. 7) At The New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden 2002 is credited to Steve Lacy and was recorded in december 2002. The sopranoist leads a sextet with a trio rhythm section (bassist Peter Herbert, and drummers Wolfgang Reisinger and Philip Jeck), and the duo Christof Kurzmann/Bernhard Lang on electronics; indeed, this is a rare Lacy's foray in electronic music: 6 tracks for 1 hour, first ltd-edited in 2006. 8) Finally, the 2CD set The Long March restores a Max Roach/Archie Shepp august 1979 concert recorded it too at Jazzfestival Willisau, on which the duo plays his old compositions and vary famous covers (Sophisticated Lady and Giant Steps).

Contact is a collaboration between guitarist Keith Rowe (here on electronics too) and sampler player Sachiko M (that uses sine wave and contact microphone), released by Erstwhile, a 2-CD set (68 and 51 minutes, respectively) that features 4 long, abstract and concrete-oriented pieces recorded in september 2008 at Tokyo Amplify festival.

Domino restores an unissued John Coltrane's concert as a 2CD set. Complete Live in Stuttgart 1963 gathers for the first time in a single set 8 tracks (previously rereleased separately in various CD reissues), recorded live in november 1963 with the classic John's lineup, i.e. McCoy Tyner-Jimmy Garrison-Elvin Jones. Stand out, from the others, Impressions and Mr. P.C. for their lenght (28 and 35 minutes, respectively); but it's worth remembering also My Favorite Things (19 minutes).

After 2005's Alchemia, Not Two releases The Horse Jumps And The Ship Is Gone, the new Vandermark 5's album, a 2CD set for 2 hours of music, 10 tracks mostly composed by Ken, that plays his clarinet and tenor sax in a septet with Dave Rempis (alto and baritone saxes), Kent Kessler (bass), Fred Lonbeerg-Holm (cello), Tim Daisy (drums), Havard Wilk (piano) and Magnus Broo (trumpet). All recorded in concert on june 2009, this performances mixed free and hard bop.

Metallic Spheres is the new Columbia album by Orb, that contains two 25-minute tracks (Metallic and Spheres), with Dave Gilmour as guest star on electric and lap steel guitar. Alex Paterson is on keyboards, turntables and digital sound manipulation, and Youth is on bass and keyboards. Recorded mostly in june 2009 by ex-Orb Martin Glover in 3D60 sound (a method that enhances stereo effects), this album is quite exclusively instrumental. But critic is already divided; many admitted disappointing after listening to it.

Dirty Baby is new Nels Cline's album by Cryptogramophone, a 2CD set for quite 100 minutes (first CD a long suite, second CD 33 very short pieces), commissioned by producer and poet David Breskin to sonically accompany two collections of Los Angeles artist Ed Ruscha's 66 images from the '80s and '90s. Cline played his acoustic guitar with Jeremy Drake (but employs also cigarbox guitar and his mysterious quintronics drum buddy) and with Bill Barrett (harmonica), Jon Brion (repetitive synth patterns), Wayne Peet (organ), Glenn Taylor (pedal steel guitar) Devon Hoff (contrabass and percussion), Scott Amendola, Vinny Golia (fluts and woodwinds), Dan Clucas (trumpet), Jeff Gauthier (violin), Jessica Catron (cello), Brda Dutz (vibraphone) and his brother Alex (percussion). Sessions was recorded in january 2008.

Ectopic released two Foetus new albums. The first, though, contains old, but unissued material. Limb, a CD+DVD+ Book set is indeed an archival release of experimental and minimalist compositions recorded from 1980-1983, even if some of the pieces have been previously released on the compilation albums. Some were excavated and some of it was reconstructed or re-edited from compositions on cassette. One piece is constructed from an organ part written in 1982, which Foetus took the liberty of finishing in 2008. These pieces were made before the introduction of MIDI and sampling technology. It shows the lineage and genesis of some of the methods that JG is working in today. The CD contains 12 tracks at 50+ minutes with an additional 20 minute bonus mp3 track. The DVD includes a 2005 documentary about Foetus, with interviews and 45 minutes of bonus extras, comprised of Steroid Maximus 18 piece ensemble live in France, Foetus live in Hannover, Manorexia live at The Stone NYC and a snippet of Lemur commission at 3 Legged Dog in NYC. Instead, the very new Foetus album is Hide, that features ten new compositions, presented by Foetus as a «neo-symphonic avant-psychedelic concept album informed by the culture of fear». Recorded with the collaboration of the guest vocal opera singer Abby Fischer, Steven Bernstein on trumpet, Leyna Marika Papach from Thirlwell's Manorexia ensemble on violin, Elliot Hoffman of Carbomb on drums, and several appearances: Ed Pastorini, Jeff Davidson & Christian Gibbs (Lucinda Blackbear), etc.

Absolutely Great! is a Sergey Kuryokhin's 7CD box set released by Leo, that collects a «three nights concert» performed in october 1988 in the Bay Area. Every night he played two sets, starting with long solo introductions. Some 15-20-30 minutes later he was joined by many American musicians: the first night by the Club Foot Orchestra (8 musicians), the second night by Andrew Voight and Henry Kaiser and eight special guests plus two dancers; the third night in Santa Cruz he played again with Andrew Voight and Ut Gret, consisting of seven musicians. These three nights, two sets each, constitute 6 CDs. The seventh is a re-release recorded with Henry Kaiser: Kamni Sankt-Peterburga, Popular Science, unavailable for a long time. Ltd ed. of 500 copies.

Emanem releases Success With Your Dog, a duo collaboration between Lol Coxhill (on soprano sax) and Roger Turner (on drum set and percussion). This CD gathers 4 pieces for i hour, first three (particularly the 25-minute Paying Through The Nose) recorded on 8 May 2003; the track 4 was instead recorded in London on 12 August 2010.

A Tale Of Three Cities is a Barefoot CD credited to Peter Brötzmann, on which the leader (here on alto and baritone saxes) played with rhythm section Adam Melbye (bass)/Håkon Berre (drums). The trio recorded three pieces for more than 1 hour in May 2007.

Kadima released Triangulation II, a collaboration between the trio Bertram Turetzky (on double bass), Vinny Golia (on woodwinds) and trombonist George Lewis. They recorded 8 tracks for quite 50 minutes on December 2003 at the Warren Music Center Studio in Los Angeles.

A new label from Poland, Monotype, released Intervals, a duo collaboration between percussionists Z'ev and Jason Kahn (here also on analogue synthesizer). The CD contains two tracks, recorded as per track names: Lausanne/April 13 2009 (25 minutes) and Zürich/April 14 2009 (23 minutes).

September 2010:
Composer and sax-altoist Marion Brown, that worked with jazz giants as Shepp and Coltrane in 60's, died in Hollywood on october 10, at 79.
With Complete Novus/Columbia Recordings, Mosaic presents a 10 CD box set (ltd ed. 5000 copies) that gathers all of Henry Threadgill's albums recorded with Arista/Novus and Columbia labels, and whose chief interest consists in Disc 3, that contains X-75, Volume 2, i.e the follow-up of project X-75 Vol. 1, a session recorded three days after (january 1979), and never issued till now. The lineup was quite the same: Douglas Ewart (piccolo, bass clarinet), Joseph Jarman (alto flute, bass clarinet), Henry Threadgill (bass flute, baritone  sax), Wallace McMillan (flute, baritone sax), Brian Smith (octobass, piccolo bass), Leonard Smith, Rufus Reid and Fred Hopkins (basses).

The Domino label restores old and unissued performances by jazz giants. The 2CD set of Reunion 1990 is an Ornette Coleman’s live concert recorded in Italy on april 1990, when he, on alto sax, presented for the last time the historical Shape Of Jazz To Come’s quartet, with Don Cherry (cornet), Charlie Haden (bass) and Billy Higgins (drums). 12 tracks for more than 100 minutes, with pieces from the last quartet recordings (in 1987), covers and also new tracks, never studio-recorded.
In 1961, 1962 and 1963 John Coltrane played in Copenaghen three live concerts. The first, The Complete Copenaghen Concert, in november 1961, was a radio broadcast in a quintet with Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tyner, and rhythm section Elvin Jones/Reggie Workman. The third, known as a self-titled, was recorded in october 1963, another radio broadcast with his classical quartet: McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones. Domino restores now the second concert, recorded in november 1962 and known as The Copenaghen Concerts, again a radio broadcast with his classical lineup, here presented for the first time in its entirety, a 2CD set for more than 2 hours.
Several months ago, Polygram restored Last Date, the last known recording from Eric Dolphy, performed in 2 june 1964 before is death, the 29 june. Domino represents it in a 2CD set, The Complete Last Recordings: In Hilversum & Paris 1964, on which we can listen to another performance never issued till now, recorded in Paris the 11 june. This music (on the CD 2) was made after Dolphy left Charles Mingus in april. It consists of Dolphy’s two extended sessions, with a particular version of Naima, and two very rare sessions taken from radio broadcasts. Dolphy played with Donald Byrd (trumpet), Nathan Davis (tenor sax), pianist Jacques Dieval, Jacques Hess (bass), Franco Manzecchi (drums) and Jacky Bambou (percussion). Quite 80 minutes of music.

The Horse Jumps & The Ship Is Gone is a Not Two 2CD set by Ken VanDermark, that features two live concerts recorded in june 2009 in Chicago, in a quintet that sees Ken on tenor sax and Bb clarinet with drummer Tim Daisy, bassist Kent Kessler, celloist Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Dave Rempis on alto and baritone saxes. 5 tracks for each CD, with old and new pieces, almost 2 hours of music.

Disbanded in 1998 after their Live In Spain, Jazz Passengers come back on stage under the aegis of Justin Time, that releases their first album in 12 years, whose title says all: Reunited. The lineup is quite the same: Roy Nathanson (saxes), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Marc Ribot (guitars), Brad Jones (bass), Sam Bardfeld: (violin) E.J. Rodriguez (drums), Elvis Costello and Debbie Harry are on vocals, but all of musicians sing too. Nine new pieces for quite 50 minutes, recorded in several sessions in the latest 12 months.

Released by Marge, Nightwork is a collaboration between the trio Evan Parker (on soprano and tenor saxes)/Barry Guy (on double bass)/Paul Lytton (drums and percussion), recorded live at Sunset, Paris on 30 January 2010. The CD features two tracks: Cohobation (39 minutes) and Cupellation (22 minutes).

Songlines releases The Point of It All (Jewl), credited to Robin Holcomb & Talking Pictures, i.e. well known singer and pianist with guitarist Ron Samworth’s quartet, that features also Wayne Horvitz (organ and piano), Bill Clark (trumpet, flugelhorn), Peggy Lee (cello) and Dylan van der Schyff (drums). Mostly instrumental and improvised, and recorded through august and september 2009, this CD comes with 13 tracks (among them, Neil Young’s After the Goldrush), for 66 minutes.

NoBusiness presents the DoLP ltd edition Earth’s Orbit, credited to drummer William Hooker, that recorded live two sessions, Bliss (east) and Bliss (west), respectively in march 2007 (New York), with 5 tracks, and in july 2009 (San Francisco), as a 2-part suite , the first in a trio with altoist Darius Jones and bassist Adam Lane, and the second in a quartet with Aaron Bennett (tenor sax), Weasel Walter (guitar) and Damon Smith (-bass).

Original Jazz Classic restores 2 forgotten studio sessions by John Coltrane. The first, recorded in august 1957, when he was joined by the Red Garland Trio, with the pianist and rhythm section Paul Chambers/Art Taylor. The title is Traneing In, from an original track by John, rarely live performed eventually. The second, Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane, was recorded in march 1958, i.e. 1 month after Soultrane. John played with Burrell on guitar, Tommy Flanagan on piano, and Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb on basses.

Alga Marghen releases Charlemagne Palestine’s Illuminations, born from a meeting between the composer and Simone Forti with LaMonte Young, who asked them to arrange a California concert for Pandit Pran Nath. They decided to try an improvisation session together and Charlemagne invited Simone the first time to the electronic music studio where he worked regularly. The three tracks of these sessions were performed between october and december 1971. The title-track is for two voices moving in the space with small bells and crystal glasses while Simone Forti plays the molimo, a corrugated tube meant for connecting the gas stove. The second, Wed Oct 13th 1971, has Simone and Charlemagne in a song dialogue as animals do. It was also at Cal Arts that Charlemagne Palestine first encountered a Bosendorfer Imperial Piano of Vienna. Piano Piece For Simone, instead, is a song sang in falsetto while playing the Bosendorfer Imperial in an arpeggiated style, that predates the 'strummings'. Edition limited to 365 copies.

Delphian released The Church Closest To The Sea, an album credited to Gavin Bryars, who composed music for Mr. McFall's Chamber, a small string ensemble led by violinist Robert McFall with Rich Standley (double bass), Susan Hamilton (soprano) and Nicholas Mulroy (tenor), with pianist John Cameron as guest. It collects Eight Irish Madrigals, composed in 2004, Epilogue From Wonderlawn, composed in 1994, and the title-track (15 minutes), composed and premiered in 2007. These tracks have been studio-recorded in january 2009.

Oto is a Bo Weavil release born from a collaboration between Joe McPhee and british trio Decoy, i.e. Alexander Hawkins (on Hammond B3 organ; Hawkins leads also his own 6-piece Ensemble, featuring Orphy Robinson, Otto Fischer, Hannah Marshall, Dominic Lash, and Javier Carmona, that released their debut record No Now Is So), John Edwards (double bassist that played with Spring Heel Jack, Lol Coxhill, John Butcher, Evan Parker, etc.) and Steve Noble (drummer that played with Coxhill and Derek Bailey). Decoy released already their Vol. 1: Spirit, out always by Bo Weaveil. For Oto, McPhee played tenor and soprano sax in a session recorded in december 2009 just at Café Oto in Dalston (North London): a brief introduction and two very long pieces, for 80 minutes.

Cuneiform releases Metal/Crystal, a 2 CD set by French experimental guitarist and electronic musician Richard Pinhas, assisted by noise artists Merzbow (Masami Akita) from Japan and Wolf Eyes from USA. Metal/Crystal, recorded during 2009 and 2010, is Pinhas’ second collaboration with Merzbow, the originator of Japanese noise music, and Pinhas’ first release with Michigan's Wolf Eyes, whom he’s worked with since 2007. In addition to Merzbow and Wolf Eyes, Metal/Crystal features several of Pinhas’ longtime collaborators: ex members of Heldon and/or Magma Antoine Paganotti (drums), Didier Batard (bass) and Patrick Gauthier (mini-Moog); Jerome Schmidt (electronics), whom Pinhas has recorded and toured extensively with for 2 decades, and his son Duncan on electronics. 6 lengthy tracks.

From Downtown, is out the first CD release of Cluster’s Live In Vienna 1980, a 2 CD set that restores a performance till now known only as a solo-cassette ltd edition by the label British York House. Recorded on june 1980, that live concert is the first and only Cluster’s collaboration with Joshi Farnbauer, and features, say liner notes, «music highly experimental and discordant and very reminiscent of Moebius and Rodelius' early work with Conrad Schnitzler in Kluster, albeit with updated electronic instrumentation».

Hands is the new Dave Holland’s  experience, recorded in march 2009 and now released by Dare2, with flamenco andalou guitarist José Antonio Carmona Carmona, aka Pepe Habichuela (born in 1944, he worked in 80’s with Don Cherry and Jaco Pastorius) and his family quartet: Josemi and Carlos Carmona (both on guitars), Israel "Pirana" Porrina and Juan Carmona (both on cajón, palmas and percussion). Holland approached very seriously flamenco music, and with Habichuela prepared the session after three years spent in performances and concerts together. 10 original tracks flamenco-jazz oriented, for 56 minutes.

Catch My Shoe is the new Ex’ studio album released just now by their own homonymous label, the first in 6 years since Turn, that features a new singer and guitarist: Arnold De Boer. The lineup sees also: Andy Moor (guitar, baritone guitar), Terrie Hessels (guitar, baritone guitar), Katherina Bornefeld (drums, vocals), and special guest Roy Paci (trumpet). Recorded by Steve Albini in march 2010, the CD/LP comes with 9 brand new songs.

After Varianter Av Døde Trær (out from SOFA in 2008), recorded in december 2007 with the young norwegian improvisers Martin Taxt (tuba), Eivind Lønning (trumpet) and Espen Reinertsen (tenor sax and flute), that featured 15 brief tracks, Japan guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama releases now Selektiv Hogst, recorded in late 2008, that presents the same quartet as project Koboku Senjû, joined by well known Toshimaru Nakamura on no-input mixing board. 7 tracks, for 45 minutes.

From Clean Feed, is out Scenes In the House Of Music, a quartet collaboration between Evan Parker (tenor and soprano saxes), Peter Evans (trumpet), Barry Guy (bass) and Paul Lytton (drums). Recorded in september 2009, it features 5 tracks (plus 1 very brief introduction), for more than 1 hour.

Sun Quartet is the new project by Paul Dunmall, created with Tony Malaby (both are on tenor sax, but Dunmall also on bagpipes), and rhythm section of Kevin Norton (drums and vibraphone)/Mark Helias (bass). Clean Feed releases their Ancient and Future Airs, recorded in june 2008, the day after his presentation in New York, with Henry Grimes and Andrew Cyrille, at the 2008 edition of the Vision Festival.

Still Clean Feed restores a long desappeared and rare CD from Konnex, 10 Compositions (Duet) 1995, that documents a duo collaboration between Anthony Braxton (here on various saxes, clarinet and flute) and bassist Joe Fonda. Recorded in august 1995, it features 8 tracks (2 covers: the 9-minute Cole Porter’s All Of You and the 10-minute Vernon Duke’s Autumn In New York), for more that 70 minutes.

Again Clean Feed presents the 4CD-set 4 Improvisations (Duo) 2007, another Braxton’s duo performance, this time with guitarist Joe Morris, the first collaboration between the two, recorded in july 2007, on which they performed 4 pieces completely improvised, each of them for quite 1 hour.

Greenleaf releases Expand, the second part of a trilogy dedicated to Bill Morrison’s film Spark of Being, the follow-up of Soundtrack, released this summer, waiting for the third part, Burst, that will come at the end of the year. Credited to Dave Douglas & Keystone, his film-oriented project, that was whole premiered the last april, features the core of previous 2005’s Keystone, with Dave on trumpet and laptop, Marcus Strickland on tenor sax, Adam Benjamin on Fender Rhodes, DJ Olive on turntables and laptop, Brad Jones on bass and Gene Lake on drums. All of trilogy will be 30 tracks, for 160 minutes.

1,2,4,3 is an Innova 2CD set (60 and 70 minutes, respectively) that documents, as says title, solos, duets, quartets and trios live and studio recorded principally by Anne Le Baron (harp, flute and live electronics), whom the CDs are credited to, Wolfgang Fuchs (contrabass clarinet), violinist Leroy Jenkins and trombonist Paul Rutherford. They performed many improvisations during 2002 to 2008, with other musicians: bassists Torsten Müller and John Lindberg, violinist Ronit Kirchman, Chris Heenan on alto sax and bass clarinet, pianist George Graewe, Earl Howard on electronics, and others.

Projekt released 10 Neurotics, the tenth studio album by Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Sam Rosenthal’s band presents his new member, Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls & The Cliks, and features drum kit, bass and acoustic guitar (the first time in all of group history that Rosenthal plays it), and recorded in january 2009 14 new songs (all under 5 minutes), with vocalists Athan Maroulis (ex-Spahn Ranch), Laurie Reade (ex-Attrition) & Nicki Jaine. In an interview, Sam said:  «This is my 10th album, I wanted to do things differently from the past. I decided to challenge myself to write on the guitar rather than the electronics. It is interesting that the result of "doing something different" was to approach songwriting in a more traditional way. But why not? For somebody who usually works outside the normal methods, following the traditional way is the challenge».

Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness is new Keith Fullerton Whitman’s album in four years, presented by Pan as vinyl ltd ed. of 500 copies. Keith used live and studio recordings of the past two years as source material, and produced two tape-collage pieces of electronic music into the analogue sound, for an hour-long improvisation.

Bold As Light is Stephan Micus’s nineteenth album for ECM, recorded during 2007-2010 as a 10-part suite, a solo-performance on which Stephan, while sings using many male voices, plays a set of oriental instruments: raj nplaim (a free-reed pipe made of bamboo), bass, chord, and bavarian zithers, nohkan (a japan bamboo flute), shô, kalimba, shakuhachi and sinding.

August 2010:
Abbey Lincoln, legendary jazz vocalist, died on august 14 in Manhattan at 80. In may 2007, Verve released her last album, Abbey Sings Abbey.

The three improvisations of All The Notes, released by Cadence in 2004 as a soundtrack for a documentary film, performed by Cecil Taylor with Dominic Duval on bass and Jackson Krall on drums, are the last known studio session by the pianist, recorded in february 2000. From then, he released his new creations as live sessions only. Starting with 2 Ts For A Lovely T, when the pianist recorded in august and september 1990 (released in 2002 by Condanza), with bassist William Parker and drummer Tony Oxley, a monumental performance that came as a 10CD box set, for  more that 7 hours of music. In the same year Intakt released the Willisau Concert, a solo performance in 5 parts recorded live in september 2000. In 2004 FMP released Almeda, a  suite for 76 minutes recorded live in november 1996 with  cellist Tristan Honsinger, Dominic Duval on double bass, Jackson Krall on drums, the sax-trio (alto, soprano and tenor) Chris Jonas/Harri Sjöström/Elliot Levin (also on flute), Jeff Hoyer on trombone and Chris Matthay on trumpet. CT: The Dance Project was releasaed in 2008 for FMP, and documents a live performance recorded on july 1990 as a trio with bassist William Parker and Masashi Harada on percussions. Finally, just now is out Ailanthus/Altissima (Bilateral Dimensions Of 2 Root Songs), performed with drummer Tony Oxley for the label Triple Point as a 2LP, that documents a live performance recorded by the pianist at Village Vanguard in 2008, as a suite in seven parts, for more than 80 minutes.

Under the title: At Temple University 1966, Free Factory restores three previously unissued John Coltrane's live performances recorded in Japan on november 1966 (but other sources say july 1966), in a quintet that featured Pharoah Sanders on tenor sax, his wife Alice on piano, and rhythm section Jimmy Garrison/Rashied Ali. From two live concerts, were taken his famous works Naima (17 minutes), Crescent (26 minutes) and Leo (21 minutes).

Live/As Always is the new Dave Liebman's album, released now by MAMA, that features 6 original compositions by Dave, on soprano sax and wooden flute with a 18-piece band directed by Gunnar Mossblad, with five different arrangers. The album was recorded live in october 2005 and in april 2007.

Clean Feed releases Twine, a collaboration between saxophonists Urs Leimgruber and Evan Parker, both on soprano and tenor, recorded in february 2007, that features three tracks for 65 minutes (particularly the 25-minute title-track).

From Tzadik is out Haborym, i. e. chapter 16 of Book of Angels' saga by John Zorn, that features the first studio recording from Masada String Trio in five years. Recorded in march 2010, Haborym gathers 11 tracks for 46 minutes. The Trio conducted by Zorn, let's remember, is composed by Greg Cohen on bass, Mark Feldman on violin and Erik Friedlander on cello.

Recorded on April 2008, Identical Sunsets is an ESP-Disk release that gathers the duo Paul Dunmall (here on tenor sax and border pipes) and drummer Chris Corsano. They recorded 4 tracks (2 brief and 2 long), live improvised.

The Rub And Spare Change is the ECM debut Michael Formanek's recording, on which the old Mingus' bassist plays in a quartet with Tim Berne on alto sax, Craig Taborn on piano and Gerald Cleaver on drums. Recorded in june 2009, the CD features 6 tracks for quite 1 hour (particularly the 17-minute Tonal Suite), all written by Formanek.

Cuneiform releases Friday The 13th: The Micros Play Monk, new album from The Microscopic Septet, recorded the last may, on which co-founders Joel Forrester and Phillip Johnston present a personally rearranged Thelonius Monk's music: 5 Monk's arrangements from "back in the day" and 7 brand new arrangements.

Old Stuff, by New York Art Quartet is a Cuneiform album that collects 11 tracks recorded in october 1965 and that gathers all previously unheard and unreleased recordings; at that time, the lineup was the same that, 1 month later, recorded the trombonist' self-titled (on which were re-presented some of these pieces), i.e. Rudd, Tchicai, Von Eyben and Moholo. Among the tracks, also a reinterpretation of Th. Monk's Pannonica.

Random Touch released the last may their new album. Through The Lens Of The Other Dimension, released by Token Boy, is a quite 1 hour CD on which the trio, with Matthew Ebbin's collaboration, features 16 compositions (almost under 3 minutes), drone and noise-jazz oriented, largely improvised.

After his live performance of Saturnian, David Ware came back in studio on december 2009 for a new totally improvised session. The result is the CD Onecept, that features 9 tracks, for 65 minutes; Ware plays tenor sax, saxello and stritch with bassist William Parker and Warren Smith on drums, tympani and percussion.

Beautiful Dreamers is new Bill Frisell' project, created in 2008 as a trio in which the guitarist plays with Eyvind Kang on viola and Rudy Royston on drums. The three have spent their time in concerts and festivals, but the last march and april they entered studio for two recording sessions,  released just now by Savoy as their self-titled debut CD.  The 16 tracks (almost brief, none of them is over 6 minutes) are all of Bill, several are old and newly arranged. On october, Bill will enter again studio with his string-driven 858 Quartet, to record a follow-up to 2005's Richter 858, that will be released in 2011.

Fables is new Marty Ehrlich's album, his second recording, after Sojourn, for the Radical Jewish Culture series, released this month by Tzadik, and recorded by Marty (here on clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, alto & soprano sax) in january 2010, in a quartet with Marcus Rojas (tuba), Jerome Harris (bass) and Hankus Netsky (piano and accordion). The CD features 10 tracks for 45 minutes.

Re-released just now by FMR, Let's Just Keep Going documents the last studio recording by Spontaneous Music Ensemble's John Stevens, before is death. This is a duo collaboration, on which John played drums and cornet with sax-altoist Frode Gjerstad. Recorded at the end of april 1994, it features the self-titled suite in 5 parts, for 46 minutes.

Released just now by ECM, Officium Novum is the Jan Garbarek's follow-up to his 1993's Officium. Garbarek plays soprano and tenor sax with his Hilliard Ensemble, a quintet that gathers vocalists David James (countertenor), Gordon Jones (baritone) and tenors Rogers Covey-Crump and Steven Harrold. Recorded june and july 2009 in the St Gerold monastery, these tracks feature «music of Armenia based on the adaptations of Komitas Vardapet, pieces which draw upon both medieval sacred music and the bardic tradition of the Caucasus», say liner notes, but also Arvo Pärt's Most Holy Mother Of God in an a cappella reading, Byzantine chant, two pieces by Garbarek, and finally a new account of Perotin's Alleluia, Nativitas.

Cosmologic's sax-tenorist Jason Robinson releases 3 new interesting works. By Cuneiform, his solo album The Two Faces Of Janus, that features 10 tracks recorded in december 2009 in a notable sextet: he plays tenor & soprano saxes and flute with altoists Marty Ehrlich and Rudresh Mahanthappa, Liberty Ellman on guitar, Drew Gress on bass and George Schuller on drums. Cerulean Landscape (released by Clean Feed) is instead a duo collaboration with non less than pianist and composer Anthony Davis, recorded in late 2008 (but the two, let's remember, played already together in 2002 Robinson's Tandem, with trombonist George Lewis and bassist Peter Kowald. All original compositions, largely improvised. From Accretions is out Cerberus Reigning, the follow-up of 2009 Cerberus Rising (a solo tenor sax performance released by Circumvention, the label that Robinson founded in 1998), in a trilogy of solo releases, 16 tracks with Robinson on electronics, soprano and tenor saxophones, and alto flute, but he use also software-based electroacoustic processing, here agains with a lot of improvisation. Remember again that Anthony Davis and Jason Robinson played together in Robinson-credited Fingerprint, released by Circumvention in 2008, in a 10-piece ensemble with Kamau Kenyatta (piano and sop sax), Rob Thorsen (bass), Nathan Hubbard (drums), Michael Dessen (trombone), Ellen Weller , Adnan Marquez-Borbon and Andrew Geib (all on flute), Gabriel Sundy (bass clarinet), conducted by Scott Walton. 6 tracks. To learn more about Robinson's recordings, check his website here.

July 2010:
After a very long illness, Willem Breuker, saxophonist and clarinetist, composer, arranger and founder, with Han Bennink and Misha Mengerberg, of Instant Composer Pool, died on july 23, at 66.

Trumpeter and flugelhornist Harry Beckett, great english `70 jazz-rock protagonist (who played with Graham Collier, Ian Carr, Chris McGregor, Elton Dean, Keith Tippett, etc., but also in All Night Long film with Charles Mingus), died of a stroke on 22 July, at 75.

Salutes The Chicago Blues Tradition is an Art Ensemble of Chicago's self-produced 2CD set that features a performance recorded in July 1993 in Switzerland, until now never officially issued. Core unit, formed by Lester Bowie (trumpet), Joseph Jarman and Roscoe Mitchell (saxophones) and Malachi Favors Maghostut (bass), with the return of Chicago Beau (harmonica, vocal), is expanded by Famoudou Don Moye (drums, percussion), guest star Amina Claudine Myers (organ, vocals), Frank Lacy (trombone), James Carter (tenor saxophone) and Herb Walker (guitar). 8 tracks, for 100 minutes.

Delmark restores The New York Contemporary Five, credited to Archie Shepp as leader, even if this live performance, originally released as 2LP set by Sonet (here, only volume 1 has been restored), and recorded at Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen on november 1963, was a collective. Notable the lineup: with Archie on his tenor sax, played Don Cherry on cornet, John Tchicai on alto sax and rhythm section Don Moore (bass)/J.C. Moses (drums). A very rare occasion for Shepp and Don Cherry to play together. 10 tracks, quite 70 minutes; among the pieces, Thelonius Monk's Crepuscule With Nellie and Mood.

When they were recording, at the end of the 1960s, the LP Oliv, Spontaneous Music Ensemble's drummer John Stevens, altoist Trevor Watts and bassist Barry Guy met bassist Jeff Clyne (that later collaborated in several british jazz-rock groups, and died in 2009), and created the lineup Amalgam. In may 1969, for the label Transatlantic they recorded their first and only album: Prayer For Peace (an overworked title...), an LP that featured 5 tracks for 50 minutes, now reissued by NoBusiness as ltd edition (500 copies).

Emanem released Frameworks, a CD that gathers three old unissued Spontaneous Music Ensemble's performances. The first, Familie Sequence (32 minutes), was recorded in july 1968 and featured John Stevens (percussion), Norma Winstone (voice), Kenny Wheeler (fluegelhorn), Paul Rutherford (trombone) and Trevor Watts (bass clarinet); the second, Quartet Sequence (29 minutes), was recorded in april 1971 as a quartet with Stevens (percussion & voice), Julie Tippett (voice & guitar), Watts (soprano sax) and Ron Herman (double bass); third track is minimalism-inspired Flower (9 minutes), recorded in october 1973 by the duo Stevens (percussion)/Watts (soprano sax).

Another old performance, from Sun Ra's Arkestra this time, has been restored by Hat Hut. Sunrise In Different Dimensions was recorded live on february 1980 with classic Sun Ra's core unit. He played piano with brass section gathering Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, Nöel Scott, Danny Thompson, Kenneth Williams and Michael Ray, completed by drummers Chris Henderson and Eric Walker. 15 tracks, for 70 minutes, but only few are composed by Sun Ra, and there are also famous covers, as Monk's Round Midnight, Duke Ellington's Lightin' and Jelly Roll Morton's King Porter Stomp.

German label Die Schachtel releases Under the Fig Tree, a ltd LP that collects two Alvin Curran's compositions, both of 20 minutes: the title track, composed in 1972, and The Magic Carpet, composed in 1970, on which Alvin plays VCS3 live electronics and uses environmental sounds to create minimalistic approachs. Says Alvin in liner notes: «Under The Fig Tree is, in fact, the realization of one monophonic piece contained in my early collection of compositions entitled Music For Every Occasion. The version I present here was originally made for a performance of trombonist Giancarlo Schiaffini, playing against the recording... The Magic Carpet is my first sound installation, inspired by a project of my dear friend and sculptor Paul Klerr... he filled a gallery with steel and gut wires, to which I suggested that he was actually building a fantastic musical instrument which could even be played by the visiting public - so I amplified this jungle of long steel wires with simple contact microphones placed at various connecting points; and further adding a 'vertical' element of sounding glass chimes plus aluminum and brass tubing and occasionally placed metal chimes».

4 Tet is a Tobias Delius' project that sees the tenor saxophonist playing in a quartet with celloist Tristan Honsinger, bassist Joe Williamson and drummer Han Bennink. For ICP, they released Luftlucht, 8 tracks for 50 minutes, recorded on April 2009.

Another ICP release with the same quartet is simply titled ICP Orchestra, that was extended by other notable musicians: Misha Mengelberg (piano), Ab Baars and Michael Moore (both on saxes and clarinet) Mary Oliver (violin and viola), Ernst Glerum (bass), Thomas Heberer (trumpet) and Wolter Wierbos (trombone). They recorded 12 tracks (quite 1 hour) on june 2009. Again this second lineup, and still for ICP, recorded on the same session and later in september 2009 the album !ICP! 50. 7 tracks for 38 minutes.

Seven Things released, in MP3 format, Mass, a 1 hour-track credited to Spring Heel Jack, on which play Mark Sanders and Tony Marsh on percussion, and organist Kevin Bowyer. They recorded in 2007 in a scottish chapel this piece, that combines free form drummings with an horror an drone-oriented organ.

In november 2008 drummer Han Bennink recorded Let's Go, in a trio with Brodie West (alto sax) and Terrie Ex ( guitar) for the label Terp. Two tracks, each quite 20 minutes.

Released by Psi, Psalms is a duet between Evan Parker on tenor sax and Sten Sandell on church organ. 6 tracks for 55 minutes, recorded on september 2009.

Old Dogs is a 4CD box set released by Mode, that collects 4 studio inventions (1 for each CD) improvised by Anthony Braxton (here on Eb Sopranino, Bb Soprano, Eb Alto, C Melody, Eb Baritone, Bb Bass and Bb Contrabass saxes) and Gerry Hemingway (that sings and plays drums, marimba, vibraphone, samplers, and harmonica). The two gathered after 12 years to celebrate 65th Anthony's birthday, and recorded on august 2007 at Connecticut University, where Braxton is professor.

Still Braxton. From Spool, is out Creative Orchestra 2007, credited to the saxophonist with AIM Toronto Orchestra, on which Anthony presents his works No. 306, 307 and 91, recorded in september 2007. The saxophonist plays and leads an orchestra of 18 elements: 1 violin, 1 cello, 2 guitars, a 7-brass section, 1 pianist, and rhythm section.

Tzadik releases Goddess: Music For The Ancient Of Days, the monthly John Zorn's album, recorded in december 2009, on which John is the composer and arranger. Music (7 tracks for 48 minutes) was performed by Rob Burger (piano), Trevor Dunn (bass), Carol Emanuel (harp), Ben Perowsky (drums), Kenny Wollesen (vibes) and Mark Ribot (guitar).

Winter&Winter released Twelve Caprices, new Uri Caine's album composed and digitally recorded by the pianist on june 2009 and january 2010 with well known classical quartet of Irvine Arditti, that had already recorded music by fred Frith for the same label. Uri wrote parts for the string quartet, then has completely improvised his piano parts.

The label Dog With A Bone released Christian Marclay's Graffiti Composition, 6 pieces created by the turntablist in 1996, when he plastered thousands of posters of blank sheet music during a month-long sound festival. Public was invitated to scribble musical notes, then photographed by Marclay and compiled into a portfolio intended to be interpreted and performed by a guitarists lineup: Melvin Gibbs, Mary Halvorson, Lee Ranaldo, Vernon Reid, and Elliot Sharp as leader. All of them used also electronics. In september 2006 was performed the live recording at the Museum of Modern Art, in New York (40 minutes).

Charming Hostess premiered on last july 11 at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Gardens, for 25th jewish music festival, The Bowl's Project. With core unit (Jewlia Eisenberg on vocals, dulcimer and harmonium; Marika Hughes on vocals, and cello; Cynthia Taylor on vocals; Jason Ditzian on clarinets; Shahzad Ismaily on bass, percussion, and guitar; Ches Smith on drums and electronics), collaborate also singers Nils Frykdahl, Dawn McCarthy and Ganda Suthivarakom, Marc Ribot (guitar), Jenny Scheinman and Megan Gould (violins), Aaron Kierbel: (tar), Boris Martzinovsky (accordion), Jessica Troy (viola) and Nir Waxman (beatbox). CD is out just now by Tzadik: 17 tracks, for 55 minutes.

After a 5 years hiatus, Klaxon Gueule comes back with Infininiment, released the last december by Ambiances Magnétiques. The core trio Michel Côté, Bernard Falaise and Alexandre St-Onge plays this time accompanied by a wind trio (Jean Derome, Philippe Lauzier and Gordon Allen). They recorded 13 brief and acoustic-oriented tracks, for 51 minutes.

From 429 label, is out Tribal, a 2LP-set Dr. John's album, follow-up for City That Care Forgot, dedicated to Louisiana singer and songwriter Bobby Charles, died the last january. Rebennack plays with his Lower 911 quartet: Herman Ernest III (drums), David Barard (bass), John Fohl (guitar) and Kenneth Williams (percussion). The lineup is extended by saxophonists Alonzo Bowens, Carl Blouin and Donald Harrison, Charlie Miller on trumpet, Marcel Richardson on piano and organ, Mark Mullins (trombone), and others. Recorded in New Orleans the last february, Tribal comes with 16 tracks for 1 hour, mostly written by the night tripper (2 are from Allen Toussaint).

Coptic Cat released 1 month ago Baalstorm, Sing Omega, new Current 93 album, that features 9 tracks for 50 minutes, recorded between august 2009 and march 2010. The lineup for this performance sees Eliot Bates (oud, erbane and daf), James Blackshaw (12-string, slide and electric guitars, glockenspiel and voice), John Contreras (cello), Baby Dee (piano and Hammond organ), Andrew Liles (guitar, bass and electronics), Alex Nielson (drums and percussion), and Melon Liles, Bea Taylor, Isabel Taylor, voice and David Tibet  (now at his 50th birthday) on vocals.

June 2010:
After a two-year illness, composer, educator and trumpetist Bill Dixon, that recorded since '60s a lot of albums and collaborated with many jazz giants, as Archie Shepp and Cecil Taylor, died at his home in North Bennington, Vermont, on June 15, at 84.

Fred Anderson, Chicago legend tenor saxophonist, founding member of AACM and owner of tavern Velvet Lounge, died on june 24, at 81, of a heart attack.

Southport releases Black Horn Long Gone, an old, unissued performance by Fred Anderson. 8 tracks for 1 hour, mostly improvised; recorded direct-to-digital in January 1993, when Fred was at 64. With Fred on tenor sax, played Malachi Favors Maghoustut (dead in 2004 at 76) on acoustic bass, and Ajaramu (aka AJ Shelton, dead in 2006 at 80) on drums.

News from Ivo Perelman. The Apple In The Dark, released by Leo, is a collaboration between Ivo Perelman and Gerry Hemingway recorded in february 2010. On several pieces Ivo plays also piano. The Stream of Life, by Ivo Perelman and Brian Willson, is another recording with New York drummer Brian Willson with whom Ivo recorded on the same session (november 2008) Mind Games. From Clean Feed, Soulstorm is a 2CD set that features the tenorist playing with cellist Daniel Levin and double bassist Torbjorn Zetterberg. Recorded in april 2009, Soulstorm comes with 11 tracks (particularly 24-minute Plaza Maua), for more than 2 hours. Finally, Not Two releases Near To The Wild Heart, that features a trio with the tenorist, bassist Dominic Duval and violinist Rosie Hertlein. The only piece is a 8-part suite, Utwory, for 1 hour, recorded on March 2009.

Vineyard  presents Dewey Redman's  The Key Of Life, a 2-sessions album that features 6 tracks for 80 minutes, recorded in 2005, the last performance before his death. The saxophonist played with Marshall Allen and David Bond (they too on saxes), Ed Blackwell (drums) and Andrew White (bass).

Steve Tibbetts' Natural Causes is an ECM all-acoustic album recorded in 2008, his first ECM recording since 2001's Man About A Horse. Natural Causes features Steve on guitars, piano, kalimba and bouzouki with Marc Anderson (percussion, steel drum, gongs).

The Tum label released Billy Bang's Prayer for Peace, a studio album recorded on August 2005 in New York City, on which the violinist plays with James Zollar (trumpet, flugelhorn), Andrew Bemkey (piano), Todd Nicholson (bass) and Newman Taylor-Baker (drums). 7 tracks (particularly the 20-minute title-track), for 70 minutes.

Recorded in 2009, Ten, released now by Blue Note, is the new Jason Moran's album in 4 years, the second as Bandwagon trio, with bassist Tarus Mateen and drummer Nasheet Waits. The pianist released in 2006 Artist In Residence, again with Blue Note, after having recorded in 2005 seven tracks commissioned by fine-arts institutions, that featured piano solos, spoken word, operatic vocals, minimalism and stylistic collages, performed in a lineup with Marvin Sewell (guitar), Ralph Alessi (trumpet), Tarus Mateen (bass), Nasheet Waits (drums) and Abdou M'Boup (percussion). Even before that, Jason recorded in may 2004, still for Blue Note, Same Mother, again with same rhythmic section plus Marvin Sewell on acoustic guitar and electric guitar, an experience mostly blues-oriented. Now, with Ten, he presents eclectic compositions as Gangsterism Over 10 Years, other gospel-oriented, or Feedback Pt. 2, commissioned by the Monterey Jazz Festival and inspired by Jimi Hendrix, and jazz covers, as Thelonius Monk's Crepuscule With Nellie and In My Mind.

Intakt releases November, the last Steve Lacy's solo performance on soprano sax before his death, recorded on November 2003 at at the "Unerhört" Festival in Zurich. This CD features 10 tracks, among which The Crust, Blues For Aida, The New Duck and Reflections.

Still from Intakt, Bauhaus Dessau is an album from Schlippenbach Trio, i.e. pianist Alexander with Evan Parker on tenor sax and Paul Lovens on drums, recorded live on november 2009.

Crime Scene is new Terje Rypdal's ECM album, on which norwegian plays his electric guitar in a sextet with Palle Mikkelborg (trumpet), Ståle Storløkken (Hammond B-3 organ), Paolo Vinaccia (drums and sampling), and the 17-piece Bergen Big Band conducted by Olav Dale. 14 tracks, recorded in May 2009 and commissioned for the 2009 Bergen Festival.

Contact is the new project that gathers for the first time a notable lineup with David Liebman (on tenor and soprano saxes), guitarist Joh Abercrombie, pianist Marc Copland and rhythmic section of Drew Gress (bass) and Billy Hart (drums). A studio work recorded on january 2010: 9 tracks for almost 1 hour.

Abstract Logix releases To The One, the first official studio album by John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension, that features 6 original tracks for 40 minutes, recorded in november 2009. With John on guitars, play Gary Husband on keyboards (mostly piano), Etienne M'Bappé on electric bass and the drummer Mark Mondesir. The 4th Dimension is a group created by John as experiment in 2004, that released last year a DVD for a live concert in Belgrad.

Precipice is a Denny Zeitlin's solo piano album released by Sunnyside, that documents a concert recorded in January 2008 in Santa Barbara, California. These 10 tracks (67 minutes) are Zeitlin's originals, but also cover, as John Coltrane's Fifth House and Sonny Rollins' Oleo.

Poll Winners restores The High And Mighty Hawk, two old and very rare Coleman Hawkins' sessions, both recorded in february 1958 and from which the label presents these 10 originals tracks. With the tenorist, played trumpetists Buck Clayton and Roy Eldridge, Hank Jones on piano (we can listen to his two solos), bassists Ray Brown and George Duvivier, and Mickey Sheen on drums.

May 2010:
Released on Passin' Thru, Plan is the new Oliver Lake's album. 8 tracks, recorded in february and april 2009 with this lineup: Oliver on alto sax, Freddie Hendrix on trumpet, Jared Gold on Hammond B3 organ, and Johnathan Blake on drums.

The Ex - Lean Left, Vol. 1 is a quartet album credited to Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen-Love, released by Smalltown Superjazz. Recorded in Amsterdam on March 2008, this album sees Ken on tenor sax and Bb clarinet, and Paal on drums, playing with Ex guitars Andy Moor (right guitar) and Terrie Ex (left guitar).

Jasmine is an ECM album that features a collaboration between pianist Keith Jarrett and double-bassist Charlie Haden. 8 tracks, recorded in march 2007, released for Jarrett's 65th birthday, these are his first studio recordings in 12 years. that come 33 years after the break-up of the American Quartet; quite obviously, though, these tracks take also an occasion to revisite old classics: Body And Soul, For All We Know, Where Can I Go Without You, and Don't Ever Leave Me.

Still ECM releases One Dark Night I Left My Silent House, another duo collaboration, between Marilyn Crispell (on piano, soundboard and percussion) and David Rothenberg (on clarinet and bass clarinet). 13 tracks, mostly improvised, recorded in march 2008.

Wire And Brass (from Okka) is the second production by The Engines, 5 tracks recorded live in april 2008, after their first self-titled album, always recorded for Okka in july 2006. The trio, composed by saxophonist Dave Rempis, drummer Tim Daisy and bassist Nate McBride, has been joined for the second CD by trombonist Jeb Bishop.

Pi releases Steve Coleman's Harvesting Semblances And Affinities, new studio album in 4 years from the altoist, that features 7 tracks, recorded in 2006 with Five Elements lineup, i.e. Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet, Tim Albright on trombone, the singer Jen Shyu, Thomas Morgan on bass, and drummers Tyshawn Sorey, Marcus Gilmore and Ramon Garcia Perez.

Sun Ra. College Tour Volume One: The Complete Nothing Is... is a 2CD set from ESP, that restores, after 44 years, the missing parts from the session of May 1966, now available on the first CD (70 minutes). On the second CD, we can listen to a partial second set from the same session, plus «some rare rehearsal footage recorded during a sound check before the concert», say the liner notes. Let's remember the lineup: Sun Ra on piano, John Gilmore on tenor sax, Marshall Allen on alto sax, Pat Patrick on baritone sax, Robert Cummings on baritone clarinet, Teddy Nance and Ali Hassan on trombone, Clifford Jarvis on drums, Ronnie Boykins on bass and tuba, James Jackson on log drum and flute, Carl Nimrod on sun horn and gong.

Necro Acoustic, released from Pica, is a box set that collects new and unreleased Kevin Drumm's electronic recordings (but he plays guitars too). First CD, Lights Out, presentes new material from 2006-2008 sessions, 4 tracks for 30 minutes; second CD, Malaise, reissues a cassette previously released by Hospital, 11 untitled tracks for 52 minutes; third CD, Decrepit, collects 13 unreleased tracks for more than 1 hour, from 1998-1999 and 2008 sessions, plus reissue of split LP with 2673 + the ltd ed. one-sided LP from Dilemma; fourth CD, No Edit, presents 2 long tracks (23 and 34 minutes) recorded in 2009; the fifth CD, Organ, is the first full lenght release of this classic track heard in edited form on Comedy. This is the full 55 minute version as recorded by Jim O'Rourke in 1996, believed lost for years, but recently discovered.

Limmat, from the trio Jason Kahn/Günter Müller/Christian Wolfarth, here on analog synthesizer, electronics and percussion respectively, is their second CD, following their first Drumming, released in 2005 on Creative Sources. Recorded during one afternoon in Kahn's Zürich studio in march 2009, Limmat features three unedited improvisations melding microsounds, percussive mastery and swaths of noise and static into a mesmerizing whole. 3 tracks, 50 minutes.

In 2003, Anthony Braxton Quartet went on a European tour with his quartet (Kevin O'Neil on guitar, Kevin Norton on percussion and Andy Eulau on bass), to perform over 60 jazz standards. The results were two 4-CD sets entitled 23 Standards(Quartet) 2003 and 20 Standards (Quartet) 2003 released by Leo, that now has just released 19 Standards (Quartet) 2003, i.e. the remaining 19 standards (no repeats) for 4,5 hours of music. Limited edition of 500 copies. For GTM series, Leo releases also: GTM (OUTPOST) 2003 Composition 255 & 265 (Anthony Braxton/Chris Jonas/Molly Sturges ). Composition 255 (disc 1) is performed as a saxophone duo by Braxton and Jonas. On Composition 265 (disc 2) the voice of Molly Sturges is added to the duo; and GTM (SYNTAX) 2003 Composition 339 & 340 (Anthony Braxton/Ann Rhodes). Ann Rhodes is a classically trained soprano specialising in experimental music, improvisation, and collaboration with composers. These recoredings, though, actually date back to 2007 and not 2003.

With a bonus track, ESP reissues Clarity, an old album recorded in august 1976, credited to Michael Gregory Jackson (here on acoustic guitar, vocal, electric guitar, electric mandolin, bamboo flute, timpani, marimba and percussion), that leads an interesting trio: David Murray on tenor sax, Oliver Lake on flute, soprano and alto sax, and talking drum, and Wadada Leo Smith on trumpet, soprano trumpet, flugelhorn and Indian flute.

After having released her Flying Toward the Sound, Motema presents now another Geri Allen's album, Timeline Live, recorded in 2009 at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in Ohio and Reed College in Portland, Oregon. This is her first «live studio» recording. 7 tracks, particularly her 17-minute The Western Wall/Soul Eyes and McCoy Tyner's Four By Five. Geri, on piano, plays with Kenny Davis (bass), Kassa Overall (drums) and Maurice Chestnut (tap percussion).

Ftarri released just now Carliol, the second duo John Butcher/Rhodri Davies' experience, after their Vortices And Angels recorded live in 2000. Carliol collects 7 tracks for 44 minutes, recorded between august 2007 and april 2009. John plays tenor and soprano sax; Rhodri Davies is on several harps, acoustic and electric.
April 2010:

The monthly John Zorn album... this is the turn for In Search Of The Miraculous, as always from Tzadik, recorded in september and october 2009 by John, here as arranger for the Alhambra Trio, i.e Rob Burger on piano, Greg Cohen on acoustic bass, Ben Perowsky on drums, accompanied by guests Kelly Wollesen (vibraphone), Carol Emanuel on harp and Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (electric bass).

Recorded and filmed on september 2008, Live In Berlin is a DVD released by Jazzwerkstatt and credited to Alexander von Schlippenbach, on which the pianist plays 4 tracks of solo piano (for 36 min.), 4 tracks in a trio with Evan Parker (reeds) and drummer Paul Lovens (again 36 min.), and one 47 minute-track with Globe Unity, the famous lineup in which the pianist plays this time with Evan Parker, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Gerd Dudek, Henrik Walsdorff (all on reeds), Axel Dorner, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Manfred Schoof (all on trumpets), Nils Wogram, Johannes Bauer, Rudi Mahall (all on bass clarinet) and drummers Paul Lovens and Paul Lytton.

UgExplode releases Invasion, an album by Weasel Walter Septet, recorded in january 2009 with Henry Kaiser (guitar), Vinny Golia (reeds), Damon Smith (bass), Liz Allbee (trumpet), John Lindberg (bass), William Winant (drums) and the leader on drums. 80 minutes, particularly the opening 33-minute Nautilus Rising.

Lost In A Dream (ECM), recorded live at New York's Village Vanguard on february 2009, features the trio Paul Motian (drums), Chris Potter  (tenor sax) and Jason Moran (piano). 1 hour-long performance for 10 tracks, all written by Motian, with the exception of the Irving Berlin's Be Careful, It's My Heart.

After a forced kidney transplant the last may, David S. Ware is back on stage with a showcase: Saturnian (Solo Saxophones, Volume 1), his new AUM Fidelity album «solo», recorded live in october 2009. 3 tracks for quite 40 minutes, on which David plays not only his tenor sax, but for the first time saxello and stritch.

Released by Not Two, SAMA is a collaboration between Sabir Mateen (reeds) and Matthew Shipp (piano), recorded in march 2009. 8 tracks, for 50 minutes.

After many albums dedicated to reinterpretation of various classical jazz composers, Jessica Williams recovered in the last two years his musical inspiration as solo composer and pianist: in january 2008 she recorded Songs For A New Century, 9 tracks for 1 hour (with Sonny Rollins' Blessing in Disguise), and in may 2009 The Art Of The Piano, another solo piano album with 8 tracks (2 are «classic»: John Coltrane's Lonnie's Lament and Erik Satie's First Gymnopedie). Both albums was released by Origin.

After a long hiatus, comes back the jazz-rock band Om's core unit with an album credited to Urs Leimgruber: Willisau, soon released by Intakt, was recorded live at Jazzfestival Willisau, Switzerland, on august  2008, and features Leimgruber on soprano and tenor saxes, Christy Doran on electric guitar and devices, and rhythmic section of Bobby Burri (double bass and devices)/Fredy Studer (drums and percussion).

The Shirley Jangle is a ltd-edition (500 copies) double LP 3-sided, released from the label K RAA K the last december, credited to Afternoon Saints, a lineup that gathers famous jazz and rock musicians: guitarist Lee Ranaldo, composer David Watson, here on bagpipes and guitar, turntablist Christian Marclay, and percussionist  Günter Müller, here also on electronics. The Shirley Jangle collects 6 tracks, for more than 1 hour, and was recorded in may 2001.

Released by Nonesuch, Highway Rider is the latest 2CD set Brad Mehldau's album, recorded in february and may 2009. Brian plays piano, pump organ, Yamaha CS-80 and orchestral bells. He orchestrated and arranged the album's 15 pieces (110 minutes), featuring performances by his trio (with drummer Jeff Ballard and bassist Larry Grenadier), another lineup with Matt Chamberlain (drums), Joshua Redman (soprano and tenor sax), and a chamber orchestra led by Dan Coleman.

Magic, a 2CD set released from Not Two, is the second Joe McPhee's collaboration with saxophonist Mikolaj Trzaska after Intimate Conversations (released from the same label in 2007 and that featured an 80-minute performance recorded in november 2006 with Jay Rosen on drums). This new album presents the same lineup, and was recorded an year after (november 2007). Joe plays here pocket trumpet, alto sax and clarinet; Trazaska plays alto sax and bass clarinet; and rhythmic section, with Rosen on drums, features this time also Dominic Duval on bass.

Again from Not Two, Goosetalks is a Peter Brötzmann-credited album, on which Peter (on tenor & alto sax, tarogato and clarinet) plays again with Mikolaj Trzaska (here on alto sax, bass clarinet and c-melody sax) and Johannes Bauer on trombone. The trio recorded his performance in february 2008.

Woodcuts, released from Smalltown Superjazz, is the second album from the duo Peter Brötzmann/Paal Nilssen-Love. Woodcuts was recorded live in concert on october 2008, with Peter on alto & tenor sax, bass clarinet and Bb clarinet; Paal Nilssen-Love is on drums and percussion. 6 tracks for more than 50 minutes. Let's remember that the first duo collaboration was Sweetsweat (again from Smalltown Superjazz): 4 tracks for more than 1 hour (particularly the 34-minute Burnt Sugar), recorded on may 2006.

As anticipated last april, Geri Allen has performed the world premiere of her new solo piano work: Refractions, Flying Toward The Sound on february 2009. CD release from Motema label is now out: 8 tracks, whose studio recording dates back to december 2008.

In the summer of 1964, altoist John Tchicai and trombonist Roswell Rudd formed the New York Art Quartet, a lineup that consisted also of bassist Don Moore and drummer Milford Graves. They recorded a self-titled for ESP and a second LP, Mohawk, released by Fontana. Tchicai went back to Denmark to scout out work for the group, joined by Rudd and another rhythmic section: the bassist Finn von Eyben and the drummer Louis Moholo. This lineup, again as New York Art Quartet, performed two concerts in Copenhagen in october 1965, restored now for the first time by Cuneiform as Old Stuff. Both concerts featured also famous tracks, as Thelonious Monk's Pannonica. The Quartet, let's remember, disbanded after these concerts at the end of 1965, even if they reformed 11 years ago, just to record for DIW, in june 1999, 35th Reunion (with Reggie Workman on bass and Milford Graves on drums).

Sunnyside releases Absolute Zawinul, Joe Zawinul's last studio recording before his death on september 2007. Premiered in september 2006 and then recorded in early 2007, this album sees the collaboration of Estonian-born conductor/composer Kristjan Järvi and the large group Absolute Ensemble, a project that was conceived in 2004, and that in summer 2006 recorded My People. Absolute Zawinul features 8 tracks for 1 hour. With Zawinul and Järvi, plays an ensemble of 30 musicians, with brass, strings, keyboards, percussions and guitars.

Dave Holland. Pathways (released by Dare2) is the first Dave's Octet album (over 40 minutes), recorded live at New York City's Birdland in january 2009, that features a lineup with Antonio Hart (alto sax, flute), Chris Potter (tenor sax, soprano sax), Gary Smulyan (baritone sax), Alex Sipiagin (trumpet, flugelhorn), Robin Eubanks (trombone), Steve Nelson (vibraphone, marimba), Nate Smith (drums) and Dave on bass.  7 tracks, for 75 minutes.

Indie released just now Blackjazz, the new Shining's album; 9 tracks for quite 1 hour, recorded in 2008 and 2009 by his leader Munkeby (here on vocals, guitars, saxophone, additional keyboards, winds, synths, effects and programming) with a lineup that sees also Lofthus (drums), Kreken (bass), Moen (keyboards and synths), Hermansen (guitars) and vocalist Gentle Kjellson.

For his Lost Reel Collection, Transparency released vol. 6: The Road To Destiny, a never issued Sun Ra's performance with his Arkestra, recorded live in Paris, on october 1973. Among his 6 tracks, this album features a vocal duet between Sun Ra and June Tyson, while the Arkestra (with, particularly, Marshall Allen and Danny Davis on oboe, flute and sax) plays behind them.

Whitstable Solo, released just now by psi, is an «eight soprano saxophone solos» concerto recorded in july 2008 by Evan Parker, his first solo album in 7 years.

Foghorn releases Boom Boom Cat, credited to the trio composed by Sunny Murray (drums), John Edwards (double bass) and Tony Bevan (soprano, tenor and bass saxes), that features two long tracks totally free improvised, recorded live in London, the 1st september 2009.

From Matchless, Sounding Music, a new AMM's album that features again a new lineup from this historical group: John Butcher (on tenor & soprano saxes), Ute Kanngiesser (on cello), the veteran Eddie Prévost (percussion), John Tilbury (on piano) and Christian Wolff (on piano, bass guitar and melodica). They recorded in London on may 2009.

March 2010:

Jazz Lips restores two long unavailable concerts. The first by John Coltrane: The 1962 Graz Concert, a 2CD set recorded on November 28, 1962 on which we can listen to his only known version of Miles Davis' Autumn Leaves. John played his tenor sax with his classic lineup: McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass) and Elvin Jones (drums). Second restored concert is from duo Sonny Rollins/Don Cherry: The Complete 1963 Copenhagen Concert, another 2CD set on which played a piano-less quartet, recorded live on January 15, 1963. The lineup: Sonny on tenor, Don on trumpet, and rhythmic section Henry Grimes (bass)/Billy Higgins (drums). The performance featured improvised medleys and famous tracks, among which an extended version of Thelonious Monk's 52nd Street Theme.

Warner Jazz restores (as part of Atlantic Masters series) first Joe Zawinul's album credited to the late lamented pianist (the second was, let's remember, The Rise and Fall Of The Third Stream): Money In The Pocket (not to be confused with the Cannonball Adderley's homonymous album recorded live later), recorded in february 1966, with this lineup: Zawinul: piano; Blue Mitchell: trumpet; Joe Henderson and Clifford Jordan: tenor sax; Pepper Adams: baritone sax; Sam Jones and Bob Cranshaw: bass; Louis Hayes and Roy McCurdy: drums. This album features 3 Zawinul's originals and other famous songs: Midnight Mood, My One And Only Love (by Guy Woods and Robert Mellin), played as solo piano by Joe, and Sharon's Waltz, by Rudy Stephenson, played with Jones and Hayes.

Maya releases Some Other Place, an album credited to the duo Agusti Fernandez (piano)/Barry Guy (double bass), recorded in Barcelona in May 2008 and April 2009. 10 tracks for 54 minutes.

Delmark releases Fred Anderson's 21st Century Chase, recorded at the end of a week of concerts in march 2009, celebrating Fred's 80th birthday. 3 tracks for 70 minutes. Fred plays with Kidd Jordan (both on tenor sax), Jeff Parker (guitar) Harrison Bankhead (bass and cello) Henry Grimes (bass) and Chad Taylor (drums).

Relevance, released by Red Toucan, is a CD credited to a trio formed by Dave Liebman, Evan Parker (both on soprano and tenor sax) and drummer Tony Bianco, recorded in London on January 2008 as a 4-part suite, for more than 1 hour.

Trio Ned Rothenberg-Catherine Jauniaux-Barre Phillips plays in While You Were Out, released by Kadima. These 8 tracks (1 hour) were recorded live in november 2008. Ned plays clarinet, bass clarinet, shakuhachi, alto sax, with Catherine on vocals and Barre on bass.

By Another Timbre, Lost Daylight, album credited to the duo John Tilbury/Sebastian Lexer, whose first 30 minutes consist of 5 John's «solo piano», recorded in november 2007, of works by the minimalist Terry Jennings; followed by a 40-minute recording, performed on september 2009 by Tilbury and Lexer (on electronics), of John Cage's Electronic Music for Piano, a work from 1964 that was written for David Tudor.

Intransitive released Ommatidia, the new Nmperign's album, on which duo Bhob Rainey (soprano sax)/Greg Kelley (trumpet) plays for the first time unaccompanied. Ltd edition (500) that features 6 tracks for 38 minutes. Again Intransitive releases just now another ltd edition (300): Selected Occasions Of Handsome Deceit, an 1-side LP cut to 45. These 14 minutes are the very first recording by Nmperign, on which the duo played with drummer Jake Meginski.

Ninja Tune releases One-Armed Bandit, the new album by Jaga Jazzist in 5 years, recorded in december 2008, whose sound, as states the band in her website, can be defined as «Richard Wagner that meets Fela Kuti». The lineup features 2 new members: keyboardist Øystein Moen and Stian Westerhus, back from his solo LP Galore. 9 tracks, with a large ensemble that sees, among others: Andreas Mjøs: vibraphone, guitar; Martin Horntveth: drums and piano; Lars Horntveth: guitars, clarinet, tenor, soprano and baritone sax, flute, keyboards, piano; Line Horntveth: tuba, flute, percussion, glockenspiel, vocals; Ingebrigt Haker Flaten: upright bass; Even Ormestad: bass, keyboards, glockenspiel; Erik Johannessen: trombone; Mathias Eick: trumpet, upright bass, keyboards, piano, French horn; and guest stars Mats Gustafsson (baritone sax) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums).

Latest news from Abdullah Ibrahim, a.k.a. Dollar Brand. He switched to Intuition label, and recorded for it in april 2008 a new solo piano, Senzo, that features 22 tracks, mostly brief. Now, by Sunnyside, is out Bombella, a live performance recorded again in april 2008, this time with the WDR Big Band Cologne. 10 tracks, for 70 minutes.

Intakt has just released Ragged Atlas by Cosa Brava, the new Fred Frith's project, formed in march 2008, whose lineup sees, with Fred on guitar, bass and vocals, Carla Kihlstedt (violin, nyckelharpa, bass harmonica and vocals), Zeena Parkins (accordion, keyboards, foley objects and vocals) and Matthias Bossi (drums, percussion, sruti box and vocals). Ragged Atlas features 13 tracks (words and music all by Frith), for 55 minutes, and was recorded in december  2008.

Idiolect released Volda, an album credited to the trio Paal/Michiyo/Broe, i.e. Peter Brötzmann (on clarinet and alto & tenor sax), Michiyo Yagi (on 21 and 17 string-koto) and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. Volda is a 43-minute three-part suite, recorded on 12 April 2008.

Amirani is a new italian label that released in 10 months 20 recordings. Among them, a 6CD-set, Standards (Brussels) 2006, an Anthony Braxton quartet where the saxophonist plays with an italian trio: pianist Alessandro Giachero, bassist Antonio Borghini, and drummer Cristiano Calcagnile. Recorded live in Brussels on 23-26 November 2006.

Townhouse Orchestra is an Evan Parker's project on which the tenorist gathered pianist Sten Sandell, bassist Håker Flaten and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. This lineup recorded on february 2007 Belle Ville, a 2CD set (90 minutes) released now from Clean Feed.

New World releases The Celestial Septet, an album that gathers Rova Saxophone Quartet's saxophonists Bruce Ackley (here on soprano and tenor), Steve Adams (on alto and sopranino), Larry Ochs (tenor and sopranino) and Jon Raskin (baritone, alto and sopranino) to play with guitarist Nels Cline, drummer Scott Amendola and bassist Devin Hoff. The album collects 5 tracks, one recorded live on may 2008, and four (particularly Ochs' 25-minute Whose to Know - for Albert Ayler) recorded in studio on november 2008.

February 2010:

Mutable released Spectrum, on which we can listen to Muhal Richard Abrams on piano, Roscoe Mitchell on saxophone and Thomas Buckner as baritone. Spectrum gathers 3 compositions: Romu, an improvisation by Abrams and Mitchell, Mergertone (composed by Abrams), premiered at the opening concert of the Ostrava Days 2007 festival by the Janåcek Philharmonic (conducted by Petr Kotik), and Mitchell's Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City, composed in 2002 and premiered at the Willow Place Auditorium in February 2003.

News from Myra Melford. Be Bread is her new project, formed in 2002 to play music based on her harmonium studies in India, an electro-acoustic band whose core unit sees trumpeter Cuong Vu, guitarist Brandon Ross and bassist Stomu Takeishi. First work, The Image of Your Body (recorded on december 2003), features 10 tracks, with Myra on piano and harmonium, Stomu Takeishi on electric & acoustic bass guitar and electronics, Elliot Humberto Kavee on drums, Brandon Ross on electric guitar, banjo & voice, and Cuong Vu on trumpet and electronics. Firehouse 12 has just released now The Whole Tree Gone, with 8 original pieces written as part of a suite in the fall of 2004, with support of a Chamber Music America grant. Others tracks have been written in 2005, and the whole has been recorded in december 2008. The lineup: Myra on piano, Cuong Vu on trumpet, Ben Goldberg on clarinets, Brandon Ross on guitars, Stomu Takeishi on acoustic bass guitar, and Matt Wilson on drums.

The label 2062 released in december William Basinski's Vivian & Ondine, an album lenght-composition that consists of tape loops (45 min.) recorded with microphones and two tape decks, live in Los Angeles in 1 take in September 2008. This is the second CD by Basinski released in 2009 from the same label, following 92982, an old and unissued 4-part suite of more than 1 hour recorded live at New York in September 1982.

Nuscope will release this month Under the Roof, the new disc by saxophonist John Butcher and pianist Claudia Ulla Binder. Recorded on August 2008, features Butcher on tenor and soprano saxophones and Binder on Hamburg Steinway D concert grand piano.

Spire Artists released Charlie Hunter's Gentlemen, I Neglected To Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid, his new work recorded at Brooklyn on August 2009. 9 tracks, with the following lineup: Charlie Hunter on 7-string guitar; Eric Kalb on drums; Alan Ferber and Curtis Fowlkes on trombone; Eric Biondo on trumpet.

Nonesuch released Orchestrion, that marks the switching to music-software for Pat Metheny. His new project, recorded in october 2009, features 5 tracks digitally composed, with Pat as «solo» performer, on a true guitar and with his orchestrionics, i.e., digital simulation of pianos, marimba, vibraphone, orchestra bells, basses, guitarbots, percussion, cymbals and drums, blown bottles, custom-fabricated acoustic mechanical instruments, keyboards. Metheny gave recently journalists a sneak preview of the instrument in Manhattan's Legacy Studios, and will be taking these pre-programmed arrangements on the road: an European tour in February and March will be followed by a North American tour in April and May.

New live album for Allan Holdsworth. Released by Moonjune, Blues For Tony is a double CD that collects live sessions from an european tour in may 2007. The title's Tony refers to 70's Tony Williams Lifetime. The jazz-rock guitarist gathered keyboardist Alan Pasqua, Yellowjackets' bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Chad Wackerman for material originally recorded as a DVD at Oakland's Yoshi in 2006. Naturally, we can listen to classics from the performers: Fred by Allan, Protocosmos by Pasqua and Red Alert (from Believe It), Looking Glass (from Atavachron), Pud Wud (from Sand), etc.

Grosse Abfahrt (in german, «great departure») is the project created by trumpetist Tom Djll, that debuted for Emanem in 2007 with Everything That Desappears. The lineup sees, with Tom, Matt Ingalls on clarinet, Frédéric Blondy on piano (worked with Urs Leimgruber and Paul Lovens), John Shiurba on electric guitar, George Cremaschi (that worked with Mats Gustaffson, Greg Goodman, Toshi Makihara, and Evan Parker) on double bass and electronics, Lê Quan Ninh on surrounded bass drum, John Bischoff and Tim Perkis on electronics, with the contribute by Gino Robair, as «energised surfaces & voltage made audible». The group recorded the album on march 2007: 4 tracks for 75 min., quite totally improvised. Now, always by Emanem, is out the second album: Vanity, recorded in april 2008, that adds to lineup Matthieu Werchowski (violin and viola), Theresa Wong (cello) and David Chiesa (double bass). 10 tracks, for 1 hour.

After 5 years of silence, Cibo Matto's Yuka Honda released Heart Chamber Phantoms, recorded on june 2009, released by Tzadik. 10 tracks, for 45 minutes, on which she presents her new musical approach, mostly instrumental this time: Yuka not only sings, but plays pro-tools, keyboards, sampler, bass, guitars, tenorion, percussion, an ensemble that sees also drummers Sean Lennon and Dougie Browne, Michael Leonhart (trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophone, vibraphone, bass, keyboards, percussion), Shimmy Hirotaka Shimizu (guitar), Erik Friedlander (cello), Pete Drungle (piano), Jeff Hill (bass) and vocalists Courtney Kaiser and Scott Seader.

Still by Tzadik, for John Zorn is now out his umpteenth Book of Angels' saga chapter (the 13th). Mycale, on which, needless to say, John vents his eclecticism, this time conducting a «solo cappella» setting: 4 well known voices, i.e. Basya Schecter, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Malika Zarra and Sofia Rei Koutsovitis, who interpret 11 Zorn's songs with lyrics in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, French and Arabic drawn from Rumi, Fernando Pessoa, The Hebrew Bible, etc. Recorded in october 2009, this is the first of 12 CDs promised by John for 2010: one for each month...

Tzadik again. Twilight Of The Gods is the new work by Noah Creshevsky, 8 tracks for 50 minutes. The lineup gathers: Susann Watts (vocals, trumpet), Alex Kontorovich (clarinet, alto sax), Amy Zakar (violin, vocals), Heather Chriscaden Versace (bass, vocals), Audrey Betsy Welber (tenor & alto sax), Ben Holmes (trumpet), Adrian Banner (piano), Gregg Mervine, Ray Marchica (drums), Thomas Buckner, Ellen Band (vocal sampler), Teodros Avery (tenor sax), Rodney Jones (guitar) and Lonnie Plaxico (bass).

Boogie In The Breeze Rocks is the first ESP album from the Talibam!'s duo Matthew Mottel (here on piano, mini moog, banjo, organ and synth)/Kevin Shea (drums, objects, roland spd-s, voice), that features 12 tracks recorded in 2008 with an ensemble featuring Tim Dahl and Moppa Elliott (bass), Michael Evans (percussion), Sparks' Peter Evans (trumpet), Jon Irabagon (sax), Sam Kulik (trombone), Robbie Lee (renaissance instruments), Peeesseye's Chris Forsyth, Jeremy Wilms and Anders Nilsson (guitars).

4D is the new solo piano album by Matthew Shipp, released on Thirsty Ear. It features 16 tracks (5 of which are jazz covers, though), mostly less than 4 minutes, for 1 hour, recorded in may 2009 live in his studio, in front of a few of personally invited friends.

David Darling. Wind Over The Earth released last january Prayer For Compassion, on which he worked 10 years, till 2008, on his cello with pianist Mickey Houlihan to produce 12 tracks that, says David on his website, «represent one of the deepest and most creative experiences of my life». Prayer For Compassion comes after other «duo collaborations»: The Darling Conversations (released in 2007), a 3-CD set with pianist, composer and electronic musician Julie Weber, and The Return Of Desire: Improvisations (recorded in may 2008), with pianist Eve Kodiak, mostly improvised.

Marilyn Crispell. Ambiances Magnetiques released in 2008 her Geggie Project, a session recorded in october 2006 on which the pianist played with double-bassist John Geggie and drummer Nick Fraser, for 7 tracks, with solos and group improvisations.

The Armored label presents Berg-und Talfahrt, i.e. duo Peter Brötzmann/Michael Zerang with a live recording that dates back to december 2004: A Night In Sana'a, a performance on which the saxophonist, here on tenor sax and clarinet, and the drummer play with a quintet of traditional yemen musicians: Abdul-Aziz Mokrid (violin), Khalid Barkosch (cello), Achmed Al-Khalidy (kanun), Ali Saleh (ney) and Yasir Al-Absi (darbuka). 7 tracks, that open and close with two traditionals, the others being Peter's compositions. The sound isn't near to Peter's standard, being influenced by arabic music. Poor quality registration, though.

The Spekk label releases Semi-Impressionism, a live recording that gathers guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama and Toshimaru Nakamura with his no-input mixing board; they recorded these 3 long improvisations during concerts in Sweden and Austria in may 2008.

January 2010:

News from Joe McPhee. After  Volumes 1 and 2 of American Landscapes, that collect two long tracks recorded live in 2006, and on which Joe, on trumpet and alto sax, gathered a notable ensemble (Peter Brötzmann on clarinet and alto sax, Mats Gustafsson on baritone sax, Ken Vandermark on clarinet and tenor sax, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello, William Parker on bass, Paal Nilsse-Love and Michael Zerang on drums, among others), from Roaratorio label is now out his «solo» vinyl-only Alto, recorded live at a Lower East Side Bar in 2009, on which Joe plays alto and tenor sax and alto clarinet. Ltd edition of 524 copies.


From Greenleaf, A Single Sky, a 9-part suite by Dave Douglas. The trumpetist plays with Frankfurt Radio Big Band conducted by Jim McNeely. Among the members, Oliver Leicht: alto & soprano saxes, flute, alto flute, clarinet; Stefan Pfeifer-Galilea: alto & soprano saxes, flute, clarinet; Tony Lakotos: tenor sax, flute; Steffen Weber: tenor sax, flute, clarinet; Rainer Heute: baritone sax, bass clarinet; Chad Shoopman, Axel Schlosserand and Thomas Vogel: trumpet; Martin Auer: trumpet, flugelhorn; Gunter Bollmann, Peter Feil and Christian Jakso: trombone; Manfred Honetschlager: bass trombone; Martin Scales: guitar; Peter Reiter: piano; Thomas Heidepriem: bass; Jean Paul Hochstadter: drums. 7 tracks, for more than 1 hour of music.


Atavistic reissues Calling Down The Flevo Spirit, an old performance by Han Bennink (on banjo, violin, clarinet, tenor saxophone, trombone, drums) and Kees Hazevoet (on violin, accordion, clarinet, trumpet, piano and percussion). 8 tracks, recorded in september 1978. Kees Hazevoet is a dutch pianist and clarinetist that began his musical career in the early `60s, playing with several european freejazzmen: William Breuker, Han Bennink, Louis Moholo, Peter Brotzmann, etc. In 1980 he retired though from music, and became one of the most worldwide known zoologists.


By composer and arranger Hans Tammen, Innova has released his Third Eye Orchestra's project, a 2-parts performance (80 minutes) quite totally improvised, recorded live in december 2006, that gathers a notable lineup: Mari Kimura and Mark Feldman on violin; Stephanie Griffin on viola; Tomas Ulrich on cello; Briggan Krauss on alto and baritone saxes; Marty Ehrlich on bass clarinet, alto sax and flute; Robert Dick on flute; Detlef Landeck on tuba; Dafna Naphtali on voice, live sound processing; Ursel Schmidt and Denman Maroney on piano and keyboards; Stomu Takeishi on bass; Satoshi Takeishi on percussion.


After Relaps, out the last january, that collects previously unreleased live recordings from march 1984 to february 1986, Cuneiform releases now Clivages, the new studio album by the avantgard jazz-rock band Univers Zero. Recorded in may 2009, it features 10 tracks (2 of them over 10 minutes), for more than 1 hour of music. The lineup sees, as always, Daniel Denis on drums, with Michel Berckmans on bassoon, oboe and english horn, Kurt Budé on clarinet and alto sax, Pierre Chevalier on keyboards, Dimitri Evers on bass, Andy Kirk (guitar) and Martin Lauwers (violin).


ECM releases Chiaroscuro, a collaboration between Ralph Towner (that plays classical, 12-string and baritone guitars) and Sardinia-born trumptetist and flugelhornist Paolo Fresu. Recorded in october 2008, Chiaroscuro features 8 tracks, all composed (and mostly improvised) by Towner, and one famous cover: Blue In Green, from Kind Of Blue.


Tzadik releases House Full Of Floors, an Evan Parker's work that sees him on soprano and tenor saxes, with John Edwards (bass), John Russell (guitar) and Aleks Kolkowski on viola and other instruments. Recorded on June 2009, this CD features 9 tracks, for more than 1 hour of music.


News from Elliott Sharp and his Carbon lineup. Intakt releases Void Coordinates, recorded in July 2009, on which Elliott, on 8-string guitarbass, guitar and soprano sax, plays with Zeena Parkins (electric harp), Marc Sloan (electric and prepared bass), Joseph Trump (drums) and David Weinstein (sampler and synthesizer). From liner notes by Elliott: «Void Coordinates was recorded `live' with a minimum of edits and overdubs: essentially, this is what Carbon sounds like in performance, operating in the service of groove and psycho-acoustic chemical change». 8 tracks, more than 1 hour.


Adrift: 3 compositions 2007/8 (from psi label) is credited to Furt's Richard Barrett, that plays electronics and directs 3 differents lineups: on Codex IX (37 min., recorded on october 2008), he directs the lineup Elision, an eclectic ensemble with Peter Veale (oboes), Richard Haynes (clarinets), Tristam Williams (trumpets), Benjamin Marks (trombone), Peter Neville (percussion, melodica), Erkki Veltheim (viola), Daryl Buckley (electric guitar, electronics), Joel Stern (electronics) and Michael Hewes (sound projection). On Adrift (22 minutes, recorded november 2007) he plays electronics with Sarah Nicholls on piano. On Codex VII (20 minutes recorded in may 2007) Barrett directs a Champs d'Action and students of the Antwerp and Gent Conservatoria (16 musicians, with 1 flute, 1 violin, 1 cello, 2 clarinets, 3 trombones, 2 percussionists, 3 pianists and 3 guitarists).


Recorded live in Oslo on 6 April 2006 for Clean Feed, Strokes is credited to John Butcher (here on tenor and soprano saxes) with Sten Sandell Trio (with Sandell on piano, voice, electronics; Johan Berthling on double bass; Paal Nilssen-Love on drums). 3 tracks, for 1 hour.


Kadima releases The San Diego Session, credited to Vinny Golia (on several woodwinds) and Bertram Turetzky (double bass and voice). Recorded 27 January 2009 in San Diego, it collects 8 tracks, for 48 minutes.


Olof Bright restores Up And Down The Lion - Revised, an old performance by a trio with Peter Brötzmann (on saxes), Alexander Von Schlippenbach (on piano) and Sven-Åke Johansson (on drums). Recorded in Sweden on september 1979, with 5 tracks for quite 1 hour.


For Discus, Ghosts Of Gold is a work by the duo Julie Tippetts/Martin Archer, on which the former sings and plays thumb pianos, seed pod shaker and balinese xylophone; the latter is on laptop, Bb and bass clarinets, sopranino, alto and baritone saxes, recorders, keyboards, harmonium, violin, guitar, bass and drums. Recorded 2007-2008, gathers 12 tracks, for 50 minutes of music.

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