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December 2011:
Sam Rivers died of pneumonia on december 26 in Orlando (Florida) at 88.
After Spirit Moves and United Front, Dave Douglas' projects Brass Ecstasy continues with Three Views, a 3CD set released by Greenleaf, that collects: 1) Rare Metals, an informal studio followup to the live United Front, utilizing the same personnel but adding 5 new compositions and a new arrangement of Billy Strayhorn's Lush Life. Six tracks for over 40 minutes, recorded on january 2011; 2) Orange Afternoons, another informal session in Brooklyn yielded six new Douglas compositions for a quintet with Ravi Coltrane (sax), Vijay Iyer and Linda Oh (both on piano) and Marcus Gilmore (drums), featuring collective music alternating several solos, recorded on march 2011; 3) Bad Mango, performed with So Percussion group, with Dave on trumpet, Eric Beach (estey organ, Ableton, musical saw, toys, metronomes, shruti box, crotales), Adam Sliwinski (marimba, toys, concert bass drum, glockenspiel), Jason Treuting (drumset, melodica, deskbells) and Josh Quillen (korg synthesizer, vocoder, kick drum, snare drum, ride cymbal). Recorded on june 2011.

The Bleeding Edge, released by PSI, is an album featuring the trio of Evan Parker (soprano & tenor saxes), Okkyung Lee (cello) and Peter Evans (trumpets). Mostly improvised, these eleven tracks were recorded on may 2010 at St Peter's Church Whitstable.

Ada Trio is a new notable project, created by Fred Lonberg-Holm, Peter Brotzmann and Paal Nilssen-Love. PNL label released their Ada, a 1-track (33 minutes) CD featuring Brotzmann on alto & tenor saxes, clarinet & tarogato, Lonberg-Holm on cello & electronics, and Nilssen-Love on drums. Recorded on april 2011.

The two volumes of Road Shows, released by Doxy, document live performances led by saxophonists Sonny Rollins (on tenor) and Ornette Coleman (on alto), with guitarist Jim Hall and trumpetist Roy Hargrove, among other. These concerts were recorded in september and october 2010, and feature jazz standards and originals from Rollins' audio archives, with, particularly, the 20-minute Sonnymoon For Two, the first-ever public performance with Rollins and Coleman together.

Vista, released only now by Meta, features the notable trio of Sam Rivers (here on flute and tenor/soprano saxes), Adam Rudolph (hand-drums and percussion) and Harris Eisenstadt (drumset). They performed a set of seven studio improvisations on september 2003 in Venice.

Treemonisha, the famous opera in 3 acts composed in 1910 and premiered in fall 1911 by Scott Joplin, was restored and world-premiered by conductor Rick Benjamin with the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra and Singers, and now presented on a 2CD set by New World, that places here liner notes at disposal. «The most important aspect in reconstructing Treemonisha is determining what kind of  orchestra would have performed it. This is the key to any attempt to authentically re-create Scott Joplin’s theatrical “soundscape.” In his original 1911 Treemonisha piano/vocal score Joplin presents us with further clues as to his orchestral intentions: there are several instances where he specifies instruments to play certain passages. The only ones indicated are members of the simple Eleven & Pno. orchestra; there are no mentions of oboes, bassoons, French horns, tuba or harp-instruments  that  figure prominently in the 1970s orchestrations. Further, Joplin’s cuing of the string entrances are always in the singular (as in “violin” or “cello”), indicating that the composer was not expecting to hear string sections. That traditional European orchestral sound was based on large numbers of violins, violas, cellos, and basses playing continuously; string tone predominates, while the winds and brasses are interjected for coloristic effects. But in our young republic, a reversed aesthetic had arisen for theater music: the woodwinds and brasses played almost continuously, forming the basic sound, while the small group of strings provided the “color.” (And the piano tagged along at all times, strengthening where necessary.) Thus, for all of these reasons and after much research, I concluded that Treemonisha should be scored for the standard Eleven & Pno. theater orchestra, which PRO re-creates precisely on this recording... Once I had determined the type of orchestra appropriate for performing Treemonisha, I had to get down to the really large task of re-creating Scott Joplin’s missing orchestrations. I began this five-year project in 1993. As you listen to our Treemonisha pit orchestra, you will notice that its inherent sound is somewhat novel to modern ears. Yet it was once a very familiar one to millions of people, the result of instrumental  arranging techniques that are no  longer fashionable. First, all the chords  are “voiced” in a very open manner. This provides great fullness using a very small number of players. The strings are written for one-one-a-part performance, with the 1st violin covering the melody (thus usually doubling the vocal soloists) and the 2nd violin and viola playing rhythmic chordal  accompaniments  with  frequent  double-  and  triple-stops. The cello mainly provides flowing countermelodies, and in its high register is used for poignant solos... The double bass plays Joplin’s eminently satisfying bass lines which include many interesting solos and solis. At the top of the orchestra, the flute (and piccolo, both played by one performer) doubles the melody in the higher octaves and frequently offers flights of decorative “filigree.” In 1998 I finished my new orchestration of Treemonisha (more than 600 pages of score and parts) and began to program excerpts from it during Paragon Ragtime Orchestra concerts. Finally, in 2003 we had the opportunity to present the entire opera in semi-staged form at San Francisco’s delightful Stern Grove Festival.» The cast: Rick Benjamin, conductor & music director Caroline Chin, 1st violin & concertmaster Bryony Stroud-Watson, 2nd violin Thomas Rosenthal, viola Alistair MacRae, cello Troy Rinker, bass Leslie Cullen, flute & piccolo Alicia Lee, clarinet Nathan Botts, cornet Paul Murphy, cornet Tim Albright, trombone Diane Scott, piano James Musto III, drums, mallets, timpani & sound effects. Studio session for CD was recorded on may 31 and June 1–2, 2011 at the American Academy of Arts and Letters (New York).

The label 9 Winds releases Vinny Golia's Abstractions and Retrocausalities, his new album recorded on july 2011, on which the musician, here on sopranino, baritone and contrabass saxes, contralto clarinet, bawu, daegeum and michiriki, leads a lineup with Dan Rosenboom (piccolo, trumpet and flugelhorn), Gavin Templeton (alto sax), Alex Noyce (electric guitar), Jon Armstrong (electric bass) and Andrew Lessman (drums). Eleven tracks, for 75 minutes.

Ensemble (Pittsburgh) 2008 (not to be confused with Septet Pittsburgh 2008) is an Anthony Braxton vinyl album released by OMP. This is a performance of Anthony Braxton piece by twelve Pittsburgh musicians, conducted by Braxton himself; the pieces: Composition 173, Composition 100, Composition 134 and Composition 165. Recorded on may 2008. Also includes an inserted CDR of another Braxton piece (also conducted by him) performed by the CAPA High School New Music ensemble: Antithesis. 300 copies limited. Furthermore, OMP again presents Duets (Pittsburgh) 2008, recorded the same may 2008 by Anthony Braxton and Ben Opi, a Ltd Ed 2 CD set featuring Anthony on alto, soprano & sopranino saxes & contrabass clarinet, with Ben Opie on alto & tenor saxes and B-flat & contrabass clarinets. 250 copies. Each CD features one long piece plus: Composition 220 (+ 278 & 29B) (55 min.) and Composition 340 (+ 173) (61 min.).

Dark Magus was a Miles Davis vinyl recorded live at Carnegie Hall as a two set suite on march 1974, but went unreleased until 1977, when it was put out in Japan only by CBS. These live recordings have been now restored by the label 4 Men With Beard. The lineup: Miles Davis on organ, electric trumpet with wah-wah; Dave Liebman on flute, soprano and tenor saxes; Azar Lawrence on tenor sax; Reggie Lucas, Pete Cosey (who also plays synthesizer) and Dominique Gaumont on electric guitar; Michael Henderson on electric bass; Al Foster on drums; James Mtume on percussion.

The Ames Room is a project started by Jean-Luc Guionnet, Clayton Thomas and Will Guthrie in 2007, debuting for Monotype with the vinyl In, recorded in august 2008. Bird Dies (released by Clean Feed) is their new album (a single track, 46 min.), recorded in march 2010 with Guionnet on alto sax, Clayton Thomas on double bass and Will Guthrie drums. This recording documents their final concert of a two week tour.

Altered States, the project comprising guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi, bassist Nasuno Mitsuru an drummer Yoshigaki Yasuhiro, recorded the 2CD set Live In Tokyo, released by Innocent, and featuring performances from three different live sets in september 2005. The second CD collects 4 sections inspired on motifs from Santana and King Crimson. The first disc, instead, was recorded live in the studio in 2006, quite totally improvised.

Roscoe Mitchell' Numbers, presented by RogueArt, was performed by the altoist with baritone vocalist Thomas Buckner, the piano trio of Joseph Kubera, Stephen Rush and Joan Wildman, vibraphonist William Winant and other musicians; it collects 13 pieces, all by Roscoe, recorded in several sessions, from august 2002 to august 2010. Each piece is either a solo or duo.

Mark Helias' trio Open Loose comes back with Explicit: Live At The Sunset, released by Marge and featuring Tony Malaby on tenor sax, Mark Helias on contrabass and Tom Rainey on drums. This album was recorded live at the Sunset in Paris in april of 2011.

4 months after having recorded Looking Ahead (june 1958), Cecil Taylor performed, again in New York, another forgotten session, with John Coltrane and Kenny Dorham: Hard Driving Jazz, originally released on United Artists. That was the only time Coltrane and Taylor recorded together. In 1962 that label marketed this as a Coltrane album, retitling it Coltrane Time. The recording featured 5 pieces: Shifting Down, Caravan, Like Someone In Love, Just Friends and Double Clutching. Re-released now with is real title by MadAbout.

First Recordings Vol 1 & 2: The Trio Sessions 1953 (released by MadAbout) document the very first compositions performed by French pianist Martial Solal on piano with Pierre Michelot, Joe Benjamin or Jean-Marie Ingrand on bass and Roy Haynes, Pierre Lemarchand or Jean-Louis Viale on drums. 16 songs, among which two originals by Solal, mainly standards reinvented (Pennies from Heaven, You Stepped Out of a Dream, Poinciana, etc.) and a piece by Carl Offenbach.

Mary Lou Williams & The Trumpet Giants is a Lone Hill anthology that collects the only known joint recordings of the pianist with trumpetists Dizzy Gillespie and Bobby Hackett. This january 1971 gig was completed by bassist George Duvivier and drummer Grady Tate. These seven standards are presented with a ballad medley and a jam session featuring Gillespie with Oscar Peterson, Roy Eldridge, Flip Phillips, Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Louie Bellson and Bill Harris from a 1955 date. More than 70 minutes of music.

Elliott Sharp' Orchestra Carbon, with Ned Rothenberg (reeds), Steve Swell (trombone), Zeena Parkins, David Weinstein and Jim Pugliese (samplers), presents Radiolaria (released by Zoar), the fourth self-produced Orchestra release, on which Elliott Sharp plays soprano sax and computer, having composed and directed this seven section work, recorded live on march 2001. Another Sharp's album (with his project Terraplane) released again by Zoar is the soundtrack Yellowman: A Play, commissioned by Dael Orlandersmith and premiered in january 2011. The instrumental trio features Dave Hofstra on basses, Sim Cain on drums and Elliott on guitars, and performs a blues-oriented sound.

Frog Leg Logic (released by Clean Feed) is the new Marty Ehrlich album, that collects seven original pieces recorded on january 2011 by his Rites Quartet, on which the altoist (here also on soprano and flute) plays with James Zollar (tenor sax), Hank Roberts (cello) and Michael Sarin (drums).

Atlantic restores Love-In, a live concert performed by Charles Lloyd Quartet in january 1967, on which Ron McClure relieved Cecil McBee on bass. In that lineup, let’s remember, with Lloyd on tenor sax and flute played Keith Jarrett on piano and Jack DeJohnette on drums, and disbanded two years after this concert.  Lloyd himself recorded very little in studio, reemerging only on july 1989, when recorded for ECM his Fish Out Of Water with another quartet. Among the pieces, let’s notice the Lennon/McCartney's Here There and Everywhere, and the Jarrett’s Sunday Morning and Is It Really The Same.

Eugene Chadbourne presents an old, unissued performance: The Pioneers (released by Chadula). «In  september 1977 - says Eugene - Doc Chad recorded these sessions with saxophonist Philip Johnston and drummer Steve Moses playing Chadbourne originals plus one tune from Strayhorn, as free improvisations. Philip Johnston has come up with an old recording that I have mastered and readied for release, our trio from 1977 with Steve Moses on drums. This trio played one gig! For which we practiced more than 12 hours. Lots of interesting old tunes of mine that were never otherwise recorded». 7 tracks, mostly over 10 minutes.

Jason Kahn's vinyl ltd ed. (250 copies) On Metal Shore has been released by Editions. The musician presents a 37-minute suite, composed and recorded between 2008/2010. The idea for this album goes back to the 2008 collaboration Vista with Boston artist Asher: «The composition uses not only recordings made of me playing found metal constructions outside but studio recordings of various metal objects and percussion instruments being vibrated with sound waves played through different types of transducers... I found some long metal pipes which I recorded with the microphones placed deep inside, tapping lightly on the pipes with my fingers.»

Erstwhile releases Resolution, fruit of a collaboration between Greg Kelley and Olivia Block. The two composed five new pieces (46 minutes) on which Olivia is mostly on electronics, with a bit of piano here and there, whereas Kelley is on trumpet. Recorded in august 2010. This is the second release for Erstwhile after 2001's Forlorn Green.

Monotype released Dusted Machinery, an album that gathers John Butcher and Toshimaru Nakamura. The first (on saxes) and the second (on no input mixing desk) have recorded these 4 new pieces on march 2009.

E.E. Tension and Circumstance is a Potlatch album recorded live on december 2010 by Keith Rowe and John Tilbury. It's an «acoustic only» suite for quite 1 hour, played on guitar and piano.

Monotype releases Der Kreis Des Gegenstandes, the self-titled vinyl by the new Werner Dafeldecker project, founded, as he says in liner notes, in 2009. «The group approaches composing as a collective process - utilizing graphic notation, codified developmental methods and repetition in the creation of a unique aesthetic framework». With the leader, on double bass, play Axel Dörner (trumpet) and Sven Ake Johansson (percussion). This work was premiered on may 2010, with solos by guest star Daniel Levin on cello.
November 2011 (proof-edited by Thomas Geist):
Paul Motian, drummer, bandleader, composer, and one of the most influential jazz musicians of the last 50 years (worked with Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins, Roy Eldridge, Bill Evans, Paul Bley, Arlo Guthrie, Don Cherry, Keith Jarrett, and many other jazz giants), died on november 22 in Manhattan at the age of 80.

My Cat is An Alien released the vinyl Living on the Invisible Line (from label Divorce). Recorded in a remote region of the Western Alps, this latest LP navigates especially tranquil territory as it builds blissed-out pastoral mirages, dappled just slightly with glimmers of an outer darkness. Edition of 500 copies.

Ibsen's Ghosts, released by Not Two, is the latest Joe McPhee album. Recorded in Oslo in febraury 2009, it features 5 lenghty improvisations, with the sax-tenorist accompanied by a notable trio: Jeb Bishop (trombone), Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (bass), and Michael Zerang (drums).

Also released by Not Two, Mark In The Water features solos performances by Ken Vandermark. The reedist composed 10 new pieces, which were recorded live in november 2010, and dedicated to jazz giants. He played bass clarinet, tenor sax, and Bb clarinet.

Modern Music (released by Nonesuch) is a collaboration between pianists Brad Mehldau and Kevin Hays, and composer/arranger Patrick Zimmerli, who are all longtime friends. The album features pieces written by each of the three musicians as well as works by Steve Reich, Ornette Coleman, and Phillip Glass, performed by the two pianists in arrangements by Zimmerli. It was recorded in october 2010.

Erstwhile presents Resolution, a collaboration between trumpetist Greg Kelley and pianist Olivia Block, here also on electronics. It contains 5 pieces for 46 minutes, recorded in august 2010.

Curlew's long out of print self-titled, recorded in march 1980, has been re-released by DMG ARC, with a bonus CD, Live at CBGB, which documents six unreleased live gigs (lasting over 1 hour). This bonus also features drummer Denardo Coleman (from Ornette's Prime Time).

Warner Brothers released Bad As Me, the new Tom Waits album, and his first studio album in 7 years. Recorded last february, it features 12 pieces, performed with a notable lineup: Tom, on vocals, banjo, piano, guitar, percussion, tabla and organ, was accompanied by his son Casey on drums, the guitar trio Keith Richards, Larry Taylor, and Marc Ribot, Gino Robair on percussions, Patrick Warren on keyboards, and many other reed and string musicians.

Invisible Rays (released by 7D Media) sees an unusual trio: drummer Morgan Agren (who worked with Frank Zappa and Bill Laswell) and guitarists Henry Kaiser and Trey Gunn. The three first met at a music education conference in march 2011, and within days they recorded this studio album.

News from Paul Dunmall. The Realisation Trio is a new project, founded by the saxtenorist with bassist Nick Jurd and drummer Jim Bashford. They recorded their first album, self-titled, in june 2011. The album comes in 7 parts, which are mostly improvised. Dunmall also collaborates as a soloist in Montana Strange, an album (inspired by the work of filmmaker David Lynch) by the Brian Irvine Ensemble, the BBC Concert Orchestra, and the RTE National Symphony, and released by FMR. The ensemble also features Steve Noble on turntables. Genesis (again from FMR) comes from the Circuit Electro Acoustic Ensemble, which features the saxtenorist (here also on soprano) with percussionist Trevor Taylor, trombonist Hilary Jeffery, and pianist Roberto Filoseta. They also play all electronics. This disc dates back to 2006, and is the fourth by the ensemble, whose only constant performer is Trevor Taylor. It is group-oriented music, with rare solos.

Tistel (released by FMR) is the fruit of a collaboration between clarinetist Frode Gjerstad (though better known on alto sax) and celloist Fred Lonberg-Holm. The two have already played together in trios and quartets, and here present 9 new pieces. They also recorded Sugar Maple (also from FMR) with percussionist Michael Zerang in october 2009, as well as VC/DC (from Hispid), which also included drummer Ståle Liavik Solberg and vocalist Stine Janvin Motland. All of these albums are largely improvised.

Wo!Man, released by Archie Ball, documents a collaboration between Archie Shepp and Joachim Kuhn. This isn't the first time the two perform together: Shepp's liner notes tell us that the saxophonist worked with the pianist in a band led by Finnish drummer Edward Vesala. The album features 5 originals by the duo, and 3 jazz standards (Sophisticated Lady, Lonely Woman and Harlem Nocturne). It was recorded in november 2010.

Indirecto released In Case The World Changes Its Mind, a 2CD set by keyboardist John Medeski, guitarist John Scofield, bassist Bill Martin, and drummer Chris Wood, recorded on tour in 2006, which features some of the same songs that also appear on the European double-disc Out Louder, but in different versions, and sold with a bonus, EP-length live disc. It contains 12 pieces lasting almost 2 hours.

Together In Zero Space, released by PSI, is a collaboration between sopranoist Evan Parker and Grutronic, a project that gathers Stephen Grew (keyboards, processing), Richard Scott (wigi, buchla lightning, blippoo box), Nick Grew (transduction), and David Ross (drosscillator). Recorded live in Bratislava at the Next Festival of Advanced Music (2009), this album collects two pieces: the 26-minute Filigree And Circuitry and the 23-minute Mesomerism In Rhythm.

Composer Ferran Fages presents his latest work, Llavi Vell, released by L'Innomable, a 150 copy edition on which Fages plays acoustic guitar and works with contact microphones and speakers. «The nature of this recording is a distorted image that came to my mind during the composition of the piece. I worked on Llavi vell during 3 months from july to september 2010. The sound is the result of bowing the strings of the guitar in different fret positions, with a bow made of  a long metapiece. The fret positions were related to the different divisions of the lenght of the strings: half, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. The multilayered composition allows to create a fluid mass with two levels of sound.  The first one is a huge mass, almost a drone; but the movement of the bow breaks the illusion of a constant and fluid sound. The second one is a collection of dispersed harmonics, treated as a melodic pattern. The final part of the piece is an epilogue of this melodic pattern. It's built in different layers of feedback, created from short and repetitive movements of a contact mic on a spring, placed on the surface of a flat speaker».

Not Two releases Frail Lumber, a Scott Fields Ensemble album recorded in june 2010 on which Scott Fields is paired with Elliott Sharp on electric guitar. The ensemble also features violinists Axel Lindne and Mary Olive, violists Jessica Pavone and Vincent Royer, and cellists Daniel Levin and Scott Roller. 4 of the 5 pieces are over 10 minutes long.
To Whom It May Concern is a Irene Schweizer's solo recital that dates back to 11 april 2011, containing 10 pieces played by the pianist, and released by Intakt. Irene performed pieces from her repertory (particularly the 11-minute title-track), and some jazz standards (Carla Bley, Thelonius Monk, Dollar Brand, and Jimmy Giuffre.

The Tum label now releases, Dark Lady of the Sonnets, although it was recorded on january 2007, by Wadada Leo Smith's Mbira. Mbira is his new project trio, on which the trumpetist, here also on flugelhorn, plays with drummer Pheeroan akLaff and vocalist Min Xiao-Fen (who also played pipa). According to Wadada: «Mbira is an ensemble dedicated to realizing a spiritual music within the American creative music idiom, where the music has the same ensemble conception and philosophical/mystical nature as in the Shona music tradition of Zimbabwe, but with a creative contextualization defined in the contemporary music language. As with all of my compositions, the music I composed is non-metrical in design, and still, in performance, we maintain the authentic energy and feeling that rhythm has. Because of this, Mbira is able to preserve the musical function of motion/flow activity and articulate an emotional range that contains the same aesthetic beauty that is associated with the traditional practice in metrical music». Wadada presents here 5 new lenghty pieces (lasting almost 1 hour) he composed, among which the title-track is «music for a creative dance ballet in two parts. Poet Amiri Baraka, then known as LeRoi Jones, composed a beautiful prose poem with the above title for Billie Holiday (1915-59), initially written as liner notes in 1962 and then included in his book Black Music (William Morrow, 1968)».

Flumina is the third collaboration between Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christian Fennesz (after Sala Santa Cecilia and Cendre), released by Touch as a 2CD set. These 24 pieces are based on piano compositions/improvisations which Ryuichi Sakamoto had recorded whilst touring in Japan. On that tour Ryuichi played a piano piece in a different key at the beginning of every show. After 24 shows he had 24 tracks in 24 different keys, covering all 24 tonal steps of the western tonal system. Sakamoto sent the tracks over to Christian Fennesz, who worked on them using electronics, guitars, and synths. The result is an ambient piano with guitar drone effects. Fennesz is on guitar and computer, while Sakamoto plays piano and computer. Artwork & photography by Jon Wozencroft. Mastered by Denis Blackham. Recorded at Amann Studios, Vienna and at KAB Studios, NY and Japan.

After his recent Invasion and Electric Fruit, Weasel Walter now presents Ominous Telepathic Mayhem, released by Ugexplode. Here the drummer collects 10 pieces, recorded in various sessions between september 2008 and july 2011, in a quintet with Peter Evans (trumpet), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Darius Jones (alto sax). and Alex Ward (guitar and clarinet). It consists of more than 70 minutes of music totally improvised.

Doxy presents The Beat Generation According To Jack Kerouac, a 4 vinyl Deluxe LPs edition (in book style sleeve) that documents music recorded between 1957 and 1959 by the famous «beat generation» author of On The Road. In that period, Kerouac also recorded a trio of albums. Poetry For The Beat Generation was recorded at the Village Vanguard in 1957 with Steve Allen on piano. The album was not released, however, until 1959 due to controversy over the album's racy content. The second album was Blues And Haikus, soon afterwards. This time Kerouac chose musician friends and saxophonists Zoot Sims and Al Cohn. 1959's Readings was an entirely spoken word piece. Here Kerouac freely improvised on his own writings, using his own voice as an instrument. Finally, The Last Word was a collection of outtakes from the Blues And Haikus sessions, a recording of a college lecture given by Kerouac in november 1958, and an appearance he made on a popular television show in november 1959. Each «section» of this edition contains one of the four albums and a reproduction of each album's original artwork.   

October 2011 (proof-edited by Thomas Geist):
The new label Nuun presents Canephora, credited to the duo Gareth Davis & Elliott Sharp. Well known guitarist, here on acoustic, duets with Davis' bass clarinet in a single day improvised session on april 2010. Davis is a virtuoso player and interpreter, known for his collaborations with Machinefabriek. The sound is intimate, and switches from blues to folk, ethnic and avant-garde. Sharp also recorded Hydrophon (released by another new label,Videotics), a solo album that, with its 5 pieces, displays nearly-orchestral textures this time more rock-oriented, created only with his electric guitar and electronics. Recorded june 2011.

Blixt is the new Bill Laswell project, established with Raoul Bjorkenheim and Morgan Agren. The trio released a Cuneiform self-titled as their first studio performance, 10 pieces (all brief but one) performed as a mixing of rock and jazz fusion. Guitarist Raoul Björkenheim debuted with Edward Vesala's Lumi (june 1986), started his own group Krakatau who recorded Matinale (november 1993) and Volition (december 1991) for ECM, before he join the Scorch Trio. Drummer Morgan Ågren formed with Mats Oberg the Mats/Morgan Band. Blixt was recorded on september 2010.

Mego presents the vinyl Visible Breath, the latest Eyvind Kang album violist composed collecting the 15-minute title-track and Monadology (6 min.), recorded on november 2008, plus the 17-minute Thick Tarragon, recorded in july 2011. Kang played in a lineup with trombonists Stewart Dempste and Julian Priester, trumpetist Cuong Vu, oboist Taina Karr, violinist Timb Harris, vocalist Jessika Kenney and pianists Cristina Valdez and Steve Moore.

Spekk releases Phoenix & Phaedra Holding Patterns, the latest Janek Schaefer composition, 6 tracks for quite 1 hour presented as a «live composition for portable radios, FM transmitter, 4 corner speaker PA, found sound textures, & Shruti drone box (an Indian drone instrument)». Commissioned by A Thing About Machines Festival and world-premiered in 2009.

HatHut presents Albert Ayler's Stockholm, Berlin 1966, that collects two november 1966 live performances from his European tour. If Berlin performances have been included in several posthumous editions, those in Stockholm haven't ever released until now. Albert played his tenor sax in a quintet featuring his brother Donald on trumpet, Michel Sampson on violin, Bill Folwell on bass (the two were later present on the live Holy Ghost) and Beaver Harris on drums. As for the pieces, from Stockholm concert were taken Truth Is Marching In (9:15), Omega/Our Prayer (18:25) and Pharoah Sanders' Infinite Spirit (3:53); from Berlin concert, again Truth Is Marching In (7:25), Omega/Our Prayer (8:42) and Ghosts/Bells (11:29).

Organica, released by Aum Fidelity, is David Ware's Saturnian follow-up, i.e. the second volume of live solo sax concerts. This albums presents two performances recorded on march and on november 2010. The former, comprising of Minus Gravity 1 and Organica 1, collects two works on sopranino and on tenor (16 and 22 minutes, respectively); the latter collects Minus Gravity 2 and Organica 2 (22 and 14 minutes). Ltd ed., 1000 CDs.

Art of Life presents Propensity, a previously unreleased recording credited to a trio comprising of bassist Danny Thompson (ex Pentangle and John Martyn), guitarist Allan Holdsworth (Nucleus, Soft Machine, Gong, Tony Williams, etc.) and drummer John Stevens (ex Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Derek Bailey). Recorded on september 1978, it includes Jools Toon (10:39) and It Could Have Been Mono (15:48), two extended length group improvised tracks which prominently feature Holdsworth on electric and 12-string acoustic guitars. Other than Gone Sailing (from Soft Machine's Bundles), this is the only known recording of Holdsworth soloing on a 12-string acoustic guitar.

Mattin presents his latest vinyl, Exquisite Corpse (released by Azul), a ltd. ed. of 400 copies. In the winter of '08, he recruited bassist Margarida Garcia, Kevin Failure of Pink Reason (guitar and piano), and "Lucky" Lloyd Frackkbonner (drums) for a «ten songs» recording session. Each song is exactly 3 minutes in duration, recorded with the same pattern: first the vocals, then Kevin's guitars, then Margarida's bowed and throbbing bass, then the drums. No second takes. No two musicians were allowed in the studio at the same time and none of them could hear a playback, only guided by Mattin's lyrics. One-time pressing of 450 copies.

Aki Takase (piano) and Han Bennink (drums) recorded in may 2011 Two For Tow, released by Intakt. 16 tracks (12 by Takase, plus 4 covers by Thelonius Monk and Eric Dolphy).

Ken Vandermark's Reed Trio (the reedist's project with Mikolaj Trzaska and Waclaw Zimpel) presents his new Last Train To The First Station (released by Not Two), 11 tracks composed by the three and live recorded in a Poland synagogue on december 2008 and july 2010. The instruments: Ken Vandermark: clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone; Mikolaj Trzaska: bass clarinet, alto saxophone, c-melody saxophone; Waclaw Zimpel: clarinet, bass clarinet, tarogato.

Roscoe Mitchell's Before There Was Sound (released by Nessa) documents the debut session for Chicago's AACM recorded by Mitchell in late summer/early fall of 1965, taped shortly after the first meeting of the organization in may 1965. The lineup: Roscoe Mitchell (alto sax); Fred Berry (trumpet, flugelhorn); Malachi Favors (bass); Alvin Fielder (drums). 8 pieces for 52 minutes. The titles: Mr. Freddy (by Mitchell) 6:29; Green (by Berry) 3:11; Outer Space (by Mitchell) 12:13; Carefree (by Mitchell) 6:30; Akhenaten (by Favors) 7:45; And There Was Peace (by Mitchell) 7:06; Jo Jar (again Mitchell) 5:09; Carefree #2 (still Mitchell) 4:36.

Trio M, the latest Myra Melford project, presents The Guest House, an album released by Enja, on which the pianist plays with bassist Mark Dresser an drummer Matt Wilson. It features 10 new pieces composed by the trio, and recorded in june 2011, whose excerpts can be listen to from Myra's website.

Ninth World releases Long As In Short, Walk As In Run, a collaboration between electric guitarist Fred Frith and pianist Annie Lewandowski. The two, who also used preparations to perform this album, recorded in may 2010 eight new pieces.

After his recent Invasion and Electric Fruit, Weasel Walter presents now Ominous Telepathic Mayhem, released by Ugexplode. The drummer collected here 10 pieces, recorded in various sessions between september 2008 and july 2011, in a quintet with Peter Evans (trumpet), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Darius Jones (alto sax) and Alex Ward (guitar and clarinet). More than 70 minuted of music quite totally improvised.

Boswil Concert 1973 was a long out of print Swiss-only LP, credited to Dollar Brand and his wife and vocalist Bea Benjamin, now re-released as CD. In its 60 minutes, the music features a 5-minute solo flute from the pianist, a 16-minute Duke Ellington song medley on which the wife joins the leader. The rest is completely solo piano, with a 40-minute medley of original solo piano songs by Ibrahim.

Sketches & Ballads is the latest work by Peter Brötzmann project Full Blast & Friends, released now by Trost. The trio, which features the reedist with bassist Mario Piakas and drummer Michael Wertmueller, is joined by Ken Vandermark (reeds), Thomas Heberer (trumpet) and Dirk Rothbrust (percussions), for a concert recorded in october 2010, from which they present here the 36-minute title-track, composed by Wertmuller.

Rio, released by ECM, is a 2CD set that documents a concert recorded in april 2011 by Keith Jarrett in Rio De Janeiro, a «solo piano» performed in 15 parts as a very long suite. «Everything I played in Rio was improvised, and there is no way that I could have gotten to this particular musical place a second time, or in a different country: not even in a different hall or with a different audience, or on a different night».

With the collaboration of electric guitarist Manuel Mota (whoa also played with Alfredo Costa Monteiro), Jason Kahn recorded in october 2009 Espírito Santo, an album released now by Mazagran. Jason, here, is on percussion and analog synthesizer. The session was held on Lisbon.

Double Zero is a 9 part suite recorded in march 2008 by Denman Maroney with his well known hyperpiano. The album, released only now by Porter, features 50 minutes of live solo «hyperpiano», that involves bowing and sliding the strings with copper bars, steel cylinders, Tibetan prayer bowls, etc.

Gunter Hampel presents Gentle Joy: Live In Europe 2011, a 2CD set released by Birth and recorded the last july with his European-New York Septet, comprising, among others, of Steve Swell (trombone), Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor sax), Andreas Lang (bass) and Bernd Oezsevim (drums). The leader is accompanied by his wife and vocalist Cavana Lee-Hampel.

Another forgotten, old out of print and very rare recording by Sun Ra. Atavistic restores Nuclear War, initially released, after an unsuccessful contact with Columbia, in 1984 by the british indipendent label Y (that released the Pop Group albums), after being recorded in september 1982 with the title A Fireside Chat With Lucifer. The performance featured Sun Ra originals and standards, and famous covers (Sophisticated Lady and the Duke Ellington's Drop Me Off In Harlem). The leader, here on piano, synthesizer and organ, played with his Outer Space Arkestra, at that time comprising of Walter Miller (trumpet), Tyrone Hill (trombone), Vincent Chancey (flihorn), and the omnipresent Marshall Allen (alto sax), John Gilmore (tenor sax) and Danny Ray Thompson (flute).

Cavity Search restores The Rent, a 2CD set recorded by Steve Lacy with his trio in their 25 city US tour in november 1997. This trio was formed in 1995, when the reedist disbanded his sextet, and remained with Jean-Jacques Avenel (acoustic bass) and John Betsch (drums).

Snodland, released by Nato, documents a duo collaboration between pianist Steve Beresford and drummer Matt Wilson (who played in the last years with Jane Ira Bloom and Myra Melford). The two recorded live in Paris, on october 2010, a concert from which were taken three pieces, particularly the 38-minute Elvington.

Another Nato release is The Rock On The Hill, credited to Lol Coxhill. The reedist, her on soprano sax, led a trio with Barre Phillips (double bass) and JT Bates (drums). The performance was again recorded live in Paris, on october 2010. The trio played seven pieces (45 minutes).

September 2011 (proof-edited by Thomas Geist):
British composer and bassist Graham Collier, who created a famous ensemble in the '60s, and launched the jazz degree course at London’s Royal Academy of Music, which he directed until 1999, died at 74 in his home in Greece on september 10, succumbing suddenly to a massive stroke. His latest work, left unrecorded, was Memories Arrested In Space (the follow-up of Directing 14 Jackson Pollocks). Inspired by Jackson Pollock paintings, it was composed in 2007 for six saxophone quartets, commissioned by QuadroSax, and premiered in Switzerland in november 2007. The pieces can be heard by clicking here.

New World released Iconicity, an album subtitled «3 Pieces for Percussion and Live Electronics» that collects three Chris Brown pieces, presented by violinist Eyvind Kang.Iceberg is an 18-minute piece composed in 1985, with William Winant on crotales, glockenspiel, and hi-hat, while Chris Brown is on computer-controlled analog electronics and digital delay. However, its release isn't really new, having alsobeen included in Snakecharmer (the 1989 Artifact CD). The 15-minute Stupa, composed in 2007 and studio-recorded in july 2010, features the composer on piano and live computer processing, accompanied by William Winant on vibraphone. In this piece, as Brown says, «piano and vibraphone are treated like the sound of a single gong, and a series of four octatonic chords whose notes are shared between the instruments gradually expand into upward sweeping melodies, and the chords are sampled during the first half of the piece to provide material for electronic halos, and a drone gradually emerges beneath». Gangsa (the bronze flat-gong of the native peoples of the Cordillera mountains in northern Luzon, Philippines, iconized here as a living example of pre-Columbian cultural survivance), composed in 2010 and recorded in the same Stupa's session, is instead a 20-minute track on which the composer, on live computer processing, plays with the William Winant Percussion Group: Jordan Glenn, Krystof Golinski, Shayna Dunkelman, and David Douglas, all on flat-gongs conducted by Winant.

Maruto (out from Erstwhile) is the latest Toshimaru Nakamura solo album. Composed in two years, it contains the self-titled suite (46 minutes) performed on no-input mixing board and recorded in january 2011 in Tokyo. The music is largely improvised.

Village Of The Pharoahs/Wisdom Through Music is an Impulse CD on which the label collected two of Pharoah Sanders vinyls released in 1973. Although both these albums share the same basic personnel (pianist Joe Bonner, bassist Cecil McBee, drummer Norman Connors, and percussionist Lawrence Killian), only the second was recorded, in 1972, as an album. The former, having been recorded at three different sessions (december 1971, november 1972 and september 1973), also contains other players: vocalist Sedatrius Brown, bassists Stanley Clarke, Jimmy Hopps, and Calvin Hill, percussionists Hannibal Peterson and Kenneth Nash, and flutist Art Webb. The majority of this unissued work is taken up by the three-part self-titled suite (17 minutes), on which Sanders plays soprano sax, percussion, and sings.

Another important re-release by Impulse is
Jazz Messengers/A Jazz Message, which collects the only two Art Blakey's vinyls released by the label. Jazz Messengers presents the same Freedom Rider lineup, plus trombonist Curtis Fuller, and the 6 tracks were recorded in june 1961, i.e. only one month after Freedom Rider. A Jazz Message was recorded in july 1963, with Blakey on drums, Art Davis on bass, McCoy Tyner on piano, and Sonny Stitt on tenor and alto saxes, presenting some covers (Summertime and The Song Is You).

Sunnyside releases Roswell Rudd’s The Incredible Honk, the follow-up of Keep Your Heart Right from the same label (10 originals premiered at the Newport Jazz Festival in august 2007, as a quartet with vocalist Sunny Kim, pianist Lafayette Harris Jr. and bassist Brad Jones), on which the trombonist celebrates his 75th year. Here, he is accompanied by a 26-musician ensemble, among which includes bassists Richard Hammond and Ken Filiano, Arne Wendt on organ, Ivan-Rubenstein-Gillis and Lafayette Harris on piano, and David Doucet on acoustic guitar. The 13 pieces (that alternate jazz standards and originals by Rudd) were recorded between 2008 and 2010.

Levin Torn White is a collaborative instrumental album by Tony Levin, David Torn (whose collaboration dates back to 1987's Cloud About Mercury) and Alan White. A trio project recorded over 1 year, it is a 14-track album on which Tony plays bass and chapman stick, David is on guitar and textural events, and Yes' Alan White is the drummer.

Potlatch releases Window Dressing, the third duo collaboration between altosaxophonist Jean-Luc Guionnet and percussionist Seijiro Murayama, after Le Bruit Du Toit (recorded february 2007) and Noite (recorded december 2007). The session for the 30-minute Procede occurred in june of 2010, whereas the other three piece were recorded in december 2010.

Out from Ftarri is Transition, a ltd edition performed by guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama (here on acoustic) and composer and pianist Takuji Kawai. Completely improvised, the album was recorded in studio in september 2009, featuring eight tracks. Kawai, who also utilizes preparations, studied classical piano and currently performs works by John Cage and Morton Feldman.

The label Tum presents Andrew Cyrille's Route de Frères, the debut album (though recorded in december 2005) of the drummer with his Haitian Fascination project (remember that he was born by Haitian parents). The lineup comprises of saxophonist Hamiet Bluiett, bassist Lisle Atkinson (who worked with vocalists Betty Carter and Nina Simone) and two Haitian musicians: master drummer and vocalist Frisner Augustin, and acoustic guitarist Alix Pascal.

From the same label, and also recorded in december 2005,
History Of Jazz In Reverse is a CD by another project, the Fab Trio, i.e later lamented Billy Bang (on violin), bassist Joe Fonda, and drummer Barry Altschul. With the exception of Bang's One For Don Cherry and Compay Segundo's Chan Chan, this album is based on the trio's collective improvisations recorded live in studio.

FMP restores Peter Brötzmann's Wolk In Hosen, a solo session recorded by the saxophonist in may 1976, and long out of print since its first release on vinyl. Here the reedist performs 12 tracks on alto, tenor, and bass saxes, as well as clarinet and piano. The same label, let's remember, also released in 2009 another solo album by Peter, Lost & Found, recorded live in july 2006. The 5 pieces, composed by Peter, were performed on tenor and alto sax, clarinet, and tarogato.

Recently several labels have released Charlie Parker's compilations, including some unissued pieces and rarities. Among these anthologies, though, it's particularly worth mentioning the Definitive 2006 album Charlie Parker with Lennie Tristano: Complete Recordings, which, as the title suggests, collects all of 5 sessions recorded by the saxophonist with the famous italo-american pianist. In the first session, held on september 13, 1947 in New York, the two played with John La Porta (clarinet), Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Billy Bauer (electric guitar), and rhythm section Ray Brown/Max Roach. The septet recorded four pieces, including the famous Ko-ko theme. On september 20 the same septet recorded another 5 tracks, among which was a version of Thelonius Monk's 52nd Street Theme. The third meeting between Tristano and Parker was on november 8, 1947, with a lineup that featured Fats Navarro on trumpet, again clarinetist La Porta, Allen Eager at tenor sax, again Billy Bauer, vocalist Sarah Vaughan, and rhythm section Buddy Rich/Tommy Potter. The nonet recorded 10 pieces, among which was Donna Lee and Groovin' High. The fourth session was recorded on january 3, 1949, this time with the large ensemble Metronome All Stars, including, among others, Dizzie Gillespie, Miles Davis, J.J. Johnson, and Buddy De Franco. The session was highlighted by Tristano's Victory Ball, in three different takes. The last time that Parker and Tristano played together was at Tristano's home/studio in Manhattan, in august 1951. They recorded on a tape machine and played All Of Me (a song written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons) and I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (written by Clarence Gaskill and Jimmy McHugh).

Clean Feed releases Side A: A New Margin, the new Ken Vandermark album, featuring 10 new pieces recorded in october 2010 by the reedist (here on tenor sax and clarinet) with pianist Havard Wiik, his partner in the projects Free Fall and Atomic, and drummer Chad Taylor.

Creole Gardens, released by NoBusiness and subtitled A New Orleans Suite, comes from a collaboration between Joe McPhee (here on alto sax and pocket trumpet) and drummer Michael Zerang. Recorded in september 2009, this is a ltd edition of 1,000 CDs that presents 5 new compositions by the duo, all lenghty, particularly the 24-minute Congo Square Dances/Saints and Sinners.

NoBusiness also released a never issued live performance by Julius Hemphill and Peter Kowald: Live At Kassiopeia, recorded in january 1987. The later mourned reedist (here on soprano and alto saxes) played with the bassist in a concert, from which came this 2CD set. The first is a collection of solos, three by Hemphill, and one very long (32 min.) by Kowald. Second CD collects three duos, particularly the second (36 minutes).

Creative Sources releases Ink Room, the new studio album by Steve Beresford, recorded in november 2010 by the keyboardist (here on electronics) in a trio with drummer Stephen Flinn and Dave Tucker on electric guitar. Largely improvised, it features 7 pieces lasting 50 minutes.

Samadhisound releases David Sylvian's Died In The Wool, a two-disc split set, whose first CD collects 12 pieces, 5 of them from his previous Manafon. However, this is a rewritten work, with collaboration by Dai Fujikura on other 7 new tracks. The second CD is only one-track (18 minutes), and documents When We Return You Won't Recognise Us, a work commissioned by the Biennial of Canaries 2008-2009, composed and performed by Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Dai Fujikura, David Sylvian, Eddie Prévost (percussion), G
ünter Müller (effects on iPod), John Butcher (sax), and Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board), and recorded in january 2009. The septet played with the Elysian string quartet directed by Dai Fujikura: Emma Smith and Jennymay Logan (violin), Vincent Sipprell (viola) and Laura Moody (cello), and alternates Ros Stephen (violin) and Charlie Cross (viola).

After 2009'a Ancestral Star, released by Thrill Jockey, Barn Owl recorded two more album for the same label, both in the winter of 2011: In the EP Shadowland, the duo Evan Caminiti (here on guitar, SK-1 and vocals)/Jon Porras (on Juno 60, guitar and piano), collects three pieces. The band states: «Void and Devotion... levitates the listener with rumbling bass tones, lazer beam guitar and choral tone clusters drifting into an buzzing, apocalyptic devotion; title-track is a mantra that marches into infinity, a seemingly unchanging organic cycle of interwoven guitars all tracked live without actual loops; Infinite Reach features guitar sputters and moans atop a bed of lush, lunar synthesizers, gliding into a serene yet eerie wash of tones where noise and dissonance give way to floating peace-zones and phantom slide guitar». The other Thrill Jockey album is Lost In The Glare, a CD on which the duo is accompanied by drummer Jacob Felix Heule, Michael Elrod on tanpura and gong, and Steve Dye on bass clarinet. It has 8 electroacoustic balanced pieces (Porras replaced harmonium with a Farfisa organ).

Bill Frisell assembled a lineup consisting of Jenny Scheinman (violin), Tony Scherr (bass), Greg Leisz (guitars) and Kenny Wollesen (drums) for his new All We Are Saying..., a tribute to classic songs of John Lennon, recorded in april 2010 and released now by Savoy Jazz.

Take Your Time is a
Relative Pitch CD credited to Vinny Golia. The reedist, here on tenor, alto & soprano saxes, recorded this album in july 2007 in a notable quartet, with Bobby Bradford (cornet), Ken Filiano (bass), and Alex Cline (drums). 8 pieces.

Speak To Me, released by Pirouet, documents a duet between piano (by Marc Copland) and guitar (by John Abercrombie). The 9 pieces (2 jazz standards) were recorded in march 2011.

Recorded in may 2011, At The Gates Of Paradise is the new John Zorn installation, released, as always, by Tzadik, which features the notable lineup of John Medeski (piano and organ), Kenny Wollesen (vibes), Trevor Dunn (bass), and Joey Baron (drums). The 8 pieces (quite 50 minutes) were inspired by William Blake's works.

Incus released Derek Bailey's Concert In Milwaukee, originally a cassette sold by Derek Bailey at concerts, and now presented on CD, restored from the original concert, recorded in march 1983. It has 4 lenghty pieces, lasting 55 minutes, of solo guitar.

Also from Incus, Bang! is another live concert credited to the lineup that held it, i.e. the project artistic director Roberto Zorzi (electric guitar), Tim Berne (alto sax), Mark Feldman (violin), Herb Robertson (trumpet and flugelhorn), Percy Jones (electric bass), Matteo Ederle (keyboards), and Bobby Previte (drums). Another old performance, the 5 pieces were recorded in august 1990.

A third release from Incus is Snowplow, a collaboration between Andrea Centazzo (here on Mallet Kat, percussion and sampling) and guitarist Elliott Sharp. It is another concert by them, though more recent, recorded in february and march 2010, that presented an 8 movements suite (43 minutes). Another Incus release with Andrea Centazzo as the protagonist is Escape From 2012, which features the Italian (same instruments, plus electronics) playing with veteran Zappa's pianist Don Preston, here on synthesizer, piano, double bass, and electronics. Another live concert, recorded in february 2010, it features the 8-movement homonymous suite. Lasting over 1 hour, it was largely improvised.

Spool presents Relay, a live collaboration between percussionists Tomasz Krakowiak and Mike Hansen. The two, who later debuted with their first solo albums, recorded before a concert in may 2003. It contains 4 lenghty pieces, particularly the closer (25 minutes). Krakowiak played amplified drum table, electronics and minidisc live sampling, whereas Hensen was on record players and electronics.

Akira Sakata & Jim O'Rourke, along with Chikamorachi (the rhythm section Chris Corsano/Darin Gray) present And That's The Story Of Jazz (released by Family Vineyard), featuring Akira Sakata on alto sax & vocals, Jim O'Rourke on guitar, electronics & harmonica, Darin Grey on double bass, and Chris Corsano on drums. This double disc was recorded live during an october 2008 tour of Japan. It is dedicated to Yoshitaka Sugaya, an important part of the jazz community in Ootuchi, the town destroyed by the devastating tsunami last march, where Sugaya remains missing. Saxist Sakata worked with Bill Laswell in the Flying Majinko Band, Autonomous Zone and Last Exit, and more recently with Jim O'Rourke as well as with the Chikamorachi rhythm duo. It contains five lenghty tracks (between 10 minutes & 28 minutes).

Under his moniker of Guitar Roberts, Loren Mazzacane Connors presents Red Mars (released by Family Vineyard), his first CD of new material since 2004, mostly solo-recorded in 2010, on acoustic and electric guitars, and using multiple layers of parts underneath his often haunting lead solo. Margardia Garcia plays electric double bass on the first piece only.
The Sound Of Insects is the latest work by ex Voice Crack's Norbert Möslang, performed by a notable lineup: the leader, on cracked everyday-electronics, is accompanied by Jason Kahn (analog synthesizer and percussion), Tomas Korber (guitar and electronics), Günter Müller ( ipod, percussion and electronics), Christian Weber (contrabass), Katsura Yamauchi (sax), the singer Christoph Homberger, Martin Schütz (5-string cello), Jacques Demierre (piano), and Paul Lovens (drums). Released by Bots, this 3LP set is a six-part suite, recorded in 2009 as the soundtrack for the homonymous film by Peter Liechti. LTd edition, 300 copies.

Trillium E (1999): Wallingford's Polarity Gambit is an Anthony Braxton 4CD boxset, released by his New Braxton House, which documents his never issued Composition No 237 (Opera in Four Acts), recorded in march 2010, with Nicole Margaret Mitchell, Salim Washington, Matt Bauder, Oscar Noriega, Nate Wooley, Reut Regev, Jay Rozen, Tyshawn Sorey, Shelly Burgon, Tomas Ulrich, Ken Filiano, Jessica Pavone, Jen Shyu, Sara Schoenbeck and others. This opera is the follow-up of Trillium A (staged in San Diego in 1985), Trillium M (premiered in London in 1994), and Trillium R (composition n° 162). Trillium E was actually completed in 2000, and we are waiting for Trillium J and Trillum X. 12 vocalists, 12 solo instrumentalists and a 40-piece orchestra were assembled for the session. The name Trillium derives from Braxton's Tri-Axium philosophical writings. He sees The Trillium Project as representing the three partials of his life's work: music (sound logic) systems, thought (philosophical) systems, and ritual and ceremonial (belief) systems. As he writes: «Events in this sound world attempt to act out a given central concept from many different points of view. There is no single story line in Trillium because there is no point of focus being generated. Instead the audience is given a multi-level event state that fulfills vertical and horizontal strategies (objectives). The wonder of this approach brings a fresh vitality to the music and will allow for a broad range of interpretations. I believe that the medium of opera is directly relevant to cultural alignment and evolution». The boxset will begin shipping in october.

August 2011 (proof-edited by Thomas Geist):

Four Pieces (+), released on vinyl by italian label DDQ, documents a long lost studio collaboration between pianist Giorgio Gaslini and Anthony Braxton (here on alto and soprano saxes), recorded in november 1981. Side 1 features Braxton's unissued Composition No. 101. Side 2 consists of 3 pieces by Gaslini (a duo and two solo pieces, one for each of musicians).

The duo Tim Daisy/Ken Vandermark presents The Conversation, a Multikulti album, which is their third release following 2007's ltd ed Live At The Empty Bottle 2006 (recorded in august 2006), ]and 2008's DoLP Light On The Wall (recorded in may 2008). The Conversation was recorded in two sessions, in may 2010 and march 2011, and features 5 lenghty pieces (particularly the 20-minute Fifty Cent Opera). Ken, this time, accompanies the drummer on clarinet and bass clarinet, and tenor sax.

Domino's 2CD set The 1987 Hamburg Concert is an Ornette Coleman concert that remained unreleased until now. It was recorded live in october with the same The Shape Of Jazz to Come lineup, i.e. Ornette on alto sax, Don Cherry on cornet, and the rhythm section of Charlie Haden/Billy Higgins. The concert featured 12 pieces, among which are 10-minute revised versions of Lonely Woman and The Sphinx. Other tracks come with the quartet's reunion studio album In All Languages, recorded in the same year.

Lawrence 'Butch' Morris presents two new compositions gathered in Conduction No 43: The Cloth (1994)/Conduction No 46: Verona Skyscraper (1995), a 2CD set released by NuBop. Disc 1 features Conduction No 43 The Cloth, with pianists Myra Melford and Riccardo Fassi, oboist Mario Arcari, Stephano Montaldo on viola, J. A. Deane on trombone and electronics, guitarist Brandon Ross, Bryan Carroton on vibraphone, celloists Martin Schutz and Martine Altenburger, and percussionist Le Quan Ninh. The piece was recorded in june 1994. Disc 2 features Conduction No 46 Verona Skyscraper, with J A Deane (trombone, electronics), Stefano Benini (flute), Marco Pasetto (clarinet), Rizzardo Piazzi (alto sax), Francesco Bearzatti (bass clarinet), Zeena Parkins (harp), Myra Melford and Riccardo Massari (pianos), Wayne's brother Bill Horvitz (guitar), Carlo 'Bobo' Facchinetti (drums), and Le Quan Ninh (percussion). Recorded in june 1995, the music alternates between solos and collective performings. Lawrence 'Butch' Morris again conducts with Nublu Orchestra on Live At Jazz Festival Saalfeld 2007, recorded in august with Ilhan Ersahin & Jonathon Haffner on saxes, Graham Haynes on cornet, Fabio Morgera & Kirk Knuffke on trumpets, Thor Madsen & Zeke Zima on guitars, Michael Kiaer on electric bass, Mauro Refosco on percussion, and Kenny Wollesen on drums.

A lot of 1980's Sun Ra's music is still quite unknown. In that decade he relased many albums in runs as small as 50 copies, sold only at shows, and packaged without artwork and whose labels were often handwritten. Resurfacing from obscure archives is Hidden Fire, a series of albums recorded live during the Arkestra's january 1988 concerts at the Knitting Factory, and the last Saturn releases to feature new material. The lineup: Sun Ra, organ, synthesizer, vocals; John Gilmore, tenor sax; Marshall Allen, alto sax; Danny Ray Thompson, baritone sax; Kenny Williams, baritone sax;  Eloe Omoe, alto sax, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet; Michael Ray, trumpet; Ahmed Abdullah, trumpet; Tyrone Hill, trombone; James Jacson, bassoon, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum; Billy Bang, violin; Owen Brown, Jr., violin; June Tyson, violin, vocals; Art Jenkins, vocals, including space voice; John Ore, bass; Luqman Ali, drums; Buster Smith, drums; Pharaoh Abdullah, percussion. This series did not include any track titles and was initially released without labels. Hidden Fire 1/2 includes only an untitled track. Hidden Fire 3/4 gathers Retrospect/This World Is Not My Home/Unidentified Blues, recorded in 1988 with the same lineup. In the meantime, The Eternal Myth Revealed is a 30 CD box set, compiled by Michael D. Anderson, the director of the Sun Ra music archive. The collection is presented as Vol.1, implying a follow-up... This set covers the period 1924-1956, and contains music, interviews, and audio excerpts, as well as rare recordings, It includes 435 tracks, and «a detailed music chronology of every known recording to include Sun Ra as a piano sideman, composer, arranger, vocal coach and his own recordings as a band leader» (the words of Michael Anderson).

In Tempo, released by United One, documents a studio collaboration between Ganelin Trio's drummer Vladimir Tarasov and Alexey Kruglov (here on alto and tenor sax, and basset horn). Recorded in february 2010, the album features 9 pieces, ranging from brief to lengthy. Here is how Alexey Kruglov presents himself on his website: «Alexey Kruglov is a saxophonist, composer and theatre-producer. His ideas in the field of new art led him to create an original system of image personification in the space of sounds. In spite of being a jazzman and ant jazzman, a classic and avantgarde musician, he stands by a clear path in his work».

Scrutables is a previously unissued studio recording released by Weight of Wax that documents the trio of Derek Bailey (guitar), John Butcher, (saxophones) and Gino Robair (energised surfaces) in a studio session recorded in London in march 2000. It is 8 tracks lasting 48 minutes.

Token Boy released two new albums by Random Touch: Reverberating Apparatus, on which guitarist Scott Hamill, keyboardist James Day, and drummer vocalist Christopher Brown present 12 pieces completely improvised lasting 52 minutes; and the 2CD set Tributary, which features instead 23 tracks lasting over 2 hours. As always, credits for these CDs are quite absent.

Dig Deep Trio released their first album, Selftitled (out from FMR). Featuring Paul Dunmall on tenor sax, Paul Rogers on 7-string bass, and Tony Bianco on drums, this lineup was formerly known as the Deep Joy Trio (3/4th of the Mujician quartet) before the death of Tony Levin. The Deep Joy Trio got their name due to the fact that their performances provided a much needed 'deep joy' amongst their fans. Tony Bianco has also already recorded with Dunmall, and has also worked with Elton Dean, Evan Parker, and Dave Liebman. This disc was recorded in february of 2010, and consists of only two long pieces: Absolute and Mary, lasting 70 minutes. ALso released by FMR is another album with Dunmall: Kithara, with Paul on tenor sax, Phil Gibbs on guitar, Paul Rogers on 7-string bass, and Mark Sanders on drums. This is a studio session recorded in october 2010. It is a very collective album, lacking solos.

The Mancy Of Sound, released by Pi, is the Steve Coleman and Five Elements follow-up to his 2010 album Harvesting Semblances And Affinities (recorded in october 2006 and february 2007, after 4 years of silence). The band currently features Coleman on alto sax, Jonathan Finlayson on trumpet, Tim Albright on trombone, Thomas Morgan on bass, Tyshawn Sorey on drums, and Jen Shyu on vocals. This new work comes from the second of Harvesting's sessions, and another session recorded in july 2007. The centerpiece of the album is the Ifá Suite, a half hour piece originally composed for vocalist Cassandra Wilson. Ifá refers to a divination and philosophical system of the Yoruba-speaking people of West Africa. Coleman utilized the dot patterns on the CD cover (a traditional Yoruba symbolic codification), as well as the character of the elements, the directions, and the colors as the foundation of the rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic form underlying the four compositions of this suite.

The Unissued Seattle Broadcast, 1965 (released by RLR) is a live performance by John Coltrane recorded in september 1965 with Pharoah Sanders, McCoy Tyner, Donald Rafael Garrett, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones, when John was in Seattle to make a recording, later issued on Impulse as Live In Seattle. That same day, the group was broadcast over the radio, and the music, collected on this CD, was taped by an amateur fan. Among the 5 pieces is a 30-minute version of an Untitled Original tune, and the final version of Billy Strayhorn's Lush Life, which very rarely appears in his discography. However the ever-present My Favorite Things, unfortunately, fades out during a piano solo...

2008-2009 Insect And Western Updater is a Eugene Chadbourne 2CD set, released by Chadula, that includes nearly 160 minutes of music. Disc 1 features a quartet with Eugene on guitars, banjos & effects, Graham Reynolds on piano & drums, Nick Hennies on vibes & percussion, and Kory Cook on drums. On Disc 2 other players appear out of nowhere while the piano and drums play rock & roll riffs together, and the other members alternate free and contrapuntal interaction.

Om Sweet Home: We Are Shining Stars From Darkside is a Riot Season album credited to the duo Pikacyu/Kawabata Makoto, i.e. the guitarist leader of Acid Mothers Temple and Afrirampo's vocalist, also here on drums. They present a 13-piece work that combines psychedelia, japanese rock, and avant-garde music, and is largely improvised. It is a ltd edition of 1,000 copies. The critics are divided, though, and many admitted disappointment about this release. The duo had already released Live @ Hemlock Tavern, a live album recorded in april 2011, which features three long pieces (2 totally improvised). Even before that they debuted with Live At Musica Japonica, another live album, containing 2 very long improvisations recorded in february and june 2008 (both albums were released by the Not On Label).

Julia Wolfe's Cruel Sister, released by Cantaloupe, is an album performed by the Bang on a Can and Cantaloupe Music founder, on which she combines minimalism and avant-garde rock music. Julia, who was a finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Music for her 2009 composition Steel Hammer, presents here two works: Cruel Sister, composed in 2004, a 30-minute piece in 4 parts, for string orchestra, originally written for the Munich Chamber Orchestra and premiered in february 2011 (Cruel Sister takes its title from an old English ballad); and Fuel, a 20-minute collaboration in 5 parts with filmmaker Bill Morrison, performed with the Ensemble Resonanz (a Hamburg-based group of 18 musicians conducted by Brad Lubman), which premiered in 2007. Previously, Cantaloupe released Julia's Dark Full Ride in 2009, an album that features 4 compositions: LAD, a 16-minute piece for 9 bagpipes (played by Matthew Welch); the 18-minute title-track for 4 drum sets, played by the Talujon Percussion Quartet; the 15-minute My Lips From Speaking for 6 pianos, all played by Lisa Moore; and Stronghold, a 18-minute for 8 double basses, played by Robert Black.

Another Cantaloupe album is Resonant Relations, by Arnold Dreyblatt, commissioned by the Crash Ensemble in 2004. After a one and half year period the group, led by Arnold, released this composition for flutes (wooden and metal), trombone, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, harpsichord, and percussion (timpanies, snare and bass drum, metal pieces). The work was first performed  in october 2005 in a program which included performances of compositions by La Monte Young and Alvin Lucier. As for the pieces, 25 chords in 25 in 94 variations: Gelbe Musik, as states Arnold, «was one of two pieces which I composed when Ursula Block asked me to create an exhibition of early scores from 1976-1981, which I entitled Working Papers; it was presented on december 2006 on a limited signed edition CD of 25 copies. The piece proceeds through 95 variations of 25 chords which are based upon the pitch of the 25th harmonic, which is used in my tuning scale». This all happens in only 13 minutes. Resonant Relations is instead a 33-minute piece for voices, violin, viola, cello, trombone, flute, and harpsichord, performed in a single tone.

The label Marge presents John Tchicai's Truth Lies In-Between, an album he recorded in july 2008 in Holland, featuring poems by John Stewart. Tchicai, on alto sax, indian flute, and vocals, played with his wife Margriet Naber (piano and vocal) and Ernest Guiraud Cisse (kalimba, congoma, blafon, tom toms and conga). Margriet Naber, who studied and played classical music, composed several «solo pianos» in 2004, where were released in 2006 on her CD Colored Air.

What Is The Beautiful? is the sixth Claudia Quintet album, which will be out from Cuneiform in october, featuring special guest vocalists Theo Bleckmann and Kurt Elling.

Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You (The Fonotone Years 1958-1965) is a 5CD box set presented by Dust-To-Digital on which the label, after 10 years in the making, collected the earliest John Fahey recordings, and the first book ever written about the guitarist. It consists of 115 tracks revealing Fahey debuts in Maryland. The audio was remastered from reel-to-reel tapes to achieve pristine sound quality. It also features scholars' contributions of essays: Eddie Dean, Claudio Guerrierri, Glenn Jones, Malcolm Kirton, and Mike Stewart. It is dedicated to John's mother, Jane C. Hayes, and the later lamented Jack Rose.

Umbralia is a Triple Bath album by Alfredo Costa Monteiro consisting of only one track(45 min.), recorded in february 2011 for electric organ, and featuring microtonal drone music. NYX is another solo release, a performance for pre-recorded turntable sounds with live manipulation, recorded in november 2008.

Un Autre Chemin Vers L'Ultime, released by Prele, is an atypical Keiji Haino album, performed without any instrument, on which he tests his acoustic vocal possibilities. It is 72 minutes long and recorded in a church and a cave in june 2010, and consists of 6 untitled tracks (particularly the closing track, spanning 38 minutes) with natural reverberation.

Near Nadir (Tzadik) documents a collaboration between percussionist Mark Nauseef, Ikue Mori (on electronics), Evan Parker (on soprano sax), and bassist and composer Bill Laswell. Largely improvised, this electro-acoustic work was recorded live at St. Peter's Church in London in august of 2010.

Good Morning Good Night is a 2CD set released by Erstwhile, that contains a collaboration between Sachiko M (here on sine wave sampler), Toshimaru Nakamura (on no-input mixing board), and Otomo Yoshihide on sampler. It is freely improvised. Nakamura and Sachiko M also play together on Do, another Erstwhile album, which has three pieces (50 minutes) of droning and static music (particularly the opener do #1, lasting 36 minutes)

News from Keith Rowe. Cultural Templates is an Erstwhile CD featuring a solo performance (the fourth in his entire career) by Keith, on guitar, table, and various devices taken from the Amplify Festival in Japan from 2008. Live at the LU (again from Erstwhile) documents his collaboration (on guitar & electronics) with Christian Fennesz on laptop computer. Recorded in may 2002, this album presents, among others, reworked versions of The Crypt, Harsh, and Hotel Paral.lel. Rowe M Nakamura Yoshihide is a 3CD set on which Keith (on guitar-on-table & electronics) collaborates with Sachiko M (on sinewaves & contact microphone), Toshimaru Nakamura (on no-input mixing board), and Otomo Yoshihide (on electric guitar & turntables). The release documents a 4 hour concert (performed as one piece without pauses!), recorded in may 2004. The concert alternates between droning and static music with floating space sounds.

Peeesseye + Talibam!, as the title suggests, is a collaboration between these two New York trios, released by Smeraldina-Rima as a DoLP (3-sided) and CD. On vinyl it features an extra track (18 min.). The session was recorded in may 2008 without the Talibam! saxophonist Ed Bear. The music is very experimental, noise, and avantgard rock-oriented. As for Peeesseye, after their CDrs Blood Spots In The Porridge (which only contained the 21-minute title-track), and I Woke Up And Drank A Bottle Of Cheap Kojak (ltd ed. of 80 copies only, recorded live in september 2008), the trio released Pestilence & Joy, their first LP (300 copies) released by Evolving Ear a year ago. It is an album that mixes avantagard with blues, folk and country in 8 pieces. Evolvin Ear is the label for which the group, as psi, released in 2004 their first album: Black American Flag, which featured two long improvisations: Headfirst Into The Flame (13 min. studio-recorded in march 2003) and May Day (30 min. recorded live in may 2003).

Resipiscent released Masaoka, Chen, Grüsel, Nagai. As title suggests, this album gathered this new quartet's eight pieces (4 brief and 4 lenghty) recorded in september 2009. The release features a minimalistic and improvised approach, with Miya Masaoka on koto and electronics, Audrey Chen on cello and vox, Hans Grusel on electronics, and Kenta Nagai on shamisen, vox and hichiriki.

July 2011 (proof-edited by Thomas Geist):

It Won't Be Called Broken Chair documents a collaboration by Misha Mengelberg and Evan Parker, just released by psi. They recorded two improvisations on piano & tenor sax, one in concert and the other before the audience arrived, at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam in 2006. At Somewhere There is Parker's latest work, released by Barnyard. Recorded live on february 2009, it features 40 minutes of freely improvised music, performed by a trio: the saxtenorist played with drummer Joe Sorbara and bassist Wes Neal. Trance Map, released by psi, instead documents a collaboration between the reedist (here on soprano sax and sample collection) and Matthew Wright (live sampling, turntables and sound design). A multi-session album recorded between october 2008 and february 2011, it features 4 pieces, 2 very brief, and the other 2 of 25 and 35 minutes, respectively.

Anthony Davis put online the first 2 movements of his latest work, You Have The Right To Remain Silent!, which premiered in april 2007 with the Perspectives Ensemble at Columbia University’s Miller Theater. This is a «clarinet concerto» written for his long-time collaborator, multi-reedist JD Parran. The pianist also plays with Earl Howard on synthesizer. This work is divided in 3 movements: Interrogation, Loss and Vicissitudes. The music alternates with large improvisations. As for a studio recording and the release on CD, they are scheduled for 2012.

, released by Absinth, is a collaboration between bassist Werner Dafeldecker and contrabass-clarinet by Theo Nabicht. They recorded this ltd edition in august 2010. The two have played together since the 1980's in several projects between composition and improvisation, but this is their first duo. The pieces were worked out in rehearsals. As for Theo Nabicht, who also plays sax, he's a german composer born in 1963, who studied sax, flute, and piano at the Conservatoire de Strasbourg, and has also played with Anthony Braxton, Peter Kowald, and Fred Frith.

Anthony Braxton's Septet (Pittsburgh) 2008, recorded in may 2008, documents Composition No. 355, one of his latest works, performed by the reedist on various instruments (baritone, bass, alto, sopranino and soprano saxes, contrabass clarinet and contrabass sax) accompanied by Taylor Ho Bynum (flugelhorn, trombone, cornet, bass trumpet and piccolo trumpet), Jessica Pavone (violin, electric bass and viola), Jay Rozen (tuba), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Carl Testa (acoustic bass and bass clarinet), and Aaron Siegel (drums, percussion and vibraphone). Origins of this concert date back to the fall of 2007. In this chamber music, rarely are all 7 playing simultaneously. The CD will be released by artist's label New Braxton House.

The Zone is, perhaps, the latest project by trombonist Paul Rutherford (who died, let's remember, in 2007), featuring contrabassist Torsten Muller and drummer Harris Eisenstadt. Only now does the label Konnex release their self-titled, recorded in january 2006. This CD collects 4 lenghty compositions, particularly the 20-minute Schoenberg Swung Am Hardesten.

The Mystery Of Being is a 3LP set released by Klimt, that restores unfindable, long out of print Sun Ra studio performances recorded in Rome, january 1978, with his quartet. It was originally released by legendary italian label Horo as two DoLPs (New Steps and Other Voices, Other Blues). The leader, here on piano and synthesizer, was accompanied by trumpetist Michael Ray, drummer Lugman Ali, and John Gilmore on sax. The performances also feature some famous covers, such as My Favorite Things.

Enigmata (by Tzadik) collects 12 new brief John Zorn's compositions, recorded in march 2010 and performed by Marc Ribot (electric guitar) and Trevor Dun (electric 5-string bass), who alternate between rock sound and large improvisations.

Clean Feed presents Riptide, the new Gerry Hemingway Quintet album recorded by the drummer (here also on harmonica) with his lineup, comprising of Oscar Noriega (here on alto sax and clarinet), saxtenorist Ellery Eskelin, guitarist Terrence McManus, and bassist Kermit Driscoll. The pieces, recorded in december 2009, mix new settings of 2 previously recorded quintet works with 7 new tracks.

ECM restores the old out of print Paul Bley work Solo in Mondsee, on which he collected 10 unnamed pieces performed on Bösendorfer Imperial Grand piano, putting together the Mondsee Variations, recorded in april 2001. This was the Bley’s first solo recording on ECM since Open, To Love.

Beauty Is The Thing is a Doubt album that documents a studio performance by Kanon, i.e. the trio project formed by Aki Takase (piano and inside piano), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar, effects and daxophone) and Axel Dorner (trumpet). They recorded these 4 new pieces (particularly the opening 32-minute A Break Into The Clouds) in december 2007.

Intakt presents Celebrating Mary Lou Williams, a live performance recorded in august 2010 by Geri Allen with Reggie Workman, Andrew Cyrille and Oliver Lake on alto sax and flute.
Broken Partials, just released by Not Two, is the new studio album by Matthew Shipp, also co-credited to bassist Joe Morris. Recorded in february 2010, it's an homonymous suite penned by the two in 8 lenghty parts, spanning 1 hour.

Coarse Day is a Multikulti Project CD credited to the duo Fred Lonberg-Holm/Piotr Melech. This album, though just released, was studio-recorded in november 2009. The celloist, here also on electronics, plays with clarinetist and also composer Piotr Melech, who collaborated, among others, with Mats Gustafsson, Clayton Thomas, and Chris Abrahams. It is 8 pieces, over 50 minutes.

With Swing Low Sweet Spiritual, the KLIMT label restores on vinyl a very rare Albert Ayler february 1964 recording, the second of his career, after the january 1963 My Name Is Albert Ayler released by the danish label Debut. Both these albums, as known, are composed of traditional pieces. Swing Low Sweet Spiritual comes from the same session of Spirits, and therefore the lineup was the same (but also featured Call Cobbs on piano): Ayler on tenor sax, Sunny Murray on drums, and the alternating bassists Earle Henderson and Hery Grimes. The titles: Goin' Home (4:23); Ol' Man River (9:28, in two takes); Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (4:49); When The Saints Go Marching In (4:29); the title-track (4:30); Deep River (4:15).

Out from Hote Marge, Owls Talk is an album credited to the quartet of Alexandra Grimal (tenor and soprano saxes), Lee Konitz (alto sax), Gary Peacock (bass), and drummer Paul Motian. They composed 15 new pieces, all brief, recording them in studio in december 2009.

Trilogy: Studio & Live - 2008-2009 is a Mosaic 3CD set by Sam Rivers & The RivBea Orchestra, ltd 5000 edition that features unreleased works. Disc 1, recorded live in november 2008, features Rivers (soprano & tenor sax) with altoists Jeff Rupert and Chris Charles, tenorists David Pate and George Weremchuk, baritonist Brian Mackie, trumpetists Tom Parmenter, Brian Scanlon, Mike Iapichino and David Jones, trombonists Keith Oshiro, Tito Sanchez, Steve Smith and Josh Parsons, Doug Mathews on bass, and Rion Smith on drums. Disc 2, studio-recorded in february 2008, uses the same lineup; Disc 3 was recorded live in april 2009. Trilogy is the follow-up of Aurora, recorded with the RivBea Orchestra in september 2005 (even if released only in 2009). This studio album features 9 lenghty pieces (70 min.), with Rivers, who composed all of tracks, also on flute, and his large reed section (tenor and alto saxes, bassoon, trumpets, trombones, tuba), plus rhythm section Doug Mathews (electric bass)/Anthony Cole (drums).

It's worth reporting that RLR (Rare Live Recordings) released some unissued live John Coltrane's concerts performed with several lineups. Unissued German Concerts 1961 features his quintet with Eric Dolphy, McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman, and Elvin Jones. This release contains all surviving music from the concerts given in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Berlin in 1961, 6 extended tracks taken from radio broadcasts and amateur recordings. More Live At The Showboat, Philadelphia 1963 documents his trio & quartet with Jimmy Garrison, Roy Haynes + McCoy Tyner, and contains a unreleased 1963 live performance, with live versions of  Up 'Gainst The Wall and It's Easy To Remember, and, furthermore, the only existing testimony of John at the piano. Live At The Jazz Gallery 1960 is a 2CD set on which we can listen to his first quartet as a leader, with McCoy Tyner, Steve Davis and Pete La Roca,  at New York's Jazz Gallery in may 1960, when John also began playing the soprano sax. These unissued pieces were taped by an audience member during that gig, among which is his first issued version of I Can't Get Started, a song he never recorded in the studio, performed here on soprano. 1962 Milan Concert sees his quartet par excellence, with McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones. This is a real bootleg, featuring repertoire standards: Mr. PC, Inchworm, Bye Bye Blackbird, Impressions, Chasing the Trane, etc.

The Keith Tippett Octet, comprising of Paul Dunmall (here on soprano and tenor saxes), Thad Kelly (bass), Ben Waghorn (tenor sax and bass clarinet), James Gardiner-Bateman (alto sax), the wife Julie Driscoll (voice, lyrics, xylophone and thumb piano), Kevin Figes (alto and baritone saxes) and Pete Fairclough (drums), presents the new Ogun album From Granite To Wind, recorded as a suite, written in 2007. The piece was premiered at Colston Hall, in Bristol, and then studio-recorded in january 2011.

Fire! is the latest project by Mats Gustafsson, a trio that debuted with You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago (Rune Grammofon), on which the reedist (here on tenor and baritone saxes, electric piano and electronics) plays with Johan Berthling, who alternates bass, guitar and organ (previously he played harmonium with Oren Ambarchi on My Days Are Darker Than Your Nights), and drummer Andreas Werlin (who worked on several of violinist Andrew Bird's albums). You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago features 4 largely improvised pieces (whose titles were inspired by poet Robert Creeley), and was recorded in 2009. Unreleased?, the second Fire!'s album, a mix of jazz and kosmische/krautrock music just released, sports Jim O'Rourke as a guest star, who composed all of 4 tracks playing electric guitar, harmonica and synthesizer. It was recorded in september 2010.

Jinya released 2 solo albums by Japanese guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi (who died in 1991). The first, Meta Improvisation, was recorded live in november 1984, and collects 7 pieces (particularly the opening 27-minute Kushiro) selected and edited to organize the following october 1985 Action Direct. The second, Guitar Solo, was recorded in december 1982, and features 5 tracks, among which is a 16-minute version of Song For Che.

The label Reel presents The Poppy Seed Affair, a 2CD+DVD set credited to the duo Lol Coxhill/Gerry F. Fitz-Gerald, which restores a soundtrack (whose film is in the DVD) by the Scottish guitarist and the reedist, here on soprano & tenor sax, voice and electronics. The lineup is completed by bassist Archie Leggett and Robert Wyatt on drums. The 2CD set features 11 pieces, all quite lengthy. The first is a concert recorded in october 1981. The second is a tape collection recorded in spring 1969. Ltd ed., 500 copies.

June 2011 (proof-edited by Thomas Geist):

Attic Antics, out from Loose Torque, is a studio collaboration between celloist Fred Lonberg-Holm and bassist Nick Stephens. It contains three long pieces largely improvised, recorded in october 2010.

Kopros Lithos (an irreverent greek expression that means «fossilized dung») is a Multikulti Project CD that comes from the trio Peter Evans/Agusti Fernandez/Mats Gustafsson. Recorded live in december 2009, at their first concert, it is largely improvised, and ranges several musical genres, from jazz to avant-garde, rock, minimalism, baroque and classical music, and flamenco too. Evans played his trumpet with Fernandez on piano, whereas Gustafsson, this time, was on baritone sax and alto fluteophone. 4 lenghty pieces, spanning almost 1 hour.

Another Multikulti Project CD is Ken Vandermark's Roads Of Wate, recorded during the second half of december 2008, the first soundtrack composed by the reedist for a documentary movie directed by Augusto Contento that tells a story of people living on the Amazon river. Vandermark led an interesting septet, with Jeb Bishop (trombone), Jaimie Branch (trumpet), Tim Daisy (drums, percussion), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Nate McBride (bass), and Jeff Parker (drums). Speaking of Ken Vandermark, Lean Left Vol 2 documents the second part of the live concert, recorded in march 2008; this is the follow-up of Vol. 1, out in 2010.

The third notable CD from Multikulti Project is Lark Uprising, recorded live at the Tzadik Poznan Festival in july 2009 by Joe McPhee's IRCHA Clarinet Quintet, which gathers 5 reedist playing various clarinets: Joe is on alto, well known Mikolaj Trzaska on alto and bass, Waclaw Zimpel on bass clarinet, clarinet and toragato, Pawel Szamburski on clarinet and bass clarinet, and Michal Górczynski on bass clarinet. The main idea of IRCHA is to present a contemporary view on the Jewish music in Poland, which is the artistic inspiration of each of the musicians. The group's objective is to find a common ground for the traditional Chasid music and contemporary jazz. The group's repertoire includes magic pieces of unknown Ukrainian and Polish composers, accompanied by their own compositions and extensively built-up improvisations.

The Veil: Live At The Stone, out from Cryptogramophone, presents the trio Tim Berne/Jim Black/Nels Cline performing an atypical concert, recorded in july 2009 in New York at John Zorn's The Stone. Berne was on sax, Cline on electric guitar, and Black on drums/laptop effects. The performance was completely improvised, and spans 8 pieces, for 1 hour.

Nonesuch released Pat Metheny's What's It All About, his new «solo» album, on which he plays guitars: baritone, 42-string Picasso, 6-string, and nylon-string. However, for the first time, this album presents only rock and jazz covers. Some titles include: The Sound of Silence; Pipeline; Garota de Ipanema; Rainy Days and Mondays; 'Round Midnight; And I Love Her, etc. It was recorded in february 2011.

Old Sights, New Sounds is an Incus release that documents a duo performance between Lol Coxhill (on soprano sax) and clarinetist Alex Ward. Recorded in october 2010, it features 7 pieces (43 min.), after their first duo-debut in august 2010 at John Russell's annual Fête Qua Qua. This album is largely improvised.

Dancing Wayang released Anicca, the fruit of the first time meeting between vocalist Phil Minton and celloist Okkyung Lee. They recorded this vinyl ltd ed. in may 2009, and it features four lenghty pieces. As Phil declared, this is «scary stuff»: indeed he uses his voice as an instrument.

Wigry, a Monotype DoLP, is the new Keith Rowe MIMEO chapter, played on computers. With Rowe on his prepared guitar, we can listen to Phil Durrant (synthesizer and sampler), Cor Fuhler on piano, Gert-Jan Prins on electronics, Thomas Lehn on syntezator analogowy, and Christian Fennesz, Kaffe Matthews, Peter Rehberg, Marcus Schmickler and Rafael Toral, all on computers. Recorded on november 2009 in a church, Wigry features 4 tracks, one for each side.

Extreme released Pneumatikos, the new noise-oriented Robert Vincs album, which gathers 11 tracks, and was recorded in 2010.

The Receiving Surfaces is a ltd ed. LP that documents a multi-track recording of the Rova-John Zorn sax quintet in concert at Yoshi's San Francisco (august 2010), released by Rova:Arts to celebrate the 33? (sic) anniversary of Rova's first concert (february 1978).

NoBusiness released the posthumous Billy Bang ltd ed. LP Black Man's Blues, his first ever recording with Survival Ensemble, until now unissued. This session consists of the trilogy Ganges/Enchentement/Tapestry (30 minutes) and Black Man's Blues (18 minutes), both recorded in may 1977. With Billy on violin, percussion, poetry and recitation, were Bilal Abdur Rahman (tenor sax, percussion, poetry, recitation), William Parker (bass, percussion) and Rashid Bakr (drums). The CD edition comes with another album: New York Collage, which collects 4 lenghty pieces from another live performance with same lineup, recorded in may 1978.

Mego released Indeed, a vinyl by Oren Ambarchi & Jim O'Rourke, their first duo album, presented as two side-long, electroacoustic explorations. Oren Ambarchi was on guitar, synth, percussion; Jim O'Rourke on strings, synth, percussion. Recorded in Tokyo, january 2011.

Forever, released by Concord, is a 2CD set that documents, in the first album the first-ever trio tour (in september 2009) by Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Lenny White, when they performed their own jazz standards: On Green Dolphin Street, Waltz for Debby, Hackensack, Bud Powell, Windows, Señor Mouse, No Mystery, etc. Disc 2 is a bonus CD with a acoustic 2009 reworking of their other standards, when Corea invited vocalist Chaka Khan (who sang with Return To Forever in 80's), violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and original RTF guitarist Bill Connors to join them for a one-time only gig: «The sets we played were basically jam sessions of the standards we knew from the songbooks of Monk, Bill Evans, Miles and others», said Corea.

The Thing, the trio project that gathers Mats Gustafsson, bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, collaborated with Jim O'Rourke to release Shinjuku Growl, a Smalltown CD recorded live in Tokyo on february 2008; Gustafsson was on alto and baritone saxes. Another trio collaboration was an album with the same title, Shinkuju Crawl, this time recorded with guitarist Otomo Yoshihide in october 2007. The Thing, let's remember, debuted with a self-titled recorded in february 2000 (basically dedicated to Don Cherry, which the group presented several reworkings of), followed by She Knows..., recorded in february 2001 with the collaboration of trumpetist Joe McPhee. It was followed by The Music Of Norman Howard, a collaboration with Ken Vandermark's School Days, recorded in november 2001. Garage, the third album, was recorded in january 2004. Live At Blå, recorded in concert in june 2003, featured two long pieces. Action Jazz was instead recorded in december 2005, featuring music largely improvised. Immediate Sound, recorded in concert in april 2007, was another collaboration with Ken Vandermark, featuring the suite Hide Out (38 minutes). Bag It! is a DoLP recorded in january 2008 that introduced, for the first time, live electronics (by the bassist), performing new pieces and jazz standards.

Another trio with Mats Gustafsson is Tarfala, with Barry Guy and drummer Raymond Strid. After their meeting at the Sweden SOLO festival in 1992, they worked together sporadically, playing in other festivals and releasing for Maya You Forget to Answer, recorded in november 1994 and july 1995, and a self-titled, recorded live in october 2006. Now, for NoBusiness, they released the DoLP Syzygy, another live performance recorded in november 2009, which features 4 pieces, 1 per side.

Another trio is RED, a Portuguese jazz lineup that debuted in 2010, releasing a self-titled recorded in june 2008 for Clean Feed. The group, which features pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro, double-bassist Hernani Faustino, and drummer Gabriel Ferrandini, presents an innovative and very collective sound, with no piano-predominance, and a rhythm section intervening side-by-side with the harmonic instrument played by Pinheiro (who also uses prepared piano). With Empire, a NoBusiness LP studio-recorded in april 2010, they present his second experience, this time with the collaboration by saxophonist John Butcher. This is a ltd edition that features three long pieces, largely improvised.

Aggregatepulseripper, released by Amish, is a split LP by protagonists Ben Vida and Keith Fullerton Whitman, featuring their new and exclusive works. The first side is a composition from Ben Vida, on which he continues to explore digital and analog control sources. The flipside documents MA, Keith Fullerton Whitman's third split, recorded on january 2008, another solo synthesizer performance, ene if it's possible to listen to sounds coming from speakers, fed into a different patch irrespective of their frequency response. Digital and analog sound sources, with the exception of a single 4096 bd delay, are presented without overdubs.

Matthew Shipp's Knives From Heaven (released by Thirsty Ear), documents the sequel experience by the pianist to the Antipop Consortium in hip-hop/jazz synthesis. Shipp leads a quartet with William Parker (bass), Bean (vocals) and HPRIZM (electronics and vocals). This 43-minute CD collects 20 pieces, obviously brief (the longest is 3:40).

Low and Inside: Music for Baritone Saxophone, released by Nine Winds, is the latest The Vinny Golia's album, on which Villy, this time on baritone sax and tubax (this is a refinement of the contrabass sax), leads his notable Octet, comprising of Gavin Templeton (alto sax), Dan Rosenboom ( trumpet), George McMullen (trombone, bass trombone), Alex Noyce (electric guitar, effects), Ken Filiano (acoustic bass, effects), Matt Mayhall (drums) and, unfortunately not mentioned in liner notes, Brian Walsh on e-flat and bass clarinet. 11 tracks, for 75 minutes.

May 2011 (proof-edited by Thomas Geist):

Stoj, from the Guerrilla Series by Ayler Records, is a CD ltd ed. (400 copies) credited to the trio Mark O'Leary/Peter Friis-Nielsen/Stefan Pasborg. The well known Irish guitarist performs 9 new pieces with a scandinavian rhythm section. Drummer Pasborg is known as leader of Odessa 5 and Ibrahim Electric, whereas bassist Friis-Nielsen played several sessions with Peter Brötzmann. Recorded March 2008 in Copenaghen.

CTI Masterworks reissues Salt Song, a long-out-of-stamp Stanley Turrentine recording, precisely Sugar's follow-up, recorded in july 1971. The sax-tenorist played 6 pieces in a big band, with, among others, bassist Ron Carter, drummers Billy Cobham and Airto Moriera, pianist Eumir Deodato, a large string section, and a flute and guitar quartet, while mixing soul, gospel and brazilian music.

Miho - Journey to the Mountain is the latest Paul Winter Consort album, released just now by Living Era. Consort is the long-lived Winter project, which debuted in 1980. In 2006, Winter's label Living Music celebrated, as always, the Winter Solstice at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, commemorating their 25th anniversary, and releasing Silver Solstice, a box-set featuring a host of special guests. The box-set includes the entire performance recorded on December 21, 2005, plus 10 tracks from previous years’ solstice events. The follow-up was Crestone, recorded in September 2006 and released 1 year after. It was performed in North Crestone Lake, at an altitude of 11,800 feet in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, by a lineup on which Paul, on his soprano sax, led Paul McCandless (oboe and bass clarinet), Eugene Friesen (cello), Apache singer John-Carlos Perea (also on drums and cedar flute), Glen Velez (percussion), Koji Nakamura (taiko drum), Don Grusin (keyboards), Peter May (conch shells) and Richard Cooke (voice). Miho, the latest performance recorded in March 2010 (which has been, as the other two, an award winner for best new age album of the year), was recorded in the Japan Miho Museum, located near Kyoto and projected by American architect I.M. Pei, and inspired by the legend of Shangri-La. This time Winter led vocalist and drummer Arto Tunçboyaciyan, keyboardist Jordan Rudess, Tim Brumfield on organ and piano, Paul McCandless on reeds, and Don Grusin on keyboards, plus two Chorus and Shumei Taiko drum Ensembles. The performance includes two suites: Many Paths To Paradise and Shangri-La.

Envoi: Live At Victo 2010, a one-track (52 min.) Victo album just released, features the last and latest composition (live performed) by Bill Dixon, recorded in may 2010, i.e. one month before his death. The reedist, here also on electronics, prerecorded his work and led a respected lineup: Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, bass & piccolo trumpets), Graham Haynes ( cornet, flugelhorn & electronics), Stephen Haynes ( trumpet, cornet & flugelhorn), Rob Mazurek (cornet & electronics), Glynis Lomon (cello), Michel Cote (contrabass clarinet & bass clarinet), Ken Filiano (double bass & electronics) and Warren Smith (vibes, marimba, gongs & drums).

Crossing Points, a NoBusiness DoLP (but also CD) ltd ed. (300 copies) is credited to the duo William Hooker/Thomas Chapin, with drumming by Hooker and alto-sax by Chapin (later died in 1998). The three long pieces (over 70 min.) collected here were recorded in May 1992.

Out from Jazzwerkstatt is Ninesense/Natal, a CD that gathers two old and unissued performances by Elton Dean's historical lineup. The former, Ninesense Suite (43 minutes), was recorded in June 1981, and the latter, Natal (37 minutes) in April 1982. Dean played saxes and saxello in a quartet, with Harry Beckett (trumpet), Harry Miller (bass) and Louis Moholo (drums).

From the same label, Blue Hawk is instead an album credited to the duo Alexander von Schlippenbach/Manfred Schoof. The pianist and the trumpetist (here also on flugelhorn) recorded a studio work in January 2010, performing 15 pieces, all quite brief (title-track is a Th. Monk's cover).

Sonny Simmons relocated to France after having recorded his Ancient Ritual in 1992, and stopped his studio compositions, releasing only some rare live performances. After a long silence, he re-emerged in 2000's, with new studio sessions, projects, and collaborations. With his alter-ego reedist Michael Marcus, he formed Cosmosamatics in 2000, as the fruit of a partnership established in 1981. The most memorable musicians to collaborate include: Jay Rose, Art Lewis, Andrew Cyrille, Reggie Nicholson, William Parker, and James Carter. Their first album was self-titled, out from Boxholder and recorded in February 2001, with Sonny on alto sax and English horn; Michael Marcus on soprano sax, straight tenor sax, and bass flute; James Carter on bass saxophone; Karen Borca on bassoon; Samir Chatterjee on tablas, and rhythm section William Parker (bass)/Jay Rosen(drums). In January 2001 Sonny recorded Tales Of The Ancient East, a studio album released by Parallactic, which featured 7 pieces all by Sonny (particularly Ensemble Colors and The Ruby, over 15 min.), with Brandon Evans on flute, shenai, harmonium, bass, sopranino and contra-alto clarinet, Brian Glick on bass clarinet and Rosie Shakarian on Korg synthesiser. II, the Cosmosamatics' follow-up out from Boxholder, was recorded in August 2001, with Sonny (alto sax, English horn), Michael Marcus (soprano sax, straight tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute), Curtis Lundy (bass), and Jay Rosen (drums). After Live At Knitting Factory (recorded in May 2001 and out from Ayler), with rhythm section Cameron Brown (bass)/Ronnie Burrage (drums), he penned and recorded in July 2001 Perfekte Leere, credited to his project Tchangodei (aka Leere) and out from Volcanic, on which Simmons, on alto sax, was in a trio with Leere on piano and Sunny Murray on drums. Also in that month, Sunny presented his first quintet on Mixolydis, out by Marge, whose lineup comprised Eddie Henderson (trumpet), John Hicks (piano), Curtis Lundy (bass) and Victor Lewis (drums). It consisted of 8 pieces, with John Coltrane's The Promise. After Live At Rive De Gier, a «solo alto sax» recorded in october 2001 that featured only two tracks spanning 40 minutes, he penned Cosmosamatics' Third, consisting of 4 studio pieces, in January and February of 2002 and another 4 live pieces, recorded in March 2003, in a trio with Michael Marcus (baritone sax and saxello) and drummer Jay Rosen. Instead, Duo 2002 was an «all saxes» collaboration with Brandon Evans, with 10 pieces recorded in April 2002 and out from Parallactic. New York 2002, from his new project Renegade Society,  was studio-recorded in August 2002, and featured 5 lenghty pieces (particularly the opening 22-minute Renegade NYC 1). Renegade Society was another quintet with the altoist and Brandon Evans (bass clarinet tenor and c-soprano saxes), Andrew Vida (tenor sax), Clayton Thomas (bass), and Andrew Barker (drums). SOLO Out Into The Andromeda was recorded in January 2003, with 4 new lengthy «solo alto sax» pieces (from 17 to 25 minutes), out again from Parallactic. After his February 2003 sextet collaboration with Anthony Braxton and Brandon Evans, which also included Andre Vida (baritone sax and arranger), Shanir Blumenkranz (bass and oud), and drummer Mike Pride, it was time for two Cosmosamatics' albums: Live At Banlieues Bleues, recorded in March 2003 with Michael Marcus (baritone sax and saxello), Tarus Mateen (bass), and Andrew Cyrille (drums); and the studio album Magnitudes, with 11 new tracks by Sonny and Michael Marcus, in a quartet that also comprised of rhythm section Tarus Mateen (basses)/Jay Rosen (drums). Recorded in July 2003 was the second album credited to Renegade Society, Live At CBGB Underground, this time with a quartet featuring Brandon Evans (tenor sax), Shanir Blumenkranz (bass), and Andrew Barker (drums), consisting of two 20-minute pieces as well as Thelonius Monk's Pannonica. Volume 2 of the same live project followed in September 2003, on which Barker was disposed of for Mike Pride. It included another two lenghty pieces, as well as another Monk cover: ’Round Midnight. In March 2004 The Future Is Ancient was recorded, a duo-collaboration (out from No Label) with Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut (on guitar, amplifier, indian chimes, and computer editing), his first foray in computer music, edited and reissued in 2005. Not Two released Cosmosamatics' Reeds & Birds, whose first track was a live version of Avant Garde Destruct (from Cosmosamatics' Third), recorded in April 2004 when the lineup was a trio (Marcus and Simmons with Rosen on drums), and then integrated in September with other studio sessions, this time with several reworkings of famous Charlie Parker and Duke Ellington covers. After Zetrons: Live at the Bimhuis, a CD that gathered several live versions of Simmons' and Marcus' standards recorded in November 2004, Simmons recorded The Traveller (released by Jazzaway) just a month later (December 2004), which features some unissued Simmons' works, performed by a 10-musician lineup without Marcus: Anders Aarum (piano), Mats Eilerteen (bass), Ole-Thomas Kolberg and Torstein Lofthus (drums), Harald Aadland and Eyleen Siegel (violin), Bendik Foss (viola), Kari Ravnan (cello), and Vidar Johansen (flut) as the conductor. In January 2005 it was time for I'll See You When You Get There, performed by the same lineup except with drummer Torstein Lofthus. Then, in March 2005, came Last Man Standing, this time with a quartet featuring Anders Aarum (piano), Mats Eilerteen (bass), and Ole-Thomas Kolberg (drums), which included 9 new pieces by Simmons. Live At Zebulon, recorded in July 2005, is his second collaboration with electric guitarist Jeffrey Hayden (with an octet with, among others, trumpetist Daniel Carter), which included two long versions of Simmons' The Effects of City Living (38 min.) and the 48-minute unissued Ancient Future. Simmons, in August 2005, performed live the six-part Suite For Simmons, a 48-minute work played on alto sax and English horn with pianist Svein Olav Herstad (who composed the suite), and rhythm section Harald Johnsen (bass)/Per Oddvar Johansen (drums). After Tribute To Charlie Parker And Eric Dolphy, live-recorded in November 2005 in a quartet with the «come back» Michael Marcus, it was time for A True Life Drama, a mixing of live and studio recordings that dated back to december 2005, with unissued tracks performed with sax-tenorist Jean-Philippe Ramos. In the meantime, Sonny restored an unissued studio work with Bert Wilson in 2005: Expanded Universe, recorded in September 1971, which featured three long pieces: the 38-minute title-track, the 17-minute Bert Wilson' Duck, and an extended reworking (16 min.) of Thelonius Monk's Well, You Needn't. The lineup saw Bert Wilson on tenor sax, Sonny on alto, trumpetist Barbara Donald, guitarist Bobby Addison, bassist John Neuman, and drummers Smiley Winters and Bobby Natanson. The year 2006 began with a collaboration with Bruno Grégoire, releasing some «poems and words» performances, then continued with the new studio album by Cosmosamatics: Free Within The Law, recorded in December 2006 on alto sax and English horn, which also featured some live tracks. Along with Simmons and Marcus, the lineup comprised of Peter Herbert (bass) and Art Lewis (drums). After the live solo Ecstatic Nostalgia, his new studio album was Fourth Dimension, another «solo» on alto sax and English horn (particularly the 20-minute opener Ancient Tibet). True Wind was instead another live duo-collaboration, this time with pianist Bobby Few, that featured a 25-minute version of Dizzy Gillespie's Night In Tunisia. His major work of the year was undoubtedly Atomic Symphony, an eight-part symphony (a 108-min. 2CD set) composed by Vidar Johansen (who was also the conductor and played baritone sax), and premiered in August 2007 with Crimetime Orchestra, including 8 reedists, 3 bassists, two drummers, guitarist Anders Hana also on electronics, Bugge Wesseltoft on piano, synthesizers, live sampling, effects, and 65 musicians from the National Norwegian Radio Symphony Orchestra (usually known as KORK). The work was studio-recorded between December 2008 and January 2009. Finally, Symphony Of The Peacocks, his latest work, is a suite in 5 movements over 40 minutes, recorded in May 2010 as a foray in classical music, performed on english horn and alto sax with classical performer Delphine Latil's acoustic harp. This is chamber music, but largely improvised.

Siren, from Winter&Winter, is the new Uri Caine album, recorded with his trio. The pianist, with drummer Ben Perowsky and bassist John Hébert, composed 10 new pieces, recording them in one session live-to-analog-two-track. For Caine, this CD marks the return to swinging jazz after several classical-oriented albums.

Japanese guitarist Taku Sugimoto continued with his series of «solos» albums, but also collaborated in several projects and groups. Doremilogy is a «solo» CD recorded in July 2007 that gathers 3 new compositions, the first (22 min.) for solo guitar, the other, more brief, for three guitars. Three Speakers, instead, presents the guitarist playing with a «speaker trio», i.e. Tomoya Izumi, Kanji Nakao and Tetuzi Akiyama. He penned this self-titled composition performing in two different versions (23 and 25 min.), which was recorded live in January and April 2008. Shiisanputou is a very long suite (62 min.) only composed, but performed by drummer Itoken, and recorded live in March 2008. His latest works are Musical Composition, Series 1 and 2. The first is a 2CD set that gathers 5 pieces that he composed and played in a 9-guitarists lineup (among them Tetuki Akiyama and Toshiya Tsunoda), and recorded live in January 2007 and June 2008. Notable is the 30-minute For Lightsabers and Three Timbers. Series 2, is another 2CD set, whose first album consists of 15 Pieces for Guitars, and brief tracks recorded live in January 2006 and June 2007 in a 7-guitarist lineup (Sugimoto plays with Barbara Romen, Gunter Schneider, Taku Unami, Tetuzi Akiyama, Moe Kamura and Teruyuki Oshima). The second CD contains the piece String Quartet and Guitar, a 20-minute composition presented in two different versions, both recorded in March 2010 with a string quartet: violinists Kazushige Kinoshita, Hiroki Chiba and Yoko Ikeda, and celloist Nanakou Kumon.

Intakt released Affinities, a duo-collaboration between pianist Marilyn Crispell and drummer Gerry Hemingway (here also on vibraphone). It's a 1-track album, recorded in March 2009 and October 2010.

BassDrumBone, is a trio comprised of, as the name indicates, bassist Mark Helias, drummer Gerry Hemingway, and trombonist Ray Anderson. After 1999's Cooked To Perfection, that collected pieces recorded in 1986, 1987 and 1996, and 2006's The Line Up (plus two live albums, Hence The Reason, recorded in March 1996 and March Of Dimes, recorded in September 1997), the trio presents The Other Parade (out from Clean Feed), with 9 pieces recorded in August 2009 (almost 1 hour).

Still from Clean Feed, Old And Unwise is the fruit of a collaboration between saxophonist Tim Berne and French double-bassist Bruno Chevillon. After three live gigs, the two went into the studio in Lisbon in June 2010, and recorded 11 pieces improvising every note on the spot, with no editing.

HatHut restores Comin' On, an old Bobby Bradford's performance with John Carter's Quintet, recorded live in May 1988. The cornetist played with the clarinetist's lineup, at that time also comprised of Don Preston (piano and synthesizer), Richard Davis (bass), and Andrew Cyrille (drums). It contains 5 pieces, two by Bradford and three by Carter, all live extended versions from their standards, spanning 75 minutes.

Rastascan's Apophenia is a duo collaboration between John Butcher and Gino Robair, recorded live in October 2009, which features 4 pieces largely improvised, with unusual instrumentation: Butcher played some saxes using on them a «motorized pencil» while opening and closing various keys to tune the motor's resonance; Robair, instead, «played» energized surfaces, i.e., as he says in credits, the energies of snare drum, floor tom, tubes, cymbals, gongs, etc., «energized» by bows, brushes, Ebows, and battery operated devices (a stirrer and pencil). The title of the disc references a condition where musicians perceive «patterns or connections where none exist», which seems like an apt metaphor for how listeners react to music. Ltd edition, 300 copies.

Heart's Reflections, out from Cuneiform, is a 2CD set credited to Wadada Leo Smith's Organic, his new 14-piece mostly-electric group, the follow-up of their live Spiritual Dimensions. It now gathers four guitarists (Josh Gerowitz, Michael Gregory, Brandon Ross and Lamar Smith), Stephanie Smith (violin), Casey Anderson (alto sax), Casey Butler (tenor sax), Angelica Sanchez (piano and Wurlitzer piano), bassists John Lindberg and Skuli Sverrisson, drummer Pheeroan AkLaff, and the duo Charlie Burgin/Mark Trayle on laptops, while Leo Smith plays his trumpet (acoustic and electric). Among the pieces, notable is the both 20-minute and dedicated Don Cherry's Electric Sonic Garden and Leroy Jenkins's Air Steps.

Martin Archer's Combat Astronomy released a new album: Flak Planet, a 45-minute CD recorded in 2009 and 2010 on which the leader, who this time plays organ, electronics, zither, tambourine, sopranino, alto and baritone saxes, Bb and bass clarinets, and bass recorder, is accompanied by Mick Beck (tenor sax and bassoon), James Huggett (fretless 5 string bass), Mike Ward (tenor sax, bass and concert flutes, reindeer horn and drone flute), and Derek Saw (trombone and trumpet). The drums are all programmed.

Songs Of Ascension is the latest Meredith Monk album, released by ECM. Written in 2008 and recorded in November 2009, its 21 tracks are conceived, explains the credits, «as a continuous composition, a departure from Monk’s earlier collaged or episodic extended works... With winds, percussion and two vocal groups... Voices and instruments are paired and balanced against each other to an extent rare in her music. Inspirations for the work included the Song Of Ascents, a group of psalms said to have been sung during pilgrimages, and a timely invitation to perform at an 8-story tower designed by visual artist Ann Hamilton». Meredith was accompanied by Todd Reynolds' String Quartet.

B13 label restores Live in Beograd, a rare live concert by Ornette Coleman (on alto, trumpet and violin), tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman, bassist Charlie Haden, and drummer Ed Blackwell, recorded in Belgrade, November 1971. The quartet performed the well known Haden's Song For Che (a 15-minute version) and four Coleman's pieces (among them, Science Fiction's Rock The Clock).

Mego released Colchester, the fruit of a collaboration between experimental musicians Z'ev and Peter "Pita" Rehberg, aka PITA, and came about after a meeting in 2004, which led to a monthly file exchange program in 2005. After having tested the material in a live setting during October 2006, they produced the CD. Z'EV is on acoustic percussion, and PITA on computer manipulation. It contains 11 pieces, all brief (longest is 5 minutes).

Mego also released Old News #5, a Jim O'Rourke DoLP, from his series of vinyl documenting analog synth and tape works (both studio and live) from Jim's archive. This set gathers: 1) The 16-minute Pedal And Pedal, recorded live in 2010; the 20-minute Detain The Man To Whom, recorded in 1992; the 19-minute studio session of It's Not His Room Anymore, recorded in 2010; and the 16-minute Mother and Who, recorded in 2003. Ltd edition.

In the latest news from Henry Kaiser, Plan Crash, released by ugEXPLODE, is a trio collaboration with bassist Damon Smith and drummer Weasel Walter, which gathers 14 almost brief pieces (be careful: you can read fake obituary liner notes!). A Little Stroke Of Light, is another one-piece (70 min.) recorded live in 2010, for which Henry used an harmonizer and an ancient Lexicon PCM-41 digital delay to process his work. The follow-up is Everything Forever: 80 Minute Live Trance Guitar Solo, on which the guitarist presents another «one piece» solo electric guitar sonata (with no overdubbing). Solo Acoustic On Beardsell Guitars was instead recorded in February 2011 (Kaiser; USA) and collects 14 new pieces, all but one brief, and quite totally improvised. Kaiser also collaborated with the Weasel Walter septet, whose debut album, Invasion, was recorded in January 2009. The four pieces (particularly the opening 33-minute Nautilus Rising and the 22-minute title-track) were led by drummer Walter with William Winant (on drums too), bassists Damon Smith and John Lindberg, Kaiser on guitars, Vinny Golia on various saxes and clarinets, and trumpetist Liz Allbee.

Planetary Unknown is the latest David S. Ware album, released now by AUM. David, here on tenor and sopranino saxes, and stritch, is in a quartet with pianist Cooper-Moore and a rhythm section of bassist William Parker and Rashied Ali's brother Muhammad Ali on drums. Studio-recorded in New York in November 2010, this CD features 7 tracks, particularly the opening 22-minute Passage Wudang.

April 2011:

Billy Bang, New York violinist legend, that founded a famous string trio with James Emery and John Lindberg, worked with Sun Ra and created masterpieces compositions based on his war experiences in Vietnam, died on April 11, at 63, after a lung cancer. Just now, the Shadrack label releases Bang-Cole, i. e. a duo collaboration recorded live at the University of Virginia Chapel in April of 2009 by the violinst with reedist Bill Cole, here on flute, shenai, nagaswarm and sona (these are double reeds).

Under A Double Moon is a Roaratorio vinyl credited to the duo of Joe McPhee and drummer Chris Corsano, recorded live in Paris on March 2010 tour of Europe, their first album together. The reedist this time is on alto and soprano saxes, and trumpet. Side A is a 20-minute suite; side B, three tracks, for 16 minutes.

Muhal Richard Abrams celebrates his 80th birthday with SoundDance, a 2 CD set released by PI, that features two live and totally improvised duo performances. Focus, ThruTime…Time sees the pianist with later lamented Fred Anderson tenor sax, the first time the two octogenarians performed together. The title-track, instead, features Abrams on his piano with another giant, George Lewis, here on electronics, laptop and trombone.

After his anthological 20 Years Of Talking Tabla, released in august 2007, BHM presents Massical, new CD by Trilok Gurtu, recorded in summer 2008. The drummer leads a lineup with Jan Garbarek (sax), Carlo Cantini (violin, keyboards), Roland Cabezas (electric and acoustic guitars), Kai Eckhardt and Johan Berby (both on bass), and vocalist Sabine Kabongo. Furthermore, Indigo released just now 21 Spices, a duo collaboration with rock drummer Simon Phillips (Peter Gabriel, Gary Moore, Who, etc.), CD that features also bassist Michel Alibo and guitarist Roland Cabezas, plus the NDR Big Band conducted by Joerg Achim Keller. As title says, 21 are the musicians that play in this disc, that collects 7 tracks mixing live and studio recordings. All of the work was premiered at the Drums'n'Percussion Festival in Paderborn in May 2010.

Hommage à Moi
is a Loewenhertz 3CD set that documents the latest Burkhard Stangl’s recording. These compositions for ensembles consist of: 1) Concert for Saxophon and Quiet Players, a 15-minute work composed in 2007, on which John Butcher is on saxes and Stangl on guitar, vibraphone and electronics; 2) Wolken.Heim breathing/clouds (composed in 2009), with a trio-recorders and audio feeds; 3) My Dowland (2006/2009), 22 minutes for countertenor and ensemble; 4) Los vestidos blancos de Merida (composed in 2009), 25 minutes of music for old and new instruments in 2 groups; Hommage à moi, the master work that takes the other 2 CDs, an electroacoustic composition for vibraphone, audio feeds, trumpet-solo, church organ, electronics, guitarist Kazu Uchihashi, pianist Josef Novotny, trombonist Radumalfatti, plus the Wien Radio Symphonie Orchester.

Orange Mountain presents Kepler, the new work by Philip Glass, an opera sung in German and Latin, available on DVD, filmed in HD by Austrian Broadcasting in 2009 and broadcast on Austrian and German television in 2010. Dedicated to the life of scientist Johannes Kepler, this work was performed by Landestheater Linz with the Bruckner Orchestra Linz under Dennis Russell Davies. 120 minutes.

The latest news by James Blood Ulmer. After his collaboration to World Saxophone Quartet Political Blues (recorded in january 2006), he penned Bad Blood In The City: The Piety Street Sessions (recorded in december 2006), released by Hyena and dedicated to the 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster, featuring new pieces but also reinterpretations of classic covers from John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon and Bessie Smith. The lineup was the same of No Escape From The Blues, i.e.: James on guitars and vocals, Vernon Reid on guitar too, Charlie Burnham on fiddle, David Barnes on harmonica, Leon Gruenbaum on various keyboards, Mark Peterson on bass and Aubrey Dayle on drums. The following album was the self-produced In And Out, released by In+Out label in 2009. Recorded in august 2008, it features James on flute too, with again Aubrey Dayle on drums and Mark Peterson on bass. Solos: The Jazz Sessions, was a 2010 showcase DVD, from series recorded specifically for television, that spotted his several unaccompanied performances. Finally, In+Out has just restored an old live Ulmer's performance: Live at the Bayerischer Hof, played with rhythm section Amin Ali (his veteran bassist since Are You Glad To Be In America?)/Aubrey Dayle (his veteran drummer since 1992 Blues Preacher), recorded in april 1994.

Crepuscular Rays
(out from Another Timbre) documents the duo collaboration with guitarist Håvard Volden (here he plays his 12-string and objects) and Toshimaru Nakamura (on no-input mixing board). They performed two pieces (both over 20 minutes): Scattering and Perception, recorded on November 2008.

Combopiano is the new trio created by guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi with pianist and vocalist Takuma Watanabe and drummer Muneomi Senju, that recorded their first album, a self-titled, between february and june 2010. Released by P-Vine, the CD features 12 tracks (all briefs; longest is 4 minutes), all, but an Arthur Russell cover, composed by Watanabe.

Hairy Bones at Fresnes
is a 1-piece (51 minutes) CD that documents a quartet with reedist Peter Brötzmann, Toshinori Kondo (electric trumpet) Massimo Pupillo (electric bass) and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. The suite was recorded at Vu D'un Œuf Festival Densites, Fresnes-en-Woevre, France, on 25 October 2009. This album, though, was primarily for sale at concerts and not available commercially. The same for Roma, on which the quaret disposed Toshinoro Kondo, performing 3 extended pieces (73 minutes) recorded at Casa Del Jazz in Rome, on 22 December 2008.

Kind of Blue presents Amazing, new Dave Liebman CD after a serie of cover and reinterpretation albums, on which the reedist (here on soprano & tenor sax, and flutes) leads his veteran trio with bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Adam Nussbaum. They wrote 10 originals tracks (plus Get Out Of Town, a Cole Porter's cover). Almost 1 hour of music.

Victo releases Birds Abide, a live performance by the trio of violinist Malcolm Goldstein, vocalist Catherine Jauniaux and veteran contrabassist Barre Phillips. They recorded 6 pieces (for more than 1 hour) at 26° Festival International de Musique Actuelle, on may 2010.

The Hour Of The Star
is the new Leo CD released by Ivo Perelman. The saxophonist reformed his quartet with pianist Matthew Shipp, bassist Joe Morris and drummer Gerald Cleaver. This album is largely improvised.

With Copenhagen 1963/Hilversum, Disconforme restores two old Don Cherry's performances with New York Contemporary Five & Gato Barbieri. In the first, recorded live in Copenaghen on November 1963, Don presented the same lineup that, a month before, recorded Consequences. The second, recorded live in march 1966, presents the trumpeter paired with Gato Barbieri; they performed a Suite with material from Complete Communion.

East African Nocturne
(released by Atavistic) is the first live collaboration between Z’ev and sound recordist and Cabaret Voltaire's founder Chris Watson. These are 45 minutes of live sound mixing of percussion and «natural» sounds, catched from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania (birds, elephants, frogs, hyenas, insects, lions) and the crypt at Christ Church Spitalfields, and reprocessed by surround sound system and 3D AudioScape. This work was premiered on september 2010.

Tables and Stairs
, recorded in june 2010, is the new album by Ferran Fages (here on sine waves), performed in a trio with Robin Hayward (on microtonal tuba) and Nikos Veliotis (on cello). This was a 30-minute suite played in a concert.

After several collaborations, bassist Adam Linson (that plays also electronics) created his Systems Quartet, an interesting lineup with trumpetist Axel Dörner (here also on electronics), clarinetist Rudi Mahall and drummer Paul Lytton. The PSI label releases now their Figures And Grounds, recorded in january 2008, that collects three extended pieces.

New album by Richard Chartier, released from Line: Transparency is an unusual, particular hour of «concrete music», premiered in october 2010, when Richard, awarded a Smithsonian Institution Artist Research Fellowship, tested the Rudolf Koenig's Grand Tonometer, a set of 692 tuning forks, the only instrument of its kind in existence. Chartier recorded all of tuning forks as well as many other instruments, justaposing his minimalistic compositions.

Naxos restores as CD Tribute to Bird and Monk, a DoLP credited to bandleader and here arranger Heiner Stadler, recorded in january 1978, and released that year by old Tomato label. Stadler gathered a very interesting lineup: trumpetists Thad Jones and Cecil Bridgewater, saxophonist George Adams, pianist Stanley Cowell, trombonist George Lewis, bassist Reggie Workman and drummer Lenny White. They performed 6 famous compositions by Th. Monk and Ch. Parker, largely improvised after having played a few of notes by the themes of: Parker's Air Conditioning (13 min.), Brilliant Corners' Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are (19 minutes), Parker's Au Privave (6 min.), Monk's Straight No Chaser (7 min.) and Misterioso (8 min.), and Parker's Perhaps (6 min.).

Concert for 300 Magnetic Tapes
, by Francisco Lopez & Zan Hoffman, is a limited 1-sided cassette tape, released by Tapeworm, on which the two recorded a live performance of sonic materials from themselves and hundreds of underground artists. This work dates back to 1994, when the two recombined their recordings with eight cassette decks and a shared mixing board. Limited edition of 300 copies.

Vladislav Delay has debuted his Quartet (on which he plays drums and percussions), with Mika Vainio (on electronics), Lucio Capece (bass clarinet and soprano sax) and Derek Shirley (double bass). The group is currently mixing their Debut album, recorded in Serbia. Music is jazzy-acoustic, with large use of ambient and electronics. In the meantime, the leader continued his project Luomo, and, after the 2000' Vocal City, he recorded under this name in 2003 The Present Lover, a foray in pop music (10 pieces for 74 min.), in 2006 the sensual Paper Tigers (9 tracks for 1 hour), in 2008 Convivial (9 pieces for 66 min., album re-released also as «solo instrumental» version), with a lineup comprising Cassy (Panorama Bar), Sascha Ring (Apparat), Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters), Robert Owens, Sue-C and vocalist Chubbs.

From FMR, is out now (although it was recorded on october 2009) Tipples, a 5-piece CD (among them, the 21-minute Rabbel) that gathers an interesting trio: New Zealand-based David Watson on electric guitar, Frode Gjerstad on alto sax and clarinet, and Kevin Norton on vibraphone, marimba and drum-set. Previously, Norton and Gjerstad recorded No Definitive, their first FMR collaboration, released in 2005.

Latest news by the always prolific Bill Frisell. After his original motion picture All Hat soundtrack (released by EmArcy), by film maker Leonard Farlinger's, for which he wrote 30 themes, in a lineup with Greg Leisz (steel guitars, mandolin), Jenny Scheinman (violin), Viktor Krauss (bass), Scott Amendola (drums) and Mark Graham (harmonica), the guitarist recorded Lagrimas Mexicanas, an Entertainment One's duo collaboration between the guitarist and brazilian songwriter Vinicius Cantuaria (here also on percussion and acoustic guitar) that collects 10 experimental soundscapes (41 min.), with loops and arrangements by Bill. But his most important work has been released just now by Savoy Jazz: Sign of Life - Music for 858 Quartet, i.e the follow-up to his Richter 858. Composed in September 2010 and recorded the month after, the new album features a string quartet, on which the guitarist plays with Jenny Scheinman (violin), Eyvind Kang (viola) and Hank Roberts (cello). 17 brief pieces, for 53 minutes.

Live in Belgrade, Yugoslavia
is an Ornette Coleman's vinyl restored by B13, that features a rare live concert performed on 2 November 1971. Ornette was on on alto, trumpet and violin, leading a notable quartet, with Dewey Redman (tenor sax), Charlie Haden (bass) and Ed Blackwell (drums)1. Coleman performs pioeces of his own, plus the Haden's Song For Che. Limited edition, 500 copies.

Life Amid The Artefacts
is an Emanem CD that presents Otherways & Free Space, two different lineups that gathered, the former, Herman Hauge (alto sax), Simon Mortimer (piano), Nigel Coombes (violin), Marc Meggido (double bass) and Dave Soloman (percussion); the latter, SME's John Stevens (cornet and voice), Trevor Watts (soprano sax) Herman Hauge (alto sax), John Russell (electric guitar), Nigel Coombes (violin), Ron Herman and Marc Meggido (both on double bass) and Dave Soloman on percussion. This CD collects 7 pieces (particularly the 25- minute Unarmoured) never issued, and recorded between july 1973 and november 1984.

Sun Inside
is an FMR album recorded on february 2010 by the quartet comprising Paul Dunmall (here on bass clarinet and soprano sax), guitarist Philip Gibbs, flutist Neil Metcalfe and Paul Rogers on his 7-string bass. The CDcollects three extended pieces, particularly the 21-minute title-track.

March 2011:

Joe Morello, drummer jazz legend, long member of famous Dave Brubeck Quartet, died on march 12, at 82.

New from Bill Laswell. He continues his Method of Defiance project. After The Only Way To Go Is Down and Inamorata, he released in 2009 Nihon, a RareNoise CD+2DVD on which the bassist plays again with drummer Guy Licata and trumpetist Toshinori Kondo, debuting a collaboration with keyboardist Bernie Worrell and Doctor Israel on vocals, electronics and effects. The follow-up was the 2010' Jahbulon (by M.O.D. label), an hip-hop foray again with Licata, Worrell and Dr. Israel, plus guitarist Dominic Kanza. Again from M.O.D. is out Incunabula, on which comes back Toshinori Kondo on trumpet. This album gathers 6 tracks, for quite 40 minutes. Finally, Aspiration (from label MetaStation 23) collects performances by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Carlos Santana, Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Zakir Hussain and Sussan Deyhim. Tracks have been extended, re-mixed, re-considered or re-made completely from their originals. Let's remember, among them: Alice Coltrane's Bliss: The Eternal Now, originally included in the 1974 Alice Coltrane/Carlos Santana Illuminations; The Hidden Garden/Naima, appeared on the 1994 Hallucination Engine; Time, a complete reworking of homonymous piece from Life Space Death, credited to the Dalai Lama, with music by Toshinori Konda and Bill Laswell; Peace in Essaouira, a Pharoah Sanders' tribute to Sonny Sharrock, first appeared on the 1994 The Trance Of Seven Colors, by Moroccan master musician Maleem Mahmoud Ghania.

Blue Note presents Joe Lovano's Bird Songs, an album that, points out Lovano, even if reworks «Bird»'s pieces, isn't a Charlie Parker tribute. Saxophonist, here on tenor and soprano, plays famous Parker's originals in the quintet Us Five (that debuted in 2009 with Folk Art, that collects instead Lovano's originals), with pianist James Weidman, bassist Esperanza Spalding and drummers Otis Brown III and Francisco Mela. 11 tracks, recorded on september 2010.

Jason Kahn's For Nam June Paik (out from Absence of Wax) is a concert recording made on November 2008 by the percussionist at the Nam June Paik Art Center in Korea, on which he played also analogue synthesizer and short wave radio. «In these solo concerts - says Jason - I explore the performance space's resonant properties through feedback from amplified percussion and analogue synthesizer. In a sense, the real instrument being played here is the space itself».

After Spirit Moves, Dave Douglas presents United Front: Brass Ecstasy at Newport, an album recorded live at august 2010 Carefusion Newport Jazz Festival. Trumpetist played with Vincent Chancey (french horn), Luis Bonilla (trombone), Marcus Rojas (tuba) and Nasheet Waits (drums).

New World has just released James Newton's Sacred Works, a CD that collects the latest compositions by the flutist: 1) Mass, a quite 40-minute work composed in 2006 and 2007, finally recorded in August 2009 with this lineup: Elissa Johnston, soprano; Tracy Van Fleet, mezzo-soprano; Daniel Chaney, tenor; Abdiel González, bass-baritone; Gary Woodward, flute; Gary Bovyer, clarinet; Ralph Morrison, violin; Kazi Pitelka, viola; Cécilia Tsan, cello; David Young, bass; Vicki Ray, piano; Lynn Vartan, percussion; Grant Gershon, conductor. In A Moment, In The Twinkling Of An Eye (a 20-minute work composed in 2004, but revised in 2009) was recorded in December 2009. Between The Cherubim, a brief work composed in 2007, was recorded February 2010. These other three composition are by this lineup: Elissa Johnston, soprano; Gary Bovyer, clarinet; Julie Feves, bassoon; Mark Menzies, piano.

Beneath Detroit, released by Geodesic, features the 1981's Leroy Jenkins Creative Arts Collective concert at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Recorded with the New Chamber Jazz Quintet, this 2CD set features Spencer Barefield on classical & 12-string guitars & African harp, Faruq Z. Bey on tenor sax, Anthony Holland on alto & soprano sax, Jaribu Shahid on bass and Tani Tabbal on drums, percussion & balafon. Jenkins composed all of tracks but an Ornette Coleman's cover. Among the pieces, let's point out the extended version of For Players Only, title-track from the long out-of-print january 1975 JCOA vinyl.

For the Jazz Live Trio Concert Series, Swiss Radio Days presents two different quartets recorded in 1972 by trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff and saxophonist François Jeanneau two different quartets. The one with Mangelsdorff sees Klaus Koenig on piano, Peter Frei on bass and Peter Schmidlin on drums that performed two extended and improvised pieces. The other quartet features Francois Jeanneau on tenor & soprano sax, with the same lineup but Swiss percussionist Pierre Favre.

Nova Express is a Tzadik CD credited to John Zorn, that leads a quartet with John Medeski (piano), Kenny Wollesen (vibes), Trevor Dunn (bass) and Joey Baron (drums) to perform 10 new (almost brief) Zorn's pieces.

In A Flash Everything Comes Together As One There Is No Need For A Subject (out from australian label Black Truffle) is credited to the unusual trio Oren Ambarchi/Jim O'Rourke/Keiji Haino. This isn't though the debuting experience by the trio. They recorded previously, for the same label, Tima Formosa, a largely improvised album (3 tracks for quite 1 hour) recorded in january 2009 with Ambarchi on guitar, O'Rourke on prepared piano and Haino on vocals, drum machine, flute, and electronics. The follow-up instead is a DoLP recorded 1 year after (january 2010), and presents the entirety of a live performance. Instrumental configuration was though different: Ambarchi on drums, O'Rourke on bass and Haino on guitar, vocals, electronics and lap steel. Limited edition.

From Erstwhile is out Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe, a 3CD set that's first duo collaboration between the guitarist (here also on electronics) and trombonist. All lenghty tracks, particularly the third one-track CD, a 53-minute improvisation. Among the pieces, also a Solo With Accompaniment (26 minutes) composed by Cornelius Cardew.

Live At The Jazz Gallery 1960
is a John Coltrane's Import-only two CD live archive release, that features his first quartet as a leader at New York's Jazz Gallery in May 1960. After a short trial with Steve Kuhn on piano, McCoy Tyner joined the group. Coltrane also began playing the soprano saxophone during his tenure at the Jazz Gallery. This previously unreleased set contains versions of Liberia, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Summertime, But Not For Me etc., as well as John's first issued version of I Can't Get Started, never studio-recorded, performed on soprano.

Charlie Haden has recorded his new album, out from EmArcy: Sophisticated Ladies, by his Quartet West project, with a new drummer: Rodney Green. Furthermore, here we can listen to some of great female vocalists (but half of these 12 tracks are instrumental): Cassandra Wilson, Diana Krall, Melody Gardot, Norah Jones, Renee Fleming and his wife Ruth Cameron. Recorded from may to july 2010, this album sees the bassist with a large string section: 16 violinist, 8 violist and 8 celloist, plus Ernie Watts (tenor saxophone) and Alan Broadbent (piano). An album with severals jazz covers.

Overlap, a DoLP released by Lawrence Family, is Ken Vandermark's Powerhouse Sound latest album, limited to 500 copies. Tenorist played this time in a quartet with Jeff Parker (electric guitar and electronics), Nate McBride (electric bass and electronics) and John Herndon (drums), mostly completely reworking material from their previous Oslo/Chicago.

Thurston Moore's Solo Acoustic, out now from Vineyard, is a vinyl «solo» album (ltd 1000 coipes) on which Sonic Youth's guitarist presents on 12-string guitar his «meditations for Jack Rose» as a tribute to the great later lamented guitarist. Recorded early 2010.

New York-based Vijay Srinivas Raghunathan, aka Vijay Iyer, is one of the most interesting jazz pianists of the latest 15 years. Also violinist and composer, he doesn't despise classical and even rock music, particularly with his trios. He debuted in 1995 with Memorophilia, an Asian Improv live-studio recording on which he collected 9 pieces, in a 10-players lineup with altoist Steve Coleman, celloist Kash Killion and trombonist George Lewis, among others. Architextures, his 1998 follow-up (recorded in august 1996), was a 6-tracks album by an octet: Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto sax), Aaron Stewart (tenor sax), Eric Crystal (tenor and soprano sax), Liberty Ellman (guitar), bassists Jeff Brock and Charles' grandson Kevin Ellington Mingus, and Brad Hargreaves (drums). Panoptic Modes, recorded in june 2000 and re-released in 2010 by PI, was a quartet with the pianist accompanied by altoist Rudresh Mahanthappa, bassist Stephan Crump and drummer Derrek Phillips. The group replicated recording in february 2003 Blood Sutra, released by Artists House. Your Life Flashes (recorded in march 2002) was the debut of trio project Fieldwork, featuring the pianist with saxophonist Aaron Stewart and drummer Elliot Kavee. Fieldwork recorded then in september 2004 Simulated Progress, with Steve Lehman on sopranino instead of Aaron Stewart, and the 2008' Door, recorded in three years, with Tyshawn Sorey instead of Kavee. After his collaboration to the Rudresh Mahanthappa's Mother Tongue, recorded in june 2004, in november 2004 Vijay Iyer recorded as leader Reimagining, a trio collaboration with bassist Stephan Crump and drummer Marcus Gilmore. In What Language? (recorded in may and june 2003) was a duo collaboration with poet/hip-hop vocalist and keyboardist Mike Ladd, with Stephan Crump (bass), Dana Leong (cello, trombone, flugelbone), guitarist Liberty Ellman and altoist Rudresh Mahanthappa among others. The duo replicated with Savoy Jazz 2007' Still Life With Commentator, an oratorio from original theatrical version conceived and directed by Ibrahim Quraishi. Raw Materials (recorded in october 2005) was instead a duo collaboration with altoist Rudresh Mahanthappa. Tragicomic, recorded between september and october 2007, was another quartet with the same Reimagining's lineup. With Historicity, recorded between november 2008 and march 2009, the pianist debuted for ACT as a trio, again with drummer Marcus Gilmore and bassist Stephan Crump. Solo, recorded in may 2010, featured 12 solo piano pieces (with Ellington and Monk's covers). Tirtha, again for ACT, is the latest release: a trio project with virtuoso performer of South Indian classical music Prasanna (guitar, voice) and North-American Nitin Mitta (tabla), that premiered these Iyar's compositions in november 2007, recording them in august 2008.

News from George Lewis. Chicagoan trombonist composed in 2010 Les Exercices Spirituels, his latest work, premiered the last march at the Banlieues Bleues Festival in Le Blanc-Mesnil, France. This composition, that features 3 new chamber pieces, combines notated music, improvisation, and 8-channel computer sounds in a work for 8 instrumentalists (Denis Colin on bass clarinet, Martine Gagnepain on piano, Arnaud Lehmann on violin, Claire Spangaro on cello, flutist Florence Semichone, guitarist Wim Hoogewerf and duo-percussion Ramon Lopez/Benoit Masson) and an orchestra directed by Arnaud Petit. CD version is just out, coupled this time with Hello Mary Lou for large ensemble and electronics and Ikons, an acoustic octet written for the Vancouver Olympiad. Furthermore, Lewis presents now Interactive Trio, with Amina Claudine Myers on piano. Third musician will be... a second piano, that will play itself using information from Lewis' software.

Charlemagne Palestine's Relationship Studies is a vinyl Alga Marghen album that includes 2 seminal electronic recordings by the New York-based composer: Relationship Study No. 1 and Electronic, both 18-minute and composed in 1967, previously unreleased, basically a ricycling mix of white noise and simple sine tone generators. Ltd edition, 350 copies.

Jazz Session: France January 8 1972 is a Transparency DVD-EP by Sun Ra & His Arkestra with orchestra directed by Bernard Lion, on which we can listen to 32 minutes of music, recorded in january 1972, and look at a black & white film.

070325 b/w 080409 is a split LP released by Amethyst Sunset, that gathers Keith Fullerton Whitman and Mike Shiflet. The former presents a noisy modular synth improvisation recorded in spring 2007. The latter, instead, performs a guitar/drone piece recorded during summer 2009.

With Close Up, FMP restores an old Peter Brötzmann' performance with his Die Like A Dog project. Peter, on clarinets and saxes, played with Toshinori Kondo (trumpet, electronics), William Parker (double bass) and drummer Hamid Drake. Recorded on november 1994 during the Total Music Meeting in Berlin, the album was a two-part suite, for quite 1 hour.

After the 2003 Time Squared, the 2005' Altered State and the 2008' Lifecycle (this one recorded with guitarist Mike Stern as guest), Timeline is 21th Yellowjackets album. Released by Mack Avenue, it marks the return of drummer Will Kennedy after 15 years (he's also on keyboards). Current lineup sees always Russell Ferrante on piano and keyboards and Jimmy Haslip on bass, with Bob Mintzer on sax and clarinet, and guests guitarist Robben Ford and trumpetist John Daversa. 15 tracks.

Sin Asunto is the Creative Sources' Jason Kahn new album, that consists of the omonymous title-track suite (just 60 minutes), recorded on december 2008, and on which the drummer uses amplified percussion in a quartet with violinist Vincent Millioud, celloist Bo Wiget and contrabassist Christian Weber.
In March 2011 Paul Motian celebrates his 80th birthday releasing, for Winter&Winter, The Windmills Of Your Mind, recorded in New York on September 2010. The drummer leads an interesting quartet, with guitarist Bill Frisell, vocalist Petra Haden (she's Charlie's daughter) and bassist Thomas Morgan. Paul presents his new compositions, but also old pieces by Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and others. 53 minutes.

About Group is a quartet formed in 2009, comprising Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor (on vocals, electric piano, bass, synthesizer and electric guitar), This Heat's drummer Charles Hayward, Spring Heel Jack's John Coxon and well known keyboardist Pat Thomas. The band originally formed to record in july 2009 About, an album of improvised music for the Treader label, 4 lenghty tracks. After several live concerts they regrouped to record a new album, Start And Complete, recorded in one day and mixed over three days. This collections of 14 songs was written by Taylor over the last few years.

Egrets, released by Samadhisound, is an album credited to Toshimaru Nakamura, recorded between 2004 and 2009 at home by the guitarist (here on electric guitar and no-input mixing board) in a notable trio, with Tetuzi Akiyama on acoustic guitar and trumpetist Arve Henriksen. This CD collects 8 new tracks, for 43 minutes.

Sideman drummer Danny Frankel, after having worked with Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed and Robin Holcomb among others, presents his new credited and self-produced album: The Interplanetary Note/Beat Conference, a recording, says Danny, planned a few years ago, outcome of a collaboration with guitarist Nels Cline and keyboardist Larry Goldings (that worked with Bobby Previte and Carla Bley). They recorded 11 brief tracks (CD is 34-minutes long), basically space/psychedelic-oriented. Danny isn't at his first experience as leader: in 1995, he released Jupiter, Now!, an EP recorded with keyboardist Patrick Warren and guitarist Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club, Cramps, Nick Cave, etc.); then, in 2007 he released Vibration Of Sound, a Transparency CD that was a collage of percussion mood-generated sounds.

Cosmic Lieder is an AUM Fidelity CD that features the latest Matthew Shipp' album, a collaboration with Darius Jones. The two, respectively on piano and alto sax, recorded 13 tracks, all brief (longest is 4 minutes) in october 2010. Let's remember that Darius Jones is a young musician that debuted recording in 2008 Throath with his band Little Women, and then, in april 2009, Man'ish Boy with his trio (veteran jazz pianist Cooper-Moore, that worked various jazz groups in '70, particularly with David S. Ware and Sonny Rollins, and drummer Rakalam Bob Moses).

Japan label BAJ 24 restores Decisive Action, a rare Ned Rothenberg's album recorded in 2004 with pianist Satoh Masahiko (that worked with Jean Luc Ponty, Dave Liebman, Joelle Leandre, among others) on which Ned played alto & soprano sax, clarinets & shakuhachi. Almost of the pieces were improvised, and there's one cove: Thelonius Monk's Epistrophy.

Ninja Star Danger Rock is an ugExplode 46 CD credited to the trio Henry Kaiser/Charles K. Noyes/Weasel Walter. Kaiser is on electric guitar, while Charles K. Noyes and Flying Luttenbachers' Weasel Walter are both on drums. A studio live album recorded in 2010, with guests appareance by John Oswald and Mark Miller.

Harmonic Convergence releases Syncronicity, Joe McPhee Survival Unit III second release, that documents a performance at Chicago's Hideout in 2007, free improvised. Joe, on alto sax and alto clarinet, played with Fred Lonberg-Holm (on cello and electronics) and drummer Michael Zerang.

February 2011:

Cuneiform has just restored Flashpoint, a John Surman album recorded in April 1969 on which the British saxophonists performed 5 tracks in a notable lineup, with Alan Skidmore (tenor sax and flute) Ronnie Scott (tenor sax), Mike Osborne (alto sax), Malcolm Griffiths and Erich Kleinschuster (trombone), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn), Fritz Pauer (piano), Harry Miller (bass) and drummer Alan Jackson. This album comes from a German television performance, released as a CD + DVD of the same five-track set.

With Reflections in Blue/Hours After, Get Back restores as two Sun Ra Arkestra studio performances, recorded in Italy on December 1986 and initially released on Black Saint (the first in 1987, the second delayed until 1989), that had a limited circulation. On these albums were reelaborated several jazz standards (Yesterdays, Say It Isn't So, But Not For Me), and gathered other Sun Ra creations (the two title-tracks, Dance Of The Extra Terrestrians, etc). Sun Ra played piano and synthesizer with: Randall Murray (trumpet), Tyrone Hill (trombone), Pat Patrick (alto sax, clarinet), Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, piccolo, oboe), Danny Ray Thompson (alto & baritone sax, flute), John Gilmore (tenor sax, clarinet), Eloe Omoe (alto sax, alto & bass clarinet), James Jacson (bassoon, Ancient Egyptian Infinity Drum), Ronald Wilson (tenor sax), Carl LeBlanc (electric guitar), Tyler Mitchell (bass), Thomas Hunter and Earl Buster Smith (drums).

Kafka In Flight (out now from Not Two) is Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble follow-up to his 2007 10CD box set, that collects 3 new tracks recorded live in september 2009, when Ken started a series of
modular pieces, reassembled for each performance. Ken, on tenor sax and clarinet, plays in a 10 musician ensemble, with Magnus Broo (trumpet), drummers Michael Zerang and Tim Daisy, Mikolaj Trzaska (alto sax and clarinet), bassist Mark Tokar, trombonist Steve Swell, Dave Rempis on alto & tenor saxes, Per-Âke Holmlander on tuba and Waclaw Zimpel on bass clarinet and taragato. From the same label, and again from Vandermark, is the second album from his project Powerhouse Sound: Light On A Wall, DoLP recorded in may 2007, a duo on which Ken, on clarinet and tenor sax, plays with drummer Tim Daisy. 21 tracks, whose side C is a solo drums by Tim.

Forever is an Universal 2CD set that documents the first ever trio by Chick Corea (here on piano and keyboards), Stanley Clarke (on acoustic and electric bass) and drummer Lenny White. First CD collects material from US and Japan live concerts performed in 2009. The second is a disc of 2009 reharsals on which the trio was joined by guitarist Bill Connors, Jean-Luc Ponty on violin and vocalist Chaka Khan.

No Fun released as vinyl Alfredo Costa Monteiro's Cinq Bruissements, until now unissued, that's his second «for solo accordion» performance after Rumeur. Recorded in december 2006, it's, says Monteiro, «a new step into the exploration of the accordion; this time, the microphones were placed at a very tiny distance of the instrument, almost inside, as if it was literally auscultated by very greedy ears, attentive to any remote rumor». Limited to 300 copies. Again from Monteiro, Cremaster is a project-duo collaboration with Ferran Fages that presents Noranta Graus A L'Esquerra. This album collects 4 lenghty pieces recorded for
Monotype from 2004 to 2008. Ferran Fages was on feedback mixing board and pick-ups; Alfredo Costa Monteiro, instead, on electric guitar and objects.

The Rape Of Atlanta is the latest Borbetomagus' album, released some months ago by Not On Label. It's a ltd ed. LP (previously offered solely at the band's recent European shows), that features a live performance, recorded on October 2004 at the Destroy All Music festival in Atlanta. At that time, the lineup was a trio with saxes by Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich, and Donald Miller on guitar. Two side-long tracks. Their previous album (same lineup), out from Agaric in 2009, was À Go-Go, another live
unissued performance, recorded on december 1998 in France. 3 lenghty tracks, particularly the opening Chiote À L'Esprit (33 minutes).

United One presents Planetary, new Rova Saxophone Quartet's album, that features 6 pieces. Two, among which the 17-minute title-track, have been recorded long time ago (april 2003), the other instead in april 2009. Let's remember the lineup: Bruce Ackley (soprano & tenor), Steve Adams (alto), Larry Ochs (tenor) and Jan Wallace (baritone & alto). All compositions are by Larry Ochs and Steve Adams.

Caligola released just now Anthony Braxton's Quartet (Mestre) 2008, a performance recorded live on July 2008 during Candiani Summer Festival at Venezia. Anthony Braxton played Composition 367c (more than 1 hour) on soprano & alto sax, contrabass clarinet and live electronics with: Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, piccolo, bass trumpet, valve trombone), Mary Halvorson (electric guitar) and Katherine Young (bassoon). Another Braxton's release (from Nessa) is 6 Duos (Wesleyan) 2006, a duo collaboration with trumpetist John McDonough. Anthony, on Eb sopranino, Bb soprano, alto and baritone saxes, recorded this performance on july 2006.

Kenny Wheeler's One Of Many has been released by CamJazz Italy, and features a studio performance recorded in Ludwigsburg on July 2006. Kenny plays flugelhorn in a trio with pianist John Taylor and Steve Swallow on electric bass.

Ballister is a new project started by the trio of Dave Rempis (on alto, tenor and baritone saxes), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello and electronics) and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. During spring 2009 the three met in Chicago, and after some trials recorded live in June 2010 a completely improvised performance, documented now in the self-produced Bastard String, that collects three extended pieces, for 73 minutes.   

Mumuksuta is a DUNS ltd edition credited to a lineup that gathers Philip Gibbs (guitar), Paul Dunmall (clarinets and tenor and), Neil Metcalfe (flute) and lately dead drummer Tony Levin. This album features a live performance (november 2009), that collects 4 long pieces, for 1 hour.

Together Again: Live At The Egg, released by ARC, is a collaboration between pianists Lee Shaw and John Medeski, recorded live in April 2009 with rhythm section of bassist Rich Syracuse and drummer Jeff «Siege» Siegel. The album's title refers to someprevious performances recorded by the pianists in late '70. Among the 8 pieces, 3 has been composed by Medeski (that plays also Hammond B3), and 4 by Shaw.

Abdullah Ibrahim-Dollar Brand comes back with his old project Ekaya, and presents Sotho Blue, released by Intuition after being recorded in UK in spring 2010. The lineup sees the leader on grand piano with bassist Belden Bullock, drummer George Gray, Cleave Guyton on alto sax and flute, Keith Loftis on tenor sax, Andrae Murchison on trombone and Jason Marshall on baritone sax, playing 9 Brand's pieces, even if not all... brand (among them, the classic Bud Powell' Glass Enclosure).

Seval is the new Fred Lonberg-Holm's project, that has just released, for 482, I Know You, on which celloist leader is in a quintet with Swedish vocalist Sofia Jernberg, guitarist David Stakenas, trumpetist Emil Standberg and bassist Patric Thorman. 8 tracks. Listen to Fred: «Members of this group are all active in the Swedish new music/improvising scene, and this project - with its fixed melodies and more traditional harmonies - is more of an anomaly for all of us. In spite of the restrictions placed on us by the material, we find a way to re-build and invent the music differently each time. Some of the songs on I Know You were initially recorded as instrumentals, although most of the lyrics were written at the same time as the music».

Clearing Customs is an Intakt CD studio-recorded in november and december 2007 by Fred Frith in a septet. The guitarist plays with Anantha Krishnan Mridangam (tablas), Wu Fei on guzheng, Marque Gilmore (drums and electronics), Tilman Müller (trumpet), and duo Patrice Scanlon/Daniela Cattivelli on electronics. These 75 minutes are largely improvised.

Alterations Live is an Intuitive release that collects live performances recorded between 1980/1983 by Alterations, the old pianist Steve Beresford quartet created in '70's with guitarist Peter Cusack, flutist David Toop and multistrumentist Terry Day. All of these tracks are previously unreleased, and were mostly recorded live in may 1981 (37-minute excerpt from concert) and may 1983 (another 30-minute excerpt). Quite totally improvised and with no overdubs.

From Monotype, Buenos Aires Tapes is a Günter Müller 2CD on which the percussionist (here on iPod and electronics) leads a quintet with Alan Courtis (unstringed guitar, tapes), Pablo Reche (sampler, mds, electronics), Sergio Merce (4-track portastudio without tape, WX7) and Gabriel Paiuk (piano, tape). Recorded on February 2006.

From the new label Mikroton, Cym_bowl is instead a Günter Müller «solo» album on which he presents 4 new lenghty tracks (48 min.) playing cymbals, singing bowl and processing. Recorded between 2007-08.

From the same label, Planes is a CD credited to the duo Jason Kahn/Asher, on which the former is on analogue synthesizer and percussion, and the latter on recording and playback devices. Only 1ne untitled track (37 min.), recorded on September 2008.

Again from Mikroton, the self-titled Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Tilbury/Wishart, recorded live in 2007 by the quartet (7 tracks for quite 50 min.). Dafeldecker was on electronics and bass; Christof Kurzmann on lloopp and clarinet; John Tilbury on piano; and Stevie Wishart on hurdy gurdy (sic).

Thirsty Ear releases The Art Of The Improviser, new Matthew Shipp album (but, he says, the title has nothing to do with Ornette Coleman), a 2CD set with new but also reworked original, and some standards, on which the pianist is, in first CD, in a trio with rhythm section (bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey), that recorded 5 lenghty tracks live in april 2010. Second CD is a solo piano concert.

Saxophone Man is a
David Murray's double DVD, out now from La Huit, that gathers three films: the 2008 I'm A Jazzman (53 minutes), that features David on sax and clarinet with vocalist Cassandra Wilson; 2008' Live In Sainte Lucie (46 min.), that spots a concert performed with traditional Guadeloupian drums; and 2010' Black Saint Quartet Live At Banlieues Bleues Festival (38 min.), featuring pianist Lafayette Gilchrist, bassist Jaribu Shahid and Hamid Drake on drums (the quartet had already played another live performance in Berlin, november 2007).

Dzama Stories: Music For Amplified Ensemble, Electronics And Improviser, released now by Quarts 2082, is a collaboration (two tracks) between Ed Bennett and reedist Paul Dunmall with the lineup Decibel, that gathers a 9 unit acoustic and electric ensemble. The former is a classical self-taught composer from Northern Ireland. The 6-part title track, Dzama Stories (45 minutes, written for the artist Marcel Dzama, premiered in march 2009, and studio-recorded five months after) spots the project Decibel (founded in 2002 by Bennett on electronics, while Dunmall improvises on reeds. The other track is the may 2001' I Need This, for amplified female voice and electronics. Decibel lineup gathers Bennett as director and electronics; vocalists Suzanne Purkis and Steve Halfyard, Ulrich Mertin on viola, Maria Insua Cao on clarinet, Neil McGovern on baritone and alto saxes, Simon Hall on bass trombone, Gordon Dunn on electric guitar, bassist Sebastiano Dessanay, pianist Fumiko Miyachi and drummer Damien Harron.

Mathilde 253 is out by Slam as a quartet project between drummer Charles Hayward (the avant-rock drummer on This Heat, Massacre and Camberwell Now), guitarist Han-Earl Park, trumpetist Ian Smith (that worked with Derek Bailey and London Improvisers' Orchestra), plus, as guest, Lol Coxhill on his soprano sax. Recorded live in London, april 2010, this CD features 7 lenghty tracks, for 75 minutes.
January 2011:

West Coast 1945-49 is an Uptown historical CD compilation that collects all of Charles Mingus' first recordings as a leader in Los Angeles, when he was known as "Baron". These 24 tracks, rarely heard, were recorded in several quartets, sextets and octets, among others with Cal Tjader, Eric Dolphy, Art Pepper, Lucky Thompson, Buddy Collett; with a 96 page booklet that contains also a detailed analysis by Mingus expert Andrew Homzy.

Another historical reissue for Concord “Original Jazz Masters” Series: Sextet, a collaboration between vibraphonist Cal Tjader and saxtenorist Stan Getz, has been restored from his original Fantasy master tape february 1958 recording session. The lineup, that has never before played together as a grup, gathered also Vince Guaraldi (piano), Eddie Duran (guitar), Scott LaFaro (bass) and Billy Higgins on drums. 7 tracks, 43 minutes.

Live at Newport 1966 & 1967 is a Domino CD that collects all of the surviving music from the Miles Davis Quintet's Newport sets of july 1966 and july 1967, both taken from the original live radio broadcasts and with the same lineup. As a bonus, the only two surviving tracks from the same quintet's performance in Helsinki on November 1967. Remember the Davis quintet: Wayne Shorter (tenor sax), Herbie Hancock (piano), Ron Carter (bass) and Tony Williams (drums). Among the pieces: All Blues, Footprints and 'Round Midnight.

Released by NotTwo and recorded in 2007, Blue Chicago Blues is credited to the duo Joe McPhee/Ingebrigt Haker Flaten. Joes plays his tenor sax with the The Thing's norwegian bassist (that also sings) 6 new tracks (42 minutes), dedicated to Fred Anderson. The Thing, let's remember, is a trio with which Joes collaborated since their first february 2000 self-titled, consisting also of saxophonist Mats Gustafsson and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love.

Again by McPhee, Sound On Sound is a 2 CD set featuring Joe on tenor & soprano sax, flute, space organ, kalimba, toy piano & percussion, feedback & echoplex. These are his earliest experiments and recordings from different sessions in 1968, 1969, 1970 & 1973. These are home multi-track recording, executed on a device known as a Sound On Sound tape machine, with which Joe trying an early version of overdubbing to add other parts or instruments to his arsenal of sounds. On the title track, Joe adds layers of toy piano & toy percussion.

NTRPDN is the new Antripodean Collective's  album, from new label MarchOn, on which we can listen again to trumpeter Scott Tinkler playing with violinist John Rodgers, pianist Marc Hannaford and drummer Ken Edie. Influenced by the work of American composer Elliott Carter, this entirely unscripted consists of two long improvisations: One (32:20) and Two (38:55).

Bee Jazz releases Eternal Moments, credited to the duo Jean-Marie Machado (piano)/Dave Liebman (here on saxophones and wooden flutes). 9 tracks. Dave collaborated with French pianist Jean-Marie Machado since 2003, and this album, recorded in may 2009, is the pair's second release, following 2008's Caminando (released by Austrian PAO after a 4 years gestation). Among the pieces, un adaptation of Maurice Ravel's Le Reveil de la Mariée.

Another duo-collaboration is Uwe Oberg (piano) & saxtenorist Evan Parker's Full Bloom, a Jazzwerkstatt album consisting of 6 tracks (almost 1 hour) totally improvised, recorded live in june 2008. This was their first encounter. Uwe has in preparation a piano solo for HatHut.

After having released, two years ago for the label Outline, Mental Weather, an album recorded in june 2007 that featured 8 new tracks (all but one by Jane, for 48 minutes) with her quartet (pianist Dawn Clement and rhythm section Mark Helias/Matt Wilson), Jane Ira Bloom comes back on her soprano sax and live electronics with her 14th recording, again for Outline: Wingwalker, out just now (it was recorded in june 2010). The lineup is the same but drummer Bobby Previte, that replaces Wilson. Jane composed 11 new pieces, plus a solo-sax remake of Lerner & Lowe’s classic I Could Have Danced All Night.

YMCA is guitarist Alan Licht's first solo release since 2003's A New York Minute, and his first solo vinyl outing since 1994's long out-of-print Sink The Aging Process. YMCA documents Licht's solo guitar set of the time - a 3-part structured improvisation. Inspired by his friends Oren Ambarchi and Tetuzi Akiyama's albums Triste and Don't Forget To Boogie, Licht proposed YMCA to label Idea as a kind of trilogy with those releases. This is a LP limited to 500 copies, that gathers only two pieces, both recorded in march 2004: A (20 minutes), and B (24 minutes).

Almost New York/Twonings is an Alvin Lucier's 2 CD set released by Pogus. CD 1 consists of: Twonings (26 minutes), composed in 2006 with Charles Curtis on cello and Joseph Kubera on piano; Almost New York (a 24-minute 5-flute solo with Robert Dick) composed in 2001,and Broken Line (12 minutes), composed in 2006 with Robert Dick, flute; Danny Tunick, vibraphone; Joseph Kubera, piano; CD 2 contains Coda Variations, a 7-part suite (47 minutes) composed in 2005, a solo-Robin Hayward on tuba.

Klimt label reissues The Sensational Guitars Of  Dan & Dale: Batman And Robin, an album initially (1966) credited to the guitarists Dan (i.e. Blues Project's Danny Kalb) and Steve Katz (who later joined to Blood, Sweat & Tears). But with this vinyl reissue, we come to know that these tracks, quite entirely instrumental and based on the popular TV show like The Batman Theme Song, The Penguin Chase and The Batcave, were recorded by a lineup that moreover gathered no less than Sun Ra (Hammond B-3 Organ), John Gilmore (tenor sax), Marshall Allen (alto sax), Pat Patrick (bass), Andy Kulberg (bass), Roy Blumenfeld (drums) and Al Kooper (organ). To keep the music licensing fees to a minimum, all the tracks were based on public domain music (Chopin's Polonaise Op. 53, horn theme from Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, love theme from Romeo and Juliet, generic rock riffs, etc).

John Zorn presents Dictée/Liber Novus (released by Tzadik), that collects two new file card compositions, one (Dictée, 23 minutes) )dedicated to Korean-American writer Theresa Hak-Kyunch Cha, and the other (Liber Novus, 16 minutes) inspired by Carl Jung's Red Book. The music features a lot of sound effects, samples and electronics. Spaced out by several narrations, this album was recorded in december 2009. The lineup sees Sylvie Courvoisier and Stephen Gosling on piano, Okkyung Lee on cello, John Medeski on organ, Ned Rothenberg on shakuhachi, bass flute and clarinet, David Slusser on sound effects, Kenny Wollesen on vibes and percussion, and John Zorn on Foley effects and samples.

Gunter Hampel. The Essence In The Nowness Of Reality (released now by Birth), his new album, was recorded in September 2009 in New York City by a septet on which Hampel is on vibes, bass clarinet and flute accompanied by Steve Swell (trombone), Daniel Carter (alto and soprano saxes and trumpet), Sabir Mateen (tenor sax, clarinet and flute), Bernd Oezsevim (drums), Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor sax) and Andreas Lang (bass).

Insomnia is a live studio june 1997 recording by Tim Berne with an octet that collects two compositions: The Proposal (36 minutes) and oPEN, cOMA (30 minutes, later re-recorded in july 2000), each almost 30-minute long. The lineup: Baikida Carroll (trumpet), Michael Formanek (bass), Marc Ducret (12-string guitar), Dominique Pifarely (violin), Erik Friedlander (cello), Chris Speed (clarinet), Jim Black (drums) and Tim Berne (alto and baritone sax).

ECM restores as CD Tales Of Another, a long out-of-print LP credited to bassist Gary Peacock, who composed and recorded this album in february 1977 in a trio with drummer Jack De Johnette and Keith Jarrett on piano. Notable particularly the second side, the three-part suite Trilogy (24 minutes).

Goldsmiths is an unissued live performance, released now by Emanem, from the trio Iskra 1903, formed by trombonist Paul Rutherford with Derek Bailey (amplified guitar) and Barry Guy (amplified double bass). Same label already released Iskra 1903 and Sequences. This concert, instead, was recorded in march 1972, and presents Cohesion, a suite in four parts (56 minutes).

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