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December 2012:
San Francisco pianist Dave Brubeck, founder of a quartet in '50s with Paul Desmond, who penned the famous bestseller Time Out, died of heart failure on december 5, the day before his 92nd birthday.

Ed Cassidy, Chicago drummer legend who started his career in 1937 at 14, worked in '50s with many jazz giants, and founded in '60s the rock band Spirit, died on december 6, at 89.

The Concealed
, latest Tzadik album by John Zorn, features another notable lineup. The leader composed 14 new pieces performed by Joey Baron (drums), Trevor Dunn (bass), Mark Feldman (violin), Erik Friedlander (cello), John Medeski (piano) and Kenny Wollesen (vibes). Arranged mostly in solos and trios, this recording is largely improvised. Recorded in may 2012.

Liederhalle Stuttgart March 6 1967 (Jazz Haus) is a never released until now performance by Duke Ellington Orchestra, just recorded only two months before the death of Billy Strayhorn. The album features all songs (but one) composed by Ellington or Strayhorn, with many solo improvisations.

Phantom Orchard, the Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins project created in 2004, comes back with Trouble In Paradise, another Tzadik release on which the duo, respectively on electronics and harps, is expanded with a female quintet: Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje (voice and electronics), Hild Sofie Tafjord (french horn and electronics), Sara Parkins (violin), Maggie Parkins (cello) and Shayna Dunkelman (percussion). Recorded during a jazz meeting in november 2008, this album features eight lenghty pieces.

Saxophonist Mars Williams, after his collaborations with Mark Kramer, Swollen Monkeys, Liquid Soul and Waitresses, comes back in a trio with well known bassist Kent Kessler and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. They recorded in january 2012 the vinyl Boneshaker (Trost), that features four long pieces, mostly free jazz-oriented.

HatHut re-released Anthony Braxton's Eight (+1) Tristano Compositions 1989 For Warne Marsh, an album that collects 65 minutes of nine Lennie Tristano's arrangements, recorded in december 1989 with the leader on alto and sopranino saxes, John Raskin (baritone sax), Dred Scott on his debut at 25 on piano, Cecil McBee (bass) and Andrew Cyrille (drums).

After their For A Little Dancin', the trio of altoist Oliver Lake with bassist Christian Weber and drummer Dieter Ulrich comes back with All Decks: Live At Unerhort (Intakt), adding this time Nils Wogram on trombone. Recorded live in november 2011, it features six lenghty pieces collectively composed but Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn's cover Johnny Come Lately.

Agaric presents Trente Belles Ann‚es, a 46-minute CD by Borbetomagus, that documents several excerpts from the final concert of their 2009 european tour celebrating, as title suggest, 30 years on stage. Pianist Dan Warburton, who attended the concert, wrote liner notes, at the moment not available.

By NoBusiness, Channels Of Consciousness is credited to the William Hooker Quintet. This new drummer's project gathers bassist Adam Lane, guitarist Dave Ross, trumpetist Chris DiMeglio and percussionist Sanga. The eight new pieces were recorded in march 2010.

Still by the same label, The Group: Live, is a rare album that documents the only, until now, release by the obscure '80s lineup created by violinist Billy Bang and altoist Marion Brown. The two expanded soon the project in a first-rate sextet, with Ahmed Abdullah (trumpet and flugelhorn), well known bassists Norris Sirone and Fred Hopkins, and drummer Andrew Cyrille. They never recorded in studio, featuring live concerts only, almost in New York area. This Live was performed in september 1986, collecting, among other, the Brown's La Placita (18 minutes) and the still 18-minute reworking of very famous Mingus' Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, arranged by Marion Brown. The longest piece, though, is the Miriam Makeba's Amanpondo, expanded in a 25-minute version. The Group disbanded the year after. For the complete band history, written by Ahmed Abdullah, read here.

After Orpheus The Lowdown (a long experience, recorded between 1990 and 2003), Peter Blegvad stopped his recordings. But now, suddenly, he comes back with the Ape House's Gonwards, another collaboration with Andy Partridge, the follow-up of Orpheus, recorded between 2010 and 2011, that features 10 pieces performed with the collaboration of Stu Rowe (piano, slide guitar and bass), Frank Abrams (alto sax and flute) and Mikey Rowe (piano).

Peira presents Without Titles, by the trio comprising of Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet), Jason Roebke (contrabass) and Brian Labycz (modular synthesizer). They had already recorded the previous Colectivos (same label). As title suggests, it collects ten untitled pieces, for 45 minutes of music, recorded in march 2012. Always by Peira, Multiverse is a duo collaboration between Guillermo Gregorio and Paul Giallorenzo, recorded in february 2012. Lt ed. 100 copies, the CD features eight pieces of chamber music mostly improvised, with the reedist on clarinets, whereas Giallorenzo is on piano and prepared piano. Paul Giallorenzo is an American composer and pianist, who debuted in 2004 with the project Masul, created with Thomas Mejer (contrabass-saxophone, found samples, computer). The duo recorded The Arousal City (Creative Sources) in two live sessions (october 2004 and april 2005). Another Giallorenzo project is Telegraph, started first with percussionist Allison Stanley in 2004, layering live analog loops with drums, accordion keys and strings. The project continued with Fred Longbern-Holm. Until now has been a live shows only project, but now is out the EP Meet Me In Iceland. Then came the trio Breakway, with drummer Marc Riordan and Brian Labycz on electronics. They recorded Get Down (june 2008) and Hot Choice (fall 2009). Then, in 2009 he composed the nine pieces of Get In Got Out (482 Music), performed with Josh Berman (cornet), Anton Hatwich (double bass), Frank Rosaly (drums) and Dave Rempis on saxes. The latest album is the Leo's GitCO, performed with reedist Mars Williams, Jeb Bishop on trombone, and Hatwich/Riordan as rhythm section. GitCO documents a live session at Chicago Jazz Festival (september 2010).

After Vantaa, Raster-Noton releases Kuopio, the second full length album by Vladislav Delay aka Sasu Ripatti, an album with eight lenghty pieces mixing electronic manipulations, glitch, techno and ambient.

Under the title of The First Recordings, Sonet restored an old, forgotten Albert Ayler album, originally released by Sweden label Bird Notes as Something Different (not to be confused with the namesake Ornette Coleman album). Recorded in october 1962, this vinyl collects the first free jazz recordings by Ayler, who performed three covers: the Pat Johnson I'll Remember April, presented in a 18-minute version, the 7-minute Rollins' Tune, by Sonny Rollins, the 5:30-minute Miles Davis' Tune Up, and finally his Free, an improvisation of 10 minutes. Ayler led on tenor sax a trio, with the Sweden rhythm section of Torbj”rn Hultcrantz (bass) and Sune Sp†ngberg (drums).

Cuneiform presents the ltd ed. vinyl Skull Sessions, new album for the Rob Mazurek septet, featuring John Herndon (drums), Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Nicole Mitchell (flute), Guilherme Granado (keyboards and electronics), Carlos Issa (guitar and electronics), Mauricio Takara (percussion and cavaquinhoe) and Thomas Rohrer (C melody saxophone and rabeca). The leader is on cornet. Premiered in november 2011, the vinyl collects five pieces.

Walk, Love, Sleep: In Wuppertal @ Cafe Ada 2011 is a SmallTown 2CD set by Peter Br”tzmann Chicago tentet, the notable lineup with Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Jeb Bishop, Johannes Bauer, Per Ake Holmlander, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Kent Kessler, Michael Zerang and Paal Nilssen-Love. Recorded in april 2011, this release features three tracks: the 45-minute To Walk In, the 32-minute To Love In and the 21-minute Sleep In. Always by Br”tzmann, Atavistic has re-released his first and long out of print For Adolphe Sax (june 1967).

Motema's album A Child Is Born documents a Geri Allen studio performance recorded in two sessions (january and april 2011), a solo performance on which she collected 14 pieces, performed on celesta, clavinet, piano, electric piano and organ.

Open The Door (Public Eyesore) documents a collaboration of guitarists Nels Cline and Elliott Sharp, four studio pieces recorded in 1999, and one live recorded in 2007, their second experience of guitar duos after their Duo Milano, ten pieces recorded in april 2006 in Italy and released by Long Song. While their first experience was more free-oriented, Open The Door features an eclectic mixing of jazz, folk and flamenco sounds.

Philip Corner's Gong/Ear: Dance-ing, 1 & 2 (Roaratorio) is a ltd ed. vinyl recorded in april 1989 that collects two compositions on tam-tam (the 24-minute With Claude Corsette and the 20-minute With Elisabetta Vittoni) as a follow-up to his Metal Meditations.

Bolt released For Tomasz Sikorski, a John Tilbury solo piano recorded in december 2011 in memory of Polish pianist dead in 1988. The album, classical-oriented, collects four lenghty pieces, notably the final 12:40-minute Improvisation.

Northern Spy releases I Wish I Didn't Dream, credited to the duo Loren Mazzacane Connors (guitar) and Suzanne Langille (vocals), their new album in 14 years, inspired by a series of paintings by W. Landis. Also 14 are the pieces composed, all brief but the 10-minute La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

Musique Action #04 (Vand'Oeuvre) documents an old recording from the Musique Action Festival in may 1998, edited in 2011, as a tribute to cellist Tom Cora, supposed to play at the festival but died before it took place. This ensemble, entitled Madame Luckerniddle, features Cora's wife Catherine Jauniaux & Phil Minton on vocals, pianist Veryan Weston, electric harpist Zeena Parkins, Christian Marclay and Otomo Yoshihide (both on turntables), bassist Luc Ex and drummer Michael Vatcher. The program is Madam Luckerniddle, i.e. a five part suite, plus three other songs written by Cora, and four interludes, songs or improvisations.

After their starting Aestuarium, the duo of Eyvind Kang and Jessica Kenney comes back with The Face Of The Earth (Ideologic Organ), with the vocalist also on percussion and electronics, and the violist also on setar and electronics. The vinyl, a mixing of classical, jazz and world music, collects six pieces, recorded between june and july 2012.

Primitive Neural Pathways by Zombi's Steve Moore, originally released in 2010 by Static Caravan label, has been re-released now by Dangerous Age on vinyl. This recording collects five lenghty pieces, with very large use of electronics by Moore.

Recurrence (Line) is a Richard Chartier album composed in 2011, when he, revisiting his Series' recordings, decided to rework them conceiving new sound fields, room tones and wave recordings. This album collects two versions of the title-track, respectively 21 and 51 minutes, and was recorded between august 2011 and september 2012.

Indoor_Outdoor (Ideologic Organ), recorded in may 2012, is the latest Norbert Moslang release, that documents the 20-minute title-track, a field recording in a Swiss harbor processed and composed in studio, and the 19-minute Hot_Cold_Shield, a collaborative duo with Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board), live improvised. The leader is always on electronics. Previously, he recorded Stodgy (Mikroton), another duo collaboration, this time with French musician eRikm, on stage since 1995. Stodgy features an electronic sound, even more abstract and noisy in its three pieces (notably the 15-minute Micelle).

Live At Sant' Anna Arresi (RogueArt) features Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble in a performance recorded in Italy in august 2009, with Roscoe Mitchell composer and conductor, Nicole Mitchell (flutes and piccolo), David Boykin (tenor sax), Greg Ward (alto sax), Robert Griffin (trumpet), Mankwe Ndosi (vocals), Ren‚e Baker (violin), Tomeka Reid (cello), Myra Melford (piano), Maia (harp), Joshua Abrams (bass) and Marcus Evans (drums). The CD collects three long tracks, the 26-minute Quintet #1 for Eleven, a chamber music piece with a piano/sax duo, the 14-minute Cards for Orchestra, with a short section of spoken word/poetry by Ms. Mankwe Ndosi, and the 19-minute Quintet #9 for Eleven, alternating jazz and classical music.

Live 1967-1969 (B13) documents two live performances by early Soft Machine, recorded in may 1967 and october 1969. The lineup gathered Wyatt, Ratledge, Kevin Ayers, and the brothers Hopper (on the 1969 concert). Side A collects five pieces, and side B features Facelift (12 minutes) and Moon In June (13 minutes).

Wayne's brother trumpetist and flugelhorn player Alan Shorter also released two albums as leader. Tes Esat was released by America on 1971, featuring four tracks recorded in march 1970 in a quartet with Johnny Mbizo Dyani (flute, bass, piano and bells), Ren‚ Augustus (drums) and saxtenorist Gary Windo. Notable the 26-minute suite Disposition. Parabolic (again Verve) was a vinyl initially released in 1998, and now re-released on CD as Orgasm, that documents two sessions recorded in september and november 1968, in a quintet with Gato Barbieri (tenor sax), Charlie Haden and Reggie Johnson (basses) and Muhammad Rashied Ali on drums. Among the pieces, Parabola (13 min.), Rapids (10:30 min.) and Orgasm (11 min.).

November 2012:
Ted Curson, the Philadelphia-born trumpeter well known for his collaborations as sideman in Charles Mingus and Cecil Taylor quartets in early 60s, died on november 4 at 77 after a stroke. He also had recorded 18 album as leader, stopping his performances in 1990.

Doubtmusic presents Made In Japan - Live At Shinjuku Pit Inn, a live performance recorded in april 2012 by Jazz Hijokaidan, as Jojo Hiroshide renamed his old project, now a sextet on which the guitarist plays with the Incapacitants' duo of Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai (both on electronics), Billy Bao's vocalist Junko, Akira Sakata on alto sax (also worked with Richard Chartier and Jim O'Rourke) and drummer Yoshisaburo «Sabu» Toyozumi (who worked with Wadada Leo Smith, Toshinori Kondo and Masayuki Takayanagi). The CD features the 40-minute Backstroke Star. From the same label, Made In Studio is another album credited to «Hijokaidan featuring Akira Sakata», with the same sextet but Futoshi Okano (who worked with Acid Mothers Temple), who replaces Toyozumi on drums. Recorded in july 2012, this is the new studio album in 8 years after The Last Recording Album. Four pieces mostly noise-oriented, particularly the 30-minute Auto-Noda-Fe. Previously, Pica released Polar Nights Live, that featured Hiroshide in three 26-minute pieces recorded live in january 2006; the guitarist played in different duos: with vocalist Junko, with guitarist Per Gisle Galaen and with Sten Ove Toft on electronics.

Double Tandem, the trio of Ab Baars (tenor sax and clarinet), Ken Vandermark (tenor & baritone saxes and clarinet) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) comes back with their second live experience: OX (from Den), performed at Novara Jazz Winter Session in april 2012. From the concert, they present three pieces, among which Toreros (32 minutes) and Omasum (25 minutes).

Erstwhile releases September, the latest Keith Rowe one-track album that documents the 34-minute title-track he composed for the 10 anniversary of Twin Towers attack. Performed live on guitar and electronics, just on september 9, 2011 at Amplify Festival at The Stone in NYC.

33 Bays (from 845 Audio) documents a collaboration between Alfredo Costa Monteiro (on electro-acoustic devices) and Nimrod's bassist Tim Olive (here, though, on one-string electric guitar and electronics). The duo recorded «live in studio» without overdubs in october 2009 two pieces, of 28 and 16 minutes respectively.

The 71-years old Michael Chapman presents the vinyl Pachyderm (Blast First Petite), the second in his series of improvised musical releases, the follow-up to The Resurrection and Revenge of the Clayton Peacock (PTYT).
Impulse re-released My Favorite Things Live: Coltrane At Newport 1963/1965, on which we can listen to the 23 minute+ take 1963 version of Impressions, never before released in its entirety (only an edited 1978 version is known). The lineup, let's remember, was Coltrane/Haynes/Tyner/Garrison.

John Zorn's Music And Its Double (Tzadik) collects three works from his cello concerto, a showpiece for cellist Fred Sherry, and three chamber compositions: A Rebours (11 minutes), conducted by Bradley Luman with a 10-musicians ensemble, recorded on december 2011; Ceremonial Magic, a duo performance featuring violinist Dave Fulmer and drummer Kenny Wollesen, recorded in two sessions in september 2011 (14 minutes) and may 2012 (5:30 minutes); La Machine de l'Être, a three-part composition (12 minutes) performed by soprano Anu Komsi with Lahti Symphony Orchestra.

Again from Tzadik, David Rosenboom's Life Field is a retrospective of nine works composed and recorded between 1964-2004. Lineup of musicians includes, among others: Christine Tavolacci (flute), Libby Van Cleve (oboe), Ulrich Krieger (alto sax), Danielle Ondarza (horn)  Daniel Rosenboom (trumpet), James Miller (trombone), Doug Tornquist (tuba), William Winant (marimba, vibraphone, percussion), J.B. Floyd (Yamaha disklavier pianos, interactive computer systems), Vicki Ray (piano), whereas the leader, also on conduction, plays electronics, computers and piano. Quite 80 minutes.

Yuji Takahashi (piano & laptop) and Kazuhisa Uchihashi (acoustic & electric guitars) present U9 (Innocent). The pianist (who worked with Boredoms and Steve Lacy, and performed on classical work with Xenakis and Frederic Rzewski) and the guitarist performed a live duo concert, from which were extracted two long pieces.

Kevin Drumm's Relief (a vinyl by Mego) documents a 37-minute piece recorded the last summer.

After 2009's Parken, Han Bennink's Bennink # Co. (from Ilk), is the second experience by his trio, collecting 12 pieces by the drummer, released exclusively in Denmark during Copenhagen Jazz Festival (july 2012). Bennink played snare drum with the same lineup: Simon Toldam (piano) and Joachim Badenhorst (saxes and clarinet).

Credited to AMM, Two London Concerts (by Matchless) documents a live performance of pianist John Tilbury and drummer Eddie Prévost. The two recorded live sessions in march 2011, from which they present two long pieces: E1 (31:30 minutes) and SE1 (47 minutes).

Satanic Abandoned Rock & Roll Society is an old Tetuzi Akiyama project, whose only release, until now, remains Bloody Imagination, featuring the namesake 52-minute suite, recorded in september 2004 and restored now by Mikroton. Akiyama, who composed the suite playing guitar, leads a quartet with the other guitarist Naoaki Miyamoto, Atsuhiro Ito on electronics and Utah Kawasaki on synthesizer.

Behold... The Arctopus is a trio project that gathers producer and musician Colin Marston (who debuted his career in 2004 with a self-produced 200220032004, a CDr released by Not On Label where are collected five untitled pieces of electronic and ambient music), Dhysrhythmia bassist Mike Lerner  and well known drummer Weasel Walter. The trio debuted in 2003 with the miniCD Arctopocalypse Now... Warmageddon Later, where on drums played Charlie Zeleny; the follow-up was the EP Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning, recorded in november 2003 with the same lineup. Skullgrid, the first full album (by Metal Blade), was recorded between may and july 2007, with Lerner and Marston both on guitars. Horrorscension (Black Market), just released, see the Weasel's debut, who also composed two songs for it. After having spent the last two years building the album, the band recorded it on february and march 2012, featuring, as for the first release, the heavy and death metal sound by the guitar duo Marston&Lerner. Again by Walter, Unplanned Obsolescence is a ltd ed. vinyl recorded in july 2012 with sax & synth player Chris Pitsiokos, featuring three long untitled pieces.

For The Last Time (FMR), recorded in january 2012, gahìthers Tony Marsh (who died last april) on drums, Paul Dunmall on tenor & soprano saxes and flute, and Phill Gibbs on drums. Largely improvised, this album features six pieces (notably the starting 21-minute Don't Take The Easy Road). Marsh and Dunmall have played together for more than 30 years, but this was the first time that this trio played in a decade.

Lux (by Warp) is Brian Eno's first solo album since Another Day On Earth, seen by the musician as a continuation of Music for Thinking project (that includes Discreet Music and Neroli). Lux (that has a dedicated website) is a 75-minute suite in four sections, with a large use of piano and percussion, along with the collaboration of Leo Abrahams on moog guitar and Nell Catchpole on violins and violas.

Popofoni was a norwegian free-jazz and electronic music band initiated since fall 1969 by Jan Garbarek. In 1973 Sonet released their self-titled album, recorded in concert in april 1970 and restored after 40 years as a 2LP set by Prisma. Popofoni features compositions by Arne Nordheim, Terje Rypdal, Kare Kolberg, Gunnar Sonstevold and Alfred Janson, played by the extended Garbarek Quintet: Karin Krog (vocals), Jan Garbarek (tenor sax), Bobo Stenson (organ) Kare Kolberg (synthesizer), Terje Rypdal( guitar), Arild Andersen (electric bass) and Jon Christensen (drums). Among the pieces, the 25-minute Valse Triste and the 21-minute Arnold.

Wreckage (by Prisma) documents on vinyl a collaboration between Oren Ambarchi and James Rushford, premiered in september 2011, executed on their own instruments (piano and electric guitar) and a small chamber ensemble (flute, clarinet, viola, cello and percussion), conducted by Alex Garsden.

Not Two released the 7 CD boxset Past Present, credited to DVK Trio, the lineup formed in 1994 by Hamid Drake (drums), Kent Kessler (bass) and Ken Vandermark (reeds). This edition features live performances recorded between august 2008 and december 2011. Vandermark presents here this collection along with a DVK retrospective.

Mind Games, an OutNow album recorded in august 2010, features the quartet of Angelika Niescier (alto sax), Denman Maroney (hyperpiano), James Ilgenfritz (double bass) and Andrew Drury (drums, objects). From the 8 tracks, the 18-minutes Warum Bist Du Gekommen? Still by Maroney, Gleam is a collaboration performed again on hyperpiano with old Glass Orchestra member Miguel Frasconi (on glassharp and glass objects). Recorded in august 2008, it has been released by Porter, featuring 6 compositions, notably the 25-minute Glass.

Shadoks restores as a vinyl ltd ed. Get Dreamy (but another ltd ed. was before released by Mad Hippo in 2000), credited to Dream, the very first Terje Rypdal's band which he recorded this album with, in mid 1967 (they disbanded in 1969). Rypdal, though, started is jazz career as leader even before his august 1971 self-titled, recording in october 1968 the six pieces of Black House (for Polydor, that re-released in 1999 the CD version), leading a lineup with, among others, Jan Garbarek and Jon Christensen. Get Dreamy, instead, collectes ten pieces, mostly Hendrix-reminiscent (Rypdal sent a Get Dreamy copy to Jimi before his death), all brief but the 8-minute Ain't No Use, featuring a psychedelic sound with many guitar an organ solos. Rypdal (on guitar and also singing in english à-la-Hendrix) played it with pianist Christian Reim, bassist Hans Marius Stormoen and drummer Tom Karlsen.

Zurich Concert: April 8 1960, the Vol 31 by Swiss Radio Days label, is the first official release of this live recording, credited to the then debuting Miles Davis Quintet, featuring the leader on trumpet, John Coltrane on tenor sax, Wynton Kelly on piano, Paul Chambers (bass) and Jimmy Cobb (drums). The lineup had already played the month before (march 1960) in concert in Stockholm. Among the pieces, If I Were a Bell (17 minutes) and the final All Blues/Bye Bye (18 minutes).

These Walls of Mine is Peter Broderick's fourth album for Erased Tapes. Peter so presents it: «These songs are best viewed as a collection of lyrical and vocal experiments. Of course the instruments and the music are important, but this album is held together by a dialogue of voices. Conversations with myself and with others. Several tracks contain lyrical contributions from friends and strangers, made possible with the help of the internet». The vinyl collects 14 pieces, recorded in three years.

Drones (from Bedroom Community) is the latest Nico Muhly album, that collects his three EPs Drones & Piano, Drones & Viola and Drones & Violin, with a bonus track. He was accompanied by Bruce Brubaker, Nadia Sirota and Pekka Kuusisto. Muhly, after his two starting albums Speaks Volume and Mothertongue, composed the two soundtracks Joshua and The Reader, and then the twelve pieces collected in I Drink The Air Before Me (presented here by Muhly on his website). For his complete discography, see here.

After having left Front 242, Daniel Bressanutti and Dirk Bergen founded the lineup Nothing But Noise, also comprising of Erwing Jadot, since early '90s, but until now they performed live concerts only. Future Noise releases now their Not Bleeding Red, completed after twenty years in the making, an album of electronic and ambient music, inspired by early Tangerine Dream's sound. Mostly performed on vintage analog synthesizers. The 2CD set features nine pieces, notably the 19-minute CK and the 18-minute Mass. See also their website.

Greek label Kukuruku releases the vinyl Winter Gardens, a «solo» album by John Butcher, recorded in october and december 2011. The four tracks were executed on tenor and soprano saxes, two of them in a church, interacting with the environment’s natural feedback; other two, more brief, incorporate microphone feedbacks, oscillating re-amplified sounds.

From Not Two, The Voice Is One documents a collaboration between tenorist Evan Parker and pianist Agusti Fernandez, who composed an untitled 66-minute suite in six parts.

Jason Kahn's Draught, released by Consumer Waste, documents a collaboration with Stasis Duo's members Matt Earle (not to be confused with Steve) and Adam Sussmann. The trio, all on electronics, recorded in june 2009 two 19 and 21-minute untitled tracks. Still by Kahn, Dunedin (by CMR) comes by another trio project, with Richard Francis (modular synthesizer and computer) and Dead C's Bruce Russell (on analog electronics), whereas the leader is on analog synthesizer, radio and mixing board. Recorded in january 2011, the CD features the namesake 38-minute suite, mostly improvised.

Cremaster, the duo project with Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Ferran Fages, comes back with Pluie Fine, a Potlach album composed and recorded between september 2010 and july 2012. Costa Monteiro (on electro-acoustic devices, speakers and electric guitar) and Fages (on feedback mixing board and electro-acoustic devices) executed this time three new pieces (all 15-minute) with violinist Angharad Davies (she recorded his violin parts in march 2012). Davies debuted his career in 2005, as side(wo)man in several collaborations.

From Relative Pitch, From The Discreet To The Particular is an album credited to the notable trio of Joe Morris (guitar), Agusti Fernandez (piano) and Nate Wooley (trumpet). They recorded in july 2011 seven lenghty pieces, collectively improvised.

Corbett vs. Dempsey presents The Loneliest Woman, a CD/EP first ever edition featuring a particular interpretation of Ornette Coleman's Lonely Woman by Joe McPhee, who, on pocket cornet, led an ensemble in a recording session of march 1981. This 13:20 minutes version was performed, among others, by Radu Malfatti (trombone), Irene Schweiizer (piano) and Pierre Favre (percussion).

From New Atlantis, A Postcard From The Road collects seven pieces recorded in concert in fall 2011 by String 3, the new William Hooker project ,on which the drummer leads guitarists Edward Ricart (who worked, among others, with Peter Brotzmann, Paul Dunmall and Marshall Allen), and Dave Ross, and saxophonist Glen Hall (on stage as leader since 1979). The pieces were conceived as a three-part suite, also featuring several «solos».

October 2012:
Danish composer and saxophonist John Tchicai, who started his long career since late 1950s also founding famous jazz ensembles, like the New York Contemporary Five and the New York Art Quartet, died on october 7 al 76, collapsing after a brain haemorrhage.

American saxophonist David S. Ware, who worked with Cecil Taylor, and formed a famous quartet with Matthew Shipp and William Parker, died at 63 on october 18 from complications of his 2009 kidney transplant.

Home, released as a ltd ed. by Peira, is a collaboration between Fred Lonberg-Holm (on cello) and  John Russell on acoustic guitar. The two recorded four lenghty pieces (among which the starting 28-minute Emsket), largely improvised. Still by Lonberg-Holm, Seval's 2 (482 Music) is the follow-up of the self-titled album released by the namesake project. On 2, the leader (on cello) reunited Sofia Jernberg (voice), David Stakenas (guitar), Emil Standberg (trumpet) and Patric Thorman (bass). The eight new pieces alternate melodies and hard listening complicated improvisations. Speaking about it, the leader says: «The first record was almost too pop for many folks here in Europe. Fortunately they gave us a chance and liked how the live versions have more `breakdowns'!»

From the same label, the trio of Bruno Duplant (on electroacoustic device and percussion), Julien Heraud (on alto sax) and Nate Wooley (on trumpet) recorded between march and may 2012 Movement And Immobility, another ltd ed. that features three lenghty pieces alternating composition and improvisation.

Unit just released Silent Surface II, the follow-up of namesake first collaboration between Luigi Archetti (here on guitar and electronics) and bassist Jan Schlegel (here also on electronics). The two recorded a lot of music, particularly in 2006-2011 period, from which they selected ten new pieces, for more than 1 hour.

C.A.M. Jazz releases Family Tree, the latest Oregon album, recorded on april 2012. Mostly composed by Ralph Towner (7 of 12 pieces), it features the leader guitarist (here also on piano and synth) accompanied by veterans Glen Moore (double bass) and Paul McCandless (oboe, clarinet, flute and soprano sax) along with the new drummer Mark Walker.

Charles Gayle presents Look Up, his first recording for ESP, a live performance never released until now, recorded in Santa Barbara (California) on september 1994. He played tenor sax, bass clarinet ans vocals in a trio with Michael Bisio (double bass) and Michael Wimberley (drums). The CD features five long pieces (previously never studio recorded), particularly the final The Book Of Revelation (22:30 minutes).

Independent Artists releases Not Getting Behind Is The New Getting Ahead, the new Charlie Hunter album, credited with drummer Scott Amendola. The leader, on his 7-string guitar, composed ten new pieces. Recorded in may 2012, without overdubs, headphones and no mixing. On his website, Hunter speaks extensively about the album.

Pianist and composer Stanley Cowell stopped his recordings at the end of 90s, starting an educator career at Rutgers University in New Jersey. But, suddenly, in 2010 he came back with a new album, Prayer For Peace, released by SteepleChase, on which the pianist was in a quartet with his 20-year old son Sunny (on viola and vocal), and rhythm section of Mike Richmong (bass) and Victor Lewis (drums). Ten pieces, among which two covers, the solo piano For James Williams, and the new version of the title-track, recorded in february 2010. And now, by the same label, is out another album, It's Time, a trio with bassist Tom DiCarlo and the drummer Chris Brown, whereas the leader plays piano and kalimba. This CD features all Cowell compositions (but Max Roach's Abstrusions), particularly the Asian Art Suite (46 minutes). Recorded on december 2011.

As One For Two And Two Twos, Emanem restores an old View 1980 vinyl, re-released again as CD in 1994 by Konnex, that documents a studio august 1978 session, credited to a very notable quartet: John Stevens (drum set & voice), Paul Rutherford (trombone & euphonium), Evan Parker (soprano & tenor saxes) and Barry Guy (double bass & electronics). From the session were extracted five pieces (the fifth was absent from the vinyl), particularly 4,4,4 (18:30 minutes). Furthermore, this new re-release features six never issued live recordings, that come from november 1979 and january 1992 concerts, recorded as Rutherford/Guy and Stevens/Parker duos. Total CD time: 78 minutes.

Sky Road Songs (Enja) is the new album by Elliott Sharp's Terraplane, on which the leader plays mandocello, guitar & electronics, with Joe Mardin (vocals, drums, bass & chank guitar), Tracie Morris & Eric Mingus (vocals), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Alex Harding (baritone sax), Dave Hofstra (bass), Don McKenzie (drums) and yes! ex sideman to Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters Hubert Sumlin, on electric guitar. The 13 pieces were recorded on november 2011, but alas, while the album was being mixed, Hubert Sumlin died the month after, at 80.

Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Kent Carter (double bass) and Andrea Centazzo (drums set and percussion) performed live Lost In June. This concert, recorded on april 1977 in Milano, has been released now by Ictus. The CDr features seven lenghty pieces. The label, though, hasn't yet re-released the first Centazzo's album, the vinyl entitled just Ictus, that featured nine pieces recorded in april 1974. Centazzo, on percussions, wooden flutes, synthesizer and vocals, was accompanied by Armando Battiston on keyboards. Another Centazzo's unrereleased vinyl is Davanti E Oltre La Soglia, that documented live studio recordings on april and may 1974, performed by the leader on drums, with Maurizio Giammarco on sopranino sax and Alvin Curran as guest star on synthesizer. Still from Centazzo, In A Rainy Day (Ictus) documents a collaboration (on percussion, keyboard & sampling) with Roberto Ottaviano (on soprano sax). Recorded in june 2012, this release is mostly improvised. The two have been playing together since 1977.
Light Echoes (Cuneiform) collects six pieces (among which the final 28-minute Ancient Shorelines II) composed and recorded between august 2011 and february 2012 by Zombi's keyboardist Steve Moore, «cosmic music»-reminiscent.

21 September 2002, Hirshhorn Museum Washington DC (Cuneiform) documents a Christian Marclay's dj trio performance, live recorded at that time, the third after the self-titled and the Live Spor Festival 2007. It collects four untitled tracks, performed with Toshio Kajiwara and DJ Olive. The three used mixers, decks and turntables.

Intervention: Based On 60 Studies For Saxophone (FMR) features the trio of Paul Dunmall and Matt London on tenor sax, and Neil McGovern on alto & soprano saxes. Neil McGovern studied and worked through the music exercise book 60 Studies For Saxophone written by Paul Dunmall, whose result was this collaboration, collecting 13 different studies. There is also one solo by Mr. McGovern plus two improvised duos, with faster or slower tempos. Still by Dunmall, Golden Ocean (Rare Music) features the leader on tenor & soprano saxes, French pianist Sophia Domancich (who worked with Elton Dean and also with Hatfield & the North), Tony & Miles Levin (father and son) on drums. Dedicated to Tony Levin, dead in february 2011, the album was recorded on august 2010.

John McLaughlin releases a new album with his 4th Dimension: Now Here This (Abstract Logix), featuring the leader on electric and synthesizer guitars with Etienne Mbappe (bass), Gary Husband (keyboards) and the new indian drummer Ranjit Barot, who replaced Mark Mondesir. Eight new McLaughlin originals, for 40 minutes, recorded on december 2011.

Anthony Braxton's 19 [Solo] Compositions, 1988 has just been released by New Albion. 16 brief originals recorded in april 1988, plus 3 standards: Th. Monk's Round 'bout Midnight, Miles Davis' Half Nelson and You Go To My Head, composed by J. Fred Coots/Haven Gillespie.
Pyramids come back after 35 years! Otherworldly (Disko B) has been released after their European tours in 2010/2011. The lineup still sees founding members Idris Ackamoor and Kimathi Asante, with original member Bradie Speller, and special guest artists Kenneth Nash and Kash Killion. Recorded in summer 2011 at the studio of Faust krautrock band, this album contains 14 new pieces. Idris Ackamoor is on alto sax, Kenneth Nash on drum set and vocals, Kimathi Asante on electric bass, Kash Killion on basses and cello, and Bradie Speller on congas and Roland handsonic. Also all play percussions.

Actions (re-released by Intuition after the first rare Philips 1972 edition) features the Don Cherry's New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra, that gathered Manfred Schoof, Kenny Wheeler, Tomasz Stanko, Paul Rutherford, Albert Mangelsdorff, Gerd Dudek, Peter Brotzmann, Willem Breuker, Gunter Hampel, Terje Rypdal, Loes, MacGillycutty and Mocqui Cherry. Actions documents an october 1971 live concert, and features the suite Humus - The Life Exploring Force, and the Krzyztof Penderecki's Actions For Free Jazz Orchestra

Overview: 1996-2006 is a 2DVD+ 2CD released by Nine Winds that documents four hours of music by the Vinny Golia Large Ensemble (from 22 to 45 members). Golia presents three performances dated back to 1996, 2000 and 2006. First CD features the large ensemble live in Portland (Oregon) in 1996, with many solos and two conductors, mixing jazz and classical music. Second CD adds a string section, recorded live in L.A. in 2000. The two DVDs were filmed in 2006, on the same night between 31 march and 1 april.

The trio of Uchihashi Kazuhisa (guitar), Yoshida Tatsuya (drums) and Mishiba Satoshi (piano) recorded «live in studio» on july 2012 Deposition & Erosion, a Magaibutsu CD that features ten multi-tracked rock improvisations.

Unsounds releases the CD Live At Cafe Oto, on which Ex guitarists Terrie Ex and Andy Moor meet the duo Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Ken Vandermark (tenor sax and B clarinet). The quartet, under the name of Lean Left, recorded on september 2011 a concert from which they present two long pieces: Koevoet (31 min.) and Drevel (37 minutes). A mixing of jazz, rock and noise, largely improvised.

Cinema is a Fataka ltd ed. album that gathers an unusual and notable trio: Spring Heel Jack's John Coxon (electric guitar & prepared piano), Evan Parker (tenor sax) and Eddie Prevost (drums & cymbals). The namesake suite (55 minutes) was recorded live (mostly improvised) on march 2008.

At Oto is another Fataka ltd ed. that documents a live recording in february 2010 by John Butcher and Matthew Shipp. The set features four sections: two John Butcher solos: Curling/Charred for tenor sax, and Mud/Hiss for soprano sax; Fundamental Field, a 15-minute Matt Shipp piano solo, and the 30-minute Generative Grammar, a duo of Matt on piano and John on sax. Again from Butcher, Bell Trove Spools (from Northern Spy) is a solo performance on tenor and soprano saxes, recorded with no audience in two sessions (april 2010 at Richmond Hall, Houston, and november 2011 at Issue Project Room, NewYork). The reedist created ten pieces, but not only improvised, particularly the 11-minute Perfume Screech.
From Victo, an interesting Victoriaville Mai 2011, that, as title suggests, documents a performance live recorded at this date by a very notable quintet: Richard Pinhas (on electric guitar and electronics), Masami Akita (computer and electronics), and Wolf Eyes, i.e: Mike Connelly (electronics, electric guitar and tapes), John Olson (electronics and saxes) and Nathan Young (electronics and vocals). This album collects two pieces (48 and 10 minutes, respectively), mixing free-form sounds and dark, complicated improvisations.

Means Of Deliverance: Solo Acoustic Bass Guitar (from Innerhythmic) documents possibly the most personal Bill Laswell album to date, as title suggests. Performed entirely on a Warwick Alien fretless four-string acoustic bass guitar, which he has never recorded with, it collects ten new Laswell 2012 compositions.

?After their starting Electric Fruit, the trio of Weasel Walter (drums), Mary Halvorson (guitar) and Peter Evans (trumpet) presents Mechanical Malfunction (Thirsty Ear). Recorded on april 2012, this album features ten new pieces. Whereas the first album was quite totally improvised, this time the trio decided to create themes and structures to improvise on and around.

Pinkcourtesyphone is a Richard Chartier's' moniker, an alias he used since 1991; under this name he recorded two albums for Line and Room40. The first, Foley Folly Folio, released this year, features five pieces by the electronic composer (recorded during 1997, 2004 and 2011), three of which are over 20 minutes. The second sound installation is Elegant & Detached, also released this year. Again five long pieces, among which the 23-minute An Awaiting Room (For Tati)/Stars Fell.

The Rain Is A Handsome Animal: 17 Songs From E.E. Cummings, released by New Amsterdam, is the sixth Tin Hat album. Title says all: 17 compositions (some are lenghty) by American poet Edward-Estlin Cummings, musically interpreted by the current lineup, that sees veterans Carla Kihlstedt (here on violins, viola and bass harmonica, but, above all, she sings a lot) and Mark Orton (guitar, dobro, pump organ and prepared piano) supported by Ben Goldberg on clarinets and Rob Reich on accordion and piano. Recorded studio on may 2011, after two years of refinement.

Mother Tongue (Hobart ) is the new Muffins album, after their Palindrome, released in 2010 by Musea, with the latest lineup: bassist Billy Swann, drummer Paul Sears and multi-instrumentists Dave Newhouse and Thomas Frasier Scott. This time also play the guest stars Brian Sullivan (guitar), Doug Elliott (trombone), Keith Cottril (tuba) and Elaine Di Falco on vocals. Both the albums come from old sessions: Mother Tongue (extensively presented here by the band) and Palindrome (the group speaks here about it) were recorded on july 2008.

Mutable releases Richard Teitelbaum's Solo Live. The composer, on Kurzweil 2000 Sampler Keyboard, piano, bells, slide whistle, Crackle Box, and laptop, composed two pieces: Threshold Symphonies (35:30 minutes) is all played on a Kurzweil 2000 Sampler Keyboard and the samples used include nature sounds, old Moog synth sounds, music of many friends, western and non-western musicians, sounds made with Max/MSP software, and others. The 14:30-minute TBCi/bRT, instead, is an acoustic improvisation on piano, bells, slide whistle, and Crackle Box.

Again from Mutable, Particle Ensemble is the self-titled first recording by a project that gathers Thomas Buckner (baritone voice), J D Parran (bass saxophone, alto flute, bamboo flutes, mbira), Mari Kimura (violin) and Earl Howard (electronics, saxello). The ensemble performed live in concerts compositions and improvisations by its members. The three works on this release were all recorded live in concert and include a duo, a trio and a full quartet work: the 29-minute Earl Howard's Frond, the 23-minute J D Parran's Pundititis and the 26-minute Thomas Buckner & Earl Howard Duo Improvisation.

Leo releases simultaneously three Ivo Perelman's CDs. The first, The Clairvoyant, collects eight pieces recorded in june 2012, featuring a trio with Matthew Shipp and Whit Dickey. The second, Living Jelly, is another trio with Joe Morris and Gerald Cleaver, who played five lenghty pieces recorded in december 2011. The third, The Gift, is again a trio, with Matthew Shipp and Michael Bisio. They recorded ten pieces in july 2012.

The Passion Of Ramakrishna, released by Orange Mountain Music, is a september 2006 world premiere recording of Philip Glass. Glass penned this 45-minute oratorio for soloists, chorus and large orchestra, as a tribute to 19th Century Indian spiritual leader Sri Ramakrishna. Carl St.Clair leads the Pacific Symphony, Pacific Chorale and soloists Christopheren Numura (baritone), Janice Chandler Eteme (soprano), Kevin Deas (bass), I-Chin Feinblatt (alto), and Nicholas Preston (tenor).

Connected (Kranky) features a new collaboration between Oren Ambarchi on guitar and Robin Fox on electronics, both performing on various other instruments. The music on this album came about as the result of the two being asked to co-compose the soundtrack for a new production by renowned Australian contemporary dance company Chunky Move. 5 tracks.

Another Kranky release is Sketches From New Brighton, by Scott Morgan's moniker Loscil. Let's speak about it the composer: «Sketches From New Brighton is a continuation of a dialogue with my environment that started with First Narrows and continued with the Strathcona Variations EP. It is... a series of sketches, loose interpretations of the spaces I inhabit as well as an acknowledgement of their influence on my practice». The recording sees the collaboration of Jason Zumpano (electric piano) and Shane Nelken (guitar). Nine pieces.

Seirom is a new Maurice De Jong's moniker (better known as Gnaw Their Tongues), under whose name he already recorded four albums. The first, Eremitic, is presented as «some ambient/noise/experimental/noise/improv/soundscape music doesn't fit the other projects»; De Jong allows a streaming download from Seirom's site. The second is an EP, Seiromistkrieg, another digital album with three lenghty pieces, recorded with the collaboration of Mories (guitars, drums, bass, synth and piano) and celloist Aaron Martin. Another digital EP is Forest,, that collects three ambient works again with celloist Aaron Martin. And now Aurora Borealis presents 1973, a 2CD that collects 15 new De Jong pieces he describes as drone/experimental/post-black metal.

Unseen Worlds restores on vinyl Fifteen Saxophones, a very little known album from founding Philip Glass Ensemble member Richard «Dickie» Landry (sessionman in Music With Changing Parts and Music In Twelve Parts). After having recorded two LPs for Chatham Square, the live Solos (february 1972) and 4 Cuts (november 1972), Landry recorded this «solo set» of 1974 sessions, played on tenor sax and flute, released in 1978 by italian label Wergo. Fifteen Saxophones is a minimalistic work that collects three long pieces, processed along with Revox tape delays.

After having announced in 2003 their hiatus, Godspeed You! Black Emperor reformed in 2010 spending their time in several tours. And now they present the new vinyl Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (from Constellation), recorded in 2011 at various locations and presented on october 2012 at their concert in Boston. The album comes in CD and LP packages, and features two 20-minute tracks, Mladic and We Drift Like Worried Fire. Current personnel gathers Thierry Amar (bass guitar, double bass, keyboards), Aidan Girt (drums), Efrim Menuck and Mike Moya (electric guitar), Mauro Pezzente (bass) and Sophie Trudeau (violin), plus as guests David Bryant (electric guitar, dulcimer) and Bruce Cawdron (drums, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel).

Adikia (from Staubgold) is the new Ekkehard Ehlers work, recorded with a lineup comprising of Kai Fagaschinski (clarinet), Werner Dafeldecker (double bass), Paul Wirkus (percussion), Eva Reiter (viola da gamba, sub-contrabass recorder), Bjorn Gottstein (viola) and Todosch (vocals). The album contains the namesake track (27 minutes), composed in latest three years. The leader, as always, is on electronics.

Kippschwingungen (from Line) documents a Frank Bretschneider live performance, recorded in june 2007, when he was invited to compose music for the Subharchord, a subharmonic sound generator survived to this day only in three models. Bretschneider edited the original live recording and added new overdubs from sounds that remained from the recording session, creating a 37-minute version for this release.

Indirecto presents Free Magic: Live, new all-acoustic album by the trio Medeski, Martin & Wood. The rhythm section accompanies John Medeski playing piano, prepared piano, shruti box, melodica and mylotica. These five long tracks come from their archives of recordings documenting their first-ever acoustic tour in 2007. The trio presents extensively here this release.

September 2012: Long out of print Fly!Fly!Fly!Fly!Fly!, the MPS vinyl that documents a Cecil Taylor studio album recorded in september 1980, has been restored on CD by the same label. This was a solo piano session, eight originals, among which the 10-minute Rocks Sub Amba and the 9:30-minute The Stele Stolen And Broken Is Reclaimed.

Don Cherry's Organic Music Society, his live 1972 album, never reissued, is now available on CD/DoLP by Sweden label Caprice.

Universe In Blue, an old, forgotten Sun Ra album restored on vinyl by Saturn. Recorded in august 1971, this album features on side A the namesake suite. The lineup: John Gilmore (tenor sax); Marshall Allen (alto sax, oboe, piccolo, flute); Danny Thompson (baritone sax, flute); Pat Patrick (baritone sax, clarinet); Kwame Hadi (trumpet); Eloe Omoe (bass clarinet, piccolo); Akh Tal Ebah (trumpet); Lex Humphries (percussion); Alzo Wright (cello); June Tyson (vocals). The leader was on piano and synthesizers.

Another important restoring comes by Nessa, that presents Early Combinations, a vinyl collecting two old Art Ensemble Of Chicago compositions: the 21:39-minute A To Ericka  (september 1967) and the 22:47-minute Quintet (november 1967). The lineup: Roscoe Mitchell (alto & soprano saxes, clarinet, flute); Joseph Jarman (alto & sopranino sax, clarinet, flute, bassoon); Lester Bowie (trumpet, flugelhorn); Malachi Favors (bass); Thurman Barker (drums); and Charles Clark (bass), who though plays only on the first piece.

Last, but not least reissue, is the DoLP The Loadstar, credited to Max Roach, that saw the drummer with Billy Harper on tenor sax, Cecil Bridgewater on trumpet and Reggie Workman on bass in a performance recorded in Rome on july 1977, originally released on Italian label Horo. Two long pieces: The Martyr and Six Bits Blues, never studio recorded by Roach.

Richard Lainhart's Polychromatic Integers (released by Periphery as a ltd edition) documents unreleased material from 1986-1989 period, seven lenghty digital compositions (among which the final 17-minute Staring at the Moon) drone and minimalistic oriented, all performed on synthesizers computer-controlled. Lainhart, let's remember, started his career in 1971, when he composed on tape The Sun-Dog Trail. For a list of his complete works, go here; whereas he presents his discography here.

After the 2009 vinyl The New Nixon Tapes, two side-long pieces released by Roaratorio, and recorded live with Daniel Carter (on flute, trumpet and alto sax) and Ed Bear (on tenor sax), Talibam!, the duo of Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea, with the collaboration of Alan Wilkinson, releases Dem Ol' Apple Pie Melodies (released by Bo Weavil). Recorded in early 2009, this is a limited edition of 350 hand-numbered copies. Five pieces, among which the one-track B side Obamalamadingdong (19 min.).

Jazzwerkstatt released a new, quartet-only CD of original works by Rova Saxophone Quartet: A Short History, recorded in february 2003 and august 2011. The new album features The Blocks, by Steve Adams, To the Right Of the Blue Wall, by Jon Raskin, and above all Larry Ochs' three-part suite Certain Space (43 minutes), dedicated to, and inspired by Giacinto Scelsi, Cecil Taylor and Morton Feldman.

TUM releases Ancestors, a collaboration between Wadada Leo Smith and percussionist Louis Moholo-Moholo. The leader is on trumpet and percussions, whereas Louis also sings. The two composed and recorded on february 2011 five lenghty pieces, particularly the final and improvised title-track (26 minutes).

Abet?! is a ltd ed Split EP released by Terp, that features recordings made during the two saxophone projects The Ex did in Ethiopia. Trio side is a part of the concert with Ab Baars, Ken Van Der Mark and & Paal Nilsen-Love held on december 2009; flip side is Mats' Gustafsson solo performance on february 2011.

Matchless releases, as Volume 1 of a series, All Told, a complete performance by Eddie Prévost (drums), Evan Parker (tenor sax) and John Edwards (double bass), recorded at Network Theatre of London on may 2011, a 69-minute suite in two parts, largely improvised. Volume 2, released at the same time, is an untitled CD that features three lenghty pieces (14, 16 and 28 minutes respectively) recorded in the same Theatre on august 2011 by the trio of John Butcher (tenor and soprano saxes), Guillaume Viltard (double bass) and again Eddie Prevost (drums).
Michael Formanek releases his new album, Small Places, recorded in december 2011 and now released by ECM. The leader, on double bass, played in a notable quartet, the same of his previous The Rub And Spare Change: Tim Berne on alto sax, Craig Taborn on piano and Gerald Cleaver on drums and shruti box. The eight pieces alternate melodic themes with large improvisations, also as solos.

Eyvind Kang's Grass, released now by Tzadik, collects eight new compositions recorded in five years for solo piano, string quintet (Timb Harris on violin, the leader on viola, Janel Leppin and Mary Riles on cellos), with the collaboration of pianists Adrienne Varner and Steve Moore, Taina Karr on english horn and Moriah Neils on double bass.

Paul Lytton & Nate Wooley, with the collaboration of Ikue Mori and Ken Vandermark release The Nows (2 CD set released by Clean Feed ). Recorded in 2011, during two shows performed by the duo in their American tour.

After Ocean Fire, their first collaboration released by 12K in 2008, that documented seven lenghty live studio recordings, keyboardist Ryuichi Sakamoto and multi-instrumentist Christopher Willits come back with Ancient Future, released now by Ghostly Int., a vinyl that features six new pieces, built around a series of piano pieces that Sakamoto sent to Willits after their first recording.

Rimbaud, recorded in march 2012, is the latest John Zorn album (Tzadik), a suite inspired by the French writer, another chamber work that features a notable ensemble: the leader composed four lenghty pieces he played on samples, electronics, alto sax, piano, organ, guitar, drums and Foley effects. along with: Trevor Dunn (bass), Ikue Mori (laptop, electronics), Kenny Wollesen (drums), Mathieu Amalric (voice), Steve Beck and Stephen Gosling (both on piano), Erik Carlson (violin), Chris Gross (cello), Al Lipowski (vibraphone), Rane Moore (clarinet), Tara O'Connor (flute) and Elizabeth Weisser (viola), all conducted by Brad Lubman.

Jason Robinson (tenor & soprano sax, alto flute), with JD Parran (alto & contrabass clarinet, tenor sax), Marty Ehrlich (alto sax, bass clarinet, flute), Marcus Rojas (tuba), Bill Lowe (tuba and bass trombone), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Drew Gress (bass) and Ches Smith (drums) performed Tiresian Symmetry (released by Cuneiform). Nine new pieces, recorded in february 2012.

Ricerca Sonora released the vinyl Musiques Des Ailes/Winged Music, a collaboration/improvisation between Philip Corner, Michel Vogel and Phoebe Neville. The music was recorded in Paris, in june 1999. Side A features the 11-minute Trio the brief Michel Vogel Solo and the 7-minute Duo «Bataille» (with Corner & Vogel); Side B is a Trio 20-minute suite. Philip Corner and Michel Vogel play, while Phoebe Neville dances and plays the sound sculptures (bells and gongs) made by Michel Vogel. The sound alternates drones, silences and minimalisms.

Drummer Frank Rosaly, well known for his collaborations with Fred Longberg-Holm, Scorch Trio, Rolldown, Bob Mazurek and others, is at his second «solo» album: the mostly improvised vinyl Centering And Displacement, released by Utech. The 30-minute suite was composed between summer 2007 and early 2008. The source material was collected and orchestrated into a sound program. The drummer also was on electronics. His first album, let's remember, has been Milkwork, another vinyl released by Molk in 2009, another solo on which he also mixes electronics.

Peeesseye guitarist Chris Forsyth is also active as leader since 1998, when Bottom Feeder released his solo guitar recording For Linc & Abha. Afterwards the same label released Left & Right, a series of time-lapsed guitar duets with Ernesto Diaz-Infante recorded between june and august 1999. The same duo released again Wires And Wooden Boxes and March in 2002, and As Is Stated... Before Known in 2003, all mixing acoustic guitars and electronics. In 2003 PSI released his debut studio album The_Who Had Begun His Career, followed in 2004 by Black American Flag, two long pieces noise-oriented; in 2004 by the vinyl Golden Showers/Catastrophe of the Infinite Regress; in 2005 by Artificially Retarded Soul Care Operators, that collects 50 minutes of compositions recorded between 2003-2004. Incunabulum released his first solo, the Live Journal At The Mice Machine VIP Dance Floor, gathering seven pieces recorded in late 2007, featuring solo 12-string acoustic guitar, layers of organ, keyboards and drum machine. Dirty Pool, his second album as leader released by Ultramarine in 2009, documents a collaboration with keyboardist Edward Hansen, a foray in psychedelic rock. Dreams, recorded between 2007 and 2009, is a vinyl released by Evolving Ear, and documents a performance of minimalistic and improvised psychedelic rock, with the leader on guitars and organ, again Edward Hansen also on sax, and Nate Wooley on trumpet. After having recorded in fall 2008 the studio album Pestilence & Joy for the Peeesseye (this album includes contributions from Amsterdam-based folk dreamer Seamus Cater on harmonica, and Richy Midnight of Blackpool's own comedy reflux band Condor Moments on keyboards, vocals, and production), Forsyth released in 2011 the vinyl Paranoid Cat (by Family Vineyard), a foray in American roots traditions, performed with a band bringing together drummer Mike Pride, bassist Peter Kerlin, pianist Hans Chew (member of D. Charles Speer & Helix), pedal steel player Marc Orleans (Sunburned, D. Charles Speer, etc), Koen Holtkamp (of Mountains) on synths, and trumpeter Nate Wooley. The latest album is Kenzo Deluxe (by Northern Spy), that collects five compositions studio recorded in april 2012: 40 minutes of solo electric guitar.

News by Daniel Menche. Several labels released in two years three new albums. From Sub Rosa, Feral is a CD ltd ed. that documents the namesake four part suite (68 min.) recorded in 2010-2011, on which he keeps to elaborating his noise-droning compositions. Guts, released by Mego as CD and LP, comprising of another four part namesake suite (76 min.) recorded in summer 2011, features, states Menche, his «abused and thrashed piano noise». The vinyl Quanta Of Light (released by Touch) is another suite (40 min.) released in april 2012. Menche tell us that «the distortion on the run in groove on side a is intentional...». It's worth mentioning, finally, the Not On Label cassette Live Duties 1992-1993, that features two untitled compositions (24 and 23 minutes) documenting excerpts of live performances recorded in 1992 and 1993.

Many news by My Cat Is An Alien. Art Is a Tear Of Noise & Infinite Silence is a double LP released by Discrepant, on which brothers Opalio start a new musical phase, abandoning guitars and «space toys» for a new set of homemade string instruments and reassembled electronic devices, working with modified electronic devices, plus a double-bodied string instrument. 7 compositions, with neither overdubs nor outtakes, particularly the 20-minute Raga Of The XXII Century. Music For Phantoms: I-II-III 3 CD Box Set (released by Elliptical Noise) marked the official debut of namesake new project, totally acoustic (Maurizio Opalio on acoustic guitar and Roberto Opalio on classical guitar and field recordings), recorded in the mountains and only during the night. In november 2007 brothers Opalio released I,  first album of this collection, as a private CD-r of only 99 copies. On april and july 2010 they recorded the following II and III, presented for the first time in a 3CD box set. Under the name of Brothers From Another Space, Opalio brothers also released another 3CD box set: Alienacustica (released by Elliptical Noise), a collection of three completely acoustic works they composed, and released starting from january 2006 all in limited and sold-out editions: a soloist split LP, a private art edition CD-r, and an out-of-print CD. These pieces feature a different approach, playing classical and acoustic guitar strings, with Roberto's voice used as an instrument. Painting Petals On Planet Ghost, instead, is their project started with Ramona Ponzini, now at their fourth album, after the namesake album released in 2005 by Time-Lag (recorded in winter 2004) and the follow-ups Fallen Camellias (recorded in april 2006) and Haru No Omoi (recorded between winter 2004 and january 2009). Transparent Winter, the new CD released by Seven Solar Metals, features a musical approach between folk, psychedelia and drones. Ramona Ponzini sings in Japanese and plays metal and wooden Japanese wind chimes, whereas Maurizio Opalio is on acoustic guitar, and Roberto on mini keyboard, bodhran, alientronics, and wordless vocalizations. The same trio also penned Le Voci Del Buio, that documents a late-night session, on which they played classical & acoustic guitars to early 1800s homemade wooden string instruments, belonging to the rural tradition of the region. The sound alternates folk melodies, classical and noise moments.

Zs Score: The Complete Sextet Works 2002-2007 documents what title suggests: this 4 CD Box Set Ltd Ed of 1000 released by Northern Spy celebrates the ten years os Zs, the lineup gathering Sam Hillmer and Alex Mincek on saxes, Matthew Hough and Charlie Looker on guitars, Ian Antonio, Alex Hoskins and Brad Wentworth on drums. This album collects 40 pieces. Previous recording from members of the group was released by Northern Spy on november 2011: the double EP 33, that features four untitled compositions, with Ian Antonio on drums, Ben Greenberg on electric guitar and Sam Hillmer on tenor sax. In the meantime, sam Hillmer formed his first credited project, Diamond Terrifier; under whose name he recorded the vinyl Kill The Self That Wants To Kill Yourself (again released by Northern Spy), a solo sax with many overdubs.

The DoLP Needle Drop Jungle (released by Taiga) documents a january 2011 recording by Pauline Oliveros with her Deep Listening Band, i.e. Stuart Dempster and David Gamper. By the way, Gamper suddenly died on september 2011 at 66, and this has been his last session with the band. Needle Drop Jungle features four pieces, largely improvised. DLB history started on october 1988, with the recording session for their self-titled album.

Fron NoBusiness, two new albums. Hell-Bent In The Pacific is the latest Vinny Golia studio performance, recorded on late 2011 by the leader (here on tenor, sopranino and soprano saxes and clarinets) with Marco Eneidi (alto sax), Lisa Mezzacappa (acoustic bass) and Vijay Anderson (drums). The quartet presents 9 new pieces collective-composed. The vinyl Kampen, instead, is credited to another quartet: veteran Bobby Bradford (cornet), Frode Gjerstad (clarinets and alto sax), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums). This is a live concert, recorded in november 2010, that features four lenghty tracks.

Henry Flynt's Glissando No. 1 documents his fifth CD released by the label Recorded, and features the 28-minute title-track, a droning trance-tape composed in 1979, and the minimalistic 27-minute Stereo Piano, composed in 1978, played by Cathrine Christer Hennix on piano.

Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet present the vinyl Grapes And Snakes, released now by Pan as their first collaborative work, enterely performed on analog synths and tape manipulations. The two 20-minute tracks also are on an cassette edition, that, furthermore, features other two 20-minute works by the duo. Recorded in february 2010.

Coda (released by For WK) documents a new work by Stephan Mathieu, and, as title suggests, is a coda to A Static Place, his previous album releaased by 12K in 2011. A Static Place collects five pieces (four of ten, and one of twenty minutes) composed between december 2007 and october 2010 using early 78rpm records, mechanical-acoustic gramophones and computers. Coda, instead, is dedicated to Wilhelm Kempff, the pianist well known for his 1927 recordings of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 26 Les Adieux from a double 12" 78RPM set on Brunswick; these recordings are used here as input for an auto-generative process, using the original tones for the body of the work.

August 2012:

ECM presents Keith Jarrett's Sleeper, an unissued live performance recorded by the pianist in april 1979 with his European Quartet, otherwise known as Belonging: Jan Garbarek on tenor and soprano saxes, flute and percussion, Palle Danielsson on double-bass and Jon Christensen on drums. This is a 2CD set, that features seven pieces, all composed by Jarrett.

Vinyl Lovers restores Piano Recital (Teatro La Fenice In Venice), a «solo piano» Sun Ra concert performed on sepember 1977 by the musician, a rare recording on which he proposed his own material and improvisations. 11 pieces.

Braxton's Charlie Parker Project 1993: Live & Studio is a 2CD set restored by Hatology, on which the altoist (also here on sopranino and contrabass clarinet) performs - with Paul Smoker on trumpet, Ari Brown on tenor and soprano saxes, Misha Mengelberg on piano, Joe Fonda on bass and Han Bennink and Pheeroan Aklaff on drums - 13 bebop songs, 11 of which composed by Charlie Parker. But in fact, the themes were taken as occasions for large improvisations, as we can understand listening to the 15-minute Tadd Dameron's Hot House, or the 20-minute An Oscar For Treadwell and 12-minute Dewey Square (both by Parker). Recorded live and studio in october 1993.

Skirl released Smell The Difference, the third album from  Hilmar Jensson's Tyft project. The guitarist composed eight new pieces performed with Andrew D'Angelo (bass clarinet and alto sax), Chris Speed (clarinet and tenor sax), Peter Evans (trumpet), Jim Black (drums) and Joel Hamilton (electronics). Recorded in november 2008.

Jessica Williams' Songs Of Earth (released by Origin) collects seven new pieces by the pianist (but the John Coltrane's To Be), «live studio» recorded between 2009 and 2011. These are all extended piano solos, the follow-up of her more recent albums, that mark the return to original compositions. 55 minutes.

New Oren Ambarchi's album Sagittarian Domain (released by Mego) was recorded on may 2011. The leader (on guitars, moog bass, drums, percussion, voice) played in a quartet with Elizabeth Welsh (violin), James Rushford (viola) and Judith Hamann (cello) the namesake and only track (34 min.). The work, with many overdubs, is minimalistic and hypnotic-oriented.

Taiwanese Jazzhus, a vintage jazz reissue label, releases as first original recording: China Live 2011: In Beijing, a CD+DVD set that features Peter Brötzmann and his Improvising Ensemble of Qianxingzhe, with Xu Fengxia on zither, sanxian, and voice, Li Tiequiao on alto sax and Scandinavian spring flute, and Kristian Mondrup Nielsen on drums. DVD (93 minutes) includes two bonus tracks not on the 68 minute CD. Recorded in september 2011. Again from Brötzmann, the reedist, with Jason Adasiewicz, recorded on june 2011 a live concert in New York. Peter was on alto & tenor saxes, clarinet and tarogato; Adasiewicz was on vibraphone. From the concert have been now extracted three extended tracks on CD released by Brö, the leader's label, entitled Going All Fancy.

Mego restores on DoLP Harry Pussy's Let's Build A Pussy, their long out-of-print and very rare final album, originally released in 1998 by Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club label, after the band broke up, an hour-long piece of Bill Orcutt time-stretching a second of Adris Hoyos' voice. From Alan Licht's liner notes: «This album is a requiem, of sorts; Adris' opening one-second vocal noise has been variously termed a 'yelp' or a 'shout,' but I prefer to think of it as Bill and Adris' mutual last gasp, a band death-rattle. Put in a computer program, Adris' protracted utterance becomes, almost literally, 'the ghost in the machine'».

The trio of Stephen Cornford (electronics, amplified fibre-optic flower), Patrick Farmer  (upturned turntable, prepared cd players) and Jason Kahn (analog synthesizer, radio) presents Bristol, released on cassette by Pilgrim Talk. Recorded in february 2012 as a «concert studio» with an audience of about twelve (!), this 41-minute cassette is a complete, unedited recording of the gig.

Nightwork is a Futura Marge album recorded live on january 2010 by another trio: Evan Parker (tenor and soprano saxes), Barry Guy (bass) and Paul Lytton (drums and percussions). They performed two very long pieces: Cohobation (39 min.) and Cupellation (22 min.). Still by Evan Parker, Foxes Fox, his quartet debuted in 1999 with a self-titled, and continued with the 2004 Naan Tso, is at his third experience, a live album released now by PSI: Live At The Vortex, recorded in february 2007 with the same lineup, i.e. the leader on the tenor accompanied by John Edwards (bass), Steve Beresford (piano) and Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums), but also featuring as guest Kenny Wheeler on trumpet and flugelhorn. Three improvisation sets, particularly the first two, over 30 minutes. And again by Parker, his Electroacoustic Ensemble comes back with Hasselt (released by Psi), including founder members Barry Guy (double bass), Paul Lytton (percussion, live electronics), Walter Prati (live electronics, computer processing) and Marco Vecchi (sound processing, sound projection), this time with the collaboration of Lawrence Casserley (signal processing instrument, percussion, voice), Agusti Fernandez (piano, prepared piano), Joel Ryan (sample and signal processing), the FURT duo (electronics), Peter Evans (trumpet, piccolo trumpet), Ishikawa Ko (sho), Ned Rothenberg (clarinets) and debuting Peter Van Bergen (contrabass clarinets), whereas the leader is on soprano sax. Alternating real instruments and electronics, the music was recorded in concert in may 2010. As for the four tracks on this album, three are small groups, the fourth featuring a collective improvisation.

Longview (by Chadula) is a 2CD set that documents the latest Eugene Chadbourne studio creation. Recorded just on july 2012, it features the leader on vocals, dobro, belgique, electric guitars, guittaron, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, in a quartet with Scott Henderson (alto clarinet, mixing, synthesizer), Gary Cherwonka (pedal steel) and Thomas Heberer (trumpet). The pieces are 23 (among which some covers), brief and lenghty.

Cut The World is the latest Antony and the Johnsons album, released by Secretly Canadian. Recorded live on september 2011. This is a collection of live symphonic reworkings of recordings from four previous albums, performed with Danish National Chamber Orchestra «conducted» by the guitarist Rob Moose, that also features Thomas Bartlett (piano) and Erik Heide (first violin). 12 pieces, among which the unissued title-track,a song for The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic directed by Robert Wilson and staring Antony, Marina Abramovic and Willem Dafoe.

The Peira label releases Discus And Plumbing, new album by Fred Lonberg-Holm. The celloist recorded it with Swedish drummer Raymond Strid, performing eight lenghty studio pieces, largely atonal, dissonant and improvised.

Previously, the same label released 8 Syllables, a «trumpet solo» performance by Nate Wooley, a namesake track for 50 minutes. This is the first work in a series of pieces using the International Phonetic Alphabet to set the physical parameters of the trumpet. Extensive liner notes by the musician can be read here.

Reunion: Live in New York, until now unreleased, has been one of the latest Sam Rivers performances before his death in december 2011. Pi presents this 2CD set, recorded live in may 2007 with his trio, featuring Dave Holland on bass and Barry Altschul on drums (the leader was on tenor and soprano saxes, flute and piano). Fully improvised, each CD contains a continous set.

Charles Mingus: The Jazz Workshop Concerts 1964-65 (Mosaic). This six-CD box set includes a disc-and-a-half  of previously unreleased music, including three never-before-issued compositions. Musicians featured include saxophonists Eric Dolphy, Charles McPherson and Clifford Jordan, trumpeter Johnny Coles, pianist Jaki Byard and drummer Dannie Richmond. As credits state, «five of the tunes from the April 4, 1964 performance at Town Hall in New York have never been available before. The lineup of Dolphy, Jordan, Coles, Byard, and Richmond also performed in Amsterdam on April 10. The 1964 Monterey show in September features trumpetist Lonnie Hillyer, Charles McPherson on alto sax, Jaki Byard on piano and Danny Richmond on drums, expanded by six pieces for Meditations, including John Handy Red Callendar, Buddy Collete and Jack Nimitz. In may of 1965, in Minneapolis, he was back to the five-piece Monterey lineup. That last date includes a great rarity, never before on record: Copa City Titty (aka O.P.), recorded only once before on an obscure Japanese big band record. Mingus's abbreviated 1965 Monterey set features an octet with Hobart Dotson, Jimmy Owens, Hillyer, McPherson, Julius Watkins, Howard Johnson and Richmond. Only two of the four pieces were issued on obscure compilations». Mosaic's box set includes an essay and track by track analysis by Mingus biographer Brian Priestley, an essay on the listory of Charles Mingus Enterprises and rememberances by Sue Mingus and many rare photographs from the concerts. Limited edition of 7500.

Greenleaf releases Dave Douglas' Be Still, performed by the reedist with his quintet: saxophonist Jon Irabagon, pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Linda Oh and drummer Rudy Royston. Album credits report to be something of a ballads project, consisting of hymns and ballads, but with three new Douglas' pieces. Guitarist vocalist Aoife O'Donovan also collaborates.

News from Cuneiform. 1) Living By Lanterns is an unusual project that gathered a lineup of ten notable musicians: Greg Ward (alto sax), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax), Tomeka Reid (cello), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Joshua Abrams (bass), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), Mike Reed (drums, electronics) and Nick Butcher (electronics). They recorded New Myth/Old Science, on which they perform music inspired by a previously unknown recording of Sun Ra. Commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio (ESS), the music is one of several projects created in response to material contained in ESS's vast Sun Ra/El Saturn Audio Archive. The work was premiered at Chicago Jazz Festival in september 2011 and then studio-recorded. 2) Ahleuchatistas' Heads Full Of Poison, their seventh album , is a sonic brew that reveals new flavors, new spices with every aural taste. The duo of Shane Perlowin (guitar and bass) and Ryan Oslance (drums) recorded this album over two years, with many studio editing and improvisations (but drums are with no overdubs). 3) Sister Death is 7th album by Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores. Listen to the leader: «I spent about 6 years writing for this record. I've trashed dozens of tunes along the way. This record is probably the most accessible of our releases so far. I spent a lot of time obsessing over kraut-rock, space rock and psychedelic rock on the past few years, so that influence is bound to be felt. I've tried to move away from the Eastern European/Gypsy sound... we've always tried to change things up as we went. Probably the biggest change in our sound is the addition of Orion on the Acetone Top 5 organ and vocals. These latest songs have been built around the keyboard and accordion, but it still sounds like us. Some things simply don't change. My melodic obsessions and idiosyncrasies remain imbedded in the music, and I suppose they always will be».

MMM Quartet, formed by Joelle Leandre (double bass), Fred Frith (guitar), Alvin Curran (electronics, piano) and Urs Leimgruber (soprano & tenor saxes) presents the Leo album Live At The Metz' Arsenal, recorded in november 2009, a performance divided in the long Part One (45 min.) and the brief Part Two (7 min.), largely improvised.

Roaratorio releases the vinyl Scraps And Shadows, seven pieces recorded live in may 2011 by the duo of Joe McPhee (tenor & soprano saxes, pocket trumpet) and Chris Corsano (drums), their second experience after Under A Double Moon.

John Zorn's Rimbaud (released by Tzadik) is an eclectic suite inspired by revolutionary French writer Arthur Rimbaud, a chamber suite in four parts. As always, the lienup is very notable: Trevor Dunn (bass), Brad Lubman (conductor), Ikue Mori (laptop, electronics), Kenny Wollesen (drums), Mathieu Amalric (voice), Steve Beck (piano), Erik Carlson (violin), Stephen Gosling (piano), Chris Gross (cello), Al Lipowski (vibraphone), Rane Moore (clarinet), Tara O'Connor (flute), Elizabeth Weisser (viola). The leader, this time, is on samples, electronics, alto sax, piano, organ, guitar, drums and foley effects). Recorded on march 2012.

Another Tzadik release is Barisshee, recorded in may 2011 by Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar, effects) and Tatsuya Yoshida (drums, sampler, wave drum, voice); 12 pieces largely improvised, that also mix noise, surf, blues, jazz and rock.

Henry Kaiser plays six and seven string Teuffel Tesla electric guitars with Killick Hinds (on quartertone seven-string Teuffel Tesla electric guitar) in Teuffel Tesla Duets (released by H(i)nds(i)ght). Eight pieces, among which the 29-minute Lamarck, recorded in may 2012.

HI 4 Head releases Mining The Seam: The Rest Of The Spotlight Sessions, that gathers studio recordings from the may 1977 sessions of No Fear album by John Stevens (drums), Trevor Watts (sax) and Barry Guy (contrabass), but not as Spontaneous Music Ensemble. All of these tracks were never previously released.

Italian label B13 restores two Guru Guru live performances. 1) Live in Wiesbaden 1972, that gathered vocalist and drummer Mani Neumeier, guitarist Ax Genrich and Bruno Schaab, the bassist who took the place of Uli Trepte (who later joined Neu! and Faust). This album features two extended tracks, the 28-minute Oxymoron and the 23-minute Baby Cake Walk. Limited edition 500 copies. 2) Live in Wiesbaden 1972/1973, instead, features the 37-minute Ooga Booga, Round Dance and Das Zwickmaschinchen. From the same label, Kraftwerk: Live 1975/1981, is a vinyl that features Kometenmelodie 1 &2, recorded live in Paris during the Autobahn tour by the classic Schneider/Hutter/Bartos/Flur lineup. Side B was recorded live in Utrecht in 1981 shortly after the release of Computer Welt, and features several hits.

Two new Martin Archer albums by Discus. Serpentine is his third release recorded with Julie Tippetts (here on voice, chimes and amplified doll's house). The leader, on electronics, keyboards and woodwind, was also accompanied by Pete Fairclough (drums, percussion and washboard) and Gary Houghton (lead, rhythm and glissando guitars) and others. Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, instead, comes from an improvising rock project «referencing the keyboard improvisations of Terry Riley, Krautrock style exploration, plus contemporary electronic and orchestral music via extensive use of strings and voices». The leader (on organ, electric piano, laptop, saxophones, bass clarinet) performed with Chris Bywater (organ, synthesizers, laptop, acoustic and electronic percussion, electric violin), Radio Massacre International drummer Steve Dinsdale (also on synthesizer), Walt Shaw (percussion, electronics) and Terry Todd (bass guitar), plus La Garotte String Quartet, The Divine Winds (Martin Archer, Mike Ward, Mick Beck, Geoff Bright, Herve Perez, all on saxophones) and well known ensemble Juxtavoices (25 members).

Intakt releases Plays Monk Piano Solo, an Alexander von Schlippenbach reinterpretation of famous Thelonius Monk compositions, on which he, between his starting Reverence and final Epilogue, alternates  10 reworkings with brief Interludes of his own. It'w worth mentioning, particularly, a 7-minute reinterpretation of Brilliant Corners. Studio-recorded on november 2011, this revisitation isn't though the first for the pianist. Intakt already released Monk's Casino, a 3CD box set of Thelonious Monk's complete works from Alexander von Schlippenbach, recorded in june 2003 and february 2004 together with the band Die Enttäuschung, featuring the leader on piano, Axel Dörner on trumpet, Rudi Mahall on bass clarinet, Jan Roder on bass and Uli Jennessen on drums.

Erstwhile presents Christian Wolff/Keith Rowe, which, as title suggests, features a collaboration between the John Cage collaborator (here on guitar and piano) and the British guitarist (also here on electronics). This is a 47-minute suite, their first ever full-length duo set, recorded on september 2011.

July 2012:

British saxophonist George W. Lowen Coxhill, better known as Lol, one of the most influential jazz and jazz-rock musicians in forty years, died on 10 july at 79, after six months of serious illness.

Tzadik releases John Zorn's Abraxas, vol. 19 in the Book Of Angels series, recorded with Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz on gimbri, with guitarists Eyal Maoz and Aram Bajakian (who recently played in Lou Reed's new band) and drummer Kenny Grohowski. 10 new pieces, quite brief.

Important released two new Deep Listening Band albums, both recorded mostly in january 2011: Octagonal Polyphony sees the trio of Stuart Dempster (trombone and didjeridu), Pauline Oliveros (tibetan bell and Roland V accordion), and the late David Gamper (tibetan and other bells, conch, piano, flutes and percussion) in two side-long improvisations. Also with the trio there's vocalist Laos Cowbell. Great Howl At Town Haul sees instead Stuart Dempster on breath conch, didjeridu, contrabass trombone, trombone, toys, little sounds, duck call, voice, Sing-a-Ma-Jigs, David Gamper on breath conch, piano, flutes, toys, little sounds, Sing-a-Ma-Jigs, and Pauline Oliveros on Roland V accordion, Sing-a-Ma-Jigs, voice, little instruments. Four lenghty pieces, particularly the 19-minute Great Horned Howl.

AUN: The Beginning And The End Of All Things is a soundtrack released by Ash International as the Christian Fennesz's score of the namesake film written and directed by the Austrian Edgar Honetschläger, that tells the story of mankind's quest for the future. 15 tracks recorded between 2010 and 2012, but three of them already were released on Cendre, a duet-album with Christian Fennesz on guitar and laptop and Ryuichi Sakamoto on pian and laptop, recorded between 2004 and 2006.
Miles Davis's Bopping the Blues has been one of his earliest sessions, the very first known in a band, recorded in october 1946 with vocalists Earl Coleman and Ann Baker, pianist Linton Garner, guitarist Connie Wainwright, bassist Tommy Potter, tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons and drummer Art Blakey. This session is now restored on vinyl by Black Lion. The titles, never re-recorded later: Don't Sing Me The Blues (2 takes); I've Always Got The Blues (three takes); Don't Explain To Me Baby (four takes); Baby, Won't You Make Up Your Mind (three takes).

The trio of Takeo Moriyama (drums), Masahiko Satoh (piano) and Peter Brötzmann (alto & tenor saxes, tarogato and clarinet) recorded on november 2011 the CD Yatagarasu, released by Not Two. It features four pieces, two brief and two long: the 26-minute title-track and the 30-minute Icy Spears.

David Ware's project Planetary Unknown, that debuted in november 2010 with a self-titled, presents his Live At Jazzfestival Saafelden 2011, released by AUM Fidelity. The quartet, also comprising of pianist Cooper-Moore, bassist William Parker and drummer Muhammad Ali, made this showcase in august 2011, performing three extended improvisations. This was the quartet's second live performance, after the world premiere at Vision Festival 16 in New York (june 2011).

The quartet of Mika Vainio, Kevin Drumm (both on electronics), Axel Dörner (trumpet and computer) and Lucio Capece (soprano sax, bass clarinet and shruti box) presents Venexia (released by Pan). Previously, Vainio and Capece collaborated on Trahnie, an album they worked on between 2006-2008, and released in 2009 by Mego. Venexia, instead, was recorded on may 2008, as a multitrack after mixed by Capece with minimal edits.

Reedist Josh Berman, formerly a member of Jason Adasiewicz' Rolldown, formed his Gang, a notable project comprising of the leader on cornet, Jeb Bishop on trombone, Guillermo Gregorio on clarinet, Jason Stein on bass clarinet, Keefe Jackson on tenor sax, Jason Adasiewicz on vibes, Joshua Abrams on bass and Frank Rosaly on drums. They debuted with There Now (Delmark), that gathers five covers of early jazz standards and three originals by the leader.

Reunion 1990: Live In Reggio Emilia, Italy is a 2 CD set released by DominoRec, that documents an unissued radio broadcasting recorded in april 1990 by the same quartet led by Ornette Coleman that 31 years earlier had recorded The Shape Of Jazz To Come: the leader played with Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Billy Higgins. But the quartet, let's remember, reunited already in february 1987 to record In All Languages. These 2 CDs feature several pieces from different eras of Ornette's career, for more than 100 minutes.

Rhodri Davies (harps), Michel Dondeda (soprano sax), Louisa Martin (laptop), Phil Minton (voice) and Lee Patterson (amplified objects & processes) recorded in january 2009 Midhopestones, released now by Another Timbre. This album features four lenghty compositions.

Antripodean Collective's pianist Marc Hannaford has been very active in recent years. After Polar, he collaborated with trumpetist and composer Paul Willamson's Inside Out to record in december 2010 In Cahoots, on which also played Sam Zerna (double bass) and James McLean (drums). Lost City, instead, was recorded in march 2009 with Anton Delecca Quartet: Marc Hannaford (piano), Danny Farrugia (drums), Jonathan Zion (acoustic bass), Anton Delecca (tenor sax). Anton Delecca formed the original quartet in mid '98, debuting with Flow. Sarcophile (recorded in october 2011) marked the debut release from Hannaford trio, also featuring Sam Pankhurst (double bass) and James McLean (drums). The music stems from research into Elliott Carter's piano music, in particular, 90+ and Night Fantasies. The latest album, Ordinary Madness, recorded in june 2011, gathered a notable lineup: Tim Berne (alto sax), Scott Tinkler (trumpet), Simon Barker (drums) and Phil Rex (bass). This album features three lenghty pieces.

Burkhard Stangl's Greifer: New Music For 3 Zithers (released by Idyllic Noise), features old works by Manuela Kerer, Helga Pogatschar, Burkhard Friedrich, Christian Wolff and Burkhard Stangl, played on zither by educator Reinhilde Gamper, composer Leopold Hurt and Martin Mallaun. Among the pieces, by the leader, we can listen to his 1960's Mellow, his homage to Morton Feldman for three zithers; by Christian Wolff his 1934's Snowdrop; by Leopold Hurt his 1979's Sekblei and Echolot, for three and two zithers, respectively.

After his Octet, Harris Eisenstadt comes back again with Canada Day, and presents III, recorded on march 2012 and released now by Songlines. The lineup is the same: the drummer, who composed all of new eight pieces, played with Nate Wooley (trumpet), Matt Bauder (tenor sax), Chris Dingman (vibraphone) and Garth Stevenson (bass). This album also features several «solos» from the musicians.

In His Good Time was an Ogun vinyl recorded at home in november 1977 by Chris McGregor, a collection of eight «piano solos» now restored as CD with other 5 pieces. Along with his two recitals for the French Musica label, recorded in june 1977 and long since disappeared, this is the only solo recording by McGregor, that features original works and arrangements of traditional South African folksongs.

Live In Beirut (released by Al Maslakh) documents a concert recorded in july 2005 by the duo Peter Brotzmann (tenor sax, tarogato and clarinet)/Michael Zerang (drum set, darbuka and percussion). Performance fatured four pieces, particularly the 30-minute Illusion Of Progress.

Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet presents Stellar Pulsations (released by Delmark), featuring Angelica Sanchez on piano, Matthew Lux on bass, John Herndon on drums and the leader on cornet. 7 new Mazurek compositions.

3Lobed releases the vinyl Glacial, a trio collaboration between guityarist Lee Ranaldo, David Watson (here on highland bagpipes), and drummer Tony Buck (the Necks). This studio session, recorded in november 2005, is in two 21-minute installments. David Watson, let's remember, debuted with the quartet Afternoon Saints in The Shirley Jangle, along with Lee Ranaldo, Gunter Mueller and Christian Marclay, recorded in may 2001 but eleased only in 2009 by K-RAA-K.

Trieste-born (1971), but raised in Colorado and now, after several travels in India, New-York based composer and alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa is one of the most prominent figures of jazz music in 2000's. Yatra, the debut album, was recorded in june 1994 (while he was still in graduate school in Chicago), featuring Larry Kohut (bass), Jerry Steinhilber (drums), Jim Trompeter (piano) and Ryan Schultz (bass trumpet); Steve and Ornette Coleman influenced, the sound also shows his bonds with Indian music. After several collaborations as sideman, among which Clark Terry and Vijay Iyer lineups, in april 2002 he recorded his second album as leader: Black Water (released by Red Giant), composing 11 pieces played on alto sax with François Moutin (acoustic bass), Elliot Humberto Kavee (drums) and Vijay Iyer (piano), largely improvised. Listening to the following Mother Tongue, recorded in june 2004, we can discover the influence of carnatic saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath (the lineup was the same of Black Water), more melodic-oriented. Mauger, the project started with Mark Dresser (bass) and Gerry Hemingway (drums), recorded The Beautiful Enabler on december 2006 (released by Clean Feed). It features seven lenghty pieces, not easy listening, composed by the trio. Raw Materials, a collaboration with Vijay Iyer released by Savoy Jazz, was recorded in october 2005, and features 13 pieces, quite brief, more melodic and accessible. Codebook, recorded in april 2006, marked the return to a quartet, with bassist François Moutin, drummer Dan Weiss and again Vijay Iyer. All nine lenghty pieces were composed by Mahanthappa. Apti, released by Innova, was recorded in several sessions in 2008, featuring musical forms of South Asia, improvised by a trio with Pakistani-American guitarist Rez Abbasi and tablaist Dan Weiss. Well known project Kinsmen started as a collaboration with Kadri Gopalnath, innovator of Indian music who brought the sax to Indian classical music. Also featuring the Dakshina Ensemble (bassist Carlo De Rosa, veteran drummer Royal Hartigan, guitarist Rez Abassi and mridangam player Poovalur Sriji), the ten pieces, composed by the duo, were recorded in november 2007 and released by PI. Dual Identity is a live album recorded at Portugal's Braga Jazz Festival in march 2009 with altoist Steve Lehman released by Clean Feed, that also features guitarist Liberty Ellman, bassist Matt Brewer and drummer Damion Reid. The duo presents compositions from their repertoire. Apex is a collaboration with altoist Bunky Green, featuring Jason Moran on piano, Francois Moutin on bass and drums, and the other drummers Damion Reid and legendary Jack DeJohnette. Released by PI, this album was recorded in april 2010 and features several «solos» by the players, particularly the 16-minute Journey. The project MSG, an international collaboration with percussionist Chander Sardjoe and bassist Ronan Guilfoyle, released (for Plus Loin label) Tasty! in 2011, but recorded on september 2006. Although released by ACT Company in 2011, Samdhi, the latest Mahanthappa's album, was recorded on october 2008. The altoist, this time, is in a unusual quartet, with drummer Damion Reid, bassist Rich Brown, kanjira and mridangam player Anantha Krishnan and David Gilmore as guest on electric guitar.

ugEXPLODE released an Untitled CD credited to the trio of percussionist Weasel Walter, Damon Smith (here on electric upright 7-string bass, computer laptop and field recordings) and guitarist Sandy Ewen. They recorded this album on november 2011, performing eght lenghy pieces, classical and free-jazz oriented.
Eliane Radigue's Vice-Versa, Etc..., already re-released in 2009 by Important, is presented now by Alga Marghen as a DoLP, along with Feedback Works, that features the complete documentation of Eliane Radigue sound installations from 1969-1970. These previously unpublished recordings include: Omnht (composed in 1970 for the architectonic spaces of the visual artist Tania Mouraud titled One More Night)); Usral, composed in 1969 and given in public as sound environment for a sculpture by Marc Halpern; and Stress Osaka, conceived at the International Fair in Osaka in 1970.

Greek label Thessaloniki releases Fêlure, the second collaboration between Pascal Battus and Alfredo Costa Monteiro, after their Ductile, recorded in august 2007 as a CDR ltd edition, an album for paper & microphones performed without no processing or effects, fifty minutes of raw sound. Fêlure, instead, recorded in july 2010 as a CD ltd edition, features Pascal Battus on «rotating surfaces» i.e. sounds sourced from frictions, and Alfredo Costa Monteiro on «amplified paper», i.e. sounds produced by amplified paper. A work of noise and concrete music.

All Is Silence (on Nothings66) is the new Ametsub album, recorded over four years. It features twelve new pieces, mostly quite brief, and basically melodic, with large use of field recordings.

Fred Lonberg-Holm project Chicago-based Fast Citizens, formed in 2002, presents their third recording: Gather (released by Delmark). With a rotating leadership, now the group features Aram Shelton (alto sax, clarinet, cornet), Keefe Jackson (tenor sax, bass clarinet, reed trumpet), Josh Berman (cornet), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, tenor guitar, cornet), Anton Hatwich (bass, trumpet) and Frank Rosaly (drums, pocket trumpet). Previously, let's remember, they released, always for Delmark, Jackson's Ready Everyday (recoreded from july 2005 and july 2006) and Shelton's Two Cities (recorded on january 2009). Gather includes seven new pieces, recorded on june and july 2011.

Ëmëhntëhtt-Ré is a 2CD set recorded between january 2007 and september 2009 by Magma, comprising of the long suite Zünd (over 100 minutes). Christian Vander's group features a new lineup, with bassist Philippe Bussonnet, the leader on drums, vocals, piano, electric Fender Rhodes, keyboards, percussion, Bruno Ruder on electric Fender Rhodes, James Mac Gaw on guitar, Benoît Alziary on viubraphone, and vocalists Hervé Aknin, Isabelle Feuillebois and Stella Vander. And now, Felicte Thosz (released, as the previous, by Seventh) is their new album in three years, recorded between september 2011 and april 2012. Quite brief this time, with the 28-minute title-track (a 10-part suite) and the 4-minute Les Hommes Sont Venus, both composed by Vander, this recording sees the same lineup, with the leader on drums, vocals, piano and glockenspiel. Although recorded in the latest years, both of these albums were written by Vander during the 1970s.

Phoenix restores on vinyl Improvisation Sep. 1975, originally released by Iskra, an old recording credited to Toshi Ichiyanagi (Yoko Ono's former husband), Taj Mahal Travellers founder Takehisa Kosugi, and Stockhausen percussionist Michael Ranta. An album of drone improvisations.

June 2012:

The Iceberg Quartet (released by FMR) is the debut album by the namesake Paul Dunmall project; the saxtenorist, here with Sam Wooster on trumpet, Chris Mapp on contrabass and Mark Sanders on drums, recorded on december 2011 three long pieces. Again Paul Dunmall and Mark Sanders play together, with guitarists Philip Gibbs and Hasse Poulsen, on His Life And Sayings (still by FMR), recorded in march 2011. Again three long pieces. And Paul Dunmall, with drummer Steven Davis and bassist Dave Kane, is the leader on Clown, another FMR release, on which he also plays bagpipes. This time, though, four of the five pieces were composed by Steven Davis, particularly the 17-minute My Old Bike. This is an old unissued session, recorded in 2001.

European-New York Quintet is the new project by the multi-instrumentalist Günter Hampel, who presents his daughter Cavana Lee on vocals, along with Johannes Scheleiermacher (tenor sax), Andreas Lang (bass) and Bernd Oezsevim (drums). Trailblazer, a 2 CD set ltd ed. released by Birth, is their first album. The leader is on vibes, bass clarinet, flute & compositions.

Philip Glass' Symphony No. 9 (released by Orange Mountain) was composed on commission from the Bruckner Orchester Linz, and received its world premiere at Carnegie Hall on january 31, 2012, the 75th Glass' birthday. Written for large symphony orchestra with expanded brass and percussion, this recording is conducted by Glass' long-time collaborator Dennis Russell Davies.

Wah Wah restores Electronic Mind Wave by Elektriktus (Andrea Centazzo's moniker), originally released in 1976 by the PDU label. This is a collection of nine songs kraut/cosmische oriented, recorded between 1973 and 1976.

Ray Anderson's Sweet Chicago Suite is an Intuition album performed by the trombonist with his Pocket Brass Band: Lew Soloff on trumpet, Matt Perrine on sousaphone and Bobby Previte on drums. Let's listen to Ray: «The Sweet Chicago Suite is both a musical description of Chicago in the 60's and a reflection on my coming of age... The piece meditates on the many powerful forces that buffeted and educated me: my family, the counter-culture of the time, pervasive racism and the civil rights movement, Chicago Police, Blackstone Rangers (a gang of youths, somewhere between a self-appointed militia for protecting residents and the mafia), Vietnam, High School, girls and, of course, music». Anderson composed and performed the six movements of Sweet Chicago Suite for the order of Chamber Music America in 2001. CD version was instead recorded on may 2010.

Templars - In Sacred Blood, is the new Tzadik album by John Zorn. As always, his lineups gathers notable performers. This time, after having composed words and music (eight new pieces) over a year, he recorded it between october 2011 and january 2012, accompanying as conductor Mike Patton (voice), John Medeski (organ), Trevor Dunn (bass) and Joey Baron (drums). This is his sixth CD in the Moonchild legacy. By Zorn, Tzadik also released The Hermetic Organ (recorded december 2011), the first volume documenting Zorn's solo organ improvisations, coming from a new series of solo organ concerts in churches around the world.

Again from Tzadik, World Of Odd Harmonics is the latest Ned Rothenberg solo-clarinet album, nine new pieces, lenghty and brief, recorded on august 2010.

New World releases In Our Name, the latest Annea Lockwood's work, that brings together three works: Jitterbug (28:36), commissioned and composed in 2007, a work for six-channel tape, a “mixer,” and two live performers, recorded in january 2012; In Our Name (11:55), which came about between 2009 and 2010, conceived for voice, cello, and pre-recorded sound on tape, recorded in january 2011; and Thirst (20:18), composed in 2008, a four-channel electro-acoustic work. Studio sessions were performed by: David Behrman (zither, psalter, rattle, rainstick and processing), John King (electric guitar, viola and processing), William Winant (percussion and tape), Thomas Buckner (baritone), Theodore Mook (cello and tape), Simone Fatta (narrator), Kristin Norderval (soprano and tape).

The duo Cecil Taylor/Pauline Oliveros presents Solo, Duo, Poetry, a DVD released by Independent, recorded live on october 2008. Each of musicians performed a solo set, plus a first-time ever duo performance. While Taylor, obviously, was on piano, Pauline Oliveros this time played accordion. The two also sing.

Nine Winds released Low and Inside; (Close Call Anyway...), subtitled Music for Baritone Saxophone, latest Vinny Golia's album on which he plays baritone sax and tubax in an octet, with Gavin Templeton (alto sax), Dan Rosenboom (trumpet), George McMullen (trombone), Alex Noyce (electric guitar and effects), Ken Filiano (acoustic bass), Matt Mayhall (drums) and Brian Walsh (e-flat and bass clarinet). Recorded in may 2009, the CD features ten lenghty pieces.

Heiner Goebbels' Stifters Dinge (released by ECM) is a 12-piece album recorded in october 2007. The performance mixes sounds, tones, noises, voices and texts. Goebbels speaks about it as «a composition for five pianos with no pianists, a play with no actors, a performance without performers, with sound sources – ranging from Bach to chants of natives of New Guinea to Greek folk song, and overlapping voices of, amongst many others, Claude Lévi-Strauss, William Burroughs and Malcolm X».

And as for ECM, at long last, it's done! Terje Rypdal's Odyssey, the famous DoLP recorded in august 1975, was later reissued as CD, but, to fit in one CD, ECM left out the most important piece, Rolling Stone, now again available in this new 3CD set. Furthermore, we also can listen an unreleased work, Unfinished Highball, a june 1976 radio recording that documents the Norwegian guitarist’s work for his Odyssey quartet and the Swedish Radio Jazz Group. Pat Metheny's Unity Band (from Nonesuch) marks the guitarist's return with a quartet, the Unity Band. For the first time in more than 30 years, Metheny features a tenor sax, after his debuting ECM recordings from 1980/81. The lineup: Pat Metheny (electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synth, orchestrionics); Chris Potter (tenor and soprano saxes, bass clarinet); Ben Williams (acoustic bass); Antonio Sanchez (drums). 9 new pieces recorded on february 2012.

Minimal restores on vinyl Till The Old World's Blown Up And A New One Is Created, a 2008 CD mostly recorded in march 2005 by a notable trio: Martin Brandlmayr (drums, percussion, vibraphone, computer and piano), Werner Dafeldecker (double bass, tape delay and computer) and Christian Fennesz (electric and acoustic guitar and computer). This suite features several improvisations  reworked into three brief tracks, one edited by each member of the trio.

Cape Flyaway (from ReR) is the new Biota's album, recorded between spring 2009 and spring 2012 by William Sharp (here on electronics and mixing). The lineup: Kristianne Gale (voice, guitar), Gordon Whitlow (organ, accordion), Tom Katsimpalis (guitars, clavioline), Mark Piersel (guitars), David Zekman (violin, mandolin), Larry Wilson (percussion), Steve Scholbe (rubab, guitar), James Gardner (trumpet), Randy Yeates (keyboards), Charles O'Meara (piano) and Randy Miotke (Rhodes, accordion). 21 pieces, mostly brief, presented after 5 years of work.

With The Charles Mingus Quintet & Max Roach, Doxy restores an old, forgotten live performance recorded on december 1955 (it was released by Fantasy in 1956 as Mingus At The Bohemia) by the bassist with the Max Roach lineup, that also gathered Willie Jones (drums), Mal Waldron (piano), and George Barrow (tenor sax). Among the pieces, A Foggy Day and Love Chant, later debuted on Pithecanthropus Erectus, and Haitian Fight Song, later studio recorded on The Clown.

Fire! the Mats Gustafsson project (see july 2011 review) comes back with Oren Ambarchi and presents his third release: In The Mouth - A Hand (by Rune Grammofon, whose CD edition has 1 track not included on the LP edition). The lineup sees Gustafsson on tenor sax, fender rhodes, organ, live electronics; Johan Berthling on electric bass; Andreas Werliin on drums and the guest guitarist Oren Ambarchi. Recorded on october 2011, this album features fourt lenghty pieces, particularly the 23-minute And The Stories Will Flood Your Satisfaction (With Terror).

Presented by ESP as performed by «Pharoah Sanders Quintet & Pharoah Sanders with Don Cherry Quintet or Paul Bley Quartet or Sun Ra Arkestra And His Solar Arkestra», In The Beginning: 1963-1964 is a 4CD set that also includes Live At Judson Hall December 30 & 31 1964. The set documents the first recordings of Pharoah Sanders, prior his collaboration with John Coltrane. Disc 1 contains two previously unreleased sessions from 1963 and' 64 respectively led by Don Cherry and Paul Bley; Disc 2 features Pharoah's debut date as a leader for ESP-Disk; Disc 3 & 4 gather the first issue ever of the complete the December 30 and 31, 1964 Sun Ra at Judson Hall concerts (Sanders' only known recordings with the Arkestra).

300 basses is the new Alfredo Costa Monteiro project, a «trio accordion» with Jonas Kocher and Luca Venitucci. After live recordings in 2010, they released for the label Potlatch their debuting Sei Ritornelli, recorded on november 2011. Venitucci and Monteiro also used objects on the session.

Hairy Bones, the Peter Brötzmann project, presents Snakelust (by Clean Feed). The saxophonist played with Toshinori Kondo (trumpet, electronics), Massimo Pupillo (electric bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums). This is a 53-minute one-track album, recorded live on august 2011.

Moon Fish (by Clean Feed), is the starting album by The Fish, the new Jean-Luc Guionnet project, recorded live by the trio in february 2010. Jean-Luc Guionnet (on alto sax) played with bassist Benjamin Duboc and drummer Edward Perraud, performing three lenghty pieces, largely improvised.

Another project presented by Clean Feed is Platform 1, which recorded on may 2011 Takes Off. The lineup gathers Magnus Broo (trumpet), Steve Swell (trombone), Ken Vandermark (tenor sax and clarinet), Michael Vatcher (drums) and Joe Williamson (bass). 7 pieces.

Credited to the duo Steve MacLean/Chris Cutler, but with also the collaboration of singer Julie Thompson, The Year of the Dragon (released by ReR) documents five songs and four instrumental pieces recorded in summer 2011 by the trio. MacLean is on guitar, prepared guitar, piano, electronics, software devices, whereas Chris Cutler plays drums and flotsam. Vocal parts by Julia were added later, alongside additional parts played by Frank Gross (bassoon), Michael Bierylo (laptop, samples, circuits) and Titus Abbot (bass clarinet and sax).

The 2CD set Sounds From Dangerous Places documents the new Peter Cusack work released by ReR. This project, as title suggests, collects sounds from sites which have sustained major environmental damage. These 150 minutes of «non-music» feature 76 brief sound recordings. From several years Cusack is interested in field recordings, as in his previous Favourite Beijing Sounds, recorded in september 2005, that collects 30 compiled sounds. Cusack, let's remember, started his career in jazz and rock music, when in 1974 he formed the duo A Touch Of The Sun with clarinetist Simon Mayo, recording in 1975 Milk Teeth. Before he collaborated to Fred Frith's Guitar Solos (july 1974). Later he recorded another Guitar Solos of his own (june 1976), as follow-up for the live After Being In Holland For Two Years (another guitar solo recorded in april 1976). Other live solos were recorded again in 1977. Credited to Cusack, Groups In Front Of People (recorded live in january and march 1978) gathered the guitarist with Evan Parker (soprano and tenor sax), Guus Janssen (piano), Maarten Altena (bas) and Terry Day (drums). The famous Alterations, by namesake group, was another live experience, recorded in may and june 1978 with David Toop (flute and percussion), Steve Beresford (piano, guitar and violin), and Terry Day (percussion and cello). Alterations came back with Voila Enough!, studio recorded between october 1979 and march 1981 with the same lineup; and Up Your Sleeve (live recorded from january to march 1980); and again with My Favourite Animals (recorded in september 1984). Then, the group disbanded, and Cusack sterted another project, Kahondo Style, with Alan Tomlison (trombone and saxes), Clive Bell (flute and accordion), Max Eastley (percussion and violin), David Holmes (percussion and clarinet), Sianed Jones (violin), Stuart Jones (cello and trumpet), and Kazuko Hohki (vocals and bagpipes). They recorded in 1985 My Heart's In Motion and Alternate Cake, and the final Green Tea And Crocodiles in 1987. He started in the 2000s his collaboration with the London Musicians' Collective, with his first environmental recordings. The Horse Was Alive The Cow Was Dead collects 46 fields, mostly recorded between 1998 and 2000.

Dragon, released by PNL, documents a live album recorded on november 2010 by the trio of Bobby Bradford (cornet), Frode Gjerstad (alto sax and clarinets) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums). 6 pieces, mostly improvised.

Prolific Keith Fullerton Whitman presents Occlusions (subtitled Real-Time Music For Hybrid Digital-Analogue Modular Synthesizer), a Mego CD conceived as a framework for a multi-channel, freely-improvised piece of live electronic music, performed without pre-recorded materials. The two realizations were recorded during february 2012.

By the duo Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love, Letter To A Stranger (released by Smalltown), is a studio album recorded on january 2011. Ken Vandermark was on tenor and baritone saxes and clarinets; Paal Nilssen-Love on drums and percussion.

Harris Eisenstadt's Canada Day, his quintet project, enlarged this time with Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ray Anderson (trombone), Dan Peck (tuba), Matt Bauder (tenor sax), Chris Dingman (vibes), Garth Stevenson (bass) and Jason Mears (alto sax), comes back with Canada Day Octet (released by 482 Music) The leader is on drums & compositions. This album consists primarily of a four-part suite, The Ombudsman, written for quintet but expanded here by adding background material to solo sections and to introductory and concluding improvisations. Recorded on december 2011.

Peter Zummo, with Arthur Russell, Bill Ruyle, Rik Albani and Guy Klucevsek, presents Zummo With An X... Plus! (released by New World), that features the complete version of Lateral Pass (1985) and a previously unissued performance of Song IV for a quintet which includes Guy Klucevsek. Song IV (1985, from the Suite Six Songs), was a trio version of the final song from the four-song suite composed for the Trisha Brown Dance Company's Lateral Pass, a continuous tabla-and-amplified-cello groove with trombone (with voice multiphonics) and vocal (Russell) melodies and harmonies. Performed here by Zummo, trombone; Bill Ruyle, tabla; and Arthur Russell, amplified cello and voice. Instruments (1980) is a composition in seven movements for duet, trio and quartet, recorded in 1982. No further processing was added. Performed by Zummo, trombone; Rik Albani, trumpet; Bill Ruyle, marimba; and Arthur Russell, cello.

The Ex' Y'Anbessaw Tezeta (i.e. In Memory Of The Lion) is their new album, released by Terp after several recording sessions (from december 2011 to may 2012). The group played with 76 year old tenor saxophonist Getatchew Mekuria and several «friends», among which Xavier Charles (clarinet), Ken Vandermark (baritone sax, bass clarinet), Brodie West (alto sax), Joost Buis and Wolter Wierbos (both on trombone), Colin McLean (bass), Melaku Belay (dance). The album comes with an extra CD, with some historical recordings, including Getatchew and the Instant Composers Pool (ICP), Haile Selassie 1 Theatre Orchestra (recorded in 1960!) and a live performance with The Ex in Montreal. Let's remember the lineup: Arnold de Boer (trumpet), Terrie Hessels (guitar), Andy Moor (guitar), Katherina Bornefeld (drums).

May 2012: p class="p1">FMR released a Tribute To Tony Levin, performed by the trio of Paul Dunmall (on tenor & soprano saxes, flute and bagpipes), Phil Gibbs (guitar) and Paul Rogers (7 string bass), dedicated to later lamented UK drummer. The trio recorded in june 2011 seven pieces, particularly the 21-minute No Time Like The Present.

Nosferatu is the new John Zorn album, released, as always, by Tzadik. Recorded in june 2011, this studio performance features Rob Burger on piano and organ, Bill Laswell on bass, Kevin Norton on vibraphone, drums, orchestral bells and Tibetan prayer bowls, and John Zorn on piano, alto sax, fender rhodes and electronics. Zorn composed 16 pieces, mostly brief, for a stage production of Bram Stoker's classic vampire tale, released on 100th anniversary of Stoker's death.

Victo presents the 2CD set Solo + Trio Roma, credited to Peter Br”tzmann. The reedist recorded these performances live on may 2011. On first CD he's solo, performing four pieces (particularly the 25-minute Frames Of Motion) on clarinet and alto & tenor saxes. Second CD documents the 70-minute Music Marries Room To Room, on which Peter is in a trio with Paal-Nilssen-Love (drums) and Massimo Pupillo (electric bass). Still by Peter, Mayday (released by Corbett vs. Dempsey) is a 2track EP recorded on may 1966 at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival, with Br”tzmann on alto and baritone saxes, Peter Kowald on contrabass and Pierre Courbois on drums.

Double Tandem is a trio formed by Ab Baars (tenor sax, Bb clarinet, shakuhachi), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums, percussion) and Ken Vandermark (tenor sax, Bb clarinet), which debuted with Cement (relased by PNL), a live album recorded on september 2011. The trio improvised three pieces, among which the 30-minute Shale.

Hexentrio (released by Intakt) is credited to Hexen Trio, i.e. Paul Plimley (piano and voice), Barry Guy (bass and voice) and Lucas Niggli (drums and voice). Trio's origins go back to february 1994 in Vancouver when Paul Plimley worked with Barry Guy to record the CD Witch Gong Game, a large ensemble composition of Barry's written for the NOW Orchestra. Subsequently they played some duo concerts and recorded their first duo album: Sensology. The 17 pieces of Hexentrio were recorded during their 2012 European tour.

Corbett vs. Dempsey restores two unissued Joe McPhee's performances. The first, Sound On Sound, is a 2-CD set recorded on 1968/69 and 1970/73 and collects all solos: on the first CD, Joe is on tenor sax, toy piano, toy percussion, recorder; on the second, he plays tenor and soprano saxes, space organ, flute, feedback, kalimba, echoplex and percussion. The other album is another 2CD set: Live At Vassar 1970, featuring the Joe McPhee Quintet on first CD: Joe McPhee (tenor sax); Byron Morris (alto sax); Mike Kull (piano); Tyrone Crabb (electric bass); Bruce Thompson (drums); and the Ernie Bostic Quartet on the second: Ernie Bostic (vibraphone), Otis Greene (alto sax), Herbie Leaman (Hammond B3), Charlie Benjamin (drums).

Thirst Ear released Black Music Disaster, self-titled debut album performed by a notable lineup: Matthew Shipp on Farfisa organ, J Spaceman and Spring Heel Jack's John Coxon on electric guitars, and Steve Noble on drums. They recorded in february 2010 a single 38-minute track, psychedelic, hypnotic and indie-oriented. Very curious are the origins of the name, listen to Matthew Shipp: ®William Parker had mentioned to me about a negative review of a concert William had done with Cecil Taylor and Anthony Braxton in Italy in which the reviewer referred to the concert as a "black arts disaster". Everyone thought that was funny and by the time the story got around through Chinese whispers it had changed to black music disaster, at which time we all looked at each other and said that is a great name for a CD!¯

ECM's Saltash Bells documents the latest work by John Surman. The reedist presents a solo performance, recorded in june 2009 and march 2011. Ten new pieces on which he plays soprano, tenor and baritone saxes, alto, bass and contrabass clarinets, harmonica and synthesizer.

Ictus reissued Concerto Per Piccola Orchestra, credited to Andrea Centazzo and Franz Koglmann, long out of print after its first edition as DoLP 1984 by Cjant. It was recorded live in june 1983, as a 7-movements concert. A very large italian ensemble (25 musicians) collaborated to the performance. Centazzo and Koglmann, let's remember, collaborated since the december 1980 Mitteleuropa. As for Koglmann discography, are still unrereleased: his debuting Flaps, recorded in a quartet with Steve Lacy on april 1973; Opium/For Franz, recorded again with Lacy on december 1975; and About Yesterday's Ezzthetics, also recorded with Lacy in a quintet with Fritz Hauser, Klaus Koch and italian oboist Mario Arcari on april 1987, and released by hat Art.

Elliott Sharp recorded in july 2011 Aggregat, now out by Clean Feed. Sharp plays tenor and soprano saxes and electric guitar, presenting 12 pieces, among which the Sonny Rollins Nucular, accompanied by double bassist Brad Jones, member of the Jazz Passengers, and drummer Ches Smith.

Ivo Perelman recorded two new albums released now by Leo. The first, The Passion According To G.H., has been performed with the Sirius Quartet, a string ensemble with Gregor Huebner and Fung Chern Hwei (violin), Ron Lawrence (viola) and Jeremy Harman (cello). The second, The Foreign Legion, is the follow-up of Family Ties, on which Perelman plays with pianist Matthew Shipp and drummer Gerald Cleaver. No other infos are available until now.

Alon Nechushtan, with Mark Dresser (double bass), Steve Swell (trombone), Oleg Raskin (alto sax), Ned Rothenberg (bass clarinet), Robert Dick (bass flute), Marcus Rojas (tuba), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Okkyung Lee (cello), Briggan Krauss (baritone sax), Henry Kaiser and Elliott Sharp (electric guitars) recorded Dark Forces (Creative Sources). Former Israeli-based pianist and composer, Alon Nechushtan, after his first CD, a Klez-like recording on the Tzadik Radical Jewish Composer Series, the last year he had a fine piano trio disc on Buckyball, and now, for this disc, is listed as composer and producer only. The pieces are not named, and they often deal with strange textures and atmospheric sounds.

Evan Parker & GGRIL (Grand Groupe Regional d'Improvisation Liberee) recorded Vivaces (released by Tour de Bras). Recorded live in concert on april 2011. Le GGRIL features a dozen musicians which worked with various guest directors such as Jean Derome and Jo‰lle L‚andre. Evan Parker is the conductor, and also plays soprano & tenor saxes; the band gathers Raphael Arsenault and Catherine S. Massicotte (violin), Antoine Letourneau-Berger (percussion, clarinet), Olivier D'Amours and Robert Bastien (electric guitars), Eric Normand (electric bass), Brigitte Lacasse and Robin Servant (accordion), Luke Dawson (contrabass), Gabriel Rivest (tuba) and Scott Thomson (trombone). Three lenghty pieces, among which the 25-minute Bouturage.

Chris Corsano presents his solo Cut (released by Hot Cars Warp), that collects 19 recordings, using a single drum set augmented by various re-purposed metal objects, modified reed instruments and bowed strings stretched across drums. Recorded at various locations and dates between 2008 and 2012.

PI releases Tomorrow Sunny/The Revelry, Spp, the new Henry Threadgill album by his Zooid project, that gathers Jose Davila (trombone and tuba), Liberty Ellman (acoustic guitar), the new Christopher Hoffman (cello), Elliot Humberto Kavee (drums) and Stomu Takeishi (acoustic bass). Threadgill is on flutes and alto sax. The music is ®counterpointed¯ but, as always, much improvised. The six pieces are all composed by Threadgill.

Denman Maroney and contrabassist Dominic Lash recorded on october 2011 All Strung Out, released by Kadima. With his well known hyperpiano, Maroneypresents new nine improvisations. Dominic Lash debuted his career in 2008, performing until now in 6 albums, as sideman and composer.

April 2012:

Teddy Charles, famous vibraphonist and pianist that played mainly in `50s with, among others, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Charles Mingus, died in april 16, at 84.

Slam presents Raahe '99, a recently discovered live recording of Paul Rutherford. The trombonist performed a totally improvised and no-stop concert (as 53 minutes, the title of the only track, presented in 3 movements) with George Haslam (baritone sax and tarogato), Samuli Mikkonen (piano), Uffe Krokfors (double bass) and Mika Kallio (drums). Recorded in july 1999.

On last march, Meredith Monk premiered Realm Variations, her new work for six voices and mixed ensemble, featuring the members of the San Francisco Symphony with MM & Vocal Ensemble. Divided into three distinct sections or «realms» that interweave as the work progresses, Realm Variations initially highlights the high treble sound of the piccolo, balanced by the contrabass clarinet and bassoon. The viola, French horn, harp and violin, as well as six members of MM & Vocal Ensemble comprise the rest of the chamber ensemble. Let's listen to the vocalist: «The work is cast as a multi-sectional single movement. The variations are not classical in the sense that a single theme is viewed from various perspectives; these variations unfurl kaleidoscopically, as the realms interpenetrate». Studio recording, though, isn't scheduled yet. Instead, on april 14, at Bastyr University Chapel in Kenmore (WA), Meredith premiered Wedding March, with the Solaris Vocal Ensemble, a four vocals trios (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) conducted by Giselle Wyers. The soloists: Hyun-Ja Choi, on organ, and Richelle Scanlan (tympani). Again, let's listen to Meredith: «I first wrote Wedding March in 1993 for my friends Jill Johnson and Ingrid Nyeboe, performing it as a solo for voice and organ. In 1994 I reworked the piece for chorus and drum to be performed as a processional in my site-specific work, American Archeology #1: Roosevelt Island. Two years later I included the piece in A Celebration Service, commissioned by Union Theological Seminary. For Solaris Vocal Ensemble, I re-imagined the piece for twelve voices, and added several new vocal lines to further expand the textures and colors of the work».

Another very important world premiere (performed for the first time across three nights on october 2011) is Ten Freedom Summers, a 21-part work based on the American civil rights movement, composed by Wadada Leo Smith with his Golden Quartet and Southwest Chamber Music (9 performers conducted by Jeff von der Schmidt). The lineup sees Leo Smith as composer and trumpetist, playing with Susie Ibarra (drums), Anthony Davis and Angelica Sanchez (piano), Pheeroan akLaff (drums) and John Lindberg (bass). Mostly composed in 2009 and 2010, studio version is now presented by Cuneiform as a 4CD set.

News by Paul Dunmall. His Asunder Trio's The Lamp (by Kilogram) features Paul on tenor & soprano sax, Hasse Poulsen on guitar and Mark Sanders on drums. Recorded live in march 2011, it gathers three long pieces. Danish guitarist Hasse Poulsen worked with Frode Gjerstad, Louis Moholo, Marc Ducret and Bertand Denzler. Instead, Dunmall' Realisation Trio's Salt Dolly (by FMR) sees Paul on tenor & soprano saxes & bagpipes, Nick Jurd on bass and Jim Bashford on drums. This is the second disc from the Trio, recorded in august 2011. Ten pieces, among which the 16-minute title-track.

Evan Parker's Foxes Fox - Live at the Vortex (released by PSI) is a february 2007 concert recording at London's legendary Vortex, with Evan on tenor sax, Steve Beresford (piano), John Edwards (double bass) and Louis Moholo-Moholo (percussion), with special guest Kenny Wheeler (trumpet & flügelhorn) joining the band for the second set. Three pieces, two of which over 30 minutes.

The quartet Anla Courtis (electric guitar)/Okkyung Lee (cello)/C. Spencer Yeh (violin)/Jon Wesseltoft (harmonium) presents the vinyl Cold Burn (by Feeding Tube), a live drone performance recorded in Oslo, during an Aurora Borealic night of january 2010.

Leo releases Live At The Metz' Arsenal, by MMM Quartet, that gathers Joëlle Leandre (double bass), Fred Frith (guitar), Alvin Curran (electronics and piano) and Urs Leimgruber (soprano and tenor saxes). This is a 52-minute live performance, recorded on november 2009, completely improvised.

After a 2005 first edition, Barking Hoop rereleases now Frozen Rope, by String Trio of New York (James Emery on acoustic & soprano guitars, John Lindberg on double bass and Rob Thomas on violin) joined by Oliver Lake (alto sax). This studio session, recorded in december 2004, consist of two pieces by Lake, one by Lindberg, one by Emery and the famous Trane's cover Lonnie's Lament.

Complete Remastered Black Saint Recordings restores, in a 6 CD box-set, all of World Saxophone Quartet albums released by the historical label. It's a good occasion to listen to David Murray, Hamiett Bluiett, Oliver Lake and Julius Hemphill in several rare LPs: Steppin' With, WSQ, Revue, the two Live In Zurich (without Murray, recorded in november 1981 at Jazz Festival in Zürich) and At Brooklyn Academy Of Music (recorded in december 1985); and the studio album Moving Right Along, recorded in october 1993 again without Murray, but with guest altoists James Spaulding and Eric Person.

Frank Wright (on tenor sax and bass clarinet), James 'Blood' Ulmer (on electric guitar), Benny Wilson (on bass) and Rashied Ali (on drums) play together in Blues For Albert Ayler: Live 1974, an ESP album that is a Frank Wright's tribute concert titled Blues For Albert Ayler in a 6-part suite. Recorded live at Rashied Ali's club on july 1974.

Frank Lowe (tenor sax) Joseph Jarman (soprano sax), The Wizard (Raymond Lee Cheng) on violin, William Parker on bass and Rashied Sinan (drums) present The Lowesky (again from ESP), the unreleased beginning portion (38 minutes) of a 1973 Frank Lowe concert that was released as bonus material on the recent edition of Black Beings (ESP). This extended track, titled The Lowesky, is set in a five part suite form.

Marzette Watts & Company, with Sonny Sharrock (guitar), Byard Lancaster (alto sax, flute and clarinet), Clifford Thornton (trombone and cornet), Karl Berger (vibes), Juney Booth (bass) and J.C. Moses (drums) play in Marzette Watts (ESP). Marzette Watts recorded this album on december 1966, notably the opening 18-minute Backdrop For Urban Revolution.

John Butcher (on tenor and soprano saxes) and percussionist Mark Sanders are protagonists of Daylight, an Emanem CD that collects three pieces, all unreleased until now, recorded in concerts, the first, the 30-minute Ropelight, on may 2010, the other two (6-minute Flicker and 19-minute Glowstick) on february 2011. The music is quite totally improvised.

Form the same label, Haste, recorded again in february 2011, is another concert performed by the trio of pianist Veryan Weston with Ingrid Laubrock (soprano and tenor saxes) and cellist Hannah Marshall. Again three unreleased pieces, the first two 27 and 23 minutes, respectively.
Guitarist John Abercrombie recorded in september 2011 Within A Song (ECM) with his quartet, comprising of Joe Lovano (tenor sax), Drew Gress (double-bass) and Joey Baron (drums).

The trio of Nate Wooley (trumpet), Christian Weber (bass) and Paul Lytton (percussion) presents the ltd ed. vinyl Six Feet Under (released by NoBusiness), studio recorded on november 2009. All compositions are by Nate Wooley, Christian Weber and Paul Lytton. 5 lenghty pieces.

Barry Guy's The Thing recorded METAL!, a DoLP performed by Mats Gustafsson (baritone, tenor and slide saxes), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Barry Guy (basses) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums). Antother NoBusiness ltd edition, recorded live at Saint Catherine's Church in Vilnius, on april 2011.

The duo Albert Beger (tenor and soprano saxes)/Gerry Hemingway (drums and percussion) performed There's Nothing Better To Do (by OutNow). This is the result of a night stand in Tel Aviv. The two played together live for the first time ever. Albert Beger (Saxophone) and Gerry Hemingway (Drums and percussion), walked the shared path together, carefully stepping on stones with bare feet, absorbing the heat of the sand and the freezing water. There were no notes written prior to this encounter, nor a conversation between the two, but the two didn't need any of them.

Peter Brotzmann recorded The Worse The Better Live At Cafe OTO on january 2010 (this is a OTO-Roku LP). Cafe OTO is a concert venue operating in Dalston, East London, specializing in various strains of avant-music: free jazz, song, electronics etc. OTO have been professionally recording various shows on and off since the venue opened in 2008. Their plan is to start releasing some of these recordings in vinyl editions. Available in a deluxe vinyl edition Performed by the trio of Peter Brotzmann on sax, Steve Noble on drums and John Edwards on bass. It was also the first time this trio had played together.

March 2012:

Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet), Jason Roebke (contrabass), Brian Labycz (electronics) played on Colectivos (released by Peira), limited edition that consists of 5 group improvs and 6 pieces, noise and experimental oriented, written by either Mr. Gregorio or Mr. Roebk. 49 minutes, studio recorded in 2010.

New World presents Granular Modality, the more recent work by Earl Howard, whose liner notes were written by Anthony Davis. This album gathers: Bird 3 (20 minutes, recorded on march 2006), a solo work for Kurzweil, and features the composer on synthesizer; Strasser 60 (20 minutes, recorded on november 2009) is the other Kurweil solo on the recording; 2455 (11 minutes, same session) is a work for alto sax featuring the composer.; this piece follows his work on 5 saxophone solos; Crupper (16 minutes, same session), that features Miya Masaoka on koto with the composer on synthesizer.

Ben Vida, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Greg Davis present Esstends-Esstends-Esstends (released by Pan), on which Ben Vida explores cross-control voltage-integrated improvisation and real-time automatic group composition; five spatial compositions that use intoned pitch combinations to produce difference tones and harmonic distortions. Limited edition of 500 copies. Composed and recorded from february 2010 to april 2011.

Drag City presents the vinyl Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace/Live 1976, a previously unreleased live recording on which later lamented guitarist performed seven tunes on oud and guitar, plus the rhythm ace, an early drum machine rarely used.

Bill Frisell's Floratone, the guitarist 2005-born project with drummer Matt Chamberalin, comes back with II, released by Savoy; the lineup comprises again of trumpeter Ron Miles and violinist/violist Eyvind Kang, plus, this time, Mike Elizondo on electric/acoustic bass and Jon Brion on keyboards and samples. The sound alternates melodic themes and abstract dissonances, with rock and jazz forays. As their first album, II was recorded over a two-years period.

Monotype CD I Am Sitting In Phill Niblock's Kitchen (premiered on april 2008) is the new If Bwana album, a 45-minute suite performed by the leader Al Margolis playing it back with kitchen noises and ambient sounds of the space and passing traffic along with it, with pianist Dan Warburton, well known for his performances with Jean-Luc Guionnet and Eric La Casa, among others.

With Age Of Energy (from Northern Spy), Chicago Underground Duo presents their 6th album. Rob Mazurek here is on cornet, electronics and voice, whereas Chad Taylor plays drums, mbira, electronics, and drum machine. Composed during 2009 when the duo toured the East and West coasts, most of the material was recorded live with very few overdubs. Computers, keyboards and drum machines pulse alongside ancient instruments like the african mbira. Four pieces, recorded on december 2010 and june 2011, particularly the starting 20-minute Winds And Sweeping Pines.

Lee Ranaldo with Nels Cline and Alan Licht (all guitars), John Medeski (keyboards), Steve Shelley (drums) and Jim O'Rourke play together in Between The Times And The Tides (a Matador vinyl), the new solo album from the Sonic Youth guitarist. 10 pieces indie and jazz-rock oriented, recorded between january and july 2011.

Mark Stewart's The Politics Of Envy (released by Future Noise) is available as LP, CD and CD Deluxe (that includes the bonus CD Experiments EP). Stewart's new album features a notable lineup: ex Clash/PiL guitarist Keith Levene, Blank Generation's newwaver Richard Hell, Lee Scratch Perry, Raincoats' Gina Birch, Slits' Tessa Pollitt, Jesus And Mary Chain's Douglas Hart, Massive Attack's Daddy G and all of Primal Scream.

Kihnoua is a San Francisco based ensemble formed by Larry Ochs in 2007, whose The Sybil's Whisper has been released now by Metalanguage; it was recorded on october 2011. Larry Ochs plays tenor and sopranino saxes with Dohee Lee (voice, hand drum), Wilbert Dejoode (bass) and Scott Amendola (drums, electronics). This music switches from sounds and structures of jazz to very ancient sounds of Korea and other folk-music/blues influences of Asia, Africa and the USA. Guest musicians added to the band for performances and recording have included Zeena Parkins, Carla Kihlstedt, Joan Jeanrenaud, Fred Frith, William Winant, Devin Hoff, and Trevor Dunn. 4 lenghty pieces.

Pianist Brad Mehlaud presents is new Ode, 11 pieces recorded between november 2008 and april 2011. He's accompanied by Larry Grenadier on bass and Jeff Ballard on drums. Ode follows his Modern Music, a collaboration between pianist Kevin Hays and composer/arranger Patrick Zimmerli, that features pieces written by each of the three musicians as well as works by Steve Reich, Ornette Coleman, and Philip Glass, performed by the two pianists in arrangements by Zimmerli and recorded on october 2010; before, Brad recorded (february and may 2009) Highway Rider, a 2CD of original works by Mehldau with drummer Matt Chamberlain, saxophonist Joshua Redman, and a chamber orchestra. The same Ode trio was joined on december 2005 by Pat Metheny's guitars (that composed half of the pieces), for recording of Quartet.

Ballister's Mechanisms (from Clean Feed) is the follow-up of their Bastard String, and gathers again Dave Rempis (alto, tenor and baritone saxes), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello, percussion) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums, percussion). They present a november 2010 live recording: three pieces, particularly the 28-minute Roller Nuts.

Intakt releases Fred Frith's Cosa Brava The Letter, an album recorded between june 2010 and august 2011 with Frith's lineup, on which the guitarist is accompanied by Carla Kihlstedt (violin, bass harmonica, voice), Zeena Parkins (accordion, keyboards, foley objects, voice), Shahzad Ismaily (bass, voice), Matthias Bossi (drums, percussion, mayhem, voice) and William Winant (concert bass drum). The CD gathers 11 new songs composed by Frith.

Ken Vandermark's Resonance Ensemble comes back with What Country Is This? (by Not Two). All compositions, by Ken, were recorded on march 2011. Ken played baritone sax & Bb clarinet with his ensemble: Per-Åke Holmlander (tuba), Magnus Broo (trumpet), Michael Zerang and Tim Daisy (drums), Devin Hoff (bass), Mikolaj Trzaska (alto sax & bass clarinet), Dave Rempis  alto & tenor saxes), Waclaw Zimpel (Bb & bass clarinet) and Steve Swell (trombone). Three lenghty pieces, particularly the starting 19-minute Fabric Monument.

Can's Doko E is a FPK&S vinyl that documents an unreleased studio recording from the Future Days sessions in 1973, a two-part suite (36 minutes) that features Holger Czukay on bass, Michael Karoli on guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on percussion, Irmin Schmidt on keyboards, and Damo Suzuki on vocals. The performance is largely improvised.

Trilok Gurtu (percussion, vocal) and Simon Phillips (drums) present 21 Spices (released by Koch). Also performed by Roland Cabezas (guitar), Michel Alibo (bass) and Germany's NDR Big Band, this is a jazz-rock album, that gathers 7 pieces, studio and live recorded, originally premiered at the Drums'n'Percussion Festival in Paderborn in may 2010.

February 2012:
The double-disc The 100 Club Concert, London March 5th 1979 documents Elton Dean's Ninesense: Alan Skidmore (tenor and soprano saxes), Harry Beckett (flugelhorn & trumpet), Mark Charig (cornet and tenor horn), Nick Evans and Radu Malfatti (both on trombone), Keith Tippett (piano), Harry Miller (bass), and Louis Moholo (drums).
Helmut Schafer's posthumous Thought Provoking III (released by 23Five) is the final documented work from the electro-acoustic composer before his death in 2007. This work was premiered in his home town of Graz (Austria) in 2003; then again presented as a collaboration with violinist Elisabeth Gmeiner in Vienna two years later; and finally performed in 2006 with percussionist Will Guthrie. After Schafer's death, Guthrie reconstituted the rehearsal takes from that performance, on which Schafer played organ pipe.

In Autumn (a 3 CD + DVD boxset released by Dirter) is the latest Faust album, recorded in 2011, featuring many classics performed live. The first two CDs in the set consist of an ideal recording of a complete and unedited show. The third CD is a collection of tracks taken from other dates on the tour. The 4th disc is a DVD compiling the footage from the tour.

Joe McPhee and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten collaborated on Brooklyn DNA (released by Clean Feed), an album recorded in Brooklyn in july 2011. Joe played pocket trumpet, soprano & alto saxes with Ingebrigt on double bass. 8 tracks lasting 41 minutes.

Drummer Paal Nilssen-Love presents his new albums: Slime Zone (released by PNL), recorded live in august 2010 during the Oslo Jazz Festival, in a trio with Territory Band's Lasse Marhaug (electronics, turntable) and Maja S.K. Ratkje (voice, electronics); Hurgu! (same label), consisting of 4 extended improvisations recorded in november 2009 with guitarist Terrie Ex; and Cement, a vinyl of three long tracks, released by PNL, recorded with his new trio, Double Tandem, with Ab Baars and Ken Vandermark (both on reeds),in february 2001.

New World released John Bischoff's Audio Combine, his new album that collects five pieces composed since 2004 and recorded, without overdubs, in live performances between january 2010 and may 2011. It consists of: 1) The title track, a collage that uses sounds from small sound-making objects, activated sequentially, and whose sounds are ampli?ed, ?ltered, and replayed in fractured form based on the timing patterns of their initial occurrence; 2) Sidewalk Chatter, which employs an analog «crackle box» circuit (a small instrument made by STEIM in Amsterdam) as a sound-making input to which a computer listens and responds; 3) Local Color, which features synthetic bell-like tones, sustained tonal clusters, and computer-triggered acoustic bells struck in complementary patterns that are sometimes random and sometimes human-triggered; 4) Decay Trace, on which a performer activates an ampli?ed brass rod and the resulting sounds trigger fragments of pre-recorded samples; and 5) Surface Effect, built from interactions between an analog oscillator circuit and a computer running software sound generators. As the performer operates the analog circuit, the computer listens and responds. John Bischoff, who began his career with (for the Lovely label) Rendezvous/On «Just For The Record» in august-september 1978 (with Gene Tyranny on grand piano). However before that album he recorded Boundary Layer: The Hub, a 3CD set released in 2008 by Tzadik and performed by a six computer lineup, with Chris Brown, Tim Perkis, Mark Trayle, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, and Phil Stone.

In 2011 the label Ogun released Spiritual Knowledge and Grace, a live performance by the Blue Notes' members Louis Moholo-Moholo (drums and voice), Dudu Pukwana (alto sax), Johnny Dyani (double bass, piano, and voice), and Frank Wright (tenor sax and double bass). This release collects two long improvisations: Ancient Spirit (32 min.) and Contemporary Fire (37 min.), recorded in june 1979 with the absence of the founder, Chris McGregor. However, the same label now restores the second recording from the group, from the same tour, this time with McGregor as leader. It includes Before The Wind Changes, recorded the month after (july 1979), featuring Chris on piano and voice with the same lineup, except without Wright. The CD collects 7 pieces, particularly of note are Funk Dem Dudu (23 min.) and Lakutshona Ilanga (18 min.).

Another Sunrise (released by Mode) is an album credited to Peter Garland and Aki Takahashi (here on piano & harpsichord), and features the Essential Music Ensemble directed by John Kennedy & Charles Wood. This release collects: Another Sunrise (25:30 min., composed in 1995) for 2 pianos & 4 percussionists with Judith Gordon on piano; Dreaming Of Immortality In A Thatched Cottage (14 min., composed in 1977) for soprano, mezzo, baritone, harpsichord & 6 percussionists; and I Have Had To Learn The Simplest Things Last (16 min., composed in 1993) for piano & 3 percussionists. The recordings were supervised by Garland.

The label ESP restored a lot of historical and sometimes unissued works from the '60s. The Actual Complete Live At Slugs' Saloon 1966 (aka Truth Is Marching In Black Revolt) is a 2CD set that features Albert Ayler (tenor sax) with his brother Donald on trumpet, Ronald Shannon Jackson (drums), Lewis Worrell (bass), and Michael Sampson (violin). The pieces are Truth Is Marching In, Our Prayer, Bells, a 23-minute version of Ghosts, and Initiation. Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966 Vol. 1, 2 and 3 is credited to the Don Cherry Quintet, with Don on trumpet and cornet, Gato Barbieri on tenor sax, Bo Stieff on bass, Karl Berger on vibraphone, and Aldo Romano on drums. Town Hall 1962 (Vol 1), recorded on Christmas 1962, is credited to an alto sax Ornette Coleman trio with David Izenzon and Charles Moffett. The leader, also on violin and trumpet, played with Julien Barber on viola, Selwart Clarke & Nathan Goldstein on violin, Kermet Moore on cello, David Izenzon on contrabass, and Charles Moffett on drums. Among the pieces is a 23:30 min. version of The Ark. Burn Baby Burn, instead, is a legendary studio recording, believed to be lost before the master tape was recovered by the label, credited to trumpetist Norman Howard (Albert Ayler' sideman) and altoist Joe Phillips, performed with Cornelius Milsap (percussion) and Walter Cliff (bass). Only now do we find (from the liner notes) that the famous theme song of Witches & Devils was actually written by Norman Howard, although it was credited to Albert Ayler. Later, Norman put together a quartet with altoist Joe Phillips, and recorded two records worth of material in 1968 in a Cleveland studio. ESP was supposed to release one of these but was having hard times and eventually they were released on two limited-edition cassettes by a collector named Roy Morris. Norman eventually left the music world and attempts at locating and contacting him and the other members of this quartet have proved fruitless. Finally, almost forty years later, ESP-Disk has released these' sessions. Liner notes tell the sad story of Joe Phillips's beating, arrest, and jail-time thanks to the racist cops in Cleveland during the dark racial unrest of the mid-sixties. In 1988 an ill-circulated, microscopic 100-copy cassette run was realeased by the Scottish Homeboy label, who had acquired the master tapes. In 1997, Henry Rollins was rumored to have bought the tapes and earmarked them for release on his 2.13.61 label. Featuring Pharoah Sanders And Black Harold: Complete New Years Eve 1964 Live At Judson Hall, NYC is credited to Sun Ra & His Arkestra, with 72 minutes of material, 45 minutes of which was previously unreleased. It was recorded in 1964 as part of the Jazz Composers Guild's 'Four Days In December' series. Sun Ra played piano and celeste, with Pharoah Sanders on tenor sax, 'Black Harold' Murray on flute and log drum, Al Evans on trumpet and flugelhorn, Teddy Nance on trombone, Marshall Allen on alto sax, Pat Patrick on baritone sax, Alan Silva on bass and cello, Ronnie Boykins on bass, Clifford Jarvis and Jimmhi Johnson on drums, and Art Jenkins on vocals. The first five tracks (Cosmic Interpretation, The Other World, The Second Stop Is Jupiter, The Now Tomorrow and Discipline) of this concert were just found as a 45 minute stereo tape, and have never been released before. The last six cuts came out on the very rare El Saturn LP, and are found here in mono. This performance features the only appearances of Pharoah Sanders, Black Harold, and Alan Silva with the Arkestra, as well as the first known recording of The Shadow World, here titled The World Shadow. Concert for the Comet Kohoutek is another Sun Ra Arkestra album, recorded on december 1973 in New York City at the famous Town Hall, for the celebration of the Comet Kohoutek.

Tetras is the new Jason Kahn project, an improvising trio formed in 2010 on which he, on drums, plays with the ex... The Ex and Tom Cora Jeroen Visser (organ, electronics) and Christian Weber (contrabass). Their first album is the DoLP Pareidolia, recorded in february 2011, that features 4 pieces, one for each side, that switch from rock to jazz, to droning music and minimalism.

The Continents: Concerto For Jazz Quintet & Chamber Orchestra is a Deutsche Grammophon album credited to Chick Corea (on piano), Tim Garland (on soprano sax, bass clarinet, flute), Hans Glawishnig (bass), Marcus Gilmore (drums) and, Steve Davis (trombone). It is a 2-CD set with a bonus CD featuring new jazz-quintet tracks and solo piano improvisations. Disc 1 is composed of six sections depicting Africa, the Americas, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, and Europe, and is described as «a globally inspired concerto for jazz quintet and chamber orchestra». The work was conducted by Steven Mercurio and performed with an all-star New York orchestra, including members of the Harlem String Quartet and Imani Winds, among others. Disc 2  features new solo and quintet jazz recordings. It was recorded in june 2011.

Talibam!, the duo of keyboardist Matt Mottel and drummer Kevin Shea, returns with Discover AtlantASS, a Belly Kids 80-minute album also featuring Sam Kulik on trombone, guitar, banjo, effects & vocals, and Alana Wilkinson on sax. Belly Kids label presents it as a «new underwater thriller fairytale album... a 19-track CD and accompanying 30 page comic. It marks not only Talibam!'s 25th recorded release since 2005, but also Talibam!'s first foray into opera, and their first record to be released alongside a comic book. Discover AtlantASS tells the story of a young teen named Franklin who gets abducted to the undersea world of Atlantis by a laid-back jazz fish revolutionary named Stinge. Together, they are ready to combat a disastrous oil spill which has nearly eradicated the vibrant community of poets, musicians, artists and fornicators who inhabit the undersea paradise».

Big Beautiful Dark and Scary is a 2-CD set released by Cantaloupe that documents the latest Bang On A Can All-Stars' album,  the first studio in five years with their current line-up featuring: Ashley Bathgate, cello; Robert Black, bass; Vicky Chow, piano; David Cossin, percussion; Mark Stewart, electric guitar; and Evan Ziporyn, clarinets. The album is the first in a decade with the All-Stars exclusively, and also features Four Player Piano Studies by Conlon Nancarrow, who wrote much of his music for player piano. The title track, which takes lasts the entire first CD, was written by Julia Wolfe and premiered in april 2002.

JD Parran, Mark Deutsch, and David Darling present Omegathorp: Living City (released by Y'All), an album featuring JD Parran on alto & contrabass clarinets, soprano sax, & bamboo flute, Mark Deutsch on bazantar & sitar, David Darling on cello, electronics, & electro-vocals, Joseph Kubera on piano, Kevin Norton on drums, and Thomas Buckner voice. This work was recorded live at Merkin Hall in september 2002. The title track featured the poetry of saxophonist Glenn Spearman. The sextet features the unique instrumentation of alto & contrabass clarinets (both rare clarinets for soloists), a bazantar (hybrid 5-string bass with 29 sympathetic strings & 4 drone strings) or sitar, and cello with electronics, piano, voice and percussion. The title-track, Omegathorp: Living City, features David Darling on cello, Mark Deutsch on sitar & bazantar, JD Parran on alto clarinet, Joseph Kubera on piano, Kevin Norton on percussion, and vocals by Thomas Buckner. The other piece, Kwama Okura, was composed by Deutsch and played on sitar, clarinet, cello, and percussion.

Pogus presents Noah Creshevsky's Rounded With A Sleep, which features seven performances by Sherman Friedland (La Sonnambula, composed in 2010, for clarinet), vocalists Lisa Barnard Kelley (Lisa Barnard Redux, composed in 2008) and Tomomi Adachi (Tomomi Adachi Redux II, composed in 2011), the piano improvisation What If, by Stuart Isacoff (2009), The Kindness Of Strangers composed by the trio of Gary Heidt (voice and guitar), Rich Gross (lap steel/banjo), and Orin Buck (bass), in 2009, and In Memoriam, composed by cellist Juho Laitinen in 2008.

Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke, and Oren Ambarchi reunited with Imikuzushi, a 2 LP set, recorded live in january 2011 and released by Black Truffle. For this performance, Haino plays only electric guitar and sings. It was described by the label as «four unedited excerpts salvaged from an epic show that lasted well over three hours, the sometimes raw nature of the recording only adds to its directness and harshly emotive quality».

Eyvind Kang: The Narrow Garden (Ipecac) is the latest full-length from composer Eyvind Kang, released on Ipecac last january. The music on The Narrow Garden sounds like it was composed for a film soundtrack in the way that Eyvind Kang creates evocative visual spaces with sound. True to form the album is composed of full-bodied pieces of music that evolve from minimal song structure to more grandiose musical statements throughout their duration. It includes 7 pieces, recorded live in october 2007, with the Embut 35-musician Ensemble.

Thirsty Ear released Elastic Aspects, the new Matthew Shipp Trio album recorded in july 2011, on which the pianist plays with Michael Bisio (bass) and Whit Dickey (drums), alternating improvisations, solo piano, and contrapuntal compositions, It is 13 mostly brief pieces.

Abdullah Ibrahim a.k.a. Dollar Brand along with Don Cherry, Johnny Dyani, Hamiet Bluiett, Carlos Ward, and Talib Rhynie, formed an ensemble that recorded in september 1978 The Journey: Live At Alice Tully Hall, which is now released by Downtown Sound, a Chiaroscuro sub-label. It was originally an LP from Chiaroscuro and was never before released on CD. In addition to Brand, Cherry, Dyani, Bluiett, Ward, and altoist Rhynie are drummer Roy Brooks, and percussionists John Betsch and Claude Jones.

Archie Shepp's Live At The Donaueschingen Music Festival (now re-released by MPS) was recorded in october 1967 and originally released on LP in 1968 on the same label. The performance gathered a notable lineup, with Archie on tenor sax, Roswell Rudd and Grachan Moncur III (that worked with Art Farmer, Benny Golson, and Herbie Hancock) both on trombone, Jimmy Garrison on bass, and Beaver Harris on drums. It features a 43-minute version of One For Trane, never before studio recorded by Shepp (it was instead performed in march 1973 by Art Blakey on Buhaina).

Innova released Guy Klucevsek's The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour, his twenty-second release, and a worldwide tribute to the composers and musicians who have shaped him as a creative artist. Carl Finch co-produced six of the tracks, and performed on them with his group, Brave Combo. Featured on these tracks are two accordionists, Alex Meixner and Ginny Mac. There are also guest appearances from an all-star cast of New York City's finest musicians: trumpeter/composer Dave Douglas, Theo Bleckmann, Peter Eldridge, drummers John Hollenbeck and Kenny Wollesen, Marcus Rojas on tuba, Pete Donovan on bass, Steve Elson on clarinet and saxes, and Brandon Seabrook on tenor banjo and acoustic guitar. It contains 13 brief pieces, recorded in march and april 2011.
January 2012:
If Not Inertia is the new album by Ergo, on which Brett Sroka performs on trombone and computer, Sam Harris plays piano, prepared piano, and Fender Rhodes, piano and Shawn Baltazor is on drums. The music is based on loops, improvisation, small composed motifs and the interplay of the musicians. There are also two guitarists as guests: Mary Halvorson appears on nearly half of the album and acoustic guitarist Sebastian Kruger appears on the final track. Also included on the CD is a .mov file of a five minute, as promotional 'making of' film entitled The Making of If Not Inertia, which has some interview insights from the musicians, as well as some insight from the studio sessions on how this album was created. Furthermore, Voices I Heard is a suite written in 2002 for a grant from the Queens Council on the Arts, funded by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs. The grant is intended for the creation of a new work inspired by the Queens community. It premiered in october 2002 with Sroka on trombone, Robert Glasper on piano, Thomas Morgan on bass, and Dan Weiss on drums.

Acte V is the new album by the Forgas Band Phenomena. In june 2010, the group was invited to perform at the pentultimate edition of NearFest. The concert was recorded and filmed and is included here as a 75 minute DVD alongside a completely new studio CD. The CD album features six new songs, while the DVD features a composition from Extra-Lucide, two songs from Soleil 12, two songs from Axis Of Madness, and two songs from Acte V.

Credited to the duo Anthony Braxton/Buell Neidlinger, 2 BY 2: Duets is a 2 CD set now released by K2B2 (although recorded in april 1989) and featuring Braxton on sopranino, soprano, alto and c-melody saxes, and Buell Neidlinger on contrabass. The duo has worked together with Mal Waldron for Six Monk Compositions, a Black Saint disc from 1987. Neidlinger also worked with Cecil Taylor, Steve Lacy, and Frank Zappa in the past. They performed a dozen of Monk's classic songs, including: Off Minor, Criss Cross and Well, You Needn't, plus a couple of tributes to Iannis Xenakis and LaMonte Young.

Christy Doran's New Bag, with vocalist Bruno Amstad as a guest star, presents Take The Floor And Lift The Roof (released by Challenge), a work that booklet text announces as a «musical ball of lightning, which sometimes sounds as if the avant-garde electronic musician Aphex Twin had jammed with Tony Williams' Emergency». It features 8 pieces, recorded in april and may 2011, with Doran on guitar, Hans-Peter Pfammatter on keyboards, Vincent Membrez on mini-Moog synthesizer, and Dominik Burkhalter on drums.

Detours (released by Unseen Worlds) is Gene Tyranny's first album of new piano works since 2003's Take Your Time. It is a collection of 4 tracks composed between 2004 and 2010, which have their origins in disparate sources of inspiration: a longtime friend in San Francisco, a chance visit to a Quaker meetinghouse, a choreographed dance, and a philosophical intuition.

Jonas Braasch's Sonic Territories (released as a Deep Listening DVD) gathers twelve works for twelve distinct acoustic spaces. The composer and performer utilizes soprano sax, field recordings, and electronic processing. According to the composer: «Sonic Territories investigates the creative potential that various acoustic environments can unleash. Opposed to the current ideal of quiet recording studios that do not distract the performer from inner thoughts, I was looking for spaces that inspire and mess around with me, by influencing and guiding my performance. A number of the recorded spaces, I only encountered once to capture my initial impression. Other spaces I have fought with until I found something that sounded better in this space than anywhere else in its own right.» Jonas, let's remember, also performed recently in Quartet for the End of Space, a Pogus CD with Pauline Oliveros, Francisco Lopez, and Doug Van Nort, recorded between february and september 2010.

Hank Roberts presents his Everything Is Alive (Winter&Winter), on which the cellist, who also sings and plays jazzaphone fiddle, is accompanied by Bill Frisell (electric and acoustic guitar), Jerome Harris (acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar, voice), and Kenny Wollesen (drums, percussion). The quartet performed 10 pieces composed by Hank Roberts and recorded in september 2010 'live-to-analog-two-track' without any overdubs and without any digital effects. 55 minutes.

Emanem restores two rare recordings by Steve Lacy. The Sun is four sessions of music mostly against the Vietnam War, all featuring the reedist with Irene Aebi. This album gathers: a previously unissued 1968 presentation of a complex text by Buckminster Fuller intoned by Aebi; a 7-minute instrumental head arrangement or graphic score by the quintet with Enrico Rava, Karl Berger, Kent Carter, and Aldo Romano; also from 1968, a trio session with Richard Teitelbaum containing two versions of Lacy's first song, The Way, and two duo improvisations on saxophone and synthesizer, previously only issued in 2000 on the very limited edition Roaratorio LP; the same trio performing the previously unissued Chinese Food in 1967, with Aebi reading 2500-year old anti-war texts by Lao Tsu; and the 1973 four-part anti-war suite, The Woe, with Steve Potts, Kent Carter, and Oliver Johnson, previously issued on a Quark LP and an Emanem CD. 74 minutes. The second album is Avignon and After, which takes highlights from Lacy's first solo concerts in Avignon 1972, featuring pieces like The New Duck, The Breath, Name, and Cloudy, alongside rarities like Stations, Josephine, Weal, and The Wool. In addition to this material, originally issued as an Emanem LP and reissued on CD, this new compilation also contains four more short rarities from the some concerts: Bound, The Rush, Holding, and The Dumps. Finally there is his performance of his Clangs cycle from Berlin in 1974 - the first time a solo version of this has been issued. Previous issues of this suite were by a duo in 1976 and a double sextet in 1992. This solo performance is arguably the definitive version, an unaccompanied work lasting 80 minutes.

Soria Moria (released by FMR) restores 11 tracks, recorded in february 2003 by the clarinets and terrogoto duo Frode Gjerstad/Peter Brotzmann. It is totally improvised.

hatArt restores A White Line, a forgotten Franz Koglmann album arranged and recorded in november 1989 by the reedist (here on trumpet and flugelhorn) with an ensemble conducted by Gustav Bauwer and comprised of Jean-Christoph Mastnak (flugelhorn), Raoul Herget (tuba), Mario Arcari (oboe), Tony Coe (clarinet and tenor sax), Helmut Federle (accordion), and above all, Paul Bley (piano), Burkhard Stangl (guitar), Klaus Koch (bass), and Gerry Hemingway (drums).

MEGO now releases Keith Fullerton Whitman's Generators, which collects two other works: Issue Generator, dedicated to Eliane Radigue (17:30 min.) and High Zero Generator (17:30 min.): these are the final two performances of the piece over two consecutive evenings, recorded in september 2010. The pieces are in two different iterations, taking two different trajectories entirely, and performed with a scalable selection of digital & analogue modular synthesis equipment.

Jim O'Rourke's DoLP Old News 7 collects Welcome To The Django Part One (18 min.) and Welcome To The Django Part Two (20:30 min.), an old excursion with a Serrge modular system recorded between 1996-97, Natural Bonbon Killers (17 min.) recorded live in Japan in april 2011, and Tacere Fas (18 min.), recorded between 1993-94, which until now was available only on the compilation Unentitled, released by These Records in 1994.

ECM presents Tim Berne's Snakeoil, the new album by the altoist, performed in a quartet with Oscar Noriega on clarinets, Matt Mitchell on piano, and Ches Smith on drums. It contains 6 tracks recorded in january 2011. According to Berne: "I'd decided on this very transparent instrumentation to try and avoid obvious stylistic references and to focus the listener on the musical ideas being presented."

Cornelius Cardew restores and presents the entirety of his The Great Learning, released by Bolt as a 4CD boxset. Composed in 1969, this work was recorded in february 1971 and then partially released by Deutsche Grammophone (only parts 2 and 7), then re-released on CD by Organ Of Corti in 2000, including part 1. 64 musicians and non-musicians conducted by Nima Gousheh have recorded on july 2010 these five hours of music, composed by Cardew between 1968 and 1970.
Marilyn Crispell' Stone Quartet comes back with Live At Vision Festival, a concert recorded in june 2010 by her drumless quartet; the pianist played with Mat Maneri (viola), Roy Campbell (trumpet, flutes), and Joelle Léandre (double bass), performing the 2-part suite Vision (41 minutes).

Leo releases Family Ties, Ivo Perelman's fifteenth album recorded in a trio on which the sax-tenorist plays with Joe Morris (double bass) and Gerald Cleaver (drums), i.e. the Hour Of The Star lineup, without Matthew Shipp.

The Ethnic Project
is a Kadima album credited to the notable quintet of Vinny Golia on ethnic woodwinds (danso, kaval, moxeneo,, marori bone flute, etc.) and Barre Phillips, Joelle Leandre, Bert Turetzky and Lisa Mezzacappa, all on double bass. They recorded a series of duets, each of them in a different setting between june and november 2011. It contains 15 tracks, all quite brief.

With Black Album, Agaric restores on CD an old, forgotten Borbetomagus' vinyl that collected live concerts recorded at various dates and locations in NY between 1979 and 1981. At that time, the lineup waas formed by reedists Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich, and Donald Miller on guitar. The 4 pieces we can listen to include the opening Aimi Studio (19 minutes recorded in september 1981).

With Aleph (a 2CD set released by Tzadik), Terry Riley presents a two-hour solo performance for just intonation keyboard. Originally created for the Aleph-Bet Sound Project which John Zorn organized for the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the music has been sitting in Terry's archives for years. It was recorded at Terry's private studio, and performed on a Korg Trition Studio 88 Synth.

Made In Norway
, released by Rune Grammofon as a DoLP ltd ed., is the new Scorch Trio album, in their latest lineup (guitarist Raoul Bjorkenheim, bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, and drummer Frank Rosaly), with multi-instrumentist Mars Williams as a guest star. It was recorded live at Oslo's Cafe Mono and at the Nattjazz festival in Bergen, both in may 2011.

The ltd and signed ed. Cut with Occam's Razo, released by Zoar, features leader Elliott Sharp performing two compositions for strings and one for piano, which premiered at the 2009 Witten Festival of Chamber Music and, in this CD edition, was recorded live at the 2011 Ostrava Music Days in Czech Republic. Performing with Elliott was the Jack Quartet, Jenny Lin, and the Sirius Quartet. The performnace gathered: Boreal (15 min.), Sharp's 19th work for the classic string-quartet format; Oligosono, performed by Jenny Lin, a 20-minute piece for solo piano composed by Sharp for Jenny Lin in 2004; and Occam's Razor, performed by Jack Quartet and Sirius String Quartet, a double-quartet of 16 minutes, whose title refers to an often-misinterpreted phrase attributed to William Ockham, who wrote «entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity».

Cuneiform presents Decline And Fall, a new album by Thinking Plague, their sixth album, recorded last summer, with vocalist Elaine De Falco as a guest star and, above all, the new keyboardist and drummer Kimara Sajn. However, this album (6 new pieces) also marks the return of Mark Harris (saxes and clarinets), Dave Willey (bass), and Mike Johnson, the leader and guitarist.

Audience Of One, released by Touch, is Oren Ambarchi's new «solo» album, mostly composed by the Australian musician. It's a four-part multisession suite, which gathers: Salt, composed with vocalist Paul Duncan, and performed by Oren Ambarchi (guitars), Paul Duncan, Elizabeth Welsh (violin), and James Rushford (viola and piano); Knots, the longest piece (34 improvised minutes) performed by Ambarchi (electric & acoustic guitars, autoharp, percussion) with Eyvind Kang (viola, igil), Janel Leppin (cello), Stephen Fandrich (voice), Josiah Boothby (French horn), and Joe Talia (drums, percussion, spring); Passage, performed by  Ambarchi (guitars, Hammond organ, wine glasses), Crys Cole (contact microphones, brushes), Jessika Kenney (voice), and Eyvind Kang (viola, piano); Fractured Mirror, instead, was composed by Ace Frehley and performed by Ambarchi (acoustic and electric guitars, bass, Mellotron, wine glasses, percussion, vocals), and Natasha Rose (acoustic guitars).

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