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by Rocco Stilo
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December 2013:

After a short illness, American composer, educator and reedist Yusef Lateef died at his home on december 23, at 93.

US guitarist, composer and arranger Jim Hall, mostly active between '50s/'70s in lineups with Art Farmer, Sonny Rollins and Bill Evans, died of heart failure on december 10, at 83.

Still by Not Two, Ken Vandermark comes back with his Resonance Ensemble. Head Above Water, Feet Out of The Fire features the same lineup of the previous What Country Is This?, plus bassist Mark Tokar. The 2CD set (the first studio recorded in august 2012, the second live in concert in march 2012) collects seven lenghty pieces (four of them are 20-minute long), again largely improvised.

Jane Ira Bloom presents Sixteen Sunsets (Pure Audio, 2013). Recorded (in 5.1 high-resolution Surround Sound) in may and june 2013, the album features the leader on soprano sax, along with Dominic Fallacaro (piano), Cameron Brown (bass) and Matt Wilson (drums). The quartet performed interpretations from the American Songbook, along with five Jane Ira's reworkings.

After Deep Time, percussionist Fritz Hauser shifted his interest more to classical and avantgarde music. La Fourmi (released by Creative Works) is a collective album composed with Christy Doran (electronics and electric guitar), Hans-Peter Pfammatter (keyboards and electronics) and veteran partner Urs Leimgruber (tenor and soprano saxes). Hauser (on percussion) recorded two sets live in january 2004, featuring a sound mixing jazz and experimental music, whose pieces are mostly brief. Space (Celestial Harmonies, 2006) is a collaboration with Australian composer and percussionist Michael Askill, on which the two played 12 untitled pieces on bells, cymbal and gong. Schraffur For Gong Solo (Shiiin , 2012), as title suggests, features the leader playing eight pieces on solo gong. The session (april 2011) was integrated with voice recordings. The ten tracks of the recent hatART Pieces For Percussion were instead recorded in august 2009, performed by the leader with the Ensemble XII, i.e. twelve percussionists led by the Californian professor of music Steven Schick.

Part and Parcel (Bug Incision, 2013) documents the trio of guitarist/bassist Joe Morris, altosaxophonist Fausto Sierakowski and Nigel Taylor on amplified trumpet and percussion. This ltd ed. (123 copies, exactly) features eight pieces totally improvised (two of them over 12 minutes). Nigel Taylor speaks here about it.

News from John Zorn. Not to be confused with his A Vision In Blakelight (december 2011), In Lambeth: Visions From The Walled Garden Of William Blake (Tzadik, 2013) is the third CD by his ensemble The Gnostic Trio (Carol Emanuel on harp, Bill Frisell on guitar and Kenny Wollesen on vibraphone and bells), this time a quartet with guest Ikue Mori on electronics. Nine compositions recorded in april 2013. Credited to The Sapphites, Shir Hashirim (Tzadik, 2013) is another John Zorn album featuring the cappella quintet of Lisa Bielawa, Martha Cluver, Abigail Fischer, Kathryn Mulvehill and Kirsten Sollek. The album features eight pieces inspired by mediaeval traditions, Renaissance madrigals, 20th century vocal techniques and minimalism, evocating King Solomon's Song of Songs. Recorded in september 2010. Volume II: Great Duo Live (Chadula, 2013) features Eugene Chadbourne on all guitars & effects and John Zorn on alto & soprano sax, B-flat clarinet & game calls. These are previously unreleased archival recordings from 1977 to 1980, both solos and duos. More than an hour.

Dusk Fire restores the long out-of-print Edge Of Time, the first Norma Winstone-credited album, originally recorded and released in 1972. The album gathered a very notable lineup led by the vocalist, featuring in seven tracks the british jazz sound of the time: Mike Osborne (alto sax and clarinet), Chris Laurence (bass), Tony Levin (drums), Alan Skidmore (flute, tenor and soprano saxes), Gary Boyle (guitar), John Taylor (piano and electric piano), Art Themen (tenor and soprano saxes, flute and bass clarinet), Chris Pyne and Malcolm Griffiths (trombone), Paul Rutherford (trombone and euphonium), Henry Lowther and Kenny Wheeler (trumpet and flugelhorn) and Frank Ricotti (vibraphone).

A collaboration among Eugene Chadbourne (banjo), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Jessica Pavone (viola), Barry Mitterhof (mandolin), Evan Gallagher (keyboards, percussion & electronics) and Stephanie Rearick (piano) yielded Click Beetle (Chadula, 2013) recorded in 2008 and 2009 and Credited to Insect and Western.

November 2013:

Los Angeles-based drummer Chico Hamilton, who worked with Gerry Mulligan, Duke Ellington, Eric Dolphy and Charlie Mingus, and still active until 2011, died of natural causes on november 25, at 92.

Clean Feed presents Twine Forest, featuring pianist Angelica Sanchez and trumpetist Wadada Leo Smith, their first album together after many collaborations. Studio recorded in april 2013, the eight tracks sport an intimate sound, obviously much improvised. Still by Angelica, Dias De Sol (NonJazz, 2013) documents seven pieces performed with Mexican Omar Tamez on acoustic guitar, kalimba & harmonica, featuring a peaceful, lyric sound, also still improvised. The collaboration has a follow-up in Recuerdos De Monk, another NonJazz album recorded as the Kaheri Quartet, with Ratzo B. Harris on acoustic bass and Satoshi Takeishi on percussion. The album featuring basically group improvisations.

Elliott Sharp's project Aggregat comes back with Quintet, another Clean Feed album on which the leader disposed his guitar for tenor and soprano saxes and bass clarinet, along with Nate Wooley (trumpet), Terry L. Green (trombone), Brad Jones (bass) and Ches Smith (drums). More free jazz oriented, the CD collects 11 pieces. Another Sharp album is the Zoar ltd ed. Incident, a collection of music from recent film and opera projects, mixing rock and orchestral approachs, Medieval chants and processed guitar noise.

Taylor Ho Binum 7-tette, featuring the leader on cornet & compositions, Jim Hobbs on alto sax, Bill Lowe on bass trombone & tuba, Mary Halvorson on guitar, Ken Filiano on acoustic bass and Tomas Fujiwara & Chad Taylor on drums & vibes, presents the Firehouse 2CD set Navigation, on which were performed four different versions of Bynum's modular namesake composition. Different subgroups (like cornet, sax & trombone) play their written parts while the rhythm team takes off around. Recorded in december 2012.

Humeurs (RogueArt, 2013) documents the new project East-West Collective, a quintet with Miya Masaoka (koto), Larry Ochs (tenor & sopranino saxes), Didier Petit (cello and voice), Xu Fengxia (guzheng and voice) and Sylvain Kassap (electronics). They recorded in june 2013 seven studio pieces (notably the 15-minute By Any Other Name) featuring, as says project's name, a synthesis of East and West music. Didier Petit, on stage since 1989, is well known in France as classical celloist; Xu Fengxia is also well known in China since 1999, where she plays the traditional instrument guzheng; Sylvain Kassap is a French composer and jazz/contemporary musician on stage since 1983.
ECM restores No End, an interesting unissued and atypical Keith Jarrett's solo studio work in twenty parts, gathered in a 2CD set, on which he played electric guitars, Fender bass, drums, tablas, percussion, voice, recorder and, obviously, piano. Recorded in 1986 at his home (at the time of Book of Ways), this performance is away from Jarrett standard, as we can understand reading his liner notes: ®There was really, to my knowledge, no forethought or composition (in the typical sense) going on; just a feeling or a rhythmic idea or a bass line concept or melody. None of this was written down¯.

After 23 years of recordings, Life Carries Me This Way is the first Myra Melford solo piano (Firehouse, 2013), featuring original compositions inspired by the artwork of her friend, the artist Don Reich died in 2010. 11 pieces for 56 minutes, recorded in january 2013.

Heart Of The Sun (Engine, 2013) features Gift, the lineup led by the leader and drummer William Hooker along with David Soldier on violin, banjo & guitar, and Roy Campbell on trumpets & flute. The eight pieces were recorded in february 2013.

The 54-minute jazz-rock suite Book Of Omens (Nine Winds, 2013), inspired by a myth about the end of time and rebirth of the universe, a mixing of avant-garde jazz and doom metal, features composer Daniel Rosenboom on trumpet, flugelhorn & compositions, Vinny Golia on tenor sax, contralto clarinet & alto flute, Jake Vossler on electric guitar, Tim Lefebvre on electric bass and Matt Mayhall on drums. Recorded in march 2012. Extensively presented on Roosemboom's website.

Enja re-releases the vinyl Hard Talk, a live recording (may 1974) featuring Mal Waldron (piano), Manfred Schoof (cornet), Steve Lacy (soprano sax), Isla Eckinger (bass) and Allen Blairman (drums). The four (three on the old vinyl) Waldron's pieces are collective performances much improvised, especially the 19-minute title-track.

Kitchen Orchestra With Alexander Von Schlippenbach (Whats Cooking, 2013) documents a collaboration between the pianist and the Norwegian ensemble Kitchen Orchestra, founded in 2005 by a collective gathering musicians from classical, free jazz and electronics. The leader, also on grand piano, conducts this ensemble (a vocalist, two trumpets, three saxes, two trombones, accordion, electronics, guitar and rhythm section), featuring nine pieces (some are jazz standards completely rearranged), in a mixing of contemporary classical, free and avant-garde approach. Recorded in july 2011.

Mats Gustafsson' trio The Thing created their namesake own label, and released their first CD: Boot!, recorded in february 2013, with the leader on all of saxes (soprano, baritone, enor and bass), with the rhythm section of Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (electric bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums). The six lenghty pieces (notably the final 14-minute Epilog) feature a mix of rock, noise and jazz improvisations.

Still by the same label, Quartet (Warsaw) 2012 documents the Anthony Braxton's Composition 363b*, performed in a quartet with the leader on alto and tenor saxes, Erica Dicker on violin, James Fei on alto sax and Taylor Ho Binum on cornet. Recorded in october 2012.

Ghost Loop (released by the new Poland label ForTune) documents the Mary Halvorson trio led by the guitarist, set up several years ago with John Hebert on double-bass and Ches Smith on drums, featuring nine new compositions in a live album.

Fataka releases About Trumpet And Saxophone, a collaboration between trumpetist Nate Wooley and London-based altoist Seymour Wright (on stage since 2000, he worked with Keith Rowe and Eddie Pr‚vost, among others). Studio recorded in july 2012, the nine untitled pieces are mostly improvised.

Werner Dafeldecker's Polwechsel comes back with Traces Of Wood, a studio two-session album recorded in march 2010 and january 2011, featuring the bassist with Michael Moser (cello) along with Burkhard Beins and Martin Brandlmayr (drums). Each of the four composed a piece (the longest, 19-minute Grain Bending by Moser), with the collaboration of Klaus Filip and Wolfgang Musil, on software and electronics. The sound is, as always, abstract and experimental.

The vinyl Death Rattle (Rune Grammofon, 2013) was studio recorded by guitarist James Plotkin and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love; four tracks largely improvised, starting from distorted melodic themes. Listen to Plotkin: "My main memory of the session was that body parts started failing us. Fingers and arms began to give out. We had a small chunk of time left and I suggested we do a final 20 minute stretch... Paal just shook his head at the absurdity of my request. That track became Primateria, the second track on the album". Recorded in december 2012.

Piano Plus (New World, 2013) collects six piano pieces written by Richard Teitelbaum between 1963 and 1998. Three of the pieces, composed in 1982 (In the Accumulate Mode, Interlude in Pelog and Solo for Three Pianos) are played by the composer himself, on a computerized interactive three-piano system he created employing Marantz Pianocorders that make it possible to perform simultaneously on three pianos in real time; the other three are performed, respectively: the twelve-tone Intersections (1963) by composer/pianist Frederic Rzewski; Dal Niente (1997) for piano and computer, was commissioned by pianist Aki Takahashi; Seq Transit Parammers (1998), for solo pianist and two Yamaha Disklaviers, is played by classical pianist Ursula Oppens.

Extraction is the latest Ben Vida's vinyl, a collaboration with visual artist Meredyth Sparks and writer Anthony Elms, the first in a series of collaborative releases for Future Audio Graphics. Recorded utilizing a mix of modular synthesizers & digital-synthesis techniques, the two side-long pieces continue his digital and analog processing systems approach, while Meredyth Sparks parallels her artistic method developed over last five years. Still by Ben Vida, Working Models (Los Discos Enfantasmes, 2013) is another vinyl, a 27-minute suite recorded from june to september 2012 along with jazz guitarist Greg Davis. This is their second album, after the 2010 self-titled.

Dedicated to painter William Turner, Unfinished (Touch, 2013) features Burkhard Stangl on electric guitar, electronics and field recordings. The 34-minute Mellow was recorded live in january 2013, performed on a semi hollow body guitar Ibanez Artist with special tuning and field recordings through Stangl's Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp from 1967; the 17-minute Sailing, studio recorded in march 2013, was performed on Gibson SG electric guitar with special tuning through Vox AC15 using the amp's vibrato effect and field recordings and instrumental air sounds as live playback; the brief 3-minute Ending, recorded live in june 2010, was performed on Super Amp from 1962 using the pitch-shifting vibrato.

On The Torment Of Saints, The Casting Of Spells And The Evocation Of Spirits (Tzadik, 2013) is a John Zorn's installment of chamber pieces: All Hallows' Eve (15 minutes written in 2004) are three movements for string trio; The Tempest (11 minutes) as a musical reading of Shakespeare's last play; Anthony (9 minutes, inspired by St. Anthony's tormentors) is a concerto was performed by the Fifth House ensemble (2 cellos, 2 violas, 2 flutes, 2 violins, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, bassoon, piano, bass and drums) with Zorn on mini-piano. Recorded in july 2013. And Zorn comes back with Painkiller, his project founded with Bill Laswell in 1991: The Prophecy: Live In Europe 2004-2005 documents their first album in ten years, Zorn on alto sax, Laswell on bass and Yoshida Tatsuya on drums. The trio pulled together several concerts in a hour long suite.

October 2013:

American jazz drummer and composer Ronald Shannon Jackson, pioneer of funk and jazz fusion, who performed and recorded with Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler, died of leukemia on october 19, at 73.

Corbett vs. Dempsey releases Pipeline, an album recorded in september 2000 by the namesake project reuniting a very notable lineup: Mats Gustafsson, (tenor sax), Ken Vandermark (clarinet and tenor sax), Fredrik Ljungkvist (clarinet, tenor and baritone saxes), Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet and alto sax), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Per-Žke Holmlander (tuba), Joe Morris and David Stacken„s (guitars), Sten Sandell (piano), Jim Baker (ARP synthesizer and piano), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Kent Kessler and Johan Berthling (basses), Michael Zerang, Raymond Strid and Kjell Nordeson (drums, vibes and percussion). The two commissioned pieces (the 34-minute Codeine Picasso and the 30-minute In This Very Room) were intended to be released by Gustafsson's label Crazy Wisdom, but it became dormant for more than a decade.

Marty Ehrlich's A Trumpet in the Morning (New World, 2013) documents, as states the musician in liner notes, his first album on which he doesn't play, but conductes his works. Commissioned in 2004, it features, among other, the 23-minute title-track (an Arthur Brown's poem), with J.D Parran alone with his sax, and the 20-minute Rundowns and Turnbacks (composed in 2007). His large ensemble perfomed the pieces is very notable: among others, Jason Robinson (tenor sax), Howard Johnson (baritone sax), Ray Anderson (trombone), Uri Caine (piano), Warren Smith (vibraphone), Jerome Harris (guitars), Brad Jones and Drew Gress ( basses) and Matt Wilson (drums). Studio recorded in june 2012.

After Syncronicity, the trio of Joe McPhee (alto sax and pocket trumpet), Fred Lonberg-Holm ( cello and electronics) and Michael Zerang (percussion), comes back with Game Theory, another Not Two album collecting four lenghty pieces, particularly the starting 22-minute Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head. Recorded in concert in october 2010.

Another Not Two album is Dragonfly Breath, by the quartet comprising of Weasel Walter (drums), Paul Flaherty (tenor and alto saxes), Steve Swell (trombone) and C. Spencer Yeh (violin and voice). They recorded three largely improvised pieces, among which the starting 21-minute Praying Mantis. Recorded in concert in may 2011.

Schl8hof (Trost, 2013) documents a new live performance by the DKV Trio (Hamid Drake on drums, Kent Kessler on bass and Ken Vandermark on clarinet and tenor sax), this time with the collaboration of a notable guest trio: Mats Gustafsson (tenor and baritone sax), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Massimo Pupillo (electric bass). The sextet recorded in november 2011 three long pieces in concert, particularly the final 31-minute All Out.

A Fish Stinks From The Head (Eremite, 2013) documents a collaboration recorded in april 2013 by Peter Br”tzmann (alto & tenor saxes, b-flat clarinet and tarogato) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums). The two performed the 23-minute title-track and the 10-minute Range of Night.

Travel Guide (ECM, 2013) documents a meeting between the trio guitar of Ralph Towner, Austrian guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel and Kazakhstan guitarist Slava Grigoryan. Already together since 2005 for concerts, the trio recorded this album in august 2012, featuring five compositions by Towner (classical and 12-string guitar), and five by Muthspiel (electric guitar). Slava Grigoryan instead was on classical and baritone guitars.

Confront releases The Complete 15th August 2001, a duo gig by Derek Bailey and Simon H. Fell. The guitarist and the bassist recorded at that date a four part suite entitled Pre-Tea (especially the 21-minute third part), an excerpt of which appeared in a Sound mini-CD, quickly deleted, after having voted by the magazine The Wire as ®record of the year¯. The full concert is now restored, featuring an unplugged performance (Bailey was on acoustic guitar).

Credited to drummer Alex Cline, the CD/DVD For People In Sorrow gathers a respected ensemble: Oliver Lake (saxes, flute), Vinny Golia (woodwinds), Dan Clucas (cornet, flute), Dwight Trible (voice), Jeff Gauthier (electric violin), Maggie Parkins (cello), Mark Dresser (bass), Myra Melford (piano, harmonium), Zeena Parkins (harp), G.E. Stinson (electric guitar, electronics), Sister Dang Nghiem (chant, bell) and Larry Ward (opening poem). Conducted by Will Salmon, they recorded live at the 2011 Angel?City Jazz Festival a 64-minute reinterpretation of Roscoe Mitchell' masterpiece, originally recorded in july 1969.

Things Fall Apart is an Herbal International CD recorded in april 2013 by Jason Kahn, a solo performance that sees the composer on drum set, voice, metal objects, radio, mixing board, contact microphones, magnetic coil, speaker, computer, chairs and plastic bags. The four pieces were inspired by Chinua Achebe's namesake novel. Another Kahn's solo album is Broken Place, recorded in november 2012 with the musician on voice, analog synthesizer, mixing board and short wave radio. Two pieces (36 and 32 minutes).

Live In Zrich (Intakt, 2013) was recorded in march 2013 by pianist Irene Schweizer with percussionist Pierre Favre. The two play together since 1966, and the pieces of this album were extracted from a ®two weeks¯ concert performed at John Zorn's avant garde club The Stone.

The unique quartet NCAT (from initials of performers Nate Wooley (trumpet and amplifier), C. Spencer Yeh (violin and voice), Audrey Chen (cello, voice and electronics) and Todd. A. Carter (piano and electronics), released for Monotype the namesake vinyl that documents a studio performance (two pieces for side) recorded in 2008 by the trio Wooley/Spencer/Chen, and later reworked by Todd Carter, who reconfigured the pieces adding his piano and electronics.

Nate Wooley's Seven Storey Mountain III and IV is a 2CD set that continues the project started in 2007, two live sessions recorded in march 2011 and in june 2013. The leader, on trumpet, amplifier and tapes, leads a notable lineup: C. Spencer Yeh (amplified violin), David Grubbs (electric guitar), Chris Corsano and Paul Lytton (drums), Matt Moran and Chris Dingman (vibraphone), Ben Vida (electronics), Ryan Sawyer (drums), Chris McIntyre, Jen Baker and Will Lang (trombone), Gareth Flowers (piccolo trumpet) and Tim Leopold and Chris Dimeglio (trumpet). The two namesake suites are 40 and 50-minute long, respectively.

The Apophonics is a new project created by saxophonist John Butcher along with bassist John Edwards and Gino Robair on energised surfaces & synth. Their first album, On Air, was recorded in may 2012, collecting three pieces, notably the initial 36-minute Fires Were Set.

Multisession album Segments Et Apostilles, recorded in june 2007 recording in october 2012, whose performers were: Machinefabriek's and in february 2012, is the second Pierre-Yves Mace CD released by Tzadik. The composer, here also on electronics, piano and studio processing, performed three pieces (among which the two-part 26-minute title-track) with Nicolas Carpenter and Camille Giuglaris (cello), Esther Davoust and Rafaelle Rinaudo (haro), Maxime Echardour (cimbalom), Cedric Jullion (bass flute), Simon Drappier (double bass) and Augustin Muller (vibraphone).

Arson (OutNow, 2013) features Denman Maroney on hyperpiano and Hans Tammen on endangered guitar & sound processing. Recorded in june 2012, these 70 minutes feature Maroney at once playing his piano with an object, as well as muting certain strings and playing on the keyboard. Mr. Tammen also manipulates both his and Maroney's sounds selective twisting certain sounds inside-out. Each piece seems to involve one mood or theme which is then explored by manipulating the sounds and then adding bits of electronic sounds all of which are connected in a thoughtful sonic tapestry. Among the 11 tracks, basically noise melodies electronically processed, also a ®solo piano¯.

September 2013:

RogueArt's 2CD set by Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra Matter Anti-Matter (subtitled Sixty-Three Moons Of Jupiter & Electronic Works) is a monumental 8 part work (that also provides a single CD of cosmic electronics) recorded live in may 2009. The leader, comnposer and director, also on cornet and electronics, performed it in a notable ensemble: Roscoe Mitchell (alto and soprano saxes), Nicole Mitchell (flutes and voice), Matana Roberts (alto sax), Matt Bauder (tenor sax), Steve Swell (trombone), Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone and tubular bells), Kevin Dumm (electronics), Matthew Lux (bass guitar), Mauricio Takara (cavaquino and percussions), Guilherme Granado (samplers and marimba), the drums trio of John Herndon, Mike Reed and Chad Taylor, and vocalist Damom Locks. Among the thirteen pieces, the 18-minute Cryogenics After the Land of Spirals and the 17-minute Stalking the Spectrum of Inevitable.

Shadow Man (ECM, 2013) is the second album by Tim Berne's Snakeoil project: the lineup (with the leader on alto sax, Matt Mitchell on piano, Oscar Noriega on clarinet and Ches Smith on drums and vibraphone) presents six new pieces (77 minutes), among which a reinterpretation of Paul Motian's Psalm, and the 23-minute OC/DC.

The DoLP Improvisations (Otoruku, 2013) documents recordings from a march 2012 live session by Roscoe Mitchell with drummer Tony Marsh (a few weeks before his death) and double bassist John Edwards. The saxophonist presents four long-side improvisations.

BJ Nilsen, Daniel Menche, Francisco Lopez and Pan Sonic's Mika Vainio devloped source audio for the project Novi_Sad, releasing for Sub Rosa Neuroplanets, four lenghty pieces exploring the aesthetics of information on sound, developed and executed by applying data and numerical elements from Neurosciences. Still by Vainio, Monstrance (Touch, 2013) documents a work cocredited with Joachim Nordwall. Monstrance is their first album together and consists of drone works and pulsating electronic minimalism, but also guitar, acoustic elements, organs, and metal percussion. It was recorded studio during the early summer of 2010.

Merzbow's vinyl Grand Owl Habitat (The Death Of Rave, 2013), recorded in two sessions (the 12-minute title-track in october 2012 and the three-part 20-minute Obusuma in may 2013), documents two psychedelic side-long pieces, dark and noise oriented.

Howe presents The Road To Jajouka, featuring an unusual and very notable ensemble with Ornette Coleman and John Zorn (alto saxes), Marc Ribot (banjo), Lee Ranaldo (guitar), John Medeski (Hammond organ), Bill Laswell and Chris Wood (basses), Billy Martin and Mickey Hart (drums) along with the Master Musicians of Jajouka, created by Brian Jones in 1971 and now led by Bachir Attar (here on flutes and ghaita). This ®trance music album¯ is a benefit for The Jajouka Foundation, which aims to support one particular strand of Moroccan trance music. 9 pieces.

The DoLP Perhaps (Root Strata, 2013) recorded live in december 2006, is a ®solo piano¯ Harold Budd album, 75 minutes non-stop and improvised. These 13 new compositions are part of a memorial event for composer James Tenney (died in 2006), among which the 17-minute Quandari.

Strike is the new violinist Jon Rose project, with bassists Clayton Thomas and Mike Majkowski. They released for Monotype the vinyl Wood, Wire & Sparks, recorded in 2010.

Another Monotype release is The Darkened Mirror, by the guitar trio of Tetuzi Akiyama, Tom Carter and Christian Kiefer, with rhythm section of Chip Conrad (percussion) and Scott Leftridge (bass). They composed nine new pieces, a mixing of folk, blues and avantgarde.

Leo releases other two collaborations between Ivo Perelman and Matthew Shipp. The eight pieces on Enigma (recorded in may 2013) see the tenorist and the pianist along with the drummers Whit Dickey and Gerald Cleaver, whereas in A Violent Dose of Anything (still recorded in may 2013) the two are accompanied by violist Mat Maneri in a soundtrack for the namesake film by Brazilian director Gustavo Galvao. Perelman speaks extensively about these albums here.

Under the title @, Tzadik presents seven new John Zorn's compositions written and performed on alto sax paired with Thurston Moore on guitars. Quite totally improvised, this album was recorded in february 2013.

Peter Evans' Mostly Other People Do The Killing comes back with Red Hot (Hot Cup, 2013) on which the quartet, with the leader is on trumpet, Jon Irabagon on soprano & C melody saxes, Moppa Elliott on bass & compositions and Kevin Shea on drums, becomes a septet thanks to David Taylor on bass trombone, Brandon Seabrook on banjo & electronics and Ron Stabinsky on piano. The lineup plays nine songs in an old-fashion jazz blues, before the coming of swing.

Fourth Landscape (Nuscope, 2013) documents the trio of trombonist Samuel Blaser, pianist BenoŒt Delbecq and drummer Gerry Hemingway, who recorded in january 2013, featuring compositions collectively elaborated.

Appalachian Excitation (Northern Spy, 2013) features the meeting of composer Arnold Dreyblatt and psych-folk trio Megafaun (comprised of brothers Brad and Phil Cook and Joe Westerlund), on which Dreyblatt presents an album recorded in fall 2012 live in the studio with no click track and minimal separation, premiered then in february 2013.

Piano Sutras (Thirsty Ear, 2013) documents a Matthew Shipp solo piano album. The thirteen songs (among which two standards, Wayne Shorter's Nefertiti and John Coltrane's Giant Steps) were recorded in february 2013.

Cuneiform's September, the new Claudia Quintet album, features two new members in the lienup: accordionist Red Wierenga, an alum of the Eastman School of Music, and bassist Chris Tordini, who is coupled with Drew Gress, along with the core members Chris Speed (clarinet and tenor sax), the leader John Hollenbeck (drums) and Matt Moran (vibraphone). Among the pieces, 29th: 1936 `Me Warn You,' features music written to follow the voice patterns of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Hollenbeck wrote these new compositions on september 2012.

Tri-Borough Triptych (Matchless, 2013) documents a collaboration between saxophonist Evan Parker, percussionist Eddie Pr‚vost and pianist Sebastian Lexer. They recorded in concert three very long pieces, two in may 2012 and one in january 2013, free improvised as state liner notes by John Tilbury. Sebastian Lexer is on stage since 2001, when he started his career playing piano in several live gigs. In november 2008 he recorded Dazwischen, his first credited and solo album, performing six pieces on piano and computer.

Two new albums released just now bu Otoruku. Vi Žr Alla Guds Slavar (We Are All Slaves Under God) is a LP that sees Mats Gustafsson and Thurston Moore in continuous excerpts from duo sets recorded in september 2012. Gustafsson plays soprano sax and a selection of amplified table-top electronics, whereas Moore is on guitar. Kitchen, another vinyl by Kevin Drumm, comes from 2 solo accordion pieces recorded in 1996, and recycled in 2012 using Carmen accordion, Big Muff, Traynor Ts-15, Shure Sm-57, Computer Assistance, Radio Shack PZM.

ECM's 39 Steps documents the John Abercrombie Quartet, on which the guitarist leads pianist Marc Copland, bassist Drew Gress and drummer Joey Baron in a session recorded in april 2013, for which he penned six compositions, along with two Copland's tunes, a collective improvisation and a reworking of Melancholy Baby.

Cryptocrystalline (ugExplode, 2013) documents the quartet of Charity Chan on piano, Peter Evans on trumpets, Tom Blancarte on bass and Weasel Walter on drums. Recorded live in january 2013, from the concert were extracted three long pieces (72 minutes), free improvised.

New Geri Allen solo album Grand River Crossings: Motown & Motor City Inspirations (Motema, 2013) also features in four of the 15 tracks trumpeter Marcus Belgrave and Dave McMurray on alto sax. Recorded in august 2012.

John Tilbury & Oren Ambarchi's The Just Reproach LP (Black Truffle) documents the second concert given by John Tilbury and Oren Ambarchi as a duo. They first performed together in march 2012, then reprising the duo at London's Cafe OTO in september the same year. TRhe concert documents a 42-minute performance, in two parts experimental-oriented (Tilbury on piano and Ambarchi on guitar and electronics).

Limelight restores on CD Funky Skull, a forgotten album credited to AACM members Lester Bowie, Leo Smith and Roscoe Mitchell, plus guitarists Phil Upchurch and Pete Cosey, drummer Billy hart and many others. The album was studio recorded in july 1969, and never reissued until now.

August 2013:

American hardbop pianist Cedar Walton, well known in '60s for his performances with Art Blakey, died on august 19 at 79.

American composer and singer George Duke, keyboard pioneer who collaborated with Stanley Clarke, Jean-Luc Ponty, John Scofield, Billy Cobham, Michael Brecker and Frank Zappa among others, died on august 5 at 67.

Fataka presents Exta, credited to the trio of John Butcher (saxes), Thomas Lehn (synthesizers) and John Tilbury (piano). They extracted, from a long studio session in june 2012, five pieces (among which the 19-minute Cor), inspired just by exta, i.e. the organs of a sacrificed animal offered up to the gods by ancient Romans. The trio successfully created an album of thrilling, dark and enigmatic sound.

PSI restores From Saxophone & Trombone, an old album by saxophonist Evan Parker and trombonist George Lewis, studio recorded in may 1980, first released the same year by Incus, and rereleased as CD on 2002. The two composed five duos, featuring an intimate approach, although mixed with many improvisations.

Transparency presents Live At Myron's Ballroom, a 3CD set that document the april 1981 live performance of Sun Ra Arkestra, performed by the leader on piano and organ along with Eloe Omoe (saxes and clarinets), Marshalla Allen (alto sax, flute, oboe), Kenny Williams (baritone sax), Danny Ray Thompson (sax and flute), Richard Williams (bass), Samarai Celestial and Craig Haynes (drums), John Gilmore (reeds), Craig Harris (trombone), Michael Ray (trumpet), June Tyson (vocals) and Damon Choice (vibraphone). First CD gathers the Main Set two-part suite (75 minutes), whereas second CD sports Watusi (23 minutes); third CD features several improvisations mixed with unreleased compositions and themes from jazz covers.

Studio recorded in june 2012 and then world premiered in september 2012, Holding It Down: The Veterans’ Dreams Project is the latest album by Vijay Iyer, cocredited with poet and musician Mike Ladd. Three years in the making, thise new work focuses, as says PI label website, «on veterans of color from the last decade’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan». The cast performed the premiere: Iyer (piano, laptop, compositions), Ladd (poetry, vocals, sampler, analog synthesizer), Decaul (poetry), Lynn Hill (poetry), Guillermo Brown (vocals, auxiliary electronics), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Okkyung Lee (cello), Kassa Overall (percussion) and Latasha N. Nevada Diggs (vocals, live electronic processing). The work is a continuous 80-minute piece.

Guitarist Mary Halvorson's Illusionary Sea (Firehouse, 2013) features 7 new tracks recorded in september 2012 with her new septet, comprising of the guitarist with Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet), Jon Irabagon (alto sax), Ches Smith (drums), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax), John Hebert (bass) and Jacob Garchik (trombone). Halvorson constructed intimate and poetic melodies on which alternate the soloists. Let's also mention a Robert Wyatt tribute, an arrangement of the source for Maryan (Nairam by Philip Catherine), from Wyatt's 1997 Shleep.

Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii is on stage since december 1994, when she, for Libra, recorded Something About Water, a piano duo with Paul Bley, followed by some piano solos: Indication in may 1996 and Sketches in august 2003, along with many collaborations with several musicians and lineups: in trios with bassist Mark Dresser and drummer Jim Black (Looking Out The Window, recorded in april 1997, and Bell The Cat!, recorded in september 2001); in duos, with violinist Mark Feldman in April Shower, recorded in july/december 1999, and Myra Melford (the piano duo Under The Water was recorded in september 2007). More recently, she created the lineup KAZE, along with the trumpetists Christian Pruvost and Natsuki Tamura and drummer Peter Orins, recording live in concert (november 2010) the six lenghty tracks of Rafale; the same lineup now comes back with Tornado (Libra, 2013), the first studio album recorded in october 2012, featuring the same musical approach, a bit more melodies-oriented, and not only collective (the final 20-minute Triangle), especially by the pianist who, in the meantime, recorded in september 2012 Gen Himmel, her new piano solo, even more oriented in search of themes and meditations. Here is how she presents these twelve pieces, all brief but the 8-minute Take Right: «When I play solo, I need to hear to myself and listen carefully... I also get some inspiration from the silence I hear between notes. For me playing in groups is more about self-expression, and playing solo is more like meditation. I tried to take my time and not push myself too much». Let's remember, finally, the Fujii project Ma-do, she created in 2008 along with trumpetist Natsuki Tamura and rhythm section Norikatsu Koreyasu (bass) and Akira Horikoshi (drums). They recorded three free-form albums: Heat Wave (april 2008), Desert Ship (july 2009) and the final Time Stands Still (june 2011), final because, after bassist's death at the end of the year, the pianist decided to disband the project. The last album is though more theme and melodic-oriented.

Remembrance (NoBusiness, 2013) is a 2CD set documenting a quartet comprising of Elton Dean (alto sax), Paul Dunmall (tenor sax), Paul Rogers (bass) and Tony Bianco (drums). They recorded studio in february 2004 a 37-minute quartet, a 28-minute duo (Rogers and Bianco) and two trios: the first (23 minutes) was without Elton Dean, the second (26 minutes) was without Dunmall.

Another NoBusiness album just released is Tribal Ghost, that gathers the notable lineup of John Tchicai (tenor sax and bass clarinet), Charlie Kohlhase (alto, tenor and baritone saxes), Garrison Fewell (guitar and percussion), Cecil McBee (bass) and Billy Hart (drums). The vinyl documents four lenghty pieces live recorded in february 2007: Llanto del Indio was composed by Tchicai, the other three by the guitarist, who collaborated with Tchicai in several albums. As for Charlie Kohlhase, he's known mainly as member of Dead Cat Bounce.

Prism is the latest Dave Holland project, the bassist created as quartet with Craig Taborn (piano and Fender Rhodes) Kevin Eubanks (guitar) and Eric Harland (drums), debuting with a self-titled released by Dare2, (the label he formed in 2005), performed basically as a collective. The quartet presented Prism (the new Holland album in three years) live in june 2012.

Cuneiform releases the 2CD set Looking For The Next One, by all-sax project S.O.S. Formed in 1973, this lineup, comprising of Mike Osborne, John Surman and Alan Skidmore, recorded in january and february 1975 a self-titled, disbanding after a while. These 2 CDs gather unissued studio and live material recorded between july 1974 and september 1975. Particularly, july 1974 performance was a live concert from which were extracted five pieces (second CD), whereas drummer Tony Levin played as guest in two studio pieces (CD 1). Furthermore, John Surman added electronics, playing synthesizers and keyboards in studio sessions.

With Rhapsody In Blue (Winter & Winter, 2013) pianist Uri Caine payed tribute to George Gershwin, leading an octet with Ralph Alessi (trumpet), Theo Bleckmann and Barbara Walker (vocals), Joyce Hammann (violin), Chris Speed (tenor sax and clarinet), Mark Helias (acoustic bass) and Jim Black (drums). The vinyl collects reworkings of eight Gershwin compositions, recorded in december 2012, all quite brief but the starting title-track (22 minutes).

Newport '59 (Concert Vault, 2013) documents a Thelonius Monk live concert at the namesake Festival, featuring the pianist in a quartet with Charlie Rouse (tenor sax), Sam Jones (bass) and Arthur Taylor (drums). From the concert were extracted for this vinyl five famous pieces (In Walked Bud; Blue Monk; Crepuscule with Nellie; Well You Needn't; Rhythm-a-ning), with an Introduction.

Chick Corea's project The Vigil is the namesake album that sees the leader on grand piano and keyboards, along with Tim Garland (tenor and soprano sax, bass clarinet, flute), Charles Altura (electric and acoustic guitar), Hadrien Feraud (bass), Roy Haynes' grandson Marcus Gilmore (drums), Pernell Saturnino (percussion), Gayle Moran Corea (vocals), Stanley Clarke (bass) and Ravi Coltrane (sax). The seven pieces (two of them above 16 minutes) feature a jazz fusion approach, mixed with ballads and soul themes. Usually Corea performs live in tour his creations, but this time the music was recorded in studio in early 2013 before the group went touring (first live gig was performed on march 6).

Simply titled with the recording date, 17.02.12 is a Song Cycle DoLP that documents a Christian Fennesz live performance conceived as an imaginary soundtrack for the 1927 silent film Symphony Of A Great City, by the German filmmaker Walter Ruttmann Berlin.

I Am Here Where Are You (Trost, 2013) documents a duo live concert by Peter Brötzmann (on tenor and alto saxes, B-clarinet and tarogato) and drummer Steve Noble, a follow-up of their previous The Worse the Better. From the concert were extracted five long gigs, largely improvised. Recorded in january 2013.

Credited to Claudia Quintet bassist Drew Gress, The Sky Inside (Pirouet, 2013) features the leader and composer (also on electronics) with Tim Berne on alto sax, Ralph Alessi on trumpet, Craig Taborn on piano and Tom Rainey on drums. Recorded between february and march 2011, this 72-minute set, plenty of avantgarde and melodic themes and solos, is his fifth disc as a leader: he debuted with the Soul Note Heyday, recorded in august 1997, featuring altoist Dave Binney, guitarist Ben Monder and drummer Kenny Wollesen; the quartet presented an avantgarde album, also performing two Bela Bartok's Mikrokosmos. Spin & Drift was a free-bop album with many melodic and poetic solos, recorded in june 2000 with Tim Berne (saxes), Tom Rayne (drums) and Uri Caine (piano). 7 Black Butterflies (Premonition, 2005) was recorded in february 2004 with the definitive lineup also present in The Sky Inside. Irrational Numbers was recorded in august 2006, featuring an ever more avantgarde approach, which also contributed to David Torn's mixing.

Arve Henriksen's Places Of Worship (Rune Grammofon, 2013) is a 10-track vinyl featuring the leader trumpetist with Jan Bang and Herik Honoré (both on live sampling), guitarists Stian Westerhus and Eivind Aarset, and percussionist Ingar Zach.

Jazz-Maalika (Saptakjazz, 2013) is the nine album of Cosmosamatics, the project led by Sonny Simmons along with saxophonist Michael Marcus. Simmons, on English horn & alto sax, also leads John Austria on piano, Rashaan Carter on bass and Jay Rosen on drums, along with Gargi Shinde on sitar, Maitreya Padukone on tablas and Rohan Pradhudesai on harmonium. Musicians performed several solos on this album.

Concentric is a Clean Feed duo collaboration between John Butcher (tenor and soprano saxes) and drummer Paa Nilssen-Love, recorded live in september 2001. The four pieces here collected (among which the final 18-minute The Stob) are basically improvised.

The Diplomats is a project reuniting Rob Brown (alto sax), Harris Eisenstadt (percussion) and Steve Swell (trombone). We Are Not Obstinate Islands, their first album released by Clean Feed, was recorded in concert in october 2004, featuring five compositions, around whose tunes the trio performs collective improvisations.

Still by Clan Feed, Guewel documents an album credited to drummer Harris Eisenstadt, along with Nate Wooley (trumpet), Taylor Ho Bynun (cornet and flugelhorn), Mark Taylor (French horn) and Josh Sinton (baritone sax). Eisenstadt conceived it after having studied in Gambia and Senegal with griot musicians, learning Sabar traditional drumming. The five pieces of Guewel (pronounced geh-well) combine arrangements of traditional African rhythms with transcriptions of classic Mbalax, the pop music of Senegal that began to gain international recognition in the 1970s. Recorded in february and march 2006.

Fire!'s Without Noticing (Rune Grammofon, 2013) is the fifth album from Swedish trio led by Mats Gustafsson, along with Johan Berthling (bass and piano) and drummer Andreas Werliin, recorded in winter of 2012-13, inspired by rock based riffs and rhythms. The album also sees Gustafsson swapping to organ, electric piano and electronics.

Paired with Mark Trayle (guitarist member of Chris Brown's Hub, who also collaborated to the recent Leo Smith's Heart's Reflections), Jason Kahn presents Fronts, available on cassette only, that documents two long untitled pieces (26 and 19 minutes) recorded in march 2012. The leader, on analog synthesizer, mixing board and short wave radio, is accompanied by Trayle's guitar, also on electronics.

Descent III (FMR) features Paul Dunmall on tenor & soprano sax, Pat Thomas on piano and Mark Sanders on drums. Recorded in february 2013. The same label presents Weeping Idols, with Paul Dunmall and Mark Hanslip on tenor saxes and Philip Gibbs and Ed Ricard on guitars. Recorded in studio in 2012. This disc starts with the 21-minute 4 Souls, 8 Eyes, building intense improvisations. Both guitarists sound very different and are using different effect.

The DVD Duo documents a live performance recorded in september 2010 by Anthony Braxton (various saxes) and Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, pocket cornet, trumpbone, piccolo and bass trumpet), released by Braxton's namesake label. From the concert were extracted two set (45 and 43 minutes).

The Japan CD The Untrammeled Traveler (Chap Chap, 2013) documents a live performance by ICP pianist Misha Mengelberg and drummer Sabu Toyozumi. On stage since 1974, Toyozumi composed credited albums, also working with Anthony Braxton, Peter Brötzmann, Toshinori Kondo, Wadada Leo Smith and many other jazz musicians. On this album we can listen to the two in two very long pieces (both of quite 40 minutes), recorded in october 1994.

Proletarian Drift (BVHaast, 2013) is credited to the duo of Tetuzi Akiyama (nylon string resonator guitar) and Jozef Van Wissem (ten course renaissance lute). The duet, recorded in april 2012 creates a dark, minimalistic and intimate approach with two very long pieces.

Live Tipple (FMR) features Frode Gjerstad on alto sax & clarinet, David Watson on electric guitar and Kevin Norton on drums, vibes & percussion. Recorded in april 2013. The trio take their time to explore different combinations of instruments, textures and dynamics.

Memory Night (Room40) is the third solo album by the Necks' Chris Abrahams, following Play Scar (recorded 2008-2010) and Thrown (recorded 2004). Abrahams features here a sound space ambient, playing four pieces with piano, guitar, samples, percussion, Waldorf Q Plus, Yamaha DX7, Moog Voyager, Vermona Mono Lancet, Kurzweil K2600, Hammond Organ and Nord Stage; electronics and instruments balance between tension and release. The four lenghty pieces were recorded across 2011 and 2012.

Rocket Science is the new Peter Evans project. The trumpetist assembled a quartet with Evan Parker (tenor and soprano saxes), Craig Taborn (piano) and Sam Pluta (already present on october 2010 Ghosts) on laptop, debuting with a live concert recorded in may 2012, from which were extracted four lenghty pieces, released by More Is More.

Sonic Mandala: Music For 33 Musicians (Meta, 2013) documents a performance by Eternal Wind's Adam Rudolph's Go Organic Orchestra, a large and ever-evolving ensemble he created since 2002, featuring at the moment, among others, Ned Rothenberg, J D Parran, Graham Haynes and Peter Zummo. The orchestra is comprising of five flutes, five reeds, two double reeds, three brass, nine strings, seven percussionists, a piano and two electric guitars, plus a trio rhythm section. The 1-hour performance was studio recorded in april and may 2012.

July 2013:

Don Cherry's masterpiece Relativity Suite, out of print after his first 1973 JCOA release, is now available, again on vinyl, thanks to a Klimt reissue, the label presents, fortunately, without any bonus track...

ESP restores now, commercially available, his original 2005 not-for-sale Live On The Riviera 1970, an Albert Ayler concert he recorded in july 1970 (four months before he committed suicide) in a quartet comprising of Mary Parks (vocals and soprano sax), Steve Tintweiss (double bass) and Allen Blairman (drums); the leader played tenor and soprano saxes and bagpipes. The performance was missing of pianist Call Cobbs, stranded at the airport. Four of these seven pieces were composed by Ayler's girlfriend Mary Maria. Other three Ayler's tracks are T.C.A. (9:24), A Little Prayer (5:15) and the final version of Holy Ghost (10:34).

Joshua Redman's Walking Shadows (Nonesuch, 2013) was recorded in september 2012 by the saxophonist with his most recent and notable lineup, comprising of Brad Mehldau (piano), Larry Grenadier and Timothy Cobb (basses), Brian Blade (drums), a nonet violin ensemble, a violist and a celloist trio (all strings were arranged by Mehldau), Pamela Sklar (flute) and Robert Carlisle (French horn). Orchestra was conducted by Dan Coleman. The 12 tracks, though, don't signal a Redman return to an inspired composition: only two are originals, the rest being an eclectic tribute to other musicians (from Beatles' Let It Be to Johann Sebastian Bach's Adagio).

Released by Corbett vs. Dempsey, Verses documents the first duo album by Mats Gustafsson and Ken Vandermark. The two reedists recorded this concert in march 2013, performing six pieces mostly improvised, but with many moments of solos and intimate approaches.

The New York Street Percussionists (Jazzwerkstatt, 2013) is a jazz-rock vinyl recorded in july and august 1990 that documents a collaboration between Jamal Evans (buckets and metals), Robert Russo (keyboards), Funkadelic's Bernie Worrel (keyboards), Golden Palominos' Nicky Skopelitis (synthesizer), Bill Laswell (bass), Niels Jensen (resonator guitar and vocals) and Peter Brotzmann (saxophones). The eight pieces were composed by Niels Jensen (whom the album is credited to) and Jonas Hellborg (the Mahavishnu Orchestra bassist). Niels Jensen is an actor and singer active since 1983.
Matsuli restores the Indipendent's African Songbird, featuring Dollar Brand and his wife vocalist Sathima Bea Benjamin. With Brand on piano, also played Basil Coetzee (flute, tenor sax), Billy Brooks (the old Lionel Hampton trumpetist), Doug Sydes and Monty Weber (both on drums) and Louis Spers (bass). The vinyl features on side A the suite Africa (21 minutes), and on side B Music (9 minutes) and the title-track (5 minutes), on which Benjamin sings unaccompanied but some sound samples. African Songbird was recorded in march 1976.

Both/And (Sunnyside, 2013), subtitled Solo Electro-Acoustic Adventures, documents the latest solo Denny Zeitlin album, on which the pianist also plays synthesizers and keyboards, featuring an overdubbed mixing of jazz fusion '70s-style and more classical and orchestral moments. Among the seven pieces, the final 23-minute Monk-Y Business Revisited Zeitlin first composed in 1989, reworked since 2003 and finished in 2012. «There are those who feel that acoustic and electronic music do not mix. All my life I have resisted the concept of Either/Or, being drawn to integration rather than separation; hence the title of this project: Both/And».

International Phonograph restores Flight For Four, an old, forgotten album (first released by Flying Dutchman) credited to the quartet formed by John Carter (tenor and alto saxes and clarinet) and Bobby Bradford (trumpet), along with rhythm section of Tom Williamson (bass) and Bruz Freeman (drums). Recorded in april 1969, the album features five lenghty pieces, free-bop oriented.

Dreamachines (Tzadik, 2013) features nine John Zorn's compositions performed with Nova Express, the lineup comprising of John Medeski (piano), Kenny Wollesen (vibes), Trevor Dunn (bass) and Joey Baron (drums) that already recorded in 2011 their self-titled with the leader. Another chamber album, as always eclecticly inspired. Recorded in april 2013.

Canadian drummer Harris Eisenstadt is well known basically for his many collaborations, among which Nate Wooley, Taylor Ho Binum, Jessica Pavone, etc., but he also composed some credited albums, and created several projects, as Canada Day and the more recent September Trio, on which he plays with saxtenorist Ellery Eskelin and pianist Angelica Sanchez. The trio debuted with a Clean Feed self-titled in 2011, featuring seven pieces for a concept work, mostly improvised. Now, the same label presents their follow-up: The Destructive Element, more avant-gard influenced, particularly in two tributes to Schoenberg's Concert for violino and orchestra. Recorded in september 2012.
Andrea Centazzo's Latecomers (Ictus, 2013) is a live concert recorded by the percussionist in april 2012 with pianist Anthony Coleman and trombonists Steve Swell and Giancarlo Schiaffini, and Mallet Kat on sampling. The performance was presented as a five movements suite, whose final mixing on the CD is 45-minute long.

Studio recorded in june 2011, Impressions of PO Music (Okka, 2013) documents the Ken Vandermark’s project Topology Nonet debut, featuring the leader reedist with Joe McPhee (tenor sax), Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone), Josh Berman (cornet), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Tim Daisy (drums), Kent Kessler (bass), Dave Rempis (saxes) and Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello and electronics). The eight pieces are Joe McPhee compositions from '70s/'80s, completely rearranged.

A Rise In The Road (Mack Avenue, 2013) is the latest Yellowjackets album. The new ten pieces were recorded with the core ensemble of Ferrante-Kennedy-Mintzer-Pastorius; Felix Pastorius is the newest member, son of very famous Jacob, and replaced veteran cofounder Jimmy Haslip. To the recording also collaborated the guest Ambrose Akinmusire on trumpet. Their approach is always acoustic jazz oriented, Oregon-reminiscent in some pieces.

Just Listen (Relative Pitch, 2013) features Joey Baron on drums and Bill Frisell on guitar. The two have been playing together for nearly three decades in quartets and trios as well as in Naked City and other John Zorn sessions. The nine pieces here collected were recorded live in november 2008.

Sifter is a Mary Halvorson project comprising of Kirk Knuffke on cornet and Matt Wilson on drums. Relative Pitch releases their self-titled first album, on which the leader guitarist composed though only two pieces; Knuffke contributed instead with 6 pieces, and Wilson with 5. Recorded in october 2011, Sifter features a rocking free form approach.

Nourishments (Clean Feed, 2013) features Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto sax), Michael Dessen (trombone), Denman Maroney (hyperpiano), Mark Dresser, whom this album is credited to (double bass) and the drums duo of Tom Rainey and Michael Sarin. This is the first Dresser quintet recording in almost 20 years. Composed with many counterpoints and combinations of noise, textures and improvisations, the seven pieces was premiered in november 2011; CD edition is the recent studio recording.

Well known Korean celloist Okkyung Lee, who collaborated with many artists (Laurie Anderson, Vijay Iyer, Jim O'Rourke, John Zorn, etc.) also recorded credited albums. Particularly, the vinyl Ghil (Ideologic Organ, 2013) documents her second «solo cello» work, after the 2008 I Saw The Ghost Of An Unknown Soul And It Said... She recorded (on a portable cassette recorder from 1976 bought second hand!) nine pieces during spring of 2012, without overdubbings.

Again by Clean Feed, Trumpets and Drums (live recorded in june 2012) features Nate Wooley on trumpet & amplifier, Peter Evans on trumpet & piccolo trumpet, Jim Black on drums & electronics, and Paul Lytton on drums and percussion. From their concert were extracted on CD two long tracks: Beginning (34 minutes) and Ending (21 minutes).

Another Clean Feed album is the studio (Sit In) The Throne of Friendship, featuring Nate Wooley (trumpet), Josh Sinton (bass clarinet & baritone sax), Matt Moran (vibraphone), Eivind Opsvik (double bass), Dan Peck (tuba) and Harris Eisenstadt (drums). Recorded in december 2012, this album collects eight pieces.

Still by Clean Feed, Sonic Elements is a solo album featuring Joe McPhee on pocket trumpet and alto sax. Performed in a blues feeling, the two long pieces, Episode One and Episode Two (both 21 minutes) are dedicated to Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman, respectively. Recorded in june 2012.

For M/Mikro_Kosmos is a 2CD set (Sound Of A Handshake, 2013) featuring two Bernhard Fleischmann concerts recorded complement each other. The first concert, featuring the 47-minute For M - A Tribute To Mark Linkous was recorded live in may 2010 with the leader on guitar, electronics and omnichord, Alexandr Vatagin on bass, electronics and cello, Martin Siewert on guitar, lap steel guitar, bass and electronics, and Matthias Frey on violin and snare. The Sparklehorse leader committed suicide just a few weeks prior to this concert. Mikro_Kosmos instead is a 38-minute solo piece, recorded in june 2010 at Festival Irritationen II. The leader composed, arranged and performed it on electronics, guitar and organ.

Another Timbre presents the 2CD set Cantor Quartets, composed by Antoine Beuger in 2003, but only recorded in june 2012 (in a church) by the quartet comprising of Jurg Frey (clarinet), Sarah Hughes (e-bow zither), Dominic Lash (double bass) and Radu Malfatti (trombone). Four are the quartets collected (39 minutes the first three, 34 the forth), each of them containing four lines with seven notes each; player A plays the first line as a solo, then when he moves on to the second line, player B starts the first line; player C starts when player B begins the second line and player A starts the third, and so on. The composition finishes when player A finishes the fourth line. Quartets were performed without rehearsal.

The Four Seasons (Tzadik, 2013) documents a Noah Creshevsky album on which he presents a retrospective of his life work he composed in 2012using the sounds of voices and traditional instruments, in four pieces plus three brief interludes. Music was performed by a large ensemble (piano, banjo, trombone, 3 saxes, 9 vocalists, 2 violins, 3 basses, 2 trumpets, 2 drums, 3 guitars and 3 clarinets).

June 2013:
Rob Mazurek's Sao Paulo Underground presents Beija Flors Velho E Sujo (Cuneiform, 2013), his fourth experience, recorded in september 2012. The trio (the leader on cornet, harmonium and electronics, Granado on keyboards and Takara on percussion and electronics) ) performed ten new pieces, featuring a creative experimental post-rock, rarely improvised but unpredictable.

Window And Doorway (Driff, 2013) documents a trio performance recorded in june 2011 by the notable lineup comprising of Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet), Steve Swell (trombone) and label founder Pandelis Karayorgis (piano). They composed eleven tracks, quite all new (three of them are collective), improvising on the themes. Still by Gregorio, Sack Of Rice (Peira, 2013) is a limited edition (100 copies) that sees Michael Thieke and Gregorio on clarinets, Jim Baker on synth and Michael Zerang on percussion. They recorded live a two-part suite (25 and 15 minutes, respectively)

Supersilent's trumpetist Arve Henriksen presents Black Swan, a BOIAT album he coproduced with belgian drummer Teun Verbruggen, already sideman in several projects. The two recorded each a part of the sessions, Verbruggen in september 2010, and Henriksen at home in february 2010. Together, they mixed the 11 pieces, released now as a ltd ed. Henriksen, who composed and arranged all the pieces, plays trumpets, sampler, effects, keyboards, whereas Verbruggen is on drums and electronics. Themes alternate with improvisations.

MusicNow presents Consciously, an album that collects Cornelius Cardew unissued compositions dating back to 1972-1980 period, when he formed People's Liberation Music, a follow-up of his 1969 Scratch Orchestra. PLM, at that time, was described as a folk rock art music band that performed political songs. Consciously includes unreleased recordings of some of his compositions and many performances, together with those of people with whom he worked closely. The leader, on voice and piano, played, among others, with: Pip Pyle and Nick Connors (drums), Walter Cardew (bass), Keith Rowe (electric guitar), Evan Parker (soprano sax), Chris Thompson (piano), Peter Devenport (electric piano), Susan Hurrell (clarinet), John Tilbury (piano), etc. The compilation gathers 27 pieces, no one of them above four minutes.

Brooklyn Duos is a ltd 1000 copies Treader CD that documents a collaboration between John Coxon (harmonica and guitars) and Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet). The seven pieces (among which the starting 20-minute Gagaku: Rain) were recorded in december 2005.

Haptikon (Long Song, 2013) is an Elliott Sharp set of electric-guitar pieces accompanied by computer. Trying a more melodic approach, Sharp composed 6 new lenghty pieces, fruit of a long studio elaboration.

Musical Blessing (CIMP, 2013) was a concert recorded in january 2010 by saxtenorist Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre quartet, with bassists Michael Logan and RaDu Ben Judah, and veteran drummer Warren Smith.

Oliver Lake Big Band's Wheels CD (Passin' Thru) features eight tracks, among which the title-track suite (17 minutes). The lineup is comprising of Oliver Lake, Darius Jones and Bruce Williams (alto saxes), Jason Marshall (baritone sax), Mike Lee and James Stewart (tenor saxes), Waldron Ricks, Freddie Hendrix, Nabate Isles and E.J. Allen (trumpets), Freddie Hendrix, Stafford Hunter, Alfred Patterson and Terry Greene (trombones), Yoichi Uzeki and Marc Cary (pianos), Robert Sabin (bass) and Chris Beck (drums). The eight pieces were recorded in february and march 2012.

After the death of drummer Fabian Kurati in 2008 and the departure of vocalist Bruno Amstad in 2011, Christy Doran's New Bag have now a new vocalist, Sara Buechi, who joined the group for a new album: Mesmerized (Double Moon, 2013). Recorded in january 2013, it features the leader guitarist also with Vincent Membrez (minimoog and Rhodes) and Lionel Friedli (drums). They composed 6 new tracks, always jazz contemporary-oriented.

Black Aces (Rarenoise, 2013) is the debuting album credited to Slobber Pup, the project created by guitarist Joe Morris with Melvins' bassist Trevor Dunn, organist Jamie Saft (who worked with John Zorn, Bad Brains and Beastie Boys) and Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandi (who collaborate to Venetian Snares' last albums). Black Aces is a CD/DoLP that features five pieces of chamber music basically improvised (among which the starting 27-minute Accuser).

Da Bang! (Tum, 2013) is the last studio album by Billy Bang, recorded in february 2011, just two months before his death, and collects 6 tracks, performed by his group, featuring one extended composition by Bang, Daydreams, as well as compositions by Barry Altschul, Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. The violinist played with Dick Griffin (trombone), Andrew Bemkey (piano), Hilliar Greene (double bass) and Newman Taylor-Baker (drums).

Wadada Leo Smith's Occupy The World is a 2CD set that features five extended compositions, on which the trumpeter and conductor leads TUMO, a new large finnish ensemble (21 members) for trumpet, trombone, horn, tuba, flutes, piccolo, several saxes, piano, harp, two electric guitars, accordion, violin, viola, cello, two bassists and three drummers. 5 lenghty pieces, especially the two on second CD, the 25-minute Crossing On A Southern Road (a memorial for Marion Brown) and the 33-minute Occupy The World For Life, Liberty And Justice (already live premiered in december 2011). Studio recorded in february 2012, and out now by Tum.

Azure (ECM) documents a collaboration between pianist Marilyn Crispell and bassist Gary Peacock, collecting 11 tracks recorded in january and february 2011. The music mixes solos and elaborated themes, with several improvisations.

Scrumptious Sabotage (Bocian, 2013) features music composed and performed by Norwegian composer and vocalist Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje (well known for her recent collaboration to Phantom Orchard Orchestra's Trouble In Paradise) and Japanese drummer Ikue Mori. Eight tracks (among which the final 14:30-minute Rivers Of Belfast) recorded live in march 2012. The sound, abstract and undefinable, balances between jazz, noise, electronic and meditative pauses.

Big Sur is the Bill Frisell's debut for Okeh, after two years on Savoy Jazz. The lineup, that sees the guitarist with Jenny Scheinman (violin), Eyvind Kang (viola), Hank Roberts (cello) and Rudy Royston on drums, combines two of his groups, Beautiful Dreamers and 858 Quartet. This hour of original music (19 brief compositions) was born at Monterey Jazz Festival commission in 2012, and premiered at the festival in september 2012. In march 2013, the quintet recorded studio the work, for this CD.

RogueArt 2CD set Rex, Wrecks & XXX features the duo of Matthew Shipp (piano) and Evan Parker (tenor sax). They recorded two performances, the former in studio and the second live, both in september 2011, mostly improvised, with many moments of solos. CD live features only the 42-minute suite XXX.

šberjam Deux (EmArcy, 2013), the follow-up of september 2001 self-titled,  is the new John Scofield studio album in ten years, after the december 2002 Up All Night. The leader guitarist reunited a new lineup with Avi Bortnick (guitar and samples), ex Gov't Mule and Black Crowes Andy Hess (bass), the two drummers Adam Deitch and Louis Cato, and above all John Medeski on organ, electric piano and mellotron. The 11 tracks (12 in Japan edition) were recorded in january 2013.

Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) and Henrik Nordvergr completed the Partikel trilogy with III, released by Cold Spring after the recording sessions in june and july 2011. The new three pieces (particularly the two-part suite Submaton Color in 31 minutes) feature a mixing of noise, dark, ambient and electronic sound.

Duo With Mark Hennen (Nacht, 2012) features drummer William Hooker (also on voice) playing with pianist Mark Hennen. This album was recorded outdoors somewhere in the desert. We can hear the sounds of crickets throughout this recording, as in the first piece, drone-oriented. The second piece is for solo drums. The third piece features a ®thriller poem¯ by William with Mark playing inside the piano. The last and longest (28 minutes) piece is a duo drums and piano.

Idyllic Noise presents Moments Form, a trio collaboration between saxophonist Mars Williams, bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten and drummer Tim Daisy. The three lenghty tracks feature collective moments but also long solos, particularly the 24-minute title-track.

Formed in december 2011, Black Host, new drummer and composer Gerald Cleaver project, is documented in their interesting first Northern Spy release, Life In The Sugar Candle Mines, a CD spanning 77 minutes of music jazz-rock oriented, reminiscent '60s/'70s. The drummer reunited an interesting lineup, with Darius Jones on alto sax, Gene Y. Aston (aka Cooper-Moore) on piano and synth, Brandon Seabrook (who worked in Peter Evans quartet) on guitar and Pascal Niggenkemper on bass. The eight pieces (composed mostly by Cleaver) are quite lenghty, particularly the starting 16-minute Hover.

40 Years And One (XI) documents nine solo piano works performed by Philip Corner, and recorded in january 1998. Among the pieces, it's worth mentioning the last two, the 26-minute Pulse: A `Keyboard Dance'/C Major Chord, and the 22-minute "Perfect" (On The Strings).

The Vol. 9 of In The Fishtank series documents a live performance recorded in june 2001 by the notable lineup that gathered Sonic Youth, Terrie Ex and several ICP members. Luc Ex (bass), Ab Baars (rreds), Han Beenink and Steve Shelley (drums), Jim O'Rourke (electronics), guitarists Lee Ranaldo, Terrie Ex and Thrston Moore, percussionist William Dinant and trombonist Wolter Wierbos composed eight untitled pieces (almost brief).

Shofar Rags (Tzadik) is the latest Alvin Curran release, on which, with the collaboration of Arnold Dreyblatt (accordion), William Winant (tamtam) and Michael Riessler (clarinet), he collected seven compositions for Shofar and electronics, featuring meditative ambient environments. Premiered in july 2007, now is available the studio recording.

Modern Jester (Hanson) is the latest Aaron Dilloway album, performed on tape loops, percussion, synthesizer, junk, voice, and tape FX. Recorded between 2008 and 2011. With the same title, has been also released a cassette, that though, with the exception of one track is a completely different release than the DoLP. Among the seven pieces, Body Chaos (19 minutes) and Look Over Your Shoulder (18 minutes).

Three Kings And The Queen (Doxy, 2013), a legendary Spivey march 1962 recording, is again available on vinyl. It's credited to the quartet blues legend of Victoria Spivey, Roosevelt Sykes, Big Joe Williams and Lonnie Johnson, plus Bob Dylan on harmonica and back-up vocals. It gathers 16 compositions by the quartet (3 by Sykes, 4 by Johnson, 4 by Williams, 4 by Spivey and 1 credited to Sykes and Spivey). ®I think one of the best records that I've ever been a part of was the record made with Big Joe Williams and Victoria Spivey. Now that's a record that I hear from time to time and I don't mind listening to it¯ (words by Bob Dylan).

In Search of the Lost Divine Arc (Important, 2013) is the new studio album by Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Away from jazz ambitions of the previous Son Of A Bitches Brew, this CD, recorded between june and december 2012, features the core quintet (Higashi Hiroshi on synth, Tsuyama Atsushi on bass, flute and pipe, Shimura Koji on drums, Tabata Mitsuru on guitars and synth, and Kawabata Makoto on guitar, electric sitar and hurdy gurdy) on six lenghty pieces (among which the 17-minute Skilful Grinning Skull and the 19:30-minute title-track), all pure and fast rock style.

Sanctus Spiritus (Dead-Cert) is a vinyl comprising of private studio recordings by the duo of Bob Stohl & Kat Epple, dating back to 1980-1982, five pieces new age-style, recorded using an Arp 2600, Mini Moog, EML Synkey, Roland RS202 String Ensemble and Electro-Harmonix Vocoder, plus a range of woodwind (especially Bill Bernardi's Lyricon I, a hybrid flute/synthesiser) with the collaboration of their friend and co-composer Barry Cleveland. Stohl, let's remember, died in 1989 at 34 only.

May 2013:

Art Blakey's pianist Mulgrew Miller died of a stroke on 28 may, at 57.

The duo of Ikue Mori (electronics) and Steve Noble (drums and percussion) presents Prediction And Warning (Fataka, 2013), studio album with eight pieces recorded in november 2011 after their first meeting in 2010.

The same label also released Stonecipher, another duo experience, with Axel D”rner (trumpet, electronics) and Mark Sanders (drums and percussion). They recorded a two-part 47-minute namesake suite in june 2011.

Trio 3 + Jason Moran is the lineup that in july 2012 recorded Refraction - Breakin' Glass (Intakt), a studio album with ten tracks composed by the notable veteran trio of bassist Reggie Workman, drummer Andrew Cyrille and reedist Oliver Lake (who also sings), with the collaboration of pianist Jason Moran. This is the fifth album by this lineup. The sound is heavly ®black¯ oriented, gospel but also rapper influenced. The final and longest piece, High Priest, was by Cyrille dedicated to David Ware.

Revolt Music (ugExplode) is credited to the Weasel Walter Quartet, faturing the leader on drums, John Gruntfest & Aram Shelton on alto saxes, Josh Allen on tenor sax, Damon Smith on 6-string & amplified contrabass, Randy Hunt on bass and Henry Kaiser on guitar. It collect eight pieces studio recorded in various sessions, between december 2005 and october 2006. Extremely free improvised and dissonant, with also several solos.

Tap is the Vol. 20 of John Zorn's Book Of Angels saga (Tzadik) on which the performer, this time, is Pat Metheny, who plays several kind of guitars, plus bass, keyboards, orchestrionics, electronics, bandone¢n, percussion and flugelhorn, with the collaboration of drummer Antonio Sanchez and Willow Metheny on voice. Six lenghty pieces.

Desolation Row (Cuneiform) is the new album by Richard Pinhas, featuring Oren Ambarchi (drums, guitar and electronics), Lasse Marhaug and Duncan Nilsson (electronics), Etienne Jaumet (analog synths and sax) Noel Akchote (stereo guitars) and Eric Borelva (drums). The leader, on guitar and electronics, composed six lenghty pieces (three of them over 15 minutes), mixing his themes with jazz, progressive rock, noise and improvisation, quite away from his standard sound.

Phalanx (Aerophonic) is a 2CD set that documents the latest Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet performance, whose free improvisations are this time coupled with Latin and African sound. This is their sixth album, featuring in the first CD two long suites: Algonquins and Cream City Stomp (both of 26 minutes), and in the second the very long Anti-goons (48 min.) and Croatalus Adamantooths (27 min.); recorded on june 2012 by a quartet led by Dave (saxes), Ingebrigt H†ker Flaten (bass), and the two drummers Frank Rosaly and Tim Daisy. Wheelhouse, instead, is a new Dave's project, formed in the summer of 2005, when he met the bassist Nate McBride and vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz; but only now the trio released the first album: Boss Of The Plains (again Aerophonic), recorded in october 2010., featuring a chamber jazz mostly intimate, even if entirely improvised.

Trumpetist Terence Blanchard's Magnetic was released just now by Blue Note. Recorded between march and april 2013, it features ten new songs written with this quartet: saxophonist Brice Winston, pianist Fabian Almazon, bassist Joshua Crumbly and drummer Kendrick Scott. Among the guests, the saxophonist Ravi Coltrane and above all the bass legend Ron Carter. On the next june 15, Blanchard will premier Champion, his first jazz opera inspired by the true story of Emile Griffith.

Sitting On Your Stairs (Emanem) documents the last studio performance by Lol Coxhill before his death, a duet with French saxophonist Michel Doneda (on stage since 1985). The two, both on soprano, created six duets, some very long, as the g 19-minute Last Duet 1, starting from melodic themes suggested by one, whereas the other enters interlacing counterpoints and improvisations.

Spellbound (Moosicus, 2013) is the new Trilok Gurtu album, featuring the trumpet trio of Nils Petter Molv‘r, Ibrahim Maalouf,  Hasan G”zetlik and Paolo Fresu. The twelve tracks were recorded between september and december 2012, and feature the leader percussionist also on keyboards, with Tulug Tirpan on piano and keyboards.

The DoLP Solid & Spirit, studio recorded in april 2010 and released by Nero's Neptune, is credited to the duo of Peter Br”tzmann (alto & tenor saxes, clarinet and tarogato) and Hamid Drake (drums). The six long pieces they performed are obviously largely improvised.

The 2CD set featuring the Complete Expanded Edition of Sun Ra's Continuation let's know that his true recording session dates back to march 1963, and not in 1968 (the El Saturn LP was originally issued in 1970. This new edition also gathers 14 studio-recorded unreleased tracks. Second CD collects bonus tracks.

Jazz Records is a small label that specializes in Lennie Tristano reissues. Until now, the label released 13 CDs, among which let's point out Concert In Copenaghen, possibly his last known live solo piano performance, that collects nine pieces, recorded in october 1965.

Call It Art is a 5LP set released by Triple Point that gathers unreleased music by New York Art Quartet from 1964-1965. The core trio of Roswell Rudd (reeds), Jophn Tchicai (alto sax) and Milford Graves (drums) played with Reggie Workman or Don Moore or Eddie Gomez (bass). Among the pieces, let's mention the 17-minute new version of Rosmosis (by Rudd, recorded december 1964), The 11-minute Nettus II (early 1965), the 13-minute For Eric: Memento Mori (same session, dedicated to Eric Dolphy) and the 22-minute No. 6 (october 1964), all of them by Tchicai, and the collective composition Uh-Oh (27 minutes recorded in october 1964). Several pieces are reworking from their first three LPs.

Performed by the namesake project, Dedalus is the new composer Antoine Beuger album, released by Potlach. The three long pieces (two by Beuger and one by Jrg Frey) were recorded live in april 2012 by a sextet on which the leader was on flute, Frey on clarinet, Didier Aschour on guitar, Cyprien Busolini on viola, Stephan Garin on vibraphone and Thierry Madiot on trombone. Beuger and Frey present an undefinable musical world, between magic, poetry, medieval and ethereal sounds.

The Plain Where The Palace Stood is the sixth and latest David Grubbs CD. Recorded between march 2011 and october 2012, this Drag City vinyl sees Andrea Belfi (drums, electronics), Attila Favarelli on electronics, C. Spencer Yeh (violin) and Stefano Pilia (guitar). Grubbs wrote eleven new pieces (in four of them he sings).

Jano his the latest Bill Laswell project, whose leader, though, is the 23 year old guitarist Michael Hailu; along with Rob Burger and Adam Rudolph they recorded in 2011 Ertale (MODT), featuring traditional Ethiopian melodies, mixed with drum polyrhythms and electronic textures. In the meantime, the same label presents Nahariama: 4th Column, the new Method of Defiance album. The Bill Laswell project at the moment features Funkadelic's Bernie Worrell, Guy Licata and Dr Israel, keyboardist Robert Burger, and cornetist Graham Haynes. This is their second instrumental album.

The Raw And The Cooked, released by Palilalia, is the latest Chris Corsano album, cocredited though with Harry Pussy's guitarist Bill Orcutt. The vinyl, recorded between august and september 2012, collects 12 untitled tracks composed by the two, a mixing of drums and guitars mostly improvised, even if rock and blues oriented.

April 2013:
The posthumous The Loweski documents a Frank Lowe session restored by ESP, recorded at the same date of Black Beings (march 1973). The Loweski is a five-part suite (37 minutes) performed by the tenorist in a quintet with Joseph Jarman (soprano and alto saxes), Raymond Lee Cheng (violin), William Parker (bass) and Rashid Sinan (drums).

John Zorn's The Mysteries (Tzadik) documents the follow-up of In Search Of The Miraculous (december 2009), that continued with the december 2011 Gnostic Preludes, performed by the trio of guitarist Bill Frisell, harpist Carol Emanuel and vibraphonist Kenny Wollesen. As the previous, The Mysteries features minimalistic melodies that alternate with many improvisations, mostly by Bill Frisell. Recorded in december 2012.
Blue Note restored Hank Mobley's The Feelin's Good, a single session held on march 1963 decided to not release, for obscure raisons, as a complete Mobley album, including, instead, some of the tracks into Straight No Filter and The Turnaround!. The one-off lineup for this studio session reunited Donald Byrd (trumpet), Herbie Hancock (piano), Butch Warren (bass) and Philly Joe Jones (drums).

The Adorables (Cryptogramophone, 2013) documents the nameasake album by the latest band led by Zeena Parkins with Shayna Dunkelman (percussion), Jordon Glenn (drums and vibes) and Preshish Moments (electronics). The harpist mixed an acoustic orchestration with live electronics and processed drones, with also the collaboration by guests Deep Singh and Dave Sharma (percussion), Kristin Slipp (vocals) and Danny Blume (guitar). The eight pieces are almost brief, but the starting Constructed (12:30 minutes).

Creative Source presents Colophony, credited to Jon Rose; the violinist recorded it in july 2012 in a trio with Meinrad Kneer (contrabass) and Richard Barrett (electronics). Music is mostly improvised.

Western Front restores Vaincu.Va! Live at Western Front 1978, an album that features the rare and forgotten Evan Parker solo soprano sax 35-minute suite Vaincu.Va! he recorded in concert in november 1978.

Studio recorded in two sessions (december 2003 and november 2009), performed in several festivals and now released by ECM, Melodic Warrior is a Terje Rypdal work he performed with The Hilliard Ensemble voices (David James as countertenor, Rogers Covey-Crump and Steven Harrold as tenors and Gordon Jones as baritone), conducted by Dennis Russell Davies and Sebastian Pertowski. The 41-minute suite, inspiered by North American Indian poems, mixes the leader's guitar in a symphonic concept with several approaches: rock, jazz, and hollywoodian soundtracks.

The CD+DVD The Space Between (Delmark, 2013) documents a commissioned multimedia interdisciplinary project between Rob Mazurek's Exploding Star Acoustic Ensemble and video artist and choreographer Marianne M Kim. They utilized sound, video and movement, Mazurek manipulating sound layer as the images and sounds develop a conversation. To the project also collaborated the quartet of Rachel Bernsen, Melanie Maar, Taylor Ho Bynum and Abraham Gomez-Delgado. Premiered on february 2013.

Mats Gustafsson, with the project Correction, presents Shift (NoBusiness). The baritonist composed and performed this ltd ed. vinyl with Sebastian Bergström (piano), Joacim Nyberg (bass) and Emil Åstrand-Melin (drums). Recorded studio in may 2012, this is the second Correction album, led by emergent Swedish pianist. The first was Two Nights In April, recorded live in april 2009.

Evan Parker (soprano and tenor saxes), Barry Guy (bass) and Paul Lytton (drums) performed in september 2011 the concert Live at Maya Recordings Festival, released as a 2LP by NoBusiness. Featuring four pieces, one for side, this is a ltd ed. with music collectively composed by the trio.

Long Song presents Two For Joyce, a live performance (49 minutes) extracted from the concert held in may 2012 by pianist Keith Tippett and bassist Giovanni Maier, during the Italian Le Nuove Rotte del Jazz Festival. Mostly improvised, the music features though also many moments of solo piano.

Gored Gored (Terp, 2013) documents a not easy listening free-jazz collaboration between drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and guitarist Terrie Ex, recorded in april 2012, during the Sonic Protest Festival in Paris. Still as for The Ex, their label releases Enormous Door, a CD/LP album featuring the standard lineup (Andy Moor, Terrie Hessels, Arnold de Boer and Katherina Bornefeld) with Brass Unbound, the notable reed quartet of Mats Gustafsson (baritone sax), Ken Vandermark (saxes and clarinet), Wolter Wierbos (trombone) and Roy Paci (trumpet). After having joined the band since 2010, they recorded together eight new pieces.

Your Turn (Northern Spy) is the second album by Marc Ribot's project Ceramic Dog. This limited ed. vinyl features the leader on lead guitar, vocals, trumpet & banjo, Shazad Ismaily on bass, Moog, samples & vocals, Ches Smith on drums, percussion & electronics plus guests Eszter Balint on vocals & keys, Arto Lindsay on guitar, Dan Willis on oboe & zurna and Keefus Ciancia on samples. Away from first recording jazz-oriented, Ribot presents an album mostly psychedelic and avantgarde influenced, singing on quite all the pieces..

Trost releases Und Jetzt Die Sportschau (For Evan Parker), by Globe Unity, studio recorded in april 1975, whose four pieces were originally released on a ltd ed. 7", now represented with a second take, for 27 minutes of music. The Alexander Von Schlippenbach lineup featured the leader unusually on accordion, accompanied by Manfred Schoof and Kenny Wheeler (trumpets), Peter Brotzmann, Evan Parker and Gerd Dudek (tenor saxes), Michael Pilz (bass clarine), Gunter Christmann, Albert Mangelsdorff and Paul Rutherford (trombones), also an unusual Peter Kowald on tuba, Buschi Niebergall (double bass), Paul Lovens (percussion), Hans Reichel (guitar), and finally Rudiger Carl  also on accordion as the leader.

Credited to the trio of Rick Reed, Keith Rowe and Bill Thompson, the 2CD set Shifting Currents, released by Mikroton, features two long installations, 54 and 30-minute long, they composed and recorded over a year, and consisting of over 100 tracks, remixed in real time during each performance. Reed on synthesizer, Rowe on guitar and electronics, and Thompson on live electronics, played surrounded by many speakers, improvising to the sounds of the installation. This work will be premiered on 30 may. Still by Rowe, in the meantime, Erstwhile releases Making A, on which the leader is on contact mic, objects & field recordings, plays with Graham Lambkin on contact mic, objects & room. Recorded in january 2013, this album features three long pieces, basically concrete-oriented.

Thurston Moore and Loren Connors present The Only Way to Go Is Straight Through (Northern Spy, 2013), a vinyl compiled by the guitarists from two live performances, recorded in july (the piece entitled The Stone) and in october 2012 (the piece Public Assembly).

Dave Douglas Quintet comes back with Time Travel, a Greenleaf release that features the same lineup of their starting Be Still. Recorded, as the previous, in april 2012, this album collects seven new pieces composed by the leader.

Massacre, the lineup that gathers the trio of Fred Frith, Bill Laswell and Charles Hayward, presents Love Me Tender: Live 1999 & 2008 (Tzadik, 2013), compiled from the private collection of Fred Frith. The music comes from their 1999 European tour, and from their most recent concerts in 2008.

Victo's Echo Echo Mirror House documents the Anthony Braxton's Composition 347, he composed, directed and recorded live in mai 2011, playing alto, soprano and sopranino saxes in a septet with Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, bugle, trombone), Mary Halvorson (electric guitar), Jessica Pavone (alto violin), Jay Rozen (tuba), AAron Siegel (percussion, vibraphone) and Carl Testa (bass and clarinet). Also, all of them used iPods. The work, said the leader, was inspired by the Ghost Trance musical approach. On Downbeat Magazine, in march 2012, there's an interview on which Braxton exstensively presents this performance.

PNL presents two live releases by ADA Trio, the project comprising of saxophonist Peter Brotzmann, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love; in the first performance, ADA Steve Noble OTO, recorded in february 2012, they were joined by percussionist Steve Noble, in a two part suite; in the second, ADA Pat Thomas OTO, they played with the keyboardist as guest, in a four part concert recorded in the same month. Although basically improvised, their music starts from themes and melodies.

No Answer: Lower Floors (De Stijl) is the new Wolf Eyes album, featuring Nate Young and John Olson with new member Jamas Baljo on vocals, electronics, woodwinds and raw guitar. Six pieces. Dillowey and Connelly, though, played little on this release.

Mutable released Not Yet, six compositions by Roscoe Mitchell' repertory, recorded live in march 2012, also with a chamber orchestra conducted by Petr Kotik. Bells For New Orleans (8 minutes), for tubular bells and orchestra, sees William Winant as performer; the title-track (13 minutes), is for alto sax (Jacob Zimmerman) and piano (Dan VanHassel); 9/9/99 With Cards (10 minutes) was for a string quartet; well known Nonaah (11 minutes) was for an alto sax quartet; Would You Wear My Eyes? (10 minutes) for baritone (Thomas Buckner) and chamber orchestra; and another version of Nonaah (11 minutes) was conducted by Kotik with all of his orchestra (Chris Brown was on piano).

Steve Swell's Estuaries (Den) features the argentinian composer and improviser Andrew Raffo Dewar on soprano sax and Garrison Fewell on guitar. The trombonist recorded the namesake ten part suite in studio in april 2011.

Crossing the Waters (Intakt, 2013) documents the first studio recording (march 2012) by the trio of Elliott Sharp (guitar), Melvin Gibbs (bass) and Lucas Niggli (drums). The seven lenghty pieces mix the jazz/blues by the leader with the more-rock background by the rhythm section.

Mutations/Multicellulars Mutations (Den) was recorded by Rara Avis, a project created in 2012 by Ken Vandermark, featuring the reedist with Stefano Ferrian (saxes), Luca Pissavini (double bass), Simone Quatrana (piano) and SEC_ (the moniker of Mimmo Napolitano, electronic musician and composer from Naples, here on revox and instant sound treatment). Let's listen to the leader: «The band is a cooperative, without a designated leader, everyone’s ideas and playing caries equal weight; the Italian members of Rara Avis are part of a new generation of players who are very knowledgeable about contemporary developments in improvised and composed music; and the fields of sound the ensemble explores are unique in terms of texture, velocity, dynamics- the traditional hierarchies of what instrument is “melodic,” what instrument supplies “rhythm,” are so turned on their head and blurred that it is often impossible to identify the creative sources at work during a performance».

After their first album Holy Down, Grave Temple (but, more correctly Gravetemple), the trio project of Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley and Attila Csihar reunited in 2008 along with Australian drummer Matt «Skitz» Sanders to perform more live and studio recording. Ambient/Ruin, created with this quartet, features music of tape collage, concrete, and field recordings, performed in Japan, Australia, Paris and Israel. Csihar 's chants, percussion & Fuji sounds were recorded in may 2008; O'Malley guitars & Korg Polysix were recorded in june 2008; Sanders' drums part were recorded already in march 2006; Ambarchi's guitars and electronics were recorded in june 2008. The final mixing, six pieces that were released as demo already in 2008, are presented now in a DoLP by Ideologic Organ. Let's remember that the same lineup self-released in 2009 Le Vampire De Paris, featuring the 55-minute namesake suite, very dark and drone oriented.

Rubhitbangklanghear (Sub Rosa, 2013) is a 2CD set by Charlemagne Palestine and percussionist Z'ev, recorded in june 2010. This studio album features three duos on CD1, and three solos in CD2, notably the third 46-minute solo by Palestine.

Credited to John Butcher (saxophones), Tony Buck (drums), Magda Maya (piano) and Burkhard Stangl (guitar), Plume (Unsounds, 2013) documents two trios, the 30-minute Fiamme, recorded live in december 2007, and the 40-minute Vellum, studio recorded in april 2011. Butcher and Buck performed respectively the first with the pianist and the second with the guitarist.

The DVD Concert for Fukushima (Trost, 2013) documents the Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet's benefit concert recorded in november 2011. The stellar cast, also with several guests, gathered the leader reedist with Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Paal Nilssen-Love, Michael Zerang, Toshinori Kondo, Otomo Yoshihide, Akira Sakata, etc. The concert consisted in four sets (more than 100 minutes).

Retrovirus (ugExplode, 2013) features the namesake project that sees the vocalist Lydia Lunch with guitarist Weasel Walter, bassist Algis Kizys (well known for his collaboratilons with Swans and Foetus) and drummer Bob Bert (also known as Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore and Chrome Cranks member). They recorded in november 2012 a set tour of Lydia's classic pieces with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, her Queen Of Siam and various other projects up to the present. 13 tracks. Again by ugExplode and still as for Weasel Walter, Firestorm was recorded in february 2007 at three gigs. The drummer played in three different projects with Damon Smith (acoustic bass), Elliott Levin (tenor sax), Marshall Allen and Marco Eneidi (alto sax), Mario Rechtern (alto, sopranino & zurna saxes) Lisle Ellis (bass) and Marc Edwards (drums). Whereas Blood Of The Earth (still ugExplode) sees again Walter paired with Marc Edwards. The two drummers created an interesting set with Darius Jones (alto sax), Elliott Levin (tenor sax and flute), Adam Lane (bass) and Forbes Graham (trumpet). Recorded in november 2009, this album, as the other, is largely free-jazz oriented. But another ugExplode release with Walter is Ewin-Smith-Walter, featuring a trio with Sandy Ewen on guitar and Damon Smith on 7-string electric upright bass & laptop. This very long (78 minutes) album features eight abstract pieces, with many counterpoints and improvisations.

Red One (Pogus, 2013) is the latest If, Bwana album. It features the leader Al Margolis on toy trumpet with Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ellen Band and Lisa B Kelley on vocals, Monique Buzzart on trombone, Leslie Ross on bassoon, and Veronika Vitazkova on flute. As always, the leader's music is out of any category, even if, this time, more intimate: each of its six pieces is only for one or two multi-tracked instruments.

MODT restores as a DoLP Profanation: Preparation For A Coming Darkness (already released in 2008 as CD in Japan) by Bill Laswell Praxis, their first after ten years of hiatus. Keyboardist Bernie Worrell, drummer Brain and guitarist Buckethead this time played with a set of vocalists (among which Iggy Pop) and several guests: with Ruins' drummer Tatsuya Yoshida, turntablist Otomo Yoshihide, hip hop musician Rammellzee, Mike Patton, etc.

Just after having released Blue Meat, Black Diesel & Engine Room credited to Martin Archer, Discus presents now Kundalini Apocalypse, credited to his main project Combat Astronomy. The leader, on  saxophones, clarinets, organ, electronics and voice, recorded it with Elaine Di Falco (voice), James Huggett (bass and guitar) and the choir Juxtavoices. It's 13 tracks are presented as «poly-metric bass guitar metal, avant jazz and abstract drones».

Ablation (Mego, 2013) is the new Main album, featuring the leader Robert Hampson (analogue electronics, concrete sounds, guitar and piano treatments) with Stephan Mathieu (Farfisa VIP 233, e-bowed phonoharp, radio, percussion-treatment). They recorded four lenghty pieces, minimalistic and drone-oriented.

Mystiphonic (EM, 2013) is the latest album from Roland P. Young, released after two years of recordings, more electronic than his previous works, also performed on percussion and horns. The vinyl collects nine pieces.

The EP Songs For Slim (Warner Brothers) is the first Replacements album in 23 years. It was conceived to raise money after Slim Dunlap’s brain stroke in 2012, and medical costs he needed. Recorded in september  2012, when Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson reunited along with Kevin Bowe on guitar and Peter Anderson on drums for a five pieces session. For more about this release, see the dedicated site.

The vinyl Marriage Of Metals (Mego, 2013) documents the latest Daniel Menche's work, based on rare and ancient Indonesian gongs (gamelan) he processed in two side-long pieces, alternating the pure acoustic tonality to moments of distorted sound.

Grain EP (Nothern Spy) features the new Zs lineup (the leader Sam Hillmer, Greg Fox and Patrick Higgins). They recorded two side-length tracks (42 minutes), as always marked by looping, drones, glitches and electronic.

Three Chords And A Cloud Of Dust (Easy Action) is an anthology 3CD boxset that documents guitarist Scott Morgan's (aka Loscil) career, with 20 unreleased tracks. Morgan, let's remember, is over 40 years on stage, beginning in midi '60s with several singles, among which the famous Otis Redding's Respect, recorded with The Rationals in 1965; after the brief interludes with the lineup Guardian Angel (1971) and Lightnin' (1972-73), he formed in 1974 the Sonic's Rendezvous Band (SRB), a legendary Michigan rock&roll group with Fred «Sonic» Smith (yes, the MC5 member), Gary Rasmussen and Scott «Rock Action» Asheton (the Stooges), disbanded in 1980. Then was the time of his namesake band, comporising of Harry Phillips (keyboards), Johnny Morgan (drums) and Kathy Deschaine (vocals), formed in 1981 and disbanded in 1984. But possibly the most expressive adventure was the Sweden project The Solution (formerly Soulmover), formed with Hellacopters' Nicke Royale-Andersson, formed in 2004, when they released Communicate!, followed in 2007 by Will Not Be Televised.
March 2013:
Unfold Ordinary Mind (Bag, 2013), recorded in april 2012, features the quintet of Ben Goldberg (clarinets), Nels Cline (guitar), Ellery Eskelin and Rob Sudduth (both on tenor sax) and Ches Smith (drums). They composed 7 lenghty pieces. Previously, Goldberg and Smith played together with Joshua Redman (tenor sax), Ron Miles (trumpet), Devin Hoff (bass) and Scott Amendola (drums) in Subatomic Particle Homesick Blues, another Bag album, recorded in february 2008 and released only now; 11 pieces jazz-oriented, on which themes alternate with improvisations.

Burden Of Proof (Moonjune) documents the second studio album (after the 2007 Steam) recorded in late 2012 by Soft Machine Legacy. The current lineup of the band: veteran Roy Babbington (bass), John Etheridge (electric guitar), John Marshall (drums) and Theo Travis on tenor sax, flute and Fender Rhodes. Let's remember that the group also sports several live albums, among which the starting Live At The New Morning (december 2005) and Live Adventures (october 2009).

Other Violets (Not Two) is a concert recorded in may 2011 by John Tchicai and The Engines, the lineup formed by Dave Rempis (alto and tenor saxes), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Nate McBride (bass) and Tim Daisy (drums), one of the last recordings performed by Tchicai (here on tenor sax and flute) before his death. From the concert were extracted five lenghty pieces (notably the 20-minute Cool Copy/Looking).

Again by Not Two, Mad Dogs is a 5CD box-set that gathers performances by Barry Guy New Orchestra, basically small lineups conducted by the bassist, among which let's mention pianist Agusti Fernandez, violinist Maya Homburger, percussionist Paul Lytton, and reedists Mats Gustafsson, Evan Parker and Trevor Watts. Performances were recorded in november 2010, during a Polish jazz festival. Mostly very long the pieces included.

Leo releases three new albums that see Ivo Perelman as protagonist, but label and and reedist's website don't lavish many infos on us until now... However, Serendipity (recorded in 2011) is a quartet album with pianist Matthew Shipp, bassist William Parker and drummer Gerald Cleaver, featuring the namesake 45-minute suite; The Edge (recorded in 2012) feature another quartet with Matthew Shipp, bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey, collecting nine pieces; and The Art of the Duet (presented as Vol. 1 and recorded in 2012) sees again Matthew Shipp, inaugurating a series of three duo-recordings. These duets are completely improvised. In every album, the leader is always on tenor sax.

Wicked Knee is the new project by Billy Martin, the well known drummer of the trio with John Medeski and Chris Wood. The lineup, comprising of Steven Bernstein (trumpets), Curtis Fowlkes (trombone), Marcus Rojas (tuba) and Shelley Hirsch (vocals ), after their debut with a namesake EP for Amulet in 2011, recorded now Heels Over Head for the same label. Their sound balances with modern jazz and ragtime and brass-band reminescent (also featuring the King Oliver's cover Sugarfoot Stomp). 11 tracks. And still for Amulet, Martin recorded Shimmy, a collaboration with San Francisco-based 33 years old organist Wil Blades recorded in 2011 funky and soul-oriented; on the ten pieces, Blades also is on clavinet. Furthermore, Martin, who also is educator, released for the same label the DVD Life On Drums: The Art Of Drumming And Beyond, a film alternating interviews and performances for percussion ensemble and improvised trap set solos and duets. Speaking about it, Martin states: ®I'm trying to be as honest and sincere as I am about who I am and what I'm trying to say, and then demonstrate how these philosophies can be used. I want people to see this film and realize that, no matter what degree of technical skill they possess, they can be an artist¯.

John Coltrane's Newport '61 (Birdland) documents previously unreleased performances at the Newport Jazz Festival in july 1961 by the reedist. The leader played with McCoy Tyner on piano, Reggie Workman and Art Davis on bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. The tracks: Naima, Impressions and a very long version of My Favorite Things.

Stirrup is another Fred Lonberg-Holm project, he created in 2009 with rhythm section of Nick Macri (bass) and Charles Rumback (drums), the former on stage since 1991, the latter having instead debuted, after several collaborations, with his credited Two Kinds Of Art Thieves (Clean Feed, 2009). The trio signed for 482 Music, releasing now Sewn, a eight-piece album not only jazz-oriented, also featuring rock and avantgarde influences. The leader is on cello and guitar.
John Medeski's A Different Time (released by the recently relaunched Sony classical Okeh) is his first solo piano he recorded on a 1924 Gaveau, with minimal electronics, composing eight new pieces plus the Willie Nelson cover I'm Falling In Love Again. Themes, not very easy listening, also alternate with many improvisations, as he states on his website.

The DoLP Open Space (Cut) is the latest Jason Kahn recording, he recorded in january 2012 with his new lineup, comprising of Chris Abrahams (piano), Laura Altman (clarinet), Monika Brooks (accordion), Matt Earle and Adam Sussmann (electronics), Rishin Singh (trombone), Aemon Webb (guitar) and John Wilton (percussion). The leader (here on electronics) composed four pieces (one for side). Trombonist wrote the liner notes.

The restoring of Charles Lloyd's Quartets by ECM, in a 5CD boxset, fills a big gap in his discography. This release gathers five forgotten albums by the saxtenorist: Fish Out Of Water, whose seven tracks were recorded in july 1989 with the leader on tenor sax and flute, Bobo Stenson on piano, Palle Danielsson on bass and Jon Christensen on drums; Notes From Big Sur, other seven tracks recorded in november 1991 with again pianist Stenson and a new rhythm section (Anders Jormin on bass and Ralph Peterson on drums); The Call, nine pieces recorded on july 1993 with Stenson on piano, bassist Jormin and drummer Billy Hart, possibly the better recording; All My Relations, eight lenghty pieces (notably the 15-minute Cape To Cairo Suite dedicated to Nelson Mandela) recorded in july 1994 with the same lineup; and Canto, seven tracks (with the 17-minute Tales Of Rumi) recorded in december 1996 still with the same lineup, on which the leader also was on tibetan oboe.

Anthony Braxton's Tentet (Wesleyan) 1999, released now by the leader own label, documents the until now unreleased Composition 235 and Composition 236, performed with James Fei, Brian Glick, Chris Jonas, Steve Lehman, Seth Misterka and Jackson Moore (all, with the leader, on reeds), Kevin O'Neil (electric guitar), Seth Dillinger (contrabass) and Kevin Norton (percussion). Both recorded in november 1999, the former is 40-minute long; the latter is 50-minute long, alternating collective and solos that start from themes and melodies.

Recorded in march 2012, Zebulon (More Is More) documents the debut of new Peter Evans trio he created in 2010 with John Hebert on bass and Kassa Overall on drums. The trumpetist composed four long pieces (notably the final 26-minute Carnival), also alternating bebop and bluesy themes with collective improvisations.

Formed in 2012 (initially for a ®one-off¯ performance), Engine Room Favourites, the latest Martin Archer project, released their first album Blue Meat, Black Diesel & Engine Room Favourites (Discus), which the leader presents as a ®music structured primarily around the four drummers/percussionists and to orchestrate this with material from the other players giving them a great deal of freedom to re-invent and re-interpret their scored material with each new performance¯. The drummers (Peter Fairclough, Walt Shaw, Johnny Hunter and Steve Dinsdale) played with a reed trio (the leader on bass clarinet, sopranino, alto & baritone saxes, Kim Macari on trumpet and Lee Hallam on trombone), plus Seth Bennett on bass, Laura Cole on piano, Corey Mwamba on vibraphone and Graham Clark on violin.

Supersilent's trumpetist Arve Henriksen reunited his three norwegian albums on the 7LP boxset Solidification, also including Chron, a new solo album on which he plays trumpet, keyboards, electronics and percussion. This is his new work after his ECM Cartography, a collection of twelve compositions recorded between 2005 and 2008 with a large ensemble, notably Jan Bang (live sampling, samples, programming and arrangement), David Sylvian (voice, samples, programming), Eivind Aarset (guitars), Lars Danielsson (double-bass), Erik Honor‚ (synthesizer, samples, field recordings, choir samples). The music is all ambient and experimental oriented.

FMR releases Dreamworld, a collaboration between Paul Dunmall (flute, clarinet and contrabassoon) and Philip Gibbs (electro-acoustic guitar). They composed five lenghty pieces. This is their sixth duo-album, starting from Master Musicians Of Mu (november 1999 and january 2000); All Sorts Of Rituals was recorded on november 2001; the very rare The Vision, that features the 38-minute title-track, was recorded in january 2002; the twelve-part piano duet Music On Two Pianos was recorded on march 2006; and the previous New Growth on june 2007.

These Arches is a drummer Ches Smith project, featuring Tony Malaby (tenor sax), Mary Halvorson (guitar) and Andrea Parkins (accordion and electronics); they debuted in 2010 with Finally Out Of My Hands, a Skirl album whose eight brief pieces offer an interesting mixing of avantgarde jazz and rock. The lineup comes back now with Hammered (Clean Feed, 2013), recorded in december 2011, also sporting as new member Tim Berne (alto sax). This album features a mixing of avantgarde jazz and rock, and the compositions, again eight, become more long and complex. As states the leader, ®a lot of these tunes were meant for a rock band but are being played by something that's not a rock band at all; they're sort of rock reject tunes, and that gave a shape to the whole record. These Arches is basically about me writing for a set of my favorite improvisers: the tunes I ended up coming up with for Hammered were more hard-hitting and straightforward than the earlier ones, but they're also more expanded and developed¯.

Made To Break is the latest Ken Vandermark project he created in 2011. The reedist formed a quartet with Tim Daisy (drums), Devin Hoff (electric bass) and Christof Kurzmann (electronics), recording in concert in november 2011 Provoke, a Clean Feed album that features three long compositions: the 24-minute Further (for John Cage), the 20-minute Presentation (for Buckminster Fuller) and the 19-minute Of the facts (for Marshall McLuhan). The leader speaks about it as a new musical approach he calls ®modular organization¯, and ®comp-improvisations¯, whose purpose is to apply an alternative writing for improvisers, trying to utilize different sources of rhythmic/melodic ideas inspired from other genres (funk, rock, European free improvisation and the New York School of composition). In the meantime, the same label presents the second Made To Break album, the vinyl Lacerba, recorded on the same Provoke sessions.

Veteran Sven-Ake Johansson releases Fur Paul Klee, a Jazzwerkstatt CD with thirteen pieces dicted on megaphone, accompanied by Aki Takase (piano), Alexander von Schlippenbach (celesta), Axel Dorner (trumpet), Werner Dafeldecker (bass) and Paul Lovens (percussion). Although released recently, this album was recorded in december 2007; mostly improvised, it sports 13 pieces, brief and lenghty.

Fun House (Songlines) features compositions mostly by Benoit Delbecq, who plays piano along with Fred Herschs, Mark Helias & Jean-Jacques Avenel on basses and Gerry Hemingway & Steve Arguelles on drums & electronics. Recorded in may 2012. Learn more about this release here.

Sky Burial, released by USA label 5049, documents the first album by Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics), performed with Peter Evans (trumpets), Matt Bauder (clarinet, sax, electronics) and Nate Wooley (trumpet, amplifier). Recorded in august 2012, the album is the second release on Cymerman's label 5049, and features electroacoustic music with free improvisation. 5 tracks, 55 minutes.

Aurora Liminalis (Line) documents the second collaboration by William Basinski and Richard Chartier. The two, after having produced their first album in 2004, come back with an album of spatial, ambient and drone sound, incorporating their sonic palettes. The namesake suite is 44-minute long.

Cuts (RareNoise) is the latest album by Merzbow, a collaboration with Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandi and Mats Gustasfsson on sax and clarinet. The sound, mixed with live electronics, alternates between jazz and noise. Recorded in april 2012.

Mego's vinyl The Wires Cracked documents the latest Jim Haynes album, recorded in october 2012. The three pieces he composed and performed on fields recordings sound as, he states, ®the desolate howl of a metal screen activated by a desert wind, the hissing air compression from the cooling apparatus for a laser at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory operated by Stanford University, and the tremolo rhythms from a thin wire¯; the music, indeed, is a continuum of drones and reverberations.

Songs Without Words (Brainbox) documents the new Janet Feder album she composed and played on acoustic guitar, along with Gary Grundelr and Joe Shepard on piano, Mike Yach on guitar and Larry Thompson on percussion. Despite the title, for the first time Janet Feder also sings. Recorded in 2010 with 15 microphones, the recording features 10 pieces, among which three covers.

The ltd ed. vinyl Live At The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, 6/29/78 (by Italian label B13) documents a concert recorded by rock band Television, two months after the release of Adventure. Tom Verlaine, Richard Lloyd, Fred Smith and Billy Ficca present live versions of Little Johnny Jewel, Marquee Moon, The Dream's Dream among others.

The Schulze-Schickert Session (Mirumir) features an unreleased Klaus Schulze session he held at his home studio in september 1975 with little known and under-estimated guitarist Gunter Schickert. Schulze also playe EMS synthesizer, keyboards and syntanorma, while Schickert as on a 12-string Framus with metal strings, also singing on a few tracks.

Bruce Russell presents 1968, a cassette released by Imminent Frequencies. The founding member of the The Dead C and A Handful of Dust collected solo guitar pieces recorded over a period of 15 years.

James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk recorded together The Watchers (Important), a collection of new pieces released as a CD/LP with material exclusive to each format. Recorded in october 2008, the album features Lubomyr at the grand piano and Blackshaw on 12-string guitar.

February 2013:
American hard bop and jazz fusion trumpeter Donald Byrd, very active between '50s and '70s as leader and sideman, recording more than 50 albums, died on february 4, at 80.

Until now, Beyond The Boundary Of Time, recorded in may 2005, was the last known perfomance by Leroy Jenkins' Revolutionary Ensemble. But Mutable has just released Counterparts, a later recording by the famous trio the violinist created with bassist Sirone and drummer Jerome Cooper, who in this album also played balaphone, chiramia and Yamaha PSR 1500. The six pieces , recorded live in november 2005, were dedicated to Frederick J. Brown, the famous painter of jazz and blues musicians who disappeared last may. Five of the pieces are credited to the lineup (particularly a 16-minute version of Cooper's My Birds), whereas the 4:40-minute Fulfillment was a collective improvisation. Jenkins' Rumi Tales (5:40) and  Sirone's Berlin Erfahrung (6:30) were first composed and recorded for And Now... (PI), the last studio album by the Ensemble, recorded on june 2004, that also featured Cooper's 21-minute 911-544.

White Cable Black Wires
(Fataka) documents a five-part 45-minute suite featuring John Edwards on contrabass and Okkyung Lee on cello. Recorded in a London church in may 2011, the suite is largely improvised, alternating classical and modern sounds.

Kamra (Asza) documents an improvised collaboration between Henry Kaiser (acoustic & electric guitars, piano), Torsten Mller (five string acoustic bass) and percussionist Randy Raine-Reusch (who plays a lot of exotic instruments: khaen, ajeang, biwa, zheng, changgo, suling gambu, prepared zheng, bowed zheng, sho). Nine pieces, recorded in november 2012.

Composed in 1993, premiered at 2011 London Jazz Festival and now released as CD studio by Edition, Mirrors documents a Kenny Wheeler work performed with his old friend Norma Winstone and the London Vocal Project (7 sopranos, 8 altos, 5 tenors and 5 basses) conducted by Pete Churchill. Studio edition also sees Mark Lockheart on saxes, Nikki Iles on piano, and rhythm section of bassist Steve Watts and drummer James Maddren (all of them already played in Norma Winstone's project Printmakers). The namesake suite takes 70 minutes.

Solo At Dobialab (released by Dobialabel) features a Peter Br”tzmann solo performance recorded live on august 2010. The five pieces (Dobia 1, Dobia 2, etc.), all long but one, were played on tenor, and alto saxes, tarogato and clarinets.

In And Out restores Blues Allnight, an old, rare and forgotten James Blood Ulmer recording that, as title suggests, was a blues-rock album, the first by the guitarist, recorded in may 1989. Ulmer composed eight pieces, performed in a quintet with Winnie Leyh (keyboards and vocals), Ronny Drayton (the other guitarist), Amin Ali (bass) and Grant Calvin Weston (drums).

Not Two's Eklisia Sunday is the latest recording by Konstrukt, a project created in 2008 to play free jazz music. The lineup, mostly composed by turkish musicians, is different in every album; however, the project also gathers well known jazz performers, for instance Marshall Allen, Evan Parker and Peter Br”tzmann. With Konstrukt, Peter recorded in november 2008 Dolunay, and in may 2011 Eklisia Sunday, in an octet with turkish perfomers who also play exotic istruments. Four lenghty untitled pieces, especially the third (22:30 minutes), performed in an old chapel.

Free Play
(Loose Torque) is the third album credited to the trio of Jon Corbett (London Jazz Composers Orchestra) on trumpet, valve trombone, bamboo flute & conch shell, Nick Stephens on contrabass and Tony Marsh on percussion. The trio debuted with Today's Play (november 2005), that featured five lenghty pieces free improvised, and continued with The Play's The Thing (september 2006), that contained the 20-minute A Conspiracy Of Cartographerst. Free Play was recorded in july 2010, before the death of drummer Tony Marsh (2012), and consists of three long tracks, (27, 22 and 19 minutes).

Secret Keeper is the new Mary Halvorson project she created with Stephan Crump. The guitarist and the bassist (which we can remember as Vijay Iyer Trio member) recorded in two sessions (july and november 2011) Super Eight, their first recording released by Intakt, creating an intimate sound, naturally mostly improvised.

Long Story Short (Trost) is a 5CD set that documents 18 live performances compiled by Peter Br”tzmann from the november 2011 Unlimited Festival in Austria. The reedist played with a large group of his notable collaborators, whose performances, also as solos, were collected: reedists Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Per-Ake Holmlander, Jeb Bishop, Johannes Bauer, John Tchicai, celloists Fred Lonberg-Holm and Okkyung Lee, drummers Hamid Drake, Paal Nilssen-Love Michael Zerang, vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz, guitarists Bill Laswell, Martin Siewert  and Keiji Haino on electric guitar, pianist Masahiko Satoh, etc. Mostly very long the performances, among which the two pieces of Disc 3 (73 minutes).

Recorded in april 2012, The Battle (Ictus) is an orchestral performance by Andrea Centazzo, his new experience after the '80s albums with the Mitteleuropa Orchestra. From this live concert were extracted five lenghty pieces the percussionist performed with his Invasion Orchestra members: trumpetists Dave Ballou, Brian Groder and Guido Mazzon, pianist Umberto Petrin, reedists Carlo Actis Dato, Achille Succi and Roberto Ottaviano, bassists Giorgio Vendola and Lisle Ellis, and Riccardo Massari and Gino Robair on electronics. The leader, obviously, was on percussion.

Good Medicine is a Meta album recorded in july 2011 by IgBo Duet, the project created by Eternal Wind's Adam Rudolph and Defunkt's Joseph Bowie. They composed together seven new pieces, playing cymbals, djembe, percussion, bells and gong (Rudolph), and harmonica, trombone, congas, cowbells, shekere, caxixi, percussion and waterphone (Bowie). They also sing.

Tzadik releases Lemma, the... monthly John Zorn recording, that features, this time, two new works for solo violin: the Bach-based 14-minute Passagen and the four part 19-minute Ceremonial Magic; and furthermore Apophthegms, a 12 part-suite for two violins. With Zorn also collaborated three virtuoso violinists: Pauline Kim, David Fulmer and Chris Otto.

Still by Tzadik, Silent Comedy is a collection of 11 new (mostly brief) Bill Frisell' solo-electric guitar, although filled with orchestral sonorities. Recorded in december 2012, the pieces are mostly improvised.

On january 17, Meredith Monk premiered On Behalf Of Nature, her new musical-theater commissioned work with her Vocal Ensemble (Bohdan Hilash, Ellen Fisher, John Hollenbeck, Katie Geissinger, Bruce Rameker, Sidney Chen and Allison Sniffin) and composed in 2012. Also, Hollenbeck played percussion, Hilash several winds, and Sniffin was on keyboards. 73 minutes, but nobody knows when the piece will be studio recorded for a release. Read here an interview on which the vocalist speaks about her new work.

The Gowanus Session (Porter) documents a studio album recorded in january 2012 by a trio featuring Thollem McDonas (piano), William Parker (acoustic bass) and Nels Cline (electric guitar). The six pieces (among which the 16-minute Lives) are mostly improvised but with various effects. San Francisco-born McDonas, 46 years old pianist and composer, debuted in 2004, playing in several projects but also releasing credited albums (Solo Piano, recorded in march 2005), a duo-piano classical-oriented (Comprovisation Concert For Two Pianos, performed with Italian pianist Nicola Guazzaloca in july 2007), and an improvised solo piano (Gone Beyond Reason To Find One, that gathers three long pieces live recorded).

Fred Lonberg-Holm's project Ballister comes back with the third release, by the namesake label: Mi Casa Es En Fuego, their new album recorded again live (as the previous Mechanisms) in april 2012, features three long pieces perfomed by the leader on cello, guitar & electronics, Dave Rempis on alto, tenor and baritone saxes, and Paal Nilssen-Love as drummer.

Functional Arrhythmias (PI) is the latest studio album by altoist Steve Coleman, leading his Five Elements; the lineup, this time, sports agains his veterans Sean Rickman (drums) and Anthony Tidd (bass), along with trumpetist Jonathan Finlayson and guitarist Miles Okazaki. 14 new pieces, almost brief, elaborating melodic and counterpointed themes that alternate with several improvisations.

After their Beyond The Sound Barrier, recorded live between november 2002 and april 2004, Wayne Shorter quartet formed in 2000 with pianist Danilo Perez, bassist John Patitucci and drummer Brian Blade comes back with Without A Net, a live album recorded in late 2011 that marks his return to Blue Note label after 43 years. The nine pieces feature famous jazz standards but also never studio recorded tracks. Orbits is the remake of well known piece from Miles Smiles; Plaza Real was recorded by Weather Report on Procession in 1983; but also we can listen to six new pieces, particularly Pegasus, a 23-minute performance never recorded with chamber ensemble of Imani Winds.

After his recent Creative Music Orchestra (NYC) 2011, Anthony Braxton restores from his archive Echo Echo Mirror House (NYC) 2011 (october 2011), on which all the musicians wield iPods in addition to their instruments, while navigating scores that combine cartography and graphic notation, creating a musical tapestry combining live performance and sampled sounds. The lineup, who presents the one-hour Braxton's Composition No. 376, was: the leader in a sax quintet with Andrew Raffo Deawr, James Fei, Steve Lehman and Chris Jonas; plus Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet), Reut Regev (trombone), Jay Rozen (tuba), Renee Baker and Jessica Pavone (viola), Erica Dicker (violin), Mary Halvorson (electric guitar), Carl Testa (bass) and Aaron Siegel (percussion).

Four Years Older (Mego) is the latest vinyl produced by Alan Licht, featuring a solo electric guitar piece, noise and minimalistic oriented. Liner notes by the leader say: ®Side A was recorded four years later than the side B (and vice versa)... Four Years Earlier (19:30, recorded live in december 2008) was the debut of the piece; it was in three sections, the latter two of which appear here. The first section was identical to the first section of Four Years Later (15:30, recorded in december 2012). I scrapped the second two parts after a couple of subsequent performances and developed it into a six-part piece, and then a seven-part piece in this studio version. In concert the piece lasts at least 30 minutes, I've shortened it on Four Years Later with an eye towards top 40 radio play¯. All music we can listen features no overdubs.

After his october 2005 debuting in Falkirk, with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Barry Guy comes back with the same large ensemble in Schweben - Ay, But Can Ye? (Maya, december 2012), a live performance recorded in march 2009, that features basically the 48-minute title-track, largely free improvised, with spoken words from the namesake Russian poem. The G.I.O., let's remember, is an improvising ensemble of around 20 musicians coming from different musical backgrounds (jazz, classical, folk, pop) created in 2002; they have produced until now eight albums.

Borbetomagus A Go Go (Agaric), released for the first time, documents a live december 1998 show, with Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich on saxes and Donald Miller on guitar. Three pieces, particularly the 33-minute Chiote … l'esprit.

Cat's Squirrel (Black Truffle) is a vinyl that documents a live may 2012 performance between Merzbow and Oren Ambarchi, their first duo collaboration. The performance moves in massive psychedelic sounds and reverbering electronics, with guitar textures counterpoints.

Improvisations (Bug Incision) documents a collaboration of drummer Weasel Walter with pianist Charity Chan (worked with Pauline Oliveros and Jean Derome) and bassist Damon Smith (played with John Tchicai, Fred Frith and Jim O'Rourke, among others). This trio formed in 2006 and recorded these six pieces (especially the 19-minute an(d) experiment) in 2007.

Now While It's Still Warm Let Us Pour In All The Mystery (Black Truffle) is the follow-up of january 2011 Imikizushi, by the trio of Keiji Haino, Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi, their fourth release, recorded in january 2012 at their yearly concert at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo. The music, this time, is presented in six shorter pieces, each one displaying a different side of this lineup, from minimalism to garage and drone rock.

In 2012 the entire Frank Zappa catalog was reissued on CDs by his label, along with an album of unreleased tracks: Finer Moments: Live 1967-1972, a 2CD set of mostly live instrumental jams by Mothers of Invention, with two totally different lineups. Particularly, second CD features experimental tracks, for instance the 20-minute live The Subcutaneous Peril.

January 2013:
American composer, conductor and trumpetist Lawrence D. Butch Morris died of lung cancer on january 29, at 66.

A Vision in Blakelight (Tzadik) is the more recent John Zorn release, recorded in december 2011. Inspired by William Blake's works, the album features 10 pieces performed by John Medeski (piano, organ), Kenny Wollesen (vibes, bells), Carol Emanuel (harp), Trevor Dunn (bass), Joey Baron (drums), Cyro Baptista (percussion) and Jack Huston (reading). The sound alternates jazz, classical and minimalism. Still for Zorn, City Of Slaughter/Schmatta/Beyond The Infinite (Tzadik) documents his first FilmWorks CD in three years, featuring musics for solo piano. Zorn composed soundtracks performed by Israeli pianist Omri Mor, plus Rob Burger's solo piano of Zorn's Beyond The Infinite (from The Goddess) and four Zorn improvisations for Marc Levin's documentary Schmatta. Recorded between december 2009 and may 2012.

is the 20th Stephan Micus album for ECM. Recorded between 2009 and 2012, it collects six Byzantine Greek prayers transposed and sung with instruments he collected in years of travels round the world: Bavarian zither, dilruba, chitrali sitar, sattar, 14-string guitar and nay. Speaking about the album, Micus says: “The album alternates sung poems with instrumental tracks and thus has a clearly symmetrical, even ritualistic, structure... On Panagia I focussed mainly on strings... the 14-string guitar is my own invention”.

The Way It Was: Live Recordings And Studio Sketches 1985-92 (ReR) is a new album by Cassiber, the project founded by Heiner Goebbels (polyphonic keyboard, sampling keyboard, Chinese violin, guitar, voice), Dietmar Diesner (sax and electronic), Christoph Anders (voice, guitar, sampling keyboard, tenor saxophone), Rene Lussier (guitar) and Chris Cutler (drums, objects, live electronic processing). This CD collects unreleased live recordings and studio sketches.

With Creative Music Orchestra (NYC) 2011, released by his label, Anthony Braxton takes up his 1972 namesake idea, this time with a notable ensemble, the Tri-Centric Orchestra conducted by Aaron Siegel, jessica Pavone and Taylor Ho Bynum. The namesake suite (quite one hour), that also features themes by Braxton compositions n° 134 and 206, was studio recorded in october 2011. Let's mention, among the players: Ken Filiano (bass), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Mark Taylor (french horn), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Angelica Sanchez (piano), Chris McIntyre (trombone), Nate Wooley (trumpet), etc. The leader and composer is on various reeds. Still by Braxton, GTM (Iridium) 2007 Volume 1 - Set 1 (always by his label) documents his Composition No.254 (60 minutes) recorded on march 2007 with his septet: Carl Testa (bass), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet), Mary Halvorson (Guitar), Aaron Siegel (percussion), Jay Rozen (tuba) and Jessica Pavone (viola). The series continued with Volume 1, Set 2 (Composition No.322); Volume 2, set 1, that documents Composition No.255; Volume 2, Set 2 (with Composition No.362); Volume 3 - Set 1 (Composition No.259, 52 minutes); Volume 3, Set 2 (Composition No.362, 61 minutes) always recorded in the same session; Volume 4, set 1 (with Composition No.266), and Set 2 (Composition No.348) were recorded in april 2007. The lineup of all these sets was always the same.

Live at Cafe OTO (Otoroku) is a vinyl limited edition that features Fred Frith (guitar and piano) and Christian Marclay (records and turntables). Recorded in july 2012 at Cafe OTO.

ugEXPLODE restores on CD The Final Solution, an old «solo» album credited to Weasel Walter, originally released on cassette in 1992. The drummer, also on guitar, recorded the namesake 44-minute suite on december 1991, featuring a jazz-rock sound with many improvisations.

The 2CD set  $100 Guitar Project (Bridge) documents a very curious collection born in october 2010, when two guitarists, Dr Nerve's Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O'Meara bought a used $100 electric guitar, and, after having contacted some friends about writing and recording a piece on the guitar, created the project. Over two years, 65 guitarists wrote and recorded a piece, each passing the guitar on to the next player. The result was very eclectic: among the guitarists, let's mention: Engine Kid's Greg Anderson, Molecules' Ron Anderson, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic's Michael Bierylo, Bill Brovold, Rhys Chatham, Barry Cleveland, Nels Cline, Amy Denio, Bruce Eisenbeil, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser, Mike Keneally, Dhysrhythmia's Mike Lerner, Dither's Taylor Levine and David Linaburg, Steve MacLean, Colin Marston, James Moore, Chris Murphy, Keith Rowe, Elliott Sharp, John Shiurba, Mark Solomon, Mark Stewart, Trip Shakespeare's Matt Wilson, etc.   

At his 70th birthday, drummer Barry Altschul starts 3Dom Factor, his new project, that gathers bassist Joe Fonda and saxtenorist Jon Irabagon. The trio debuted with a self-titled released by Tum, comprising of 10 pieces, 6 of which are reworkings from Altschul own, one, Ictus, is by Carla Bley, and three are new pieces penned by Altschul (the final A Drummer´s Song is an improvised Barry's drum solo). Recorded in june 2012.

Guitarist Eivind Aarset and Jan Bang (sounds and samples), who played on ECM Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street, present their Dream Logic, another ECM release recorded between 2011 and 2012. The guitarist, who also plays electronics, composed 11 pieces featuring mostly guitar layers ambient-oriented.

Live At Jazz Festival Saalfelden 2011, a Tektite ltd ed. LP, documents a performance recorded by the Chicago Sextet, the lineup created by Scorch Trio's Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (here on acoustic & electric basses), that gathers Tortoise's Jeff Parker (guitar & pedals), Dave Rempis (alto & baritone saxes), Ola Kvernberg (violin), Jason Adasiewicz (vibes) and Frank Rosaly (drums).

Momentum Anomaly (New Atlantis) is the third Elliott Sharp solo acoustic guitar album in his series begun with Velocity of Hue and continued with Quadrature. Performed using an e-bow on his guitar, this 60-minute work was premiered for the first time in may 2007.

Veteran bassist Marc Johnson and Steps Ahead's pianist Eliane Elias, with the collaboration of Joe Lovano on sax and Joey Baron on drums, recorded another ECM album, Swept Away, mostly featuring Eliane Elias compositions, melodic-oriented. Recorded in february 2010.

Creative Music For 3 Bass Saxophones, Vol 1 (ScienSonic), recorded live in april 2011, is a quartet collaboration between Scott Robinson, JD Parran and Vinny Golia (bass saxes) and Warren Smith (percussion and vibraphone). Indeed, this is a performance based on this old instrument, rarely used today (it has been the first sax ever made). The album features mainly the namesake 10-part suite (39 minutes).

Ambiances Magnetiques releases Wow!, by the trio of Jean Derome (alto and baritone saxes, flute and vocals), Pierre Tanguay (percussionist) and Normand Guilbeault (contrabass), the follow-up of their 10 Compositions, The Feeling Of Jazz (the latter, recorded in june 2005, collected 11 jazz standards) and the november 2010 Danse à l'Anverse, that gathered 5 Derome compositions and 6 jazz standars. The trio recorded Wow! in august 2012, collecting three new Derome pieces, and four standards, among which two Lennie Tristano compositions (the title-track and Dreams).

With Improvisations 4 (Magaibutsu), guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi and drummer Yoshida Tatsuya continue their series of collaborations. The two, also employing several effects, have collected on DVD 36 live tracks from 6 concerts recorded between 2004 and 2012.

Singing In Unison (EM) is a 3LP set that documents the latest in a series of recordings by Yoshi Wada. Recorded live over two nights in march 1978, this album features a meditative sound, with improvisations for three male voices: Richard Hayman, Imani Smith, and Wada himself. The same label also released in 2009 Wada's Earth Horns with Electronic Drone, a 3CDr set with the 160-minute namesake suite, whose session dates back to february 1974. Enterely composed by the leader, the suite is an all-pipehorn performance, on which Wada, on this instrument, leads other three pipehorn players: Jim Burton, Barbara Stewart and Garrett List (the old ICP Orchestra trombonist).

Thurston Moore & John Moloney produced the vinyls Caught On Tape (Feeding Tube) and Fundamental Sunshine (Manhand), each of them collecting two untitled pieces performed on electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar and drums during their European tour in march 2012.

Rue Grammofon releases Exit!, the latest work by Mats Gustafsson Fire! trio project (comprising of Johan Berthling on tapes and Andreas Werlin on drums), extended this time to comprise 31 guest players, among which Sten Sandell (piano/electronics), Raymond Strid (drums), Andreas SXderstrXm and David StackenXs (guitars), Joachim Nordwall (electronics), Joe Williamson (bass)etc. Recorded in january 2012, the album features a long suite in two parts.

Numbers (Creative Sources) features Furt's Richard Barrett on electronics and guitarist Han-earl Park (who played with Harris Eisenstadt, Tim Perkis, Paul Dunmall and Anthony Braxton). He invented a device called io 0.0.1 Beta, that played on its own improvisations, documented on his album entitled just io 0.0.1 Beta (recorded between may and august 2010). Numbers, instead, was recorded in march 2011, and features six pieces electronic and jazz-oriented, particularly the starting Tolur (16 minutes).

Gamak (released by ACT) is the new Rudresh Mahanthappa album, featuring his new quartet, comprising of guitarist David “Fuze” Fiuczynski, bassist François Moutin and drummer Dan Weiss. As always influenced by Indian and Chinese tradition, the altoist presents a mixing of jazz, progressive rock and ambient. The new member, guitarist Fiuczynski, is a veteran that started his career with several collaborations since 1994 (with John Medeski), and then penned four jazz fusion albums as leader. Recorded in april 2012, Gamak gathers 11 pieces, a bit more rock-oriented by the guitarist.

History Of The Visitation (Cuneiform) is the ninth Guapo album, featuring the new member Emmett Elvin on keyboards. The quartet, always led by David J. Smith, is at the moment comprising of guitarist Kavus Torabi and bassist James Sedwards. The album features the 26-minute The Pilman Radiant and the 11-minute Tremors FromT he Future. The set include a live DVD of the group from their 2006 and 2007 tours.

Peter Stampfel's Live (Mystra) is a vinyl that documents a live Boston performance in the mid-90s by the legendary Holy Modal Rounders member. 13 tracks. Let's remember that Peter, in december 2010, recorded with songwriter Jeffrey Lewis a new studio album: Come On Board (Not On Label), that features 13 pieces the two wrote and performed in a lineup with John Kessel (bass), Anders Griffin (drums) and Spencer Chakedis (mandolin). Peter was on fiddle, banjo and mandolin, whereas Lewis played guitar. The CD, sold at their UK shows in 2011, has been re-releaased as another 1000 copies edition.

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