Jazz News - 2019

by Rocco Stilo
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December 2019:

News from Corbett vs Dempsey. Studio recorded in january 2019, No Time Left For Sadness sees reunited Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello and electronics) and Joe McPhee (tenor sax). Among its three tracks, notable is the 31-minute Next Time. Studio recorded in february 2019, Largest Afternoon gathers Arto Lindsay (guitar), Joe McPhee (alto and tenor saxes, pocket trumpet), Ken Vandermark (tenor and baritone saxes, clarinet) and Phil Sudderberg (drums) in a set of fifteen improvisations. Finally, The Shithole Country & Boogie Band documents the namesake project comprising of Wendy Gondeln (violin, electronic treatments), Mats Gustafsson (piano mate, saxes and live electronics), Wolfgang Voigt ( editing and mix) and Martin Siewert (guitar and lap top guitar). Their eight quite brief tracks were studio recorded at a date in 2018.

Live In Nuremberg (SMP, 2019) was recorded in june 2019 by Ivo Perelman and Matthew Shipp. The music extracted by that concert (one hour) balances between solos and duos, being mostly improvised.

The eleven pieces of Higher/Deeper (Winged Heart, 2019) feature Paul Dunmall on soprano & tenor saxes, flutes & bagpipes, Philip Gibbs on prepared & unprepared guitar, and veteran rock sessionman Dave Balen on percussion, tablas, dhol & drums. Studio recorded in november 2016 and april 2017.

Studio recorded in december 2018, Geometry Of Distance (Relative Pitch, 2019) documents Joe Morris on guitar, Taylor Ho Byrum on cornet and trumpets, American composer and educator Tomeka Reid on cello, and Kyoko Kitamura on voice (she worked with the Anthony Braxton's Tri-Centric Foundation). This is the second disc from this quartet, after the december 2016 Geometry Of Caves, from the same label. Their seven pieces are mostly collectively improvised, notably the 16:30 minutes Bravery's Consequence.

Delivered by Italian label Ants, Spilla, that means 'to play' in the language of Neapolitan musicians, documents an unusual work by Elliott Sharp and Sergio Sorrentino. The two, both on guitars, present world premier recordings of four tracks recorded live in june 2018: two improvisations (16 and 10 minutes) and two graphic scores (12 and 9 minutes) Sharp elaborated on computer.

The vinyl Congeries Of Ethereal Phenomena (Newvelle, 2019) documents the latest Hank Roberts' work, on which the celloist leads Jacob Sacks (piano) and Vinnie Sperrazza (drums) in eight cryptic pieces of avantgarde jazz, presented by the label. Previously, C.A.M. Jazz delivered the live Ghost Dance, recorded in june 2018 by the celloist along with Italian trombonist Filippo Vignato (also on electronics). From that concert were extracted nine pieces. The same label also released Pipe Dream, the namesake album from the Italian project comprising of Vignato and Roberts, along with Zeno De Rossi (drums), Giorgio Pacorig (electric piano) and Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone). Studio recorded in october 2017.

Entity (Libra, 2019) documents Satoko Fujii's New York Orchestra in a studio may 2019 session, during which the pianist led in her new five compositions, but without playing, the current acoustic ensemble, comprising of sax quintet Oscar Noriega, Briggan Krauss, Ellery Eskelin, Tony Malaby and Andy Laster, trio trumpet Natsuki Tamura, Herb Robertson and Dave Ballou, Curtis Hasselbring and Joe Fiedler (trombones), Nels Cline (guitar), Stomu Takeishi (bass) and Ches Smith (drums). Among the pieces, let's mention the 16-minute Gounkaiku.

Indifference Culture and Distraction Tactics, both released by their namesake label, are the latest project by avantgarde jazz group Empirical, two ltd ed. EPs conceived as a follow-up to their Connection. Both studio recorded in december 2017, they feature the current lineup, comprising of Nathaniel Facey (alto sax), Tom Farmer (double bass), Shaney Forbes (drums) and Lewis Wright (vibraphone).

It's Morning (RareNoise, 2019) documents the latest Led Bib's CD. Recorded in july and august 2018, it features nine pieces, adding three new entries, all Austrians: Susanna Gartmayer on bass clarinet, Irene Kepl on violin and Noid on cello. To this album also collaborated vocalists Jack Hues and Sharron Fortnam.

Jardin Des Bruits (Mikroton, 2019) features Burkhard Stangl (guitar and electronics) and Dieb13 (aka Dieter Kovacic) on acoustic and electronic gramophones and electronics, in twenty mostly brief tracks recorded, say credits, at Instants Chavires and the streets and metro trains of Paris and Montreuil in may 2019. This work, plenty of music abstract, minimalistic and also concrete, is their second experience, 18 years after Eh, recorded for Erstwhile in december 2011.

Loop Heaven, released by Japan label R-Records, documents the latest Uchihashi Kazuhisa's album, performed paired with female Japan saxophonist and flautist Ryoko Ono. Studio recorded in february 2019, this CD features the namesake 50-minute suite, with the leader on guitar and his particular instrument daxophone. Previously (july 2017), Uchihashi recorded for Innocent Talking Daxophone, a solo album released digitally, comprising of 27 brief improvisations played again on daxophone.

In her website, Esperanza Spalding presents the seventh studio album, 12 Little Spells, a multisession work of sixteen new songs released in 2018 by Concord one by one, performed with a large electroacoustic 22-musician ensemble, whereas she was on vocals, piano, electric organ, electric bass and bass drum.

The live april 2018 Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin And George Lewis (Hat Ezz-Thetics, 2019) features, as title suggests, the string trio of Swiss bassist and composer Daniel Studer, German violinist Harald Kimmig (who also worked with Cecil Taylor) and Swiss celloist Alfred Zimmerlin, in five abstract and mostly improvised textures (notably the 19-minute Very Nice), along with George Lewis on trombone and electronics. The Trio already released an album along with another guest star, saxophonist John Butcher, documented in Raw (Leo, 2016), another live performance (january 2015) with four tracks free improvised.

ReRMegacorp releases Cafe Grand Abyss, a collaboration between Alvin Curran and Jon Rose. Recorded in Rome in 2016 and in Sydney in 2018, their six pieces, performed by Curran on piano, sampler and shofar, and by Rose on violin, amplified tenor violin, 6-string drainpipe and singing saw, feature an avantgarde approach plenty of minimalistic textures and improvisations. Presented here by the label.

The vinyl Carnegie Hall '71 (Hi Hat, 2019) documents a live performance by Alice Coltrane. The pianist, also on harp, led a very notable ensemble: bassists Cecil McBee and Jimmy Garrison, drummers Clifford Jarvis and Ed Blackwell, Kumar Kramer on harmonium, Pharoah Sanders on various saxes and flute, Archie Shepp on saxes. From that february 1971 concert was extracted the famous John Coltrane's Africa, splitted in two 14-minute sides.

The 2CD set Kangaro Kitchen (Mikroton, 2019) features the quintet of Gunter Muller (ipods, electronics), Jason Kahn (modular synthesizer, radio, mixer), Norbert Moslang (electronics), Joke Lanz (turntables) and Christian Weber (bass) in two CD-long compositions, the title-track and Mountain Monkey, recorded in september 2018 and presented by the label.

French label Sonoris delivers To Magnetize Money And Catch A Roving Eye, a four-hour work, electronic and experimental, recorded by Jim O'Rourke at his studio between 2017 and 2018. Each of these four parts takes a CD (50, 61, 65 and 76 minutes, respectively), and are conceived as plenty of hypnotic electronic layers, processed instruments and field recordings.

Histoires Improvisees (JMS, 2018) is the latest piano solo by Martia Solal, featuring nineteen compositions studio recorded in june 2018. The pianist sometimes also plays tablas.

Green Dome is the new project created by Zeena Parkins, comprising also of Ryan Ross Smith (piano, synthesizer and electronics) and US drummer Ryan Sawyer. The leader, always on harp, composed and recorded in several sessions during 2018 nine pieces that mix classical, avantgarde and jazz, collected in the first release, Thinking In Stitches, delivered in 2019 by Casestudy.

Hopetown (Rogueart, 2019) documents pianist Benoit Delbecq and vocalist Claudia Solal in a studio march 2018 session, during which they recorded nine pieces. On stage since late `90s, Solal also recorded with Delbecq the free improvised Antichamber Music (november 2015), with the collaboration of Katherine Young (bassoon and electronics) and Tomeka Reid (cello).

The vinyl Deep Drive (Tin Angel, 2019) documents the latest work by trombonist Peter Zummo. The session though dates back to november 2014, after an UK tour by Zummo, who, playing also keyboards, led his septet comprising of Ernie Brooks (bass), Oliver Coates (cello and electronics), Bill Ruyle (drums and dulcimer), Ralph Cumbers (electronics and trombone), Keith McIvor (turntables) and vocalist Joyce Leigh Bowden. Among the pieces, the 14-minute Prepare For Docking. Released previously, the vinyl Frame Loop (Foom, 2018) documents another older work of abstract jazz, coming from unreleased material of his ?Six Songs? suite, studio recorded in 1984 along with Arthur Russell (cello), Mustafa Ahmed (congas) and Bill Ruyle (marimba).

The DoLP Symphonie Of Flowers (ORG, 2019) is the latest William Hooker's work. The drummer composed and recorded in october 2018 seven new tracks, performed with a very large ensemble (electronic musician Eriq Robinson, saxophonist Devin Waldman, drummer Marc Edwards, pianist Mara Rosenbloom, saxophonist Stephen Gauci, and others). Speaking about the release, the leader states: "What I have attempted to do with this record is to weave three sections into a whole. A symphonie. The piece begins and ends with the drum. my instrument. Its rhythm and variations of timbre are the stabilizing element. We begin with a meditative ritual which binds all the players to a point within where there is silence and goes into a unity. We play within that. The ensemble is created with sensitive piano and melody - making its entrance. The third event is electric. The synths and theremin improvise off of each other - with the two horns in conversation. The drum is a force inside of it all. holding it together. I saw this message from a percussive context as well. I realize that these sections are related - in time, space and context. I am thankful that the artists who performed were sensitive to my directives".

November 2019:

Blasphemious Fragments (Rastascan, 2019) documents a studio july 2017 session credited to John Butcher (soprano and tenor saxes), Phil Minton (voice) and Gino Robair (percussion, electronics and piano). Eleven tracks, with Butcher more in evidence.

June 6th 2013 (Novara Jazz, 2019) documents the concert held at the title date by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and an Italian lineup formed by Edoardo Marraffa (tenor and sopranino saxes), Alberto Braida (piano), Antonio Borghini (bass), and Fabrizio Spera (drums). From the liner notes by Marcello Lorrai: "Leo Smith, a creative music forerunner, active since the very early period of the Chicago AACM, has often represented a bridge between the Afro-American avant-garde and the European free improv scene. In his long history he has had the chance to experiment in extremely different contexts, showing a particular openness to dialog in the field of the instant music-making practice. Eco d'Alberi seem to have absorbed the entire spectrum of both American creative music and European free improvisation. Beyond different cultural backgrounds and generation gaps, the interest in both adventurous and rational sound-shapes, together with some sort of logical intensity seems to be the common ground of this meeting and this timeless music". Among the six pieces extracted from the concert, is worth mentioning the 16-minute The Great Oak.

The DoLP 1981 (Honest Jon, 2019) collects previously unreleased recordings by various lineups of Company, the pool for collective improvisation formed in 1976 by Derek Bailey. Among the musicians, the cellist Tristan Honsinger, the vocalist Christine Jeffrey, the trumpetists Toshinori Kondo and Charlie Morrow, David Toop, the bassist Maarten Altena, Henry Cow’s cellist Georgie Born and the bassoonist Lindsay Cooper, the sopranoist Steve Lacy, the trombonist Radu Malfatti and the percussionist Jamie Muir. The performances date back to june and july 1981.

Tractatus Musico-Philosophicus (Tzadik, 2019) is a “solo” album by John Zorn , who composed the 38-minute piece Philosophical Investigations From The Invisible Theatre playing sax, vocals, Fender Rhodes piano, prepared piano, guitar, drums, bass, game calls, percussion, objects and samples. Recorded in november 2018.

Ingrid Laubrock (tenor & soprano saxes) and Aki Takase (piano) studio recorded in september 2018 Kasumi, out now for Intakt. The fourteen brief pieces document the dialogues between the musicians, alternated by ethereal silences.

The 2CD set Munich 2016 (ECM, 2019) documents a Keith Jarrett solo concert held in july 2016, comprising of three reworkings, and the rest by a twelve part suite label’s credits presents as a “spontaneous suite of forms in the moment with the assurance of a master builder – interspersing touches of the blues and folksong lyricism between pieces of polyrhythmic and harmonic complexity”.

The piano duo of Craig Taborn and Vadim Neselovskyi, along with Dan Loomis (bass) and Ronen Itzik (drums), recorded in two studio sessions (june and december 2017) the 13 tracks of Da’at (Tzadik, 2019), the Vol. 11 of John Zorn’s The Book Beri’ah, mostly taken by piano solos and duos.

Song For The Big Chief (PNL, 2019) documents Joe McPhee (tenor sax and pocket trumpet) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums and percussion) in a december 2017 concert, from which were extracted three pieces, notably the 23-minute tilte-track, paying tribute to Sunny Murray’s album Big Chief.

Sound Of The Mountain (Mystery & Wonder, 2019) features the namesake project comprising of guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama along with Toshimaru Nakamura on electronics, accompanied by Elizabeth Millar (clarinet) and Craig Pedersen (trumpet) in a studio october 2017 session. The two pieces composed and recorded, the 19-minute Amplified Clarinet And Trumpet, Guitars, Nimb and the 17-minute piece sporting the same title, although this isn’t a vinyl, are a manifesto for the program of this label founded in 2017 by Millar and Pedersen; as they state, “many of our releases focus on sound art, improvisation and compositional works that give attention to the musical possibilities inherent in combining or superimposing closely amplified elements with acoustic elements. We are interested in work that takes care with sound and timbre, structure and form, is close, direct and in high-definition. But most off all, we are interested in work that defies our understanding of all this and moves us in ways we don't expect, work that stands on its own. We are lovers of the album as physical object. We custom cut the majority of our sleeves with high-quality paper using an industrial die-cut machine. Our latest releases include some combination of obi strips, hand printed covers, scores, photographs, and liner notes. With the exception of a few, releases are hand-assembled”. Ldet’s remember that the project already released Amplified Clarinet & Trumpet, recorded in march 2017, at the time with Millar and Perdesen only, that featured two long suites.

The 7CD boxset Unexpected Alchemy (Not Two, 2019) features Ken Vandermark, John Butcher, Joe McPhee & Mette Rasmussen on reeds & brass, Nate Wooley on trumpet, John Tilbury on piano, Ikue Mori on laptop, Kent Kessler on contrabass and Hamid Drake, Steve Noble and Eddie Prevost on drums & percussion. First 6 CDs were recorded live in november 2017; the seventh was recorded live in may 2018. This is a pure exercise of free “solo”, duo and trio improvisations, among which let’s mention the 30-minute Stev Noble “solo” (CD 1), the 29-minute Ikue Mori and Mette Rasmussen duo (CD 2), the 26-minute quartet of Kessler, Noble, Rasmussen and Wooley (CD 4), and above all the seventh CD, with the 63-minute trio of Prevost, Tilbury and Vandermark.

The same label releases Liminal Field, documenting Alexander von Schlippenbach on piano and Dag Narvesen on drums. Recorded live in march 2019, this release collects four pieces, notably the 22-minute Brass Tacks.

Peter Broetzmann studio recorded at a date in 2017 the solo album I Surrender Dear, a vinyl/CD released now by Trost on which, on tenor sax, he improvises on twelve themes from his ever preferred tunes by Bing Crosby, Coleman Hawkins, Thelonius Monk, Sonny Rollins, etc., and also a J.S. Bach’s aria.

Satoko Fujii (piano) and Tatsuya Yoshida (drums) studio recorded in july 2019 Baikamo, out now for Libra. The two, after having recorded in may 2002 the live namesake album and in july 2003 the studio Erans, composed now sixteen new pieces, split 50/50 between composed and freely-improvised as say credits, mostly brief and inspired by the aquatic flower baikamo.

Katalyst restores Kabalaba - Live At Montreux Jazz Festival (Katalyst, 2019), that sports the Art Ensemble Of Chicago at the famous jazz festival in july 1974. After two rare editions (as vinyl in 1978 and as ltd CD in 1997), this release documents in concert the only one lineup that recorded Fanfare For The Warriors: Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, Don Moye and Malachi Flavors, with the addition, this time, of Muhal Richard Abrams on piano. The eleven pieces were chosen atypically: brief solo interludes are mixed with collective improvisations and the final “free-for-all” reeds.

The 2CD set Above & Beyond Protocol (Metalanguage, 2019) features Andrea Centazzo on percussion, malletkat & sampler and Henry Kaiser on electric & acoustic guitars, and collects 150 minutes of unreleased recordings from 1978 to sessions from 2017 and 2019.

The posthumous Theatre Garonne, 2008 (Aum Fidelity, 2019) features David S. Ware on tenor sax, Joe Morris on guitar, William Parker on contrabass and Warren Smith on drums. This release comes from the David S. Ware Archive Series, launched in november 2015. Six pieces recorded in may 2008.

Peregrinations (ZoaR, 2019) documents avantgarde cellist Frances-Marie Uitti and composer/multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp on acoustic guitar & soprano saxs. This is their the second collaboration, after Improvisations, a CD recorded in november 1996.

7 Poets Trio (Rogue Art, 2019) features Tomas Fujiwara on drums & compositions, Patricia Brennan on vibes and Tomeka Reid on cello. Its four pieces, all composed by the leader, were studio recorded in october 2018.

Live recorded in march 2018, Soigne Ta Droite (Audiographic, 2019) features the Ken Vandermark project Entr’Acte, with leader on reeds, Nate Wooley on trumpet, Mette Rasmussen on alto sax, Jasper Stadhouders (from Cactus Truck) on electric bass & guitar, Terrie Hessels (from The Ex) on guitar, Joe Williamson on basses, Elisabeth Harnik (w/ Joelle Leandre & Fay Victor) on piano, Dieb13 (Efzeg & Erstwhile) on turntables & electronics and Steve Heather & Didi Kern (for Linda Sharrock) on drums. This CD colects three pieces, notably the 24-minute Foundry.

No Pressure (Skirl, 2019) features the clarinet trio of Chris Speed, Anthony Burr and Oscar Noriega, just known as The Clarinets. Studio recorded in march 2017. This is their third release: previously, the trio recorded The Clarinets (june 2005) and Keep On Going Like This (january 2009). All of their production is quite totally improvised.

Imminent Death (ugEXPLODE, 2019) is the latest Flying Luttenbachers’ production, documenting their current lineup: Henry Kaiser & Brandon Seabrook on guitars, Matt Nelson on soprano, alto & tenor saxes, Tim Dahl on bass guitar and Weasel Walter on drums, percussion, guitar & electric sitar. Recently recorded (july/august 2019), this album sports seven new dissonant pieces.

The Underflow documents the namesake project in a may 2019 studio session held by ex Boxhead Ensemble David Grubbs (electric guitar and voice), Mats Gustafsson (sax and live electronics) and Rob Mazurek (trumpet and electronics), who performed several duets and trios in five tracks. Released by Corbett vs Dempsey.

October 2019: After Trilogy, a 3CD set released in 2013 by Stretch and documenting the Chick Corea Trio the pianist formed along with Christian McBride (bass) and Brian Blade (drums), collecting seventeen pieces live recorded around the world between 2010 and 2012 (notably the 30-minute piano sonata The Moon), the same lineup come back with Trilogy 2 (Concord, 2019), a 2CD set with presents more standards and jazz classic revisited, that were recorded live throughout 2010 and 2016. Among the twelve tracks collected, let’s mention a 16-minute reworking of the famous Now He Sings, Now He Sobs.

The 4CD boxset Vol. 1 and 2 of Efflorescence (Leo, 2019) documents duets between saxophonist Ivo Perelman and pianist Matthew Shipp. Their 97 tracks, recorded in may 2018, are presented here. Furthermore, Perelman releases now for ESP Ineffable Joy, album studio recorded in april 2018 again with Shipp, joined by William Parker (bass) and Bobby Kapp (drums). The label presents their eight new pieces.

Studio recorded in december 2018, Battle Pieces 4 (Relative Pitch, 2019) reunited Nate Wooley (trumpet & composition), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor & soprano saxes), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) and Matt Moran (vibes) in the follow-up of Battle Pieces (april 2014) and the january 2016 Battle Pieces 2 (no infos until now about a Battle Pieces 3). The performance leaves large space to solos by the musicians.

Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day is currently a quartet, featuring the leader drummer and composer along with Nate Wooley (trumpet), Alexander Hawkins (piano) and Pascal Niggenkemper (bass). Their Live released just now by Clean Feed was recorded in march 2018, after the composition of more than 50 single-line, three-system unison tracks and multi-voice tunes; from that concert were extracted eight tracks.

Even Better (Intakt, 2019) documents the Very Practical Trio, the latest Michael Formanek’s project, on which the double bassist leds Tim Berne (alto sax) and Mary Halvorson (guitar) in nine new pieces (plus a Scott La Faro’s reworking) and studio recorded in february 2019, after having premiered them in a january concert in Italy.

Mary Halvorson is also co-credited in other two albums. A Tangle Of Stars (New Amsterdam, 2019) is a collaboration with Deerhoof’s John Dieterich. Adding layers and parts with various guitars (acoustic, electric, 12-string, baritone) and effects and even Dieterich on drums for a couple tracks, the two, between november and december 2018, collected and recorded 12 new instrumental songs spanning experimental jazz, pop, rock, noise, and improvisations. Instead, Old New (Cuneiform, 2019) features the Tomeka Reid Quartet, with the leader cellist and Halvorson along with bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Tomas Fujiwara. Its nine pieces, quite brief, were studio recorded in april 2018, and presented here by the label.

The live studio recorded (november 2018), Respect For Your Toughness (Intakt, 2019) documents the Chris Speed Trio, with the leader on tenor sax, the bassist Chris Tordini and the drummer Dave King in their third album (after the december 1999 Iffy and the march 2016 Platinum On Tap). They recorded ten new brief pieces, alternating Speed’s standards reworkings and new originals.

In june 1967, five months after their january concert collected on Love-In, the Charles LLoyd’s Quartet recorded another live performance, presented now by the label TCB on Montreux Jazz Festival, a 2CD set that features the same lineup (along with Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette and Ron McClure). Among the pieces, let’s mention the 27-minute version of Forest Flower.

ECM delivers now Remember Me, My Dear, recorded live in october 2014 by Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble, after their september 1993 Officium. The sopranoist and the vocal Ensemble (David James as countertenor, Rogers Covey-Crump and Steven Harrold as tenors and Gordon Jones as bariton) performed fourteen pieces, mostly anonymous or traditional.

Recorded in november 2017, the vinyl Dead Leaves Drop (Dropa, 2019) documents Nate Wooley on trumpet, Dave Rempis on saxophone, Pascal Niggenkemper on bass and Chris Corsano in two side-long improvisations: the 20-minute Pakicetus and the 19-minute Ambulocetus.

Good Hope (Edition, 2019) documents the first release by Crosscurrents Trio, a project created by Dave Holland. The bassist reunited saxophonist Chris Potter and virtuoso tabla player Zakir Hussain for a studio september 2018 session, during which they performed eight lenghty pieces (three by Holland, three by Potter and two by Hussain). Presented here by the label.

The Clinamen is the project comprising of Elliott Sharp (8-string guitar, Buchla synth, drum machine & Baschet percussion), John Edwards (bass) and Mark Sanders (drums, percussion & vibes). The trio debuted with Swervitude (ZOar, 2019) performing high velocity improvisations based on groove, texture and extreme timbres. Studio recorded in august 2017 at the Venice Bienalle. Instead, Kumuska (Intakt, 2019) was performed by Sharp on analog synthesizers, bass clarinet and glissentar, along with vocalist Saadet Turkoz (she also wrote the lyrics), recorded at a date in 2007 and never released until now, featuring nine pieces of free improvisation. The two, however, previously recorded together, still for Intakt, another album: Marmara Sea, that collected sixteen pieces recorded between august 1998 and february 1999, that sports a compromise jazz/rock. Sharp on guitars and Tuyrkoz on vocals were also accompanied by Joelle Leandre (bass), Martin Schutz (cello) and Burhan Ocal (oud).

Studio recorded in june 2014, and out now thanks to OutNow, ELK3 features the namesake project led by Tyshawn Sorey on drums & piano, Nadav Remez on guitar and Antonin-Tri Hoang on alto sax & bass clarinet. The trio recorded nine pieces (half of them very brief), presented here by the guitarist. Sorey also was sessionman with Vijay Iyer on the 2CD set Limitless (Cedille, 2019), credited to US violinist Jennifer Koh, on stage since 1996 and performer of classical and avantgarde music. The album features world-premiere recordings of Koh-commissioned duets by contemporary composers, among which Quasim Naqvi’s The Banquet for violin and modular synthesizers; Lisa Bielawa’s Sanctuary Songs for violin and voice, three settings of texts by American women poets of the 1920s; Tyshawn Sorey’s In Memoriam Muhal Richard Abrams, dedicated to the avant-garde pianist; Nina C. Young’s Sun Propeller for violin and electronics, inspired by traditional Tuvan throat-singing; Wang Lu’s Her Latitude for violin and electronics, with a quasi-improvised piano part and electronically processed sounds of Buddhist chants and old Korean pop songs; Vijay Iyer’s The Diamond for violin and piano, inspired by an early Buddhist text; Missy Mazzoli’s A Thousand Tongues for violin, piano and electronics.

The vinyl Kozmik Bazaar (KARL, 2019) documents Ken Vandermark (tenor sax and clarinet) along with Konstrukt, the well known turkish free jazz quartet (Korhan Futaci-alto saxophone, instant loops, vocal; Umut Caglar-electric guitar, synthesizer, gralla, guimbri; Apostolos Sideris-double bass; Berkan Tilavel-drums, electronic percussion) in a november 2018 studio session during which they recorded six pieces, presented as a mix of psychedelic and improvised interactions.

News from NoBusiness. The vinyl (but also CD) Concert In Vilnius documents a three-part untitled performance live recorded in october 2017 by the trio of Evan Parker (soprano and tenor saxes), Barry Guy (bass) and Paul Lytton (drums and percussion). CD version is more long (quite one hour). The label also releases Blue Cat, an until now unissued june 1991 studio session, performed by Bobby Bradford (cornet), Frode Gjerstad (alto sax), Kent Carter (acoustic bass) and John Stevens (drums). Instead, Brain In A Dish gathered Steve Swell (trombone), Robert Boston (piano, organ) and Michael Vatcher (drums) in eleven pieces collectively composed and studio recorded in august 2018. Zenith, possibly the most relevant release, is another forgotten studio session never released by Sam Rivers. On tenor and soprano saxes, flute and piano he led Joe Daley (tuba, euphonium), Dave Holland (bass, cello), Barry Altschul (drums) and Charlie Persip (drums) for the recording of the 53-minute suite Universal Message. That session dates back to november 1977.

Chapter Four: Memphis (Constellation, 2019) is the follow-up of previous Coin Coin chapters by Matana Roberts. The reedist, on alto sax, clarinet and voice, has been accompanied by Nicolas Caloia (double bass and voice), Ryan Sawyer (drums, vibraphone, Jew’s harp, bells and voice), Hannah Marcus (guitars, accordion and voice), Sam Shalabi (guitar, oud and voice), Ryan White (vibraphone), and other three vocalists. The thirteen tracks (among which some rearrangements) feature a suite mixing of jazz, blues and folk. Roberts planned the Coin Coin cycle will finish at chapitre 12.

Studio recorded in may 2015 and out only now thanks to Italian label Angelica, the vinyl Chirality, credited to Eyvind Kang, documents a cycle of works including compositions for mixed orchestra, the violist leading a large ensemble featuring strings and winds, synthesizers, percussion and field recordings from Sun City Girls’ Alan Bishop. Presented here by the label.

Rogueart releases two new Matthew Shipp CDs. What If? documents a collaboration between the pianist (who composed all the twelve pieces) and the trumpetist Nate Wooley. They studio recorded this release in june 2019. Instead, Symbolic Reality features his trio, along with William Parker (bass) and Mat Maneri (viola) in six tracks studio recorded in august 2019.

Four (Long Song, 2019) features Satoko Fujii on piano and Joe Fonda on contrabass, with Natsuki Tamura added on trumpet for two tracks. Recorded at concerts in Japan in september 2018.

Tzadik restores two old Ikue Mori’s discs. Class Insecta is a solo album recorded in december 2008 on which she collected twelve brief pieces plenty of experimental textures and improvisations, played on electronics. Instead, Orra documents the very first debuting of Phantom Orchard project, along harpist Zeena Parkins. Recorded in july 2007, it features eleven tracks of avantgarde music composed by the two, with the collaboration of Cyro Baptista (percussion), Josh Wuillen (steel drums) and two vocalists.

Instatiation is the new project by guitarist Joe Morris, comprising of Brad Barrett (bass), Elinor Speirs (violin) and Dan O'Brien (clarinets). The quartet debuted with Paradoxical (Glacial Erratic, 2019), a studio album recorded in march 2019, whose three pieces (notably the 25-minute Type 1) are so presented by Morris: “Paradoxical is one part of my multi-part musical work Instantiation; each part is unique, composed with specific notated and operational components. Due to the way the parts are configured it is impossible to perform any of them the same way twice. Paradoxical mixes disparate materials, some composed and some improvised, some are melodic and an emotional color or narrative flow and some are the opposite... My goal with Instantiation is to create unique and rewarding experiences for listeners by synthesizing the meta-properties of free music in new and creative ways”.

Henry Kaiser’s More Requia - In Memory Of Great Ancestors (Metalanguage, 2019) is the follow-up of his Requia And Other Improvisations For Guitar Solo, recorded between may and june 2013. This new album is dedicated to famous guitarists: Sonny Sharrock, Larry Coryell, Derek Bailey, etc., and sees notable collaborations: Wadada Leo Smith, Andrea Centazzo and Gino Robair and others. Among the nine pieces, let’s mention the 17-minute More Echoes and the 13-minute What’s Become Of The Baby.

The vinyl F4 Fake (Trost, 2019) gathers the project Made to Break in their 9th album. The lineup, let’s remember, is comprising of Ken Vandermark (reeds), Christof Kurzmann (pooll, electronics), Jasper Stadhouders (electric bass) and Tim Daisy (drums) in a studio november 2017 session, during which they recorded two side-long tracks: the 20-minute Aaton, dedicated to Orson Wells, and the 19:30-minute Agora, dedicated to Zelia Barbosa.

Zoning (Astral Spirits, 2019) is a cassette documenting Nick Fraser (drums), Tony Malaby (saxes), Kris Davis (piano), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax) and Lina Allemano (trumpet) in six tracks plenty of improvised variations on themes composed. No infos about the recording session.

After Get Out, Get Down, Get Off and Get In (recorded between march 2015 and january 2016), Peter Rehberg aka Pita releases now the vinyl Get On (as the others, always for Mego). Its new five pieces, recorded between 2018 and 2019, are presented here by the label.

The posthumous vinyl The Third Ascension (MVD, 2019) documents, say credits, the first release by Glenn Branca after his death (2018). The Glenn Branca Ensemble commemorated the last october 6 the release with the first posthumous live NYC performance of his guitar music. Marking the return to the 4-guitar, bass and drums format of Ascension and its Sequel, this session dates back to february 2016, performed in New York at nonprofit space The Kitchen. Presented here.

September 2019:

Invitation To A Dream (Astral Spirits, 2019) documents a september 2017 studio session by Joe McPhee (soprano sax and pocket trumpet), Ken Vandermark (tenor sax and clarinet) and Susan Alcorn (pedal steel guitar). The debuting trio performed seven pieces, leaving a large space to their improvisations. Susan Alcorn, on stage since late '90s, released several credited albums, and also worked with Mary Halvorson.

After Both Directions At Once, Impulse delivers now another unreleased and forgotten studio session by John Coltrane, dating back to june 1964 and performed by his quartet "of ever" (Garrison, Jones and McCoy Tyner). Blue World is a tape discovered at the Canadian Film Board, that documents a session at the Van Gelder studio, as requested by filmmaker Gilles Groulx for his film Le Chat Dans Le Sac, a work that wasn't intended for a record. The music, however, isn't truely new, because these songs were reworkings of pieces already known: Naima, Village Blues, Like Sonny, Traneing In and the title-track, a reworking of Out of This World, for the total time of 37 minutes.

El Tren Fantasma/The Ghost Train (Illuso, 2019) documents Henry Kaiser and Alvaro Domene on acoustic and electric guitars. Studio recorded in february 2019, their three duets were inspired by a western silent film produced in Mexico in 1927. First and third track are electric guitar duets, manipulated by several devices, while the second track (45-minute long) is for acoustic guitars. Spanish guitarist Alvaro Domene, now New York based, already worked with Joe McPhee, Karl Berger, Elliott Sharp, Henry Kaiser, Fred Lonberg-Holm, etc., whose compositions mark his interest for classical and avantgarde music.

Another release originating from a silent film is A Throw Of Dice (Whirlwind, 2019), documenting the latest Rez Abbasi's work, recorded in may 2017 in a quintet: the leader, on electric and acoustic guitars, conducted his Silent Ensemble comprising of Pawan Benjamin (tenor and soprano saxes), Jennifer Vincent (acoustic bass, cello), Rohan Khrishnamurthy (mridangam, ghatam, khanjira) and Jake Goldbas (drum set) in nineteen tracks extensively presented here by the label.

Love Waves Ecstatic Charge (Astral Spirits, 2019) documents eight pieces (notably the 15-minute Ecstatic) recorded between 2017 and 2018 by Rob Mazurek. In this "solo" CD he plays a modular synth and uses, say credits, 106 distorted still images and fragmented skipping sound from video shot in 2005, repurposed processing the images through modular synth and computer.

Hatology restores Ghostly Thoughts, already released in 1997 and documenting a studio july 1996 session held by Paul Dunmall (tenor and baritone saxes) and his longtime sessionmen John Adams (guitar) and Mark Sanders (drums). The trio recorded six pieces (notably the 15-minute A Bit Of Rice, Nice).

Still by Dunmall, the FMR album Deps features the saxophonist, here also on flute, again with Sanders, the bassist Percy Pursglove and the veteran guitarist John Etheridge (ex Soft Machine a<nd Icarus) in a march 2019 session, for the recording of two long piecess: the 48-minute title-track and the 30-minute Sped. Another free jazz experience. The same label also released another Dunmall work: So Perhaps, studio recorded in april 2019 along with Steve Swell (trombone), James Owston (bass) and Mark Sanderson (drums). Other four pieces improvised.

The Village (Fundacja, 2019) gathers guitarist Joe Morris and saxophonist Evan Parker in a september 2014 concert from which were extracted the two long pieces Mound (40 min.) and Groove (16 min.), with large improvisations.

Dream Time (Enja, 2019) collects twenty "piano solos", mostly brief, by Abdullah Ibrahim, aka Dollar Brand, recorded in march 2019. Credits present this work as "a suite played without interruption". 67 minutes.

The same label releases Street Talk, by the project Saxophone Summit, comprising of the sax trio of Joe Lovano (tenor), Greg Osby (alto) and Dave Liebman (soprano), accompanied by Phil Markowitz (piano), Cecil McBee (bass) and Billy Hart (drums). This is the fourth album by this lineup, after Gathering Of Spirits (january 2004), with Michael Brecker, Seraphic Light (october 2007), and Visitation (february 2011). Speaking about the eight tracks of this new work, Liebman states: "The Coltrane influence is alive in Saxophone Summit, but we've steered away from it as a representation of the group. We keep that spirit, and play tunes with that vibe or feel, but it's our own music". Studio recorded in august 2017.

To celebrate the 50th of his Machine Gun, Peter Broetzmann (tenor sax, b-flat clarinet and tarogato) reunited with Alexander Von Schlippenbach (piano) and Han Bennink (drums) for a live may 2018 concert, from which were extracted five pieces (notably the 22-minute Frictional Sounds and the 21-minute title-track) collected on Fifty Years After, released now by Trost. The same label also released South Moon Under, another live album from a concert held by Broetzmann with guitarist Heather Leigh Murray (she is on stage since `90s), that sports two long pieces, notably the 22-minute title-track.

The self-produced 3CD set Solo@70 documents a piano solo by Denman Maroney. Speaking about them, the pianist says: "This album contains solo piano recordings of 38 tunes I've written over the last 50 years. I made them to mark my turning 70. Twenty of them have been recorded with various ensembles, but the rest have never been recorded".

Diatom Ribbons (Pyroclastic, 2019) documents the latest work by pianist Kris Davis. Studio recorded in december 2018, this CD sees the leader along with Esperanza Spalding (voice), JD Allen and Tony Malaby (both on tenor sax), Ches Smith (vibraphone), Nels Cline and Marc Ribot (both on guitar), Trevor Dunn (electric bass), Val Jeanty (turntable) and Terri Lyne Carrington (drums). Its ten pieces are so presented by the pianist: "While writing for this album I learned about diatoms, which are unicellular microalgae that live in the oceans and freshwater and soils. They contribute massively to the planet's oxygen supply, and there are something like one hundred thousand species. From satellite images above oceans and lakes, huge blooms sometimes appear as beautiful zigzags and ribbons. Up close under a scanning electron microscope, you can see these incredible, ornate structures. So seeing these plants extremely close-up and then so far away, I made a connection between the process of composition and my experience of nature, and that changing your proximity to the same object or idea can dramatically alter your experience of it, often yielding unexpected and inspiring results".

The Adornment Of Time (Pi, 2019) features Tyshawn Sorey on drums & percussion and Marilyn Crispell on piano in their concert of october 2018, from which was extracted the long title-track, so described by the pianist: "a shared sense of orchestration, color, texture, rhythm, thematic development, improvisation and spontaneous composition".

Golden Valley Is Now (Intakt, 2019) documents the trio of Craig Taborn (electric & acoustic pianos & synth), Reid Anderson (electric bass & electronics) and Dave King (acoustic & electronic drums). Studio recorded in august 2018, its ten pieces, quite brief, were composed mostly (seven) by Anderson, and the other three by King.

Messthetics is the latest project created in 2016 by guitarist Anthony Pirog, a trio with bassist Joe Lally and drummer Brendan Canty, both founders of Fugazi since their Repeater. Messthetics released in 2018 for Dischord their self-titled, a vinyl studio recorded in summer 2017 that collects nine tracks basically rock-oriented with improvisations. The trio returns now with another vinyl, Anthropocosmic Nest, for the same label. Recorded in several sessions throughout 2019, the new album (eleven pieces) documents even more improvisations. In the meantime, Pirog collaborated in several other recent lineups: his latest session is documented in Music From The Anacostia Delta, by Spellcasters, a lineup that sees a guitar trio Pirog formed with Joel Harrison and Dave Chappell, plus Barry Hart on drums and John Previte on bass. Released by Cuneiform, this album collects eleven brief tracks, five of them studio recorded in 2018 and six recorded live in the same year. The self-released and self-titled jazz fusion Kung Fu Bastard features a work with a project born in 2012, comprising also of reedist Bobby Muncy, Nathan Kawaller (bass) and Larry Ferguson (drums). The Windup, instead, is a Clean Feed CD credited to trumpetist Dave Ballou, sporting three pieces (notably the 26-minute Nice Spot - Another Fool) of pure free jazz studio recorded in march 2017.

9-tette, the new Taylor Ho Bynum project founded in 2018 by the cornetist, gathers a prominent lineup: Jim Hobbs (alto sax), Bill Lowe (bass trombone, tuba), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Ken Filiano (bass), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor and soprano saxes), Tomeka Reid (cello), and Stomu Takeishi (electric bass). Firehouse 12 just released their The Ambiguity Manifesto, whose seven pieces were studio recorded in march 2018 after having been premiered the month before, and are presented here by the leader.

Animation (Relay, 2019) documents the Fulcrum Ensemble, a project created by drummer Tim Daisy (here also on marimba and turntables) along with James Falzone on clarinet, Dave Rempis on alto & baritone saxes, Josh Berman on cornet, Steve Swell on trombone and Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello & electronics. Recorded in august 2017, this project is a follow-up of Daisy's Celebration sextet, whose personnel was mostly the same, and produced for the same label The Halfway There Suite, a four-part composition 34-minute long, live recorded in july 2016. The three long pieces of Animation, all by the leader, notably the 16-minute Means To An End, alternate collective improvisations and large moments of "solos".

The vinyl ltd ed. 500 copies After Nietzsche (Aguirre, 2019) documents the new album by Roy Montgomery, on which the guitarist plays all the instruments, accompanied by vocalist Emma Johnston. Montgomery composed four pieces (notably the 21-minute And Fuck This Eternal Recurrence, Nietzsche) as a response to Nietzsche's assertion in Twilight of the Idols ("Without music, life would be a mistake"). The label presents here this album.

August 2019:

After the live march 2016 Unleashed, Tiger Trio, the project created by bassist Joelle Leandre, pianist Myra Melford and flutist Nicole Mitchell returns with Map Of Liberation (Rogue Art, 2019), another live performance recorded in november 2018, during which they presented eleven new pieces of avantgarde jazz.

Studio recorded in january 2015, the NoBusiness CD Shipwreck 4 features the notable quartet of Aaron Bennett on tenor sax, Darren Johnston on trumpet, Lisa Mezzacappa on acoustic bass and Frank Rosaly on drums. Their six pieces are mostly improvised. Aaron Bennett is on stage since late `90s, and sports several performances as sessionman with Wadada Leo Smith, Peter Kowald, John Butcher, Donald Robinson, Weasel Walter, Adam Lane, Larry Ochs, Steve Adams, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, etc.

BYG restores Ketchaoua (BYG, 2019), an old vinyl credited to well known American reedist Clifford Thorntons, recorded in august 1969 along with Grachan Moncur III (trombone), Archie Shepp (soprano sax), Arthur Jones (alto sax), Dave Burrell (piano), Sunny Murray and Claude Delcloo (both on drums), Beb Guerin and Earl Freeman (both on bass). This free studio performance featured four pieces, all composed by the leader.

Hat [now] ART restores Compositions No. 10 & No. 16 (+101), a CD already released in 1998 and featuring a february 1997 studio session by Anthony Braxton, who created his Composition No. 10 (11:40 min.), Composition No. 16 (+101) ( 17 min.) and Composition No. 10 (39 min.), without playing, though. Music was performed by Guillermo Gregorio (alto sax and clarinet), Carrie Biolo (vibraphone and percussion), Michael Cameron (acoustic bass), Gene Coleman (bass clarinet) and Jim O'Rourke (accordion, hurdy gurdy and electronics).

Premiered in march 2017, and out now for Astral Spirits, Psychotropic Electric Eel Dreams IV is a solo album by Rob Mazurek, documenting two long tracks he performed on synthesizer and samples, a four-channel sound composition for the ESS Florasonic sound installation series at Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago. The hypnotic sounds were generated by electric eels captured between 2000 and 2008, combined with analog/digital synthesis to create undulating and radiant sonic textures.

Topaz (Klaeng, 2019) features Ingrid Laubrock on tenor & soprano saxes, Achim Kaufmann on piano, Robert Landfermann on bass and Tom Rainey on drums. Studio recorded in august 2018, its six tracks present rare themes composed, and many improvisations.

Flayed (ugExplode, 2019) documents a studio march 2019 session by the trio of Weasel Walter (drums), Jeb Bishop (trombone, electronics) and Alex Ward (guitar, clarinet). Their eight pieces are presented here by the drummer.

Live At Antibes Jazz Festival Juan-Les-Pins July 21, 1968 is the first officiale release of a live Pahoroah Sanders' performance, at the title date, from which this CD presents a 38-minute improvisation, on which the reedist, on tenor sax, led Norman Sirone Jones (bass), Najeed Shabazz (drums) and Lonnie Liston Smith (piano).

The vinyl Drunk On Dreams (Cejero, 2019) sports three studio pieces recorded in june 2015 by Rhodri Davies (harp and electric harp) and John Butcher (saxes and feedback). Notable the 22-minute Chaos Is The Spectre, that features electronics and free improvisations.

1.11.18 Otoruku, 2019) documents two long live piano solos (43 and 47 minutes) performed in concert at that date by Dave Burrell.

Tzadik restores Requia And Other Improvisations For Guitar Solo, already released in 2013 and documenting a "live studio" session by Henry Kaiser. Between may and august 2013 he improvised nine pieces (notably the 22-minute Requiem For Fred Lieberman) recorded without no overdubs on several guitars: electric, 12-string acoustic and harp.

The Damn THINK (Chant, 2019) features Robert Dick on flutes and piccolo, and Adam Caine on electric & acoustic guitars. The duo recorded in december 2017 seven pieces collectively composed, that balance between classical, rock and improvisations.

The old Blue Note Live At The Cafe Bohemia November 1955, now restored by Acrobat, documents the first live performances by Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers. The 2CD set reunites the two LPs containing the performance recorded by Blakey, Horace Silver, Kenny Dorham, Doug Watkins and Hank Mobley.

Axiom restores The Trance Of Seven Colors, originally produced by Bill Laswell and issued by the same label, and documenting a collaboration between Pharoah Sanders (tenor sax) and gnawa musician Maleem Mahmoud Ghania. The former on tenor sax, and the latter on lead vocals, guimbri and tambourine were accompanied by a large chorus, performing nine pieces, some of which are arranged traditional, and other composed together. Recorded in june 1994.

The 2CD set Nirguna (FSR, 2019) sports a live june 2017 performance by the quartet of Alexander Hawkins (piano), Francois Carrier (alto sax), John Edwards (bass) and Michel Lambert (drums). Each of CDs features two long pieces (especially the 38-minute Saguna and the 35-minute Paramatma).

The vinyl Live at Koncertsal, Copenhagen, 17.10.1963 (Alternative Fox, 2019) documents a concert held by the short lived New York Contemporary Five, the famous quintet formed in 1962 by Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai, Don Moore and J.C. Moses. From that concert were extracted their first versions of Ornette Coleman's Emotions, Don Cherry's Consequences and a reworking of Thelonius Monk's Monk's Mood.

Consequent Duos 2015>2019 (Audiographic, 2019) is a 5CD set credited to the project Momentum 4, that collects duo recordings featuring Ken Vandermark on reeds in collaboration with drummer Paul Lytton (CD 1), Ikue Mori on electronics (CD 2, featuring two long pieces, notably the 34-minute StoneA), pianist Kris Davis (CD 3, notably the 24-minute Stone2C), bassist William Parker (CD 4), and drummer Hamid Drake (CD 5), during vasrious studio sessions between june 2015 and january 2019.

Apsis (Aerophonic, 2019) features Dave Rempis on alto, tenor & baritone saxes, Jim Baker on piano & electronics, Joshua Abrams on bass and Avreeayl Ra on drums. Studio recorded in december 2018, this is their third disc since 2014, featuring two long pieces. the 25-minute Exedra and thje 36-minute Mithrab.

The same label delivers Strandwal, by the project From Wolves to Whales, that reunited Dave Rempis on alto and tenor saxes, Nate Wooley on trumpet, Pascal Niggenkemper on bass and Chris Corsano on drums. This 2CD set was recorded live in november 2017, and collects four pieces, notably the 29-minute Hook and Cod and the 28-minute Spaarne. This is their second album, after the namesake debuting CD, studio recorded in february 2014.

Pulverize The Sound, the Peter Evans project trio along with Tim Dahl and Mike Pride, after their first self-titled come back with Sequel (Mim, 2019). The trumpetist leads the rhythm section in six new pieces recorded during the spring 2018. Each member composed two of these tracks, whose themes evolve quickly in improvisations.

Released bu Ictus, Sacred Gong Dive documents the first "solo gongs and cymbals" album produced by Andrea Centazzo, a work he projected since 47 years. Among the six pieces, played on several gongs, bells and cymbals, notable the 31-minute Echoes From A Japanese Garden.

I Feel Like A Bombed Cathedral is a new project created by Amaury Cambuzat, the Faust guitarist also founder of French avant-garde group Ulan Bator. Cambuzat just released three albums: Rec.Requiem collects four pieces recorded in january 2019; AmOrtH, a january 2019 session features two pieces, notably the 40-minute title-track; Inside The Cathedral Sessions gathers nine pieces performed on guitar and effects, recorded and filmed live in his music research lab and then broadcasted weekly on his YouTube channel. The music is plenty of drones and electronics.

July 2019:

Soultime (FMR, 2019) features Paul Dunmall on tenor & alto saxes, Percy Pursglove on trumpet, Steve Tromans on piano, Dave Kane on bass and Hamid Drake on drum set & frame drum. Recorded in november 2018. The same label releases Landscapes, always with Paul Dunmall on soprano sax & flute, Philip Gibbs on guitar, Benedict Taylor on viola and Ashley John Long on bass. Recorded in september 2018, it sports six new pieces, two of them over sixteen minutes, mostly improvised.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, the well known large ensemble debuted in 2003 by Evan Parker and continued by Barry Guy, comes back with Energy Being (FMR, 2019), released only now although its studio session dates back to november 2014. The Orchestra accompanies vocalist Maggie Nicols in eight pieces of avant-garde jazz. Let's rermember the performers: Raymond MacDonald and Graeme Wilson (saxes), Peter Nicholson (cello), Alex South (clarinets), Armin Sturm and Una MacGlone (double basses), Rick Bamford and Stuart Brown (drums), Jim McEwan (electric piano), Adam Linson and Gino Robair (electronics), Emma Roche and Liene Rozite (flute), Fergus Kerr (French horn), Jer Reid, Neil Davidson and George Burt (guitar), Anne Rankin (oboe), Gerry Rossi (acoustic piano), Robert Henderson (trumpet), Cliona Cassidy and Tam Dean Burn in trio vocals with Maggie Nicols.

Age Of Chaos (Clean Feed, 2019) documents a quartet led by slovenian saxtenorist Cene Resnik, who created his Free Stellar Trio along with Italian pianist Giorgio Pacorig and drummer Marco Lasic. The trio reunited with Rob Mazurek, who, on piccolo trumpet, recorded with the trio in may 2018 the namesake 56-minute suite, presented at Jazz Cerkno Festival.

Still by Mazurek, the Vol. 1 of Desert Encrypts (Astral Spirits, 2019) documents a live august 2018 session recorded during a jazz festival. The performance sports a two-part suite, performed by the leader on piccolo trumpet and electronics, accompanied by Kris Davis (piano), Chad Taylor (drums), Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (bass) and Lynn Xu (voice).

Still from Clean Feed, Philosophy sports the Diaclect Trio, formed by Tyshawn Sorey (drums), Matt Mitchell (piano) and Mario Pavone (double bass) in a studio august 2018 session, during which they recorded eight pieces, quite brief, five of them by Pavone, two reworkings by Annette Peacock, plus a collective improvisation.

Season Of Sadness (Iluso, 2019) documents the trio of Frode Gjerstad (alto saxophone; clarinet), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) and Matthew Shipp (piano) in a eight-part 49-minute suite studio recorded in september 2018, extensively presented here.

Modern Harmonic restores as LP/CD Pathways To Unknown Worlds, the old Sun Ra's album recorded at a date in 1973 with his Arkestra. This reissue features a 5:30-track from the same session omitted in the 1975 Impulse release. Furthermore, the CD release features Intrinsic Energies (8:40 minutes) and Of Mythic Worlds (12:45 minutes), two pieces from the old and forgotten Of Mythic Worlds, live april 1978 and june 1979 recordings firstly delivered by Philly Jazz, and re-released in 2012 by the same label. This album features five pieces, two of them, i.e. the 5-minute Over The Rainbow and the 6-minute Inside The Blues being a Sun Ra's piano solos; the other pieces, i.e. the two already mentioned and Mayan Temples (7:50 minutes) featuring also John Gilmore on tenor, Marshall Allen on alto, Danny Davis on flute, Danny Thompson on baritone, etc.

ECM just restored Non Fiction, an old studio album by pianist Steve Kuhn, recorded in april 1978. Kuhn, also on percussion, led Steve Slagle (saxes and flute), Harvie Swartz (bass) and Bob Moses (drums), performing five pieces, three of them composed by him, the other two by the bassist. American Steve Slagle worked also with Lionel Hampton, Carla Bley and Joe Lovano.

Another ECM just restored album is Picture This, by the Gary Burton Quartet. The leader on vibraphone was accompanied by Jim Odgren (alto sax), Steve Swallow (bass) and Mike Hyman (drums). Recorded in january 1982, no one of its six pieces was though composed by Burton: two are by Odgren, the other were reworkings of Michael Gibbs, Chick Corea, Carla Bley and Charlie Mingus.

The DoLP Duets 1992 (Triple Point, 2019) documents the only studio collaboration between Cecil Taylor and Bill Dixon apart from the october 1966 Conquistador. From the liner notes: "In 1992 they made the briefest summer festival tour to Italy and France, budgeting in two additional days for this recording session. That musical output was prepared for a release that was shelved for more than a quarter century and now comes out as a posthumous release in tribute to both giants. The initiative to release this music began with the Bill Dixon Trust and was approved by Taylor in his final years".

Credited to saxtenorist Rich Halley (sessionman with Bobby Bradford and Vinny Golia), Terra Incognita (Pine Eagle, 2019) documents a studio august 2018 session along with Matthew Shipp on piano, Michael Bisio on contrabass and Newman Taylor Baker on drums.

The 3CD set Blue Horizon (FSR, 2019) features an october 2017 concert by Barry Guy, on which he duets on double bass with Joelle Leandre, accompanied by Paul Lytton (drums), and the piano duo Agusti Fernandez-Marilyn Crispell. Among the pieces, mostly composed by Guy, let's mention the 24-minute High Time, on which play only the bassists.

The same label delivers another 3CD set: Strings Garden, a work multisession (april 2016, july 2016, october 2017) performed by Joelle Leandre (double bass) which the album is credited to, Gaspar Claus (cello), Bernard Santacruz (double bass), and Theo Ceccaldi (violin and viola). Mostly improvised.

Still FSR delivers Dialogos, studio recorded in august 2017 by Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet) and both emergent Paula Shocron (piano) and Pablo Diaz (drums). Their fourteen pieces, almost brief, sport massive improvisations.

Solar Wind (Not Two) collects twelve tracks featuring Robert Dick (flutes & piccolo), Joelle Leandre (contrabass & voice) and Miya Masaoka (koto, percussion). Mostly improvised, the session was studio recorded in september 2018.

Sin And Bones (Not Two) collects seven pieces featuring Matthew Shipp (piano), Gordon Grdina (guitar) and Mark Helias (contrabass). Recorded in september 2018.

Recorded in october 2018, A Night In Alchemia (Not Two) collects four pieces (notably the 23-minute At The Waters Edge) featuring Joe McPhee (trumpet & saxes), John Edwards (double bass) and Klaus Kugel (drums).

The 2CD set Seasons Changing (Otoroku, 2019) gathers the trio of Charles Gayle (piano and saxes), John Edwards (double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums) in a live november 2017 session, from which were extracted two long (43 and 49 minutes) sets of improvisations.

The same label just released Tree Dancing, seven tracks from a live session (march 2010) that gathered a stellar quartet: the trio sax Lol Coxhill, Joe McPhee and Evan Parker plus Chris Corsano (drums). Another improvised performance.

The vinyl Matching Mix (Earshots, 2019) documents an october 2018 session during which Eddie Prevost performed solo improvisations on percussion, and from which were extracted five pieces.

Calenture And Light Leaks (Weekertoft, 2019) documents a march 2015 performance by Evan Parker (tenor sax) and Paul G. Smyth (piano), during which they presented the 33-minute title-track, mostly improvised.

The 3-side vinyl Pellucidar - A Dreamers Fantabula documents nine John Zorn's compositions performed and recorded in february 2015 by his sextet The Dreamers, comprising of Cyro Baptista (percussion), Joey Baron (drums), Trevor Dunn (bass), Marc Ribot (guitars), Jamie Saft (keyboards) and Kenny Wollesen (vibes). This their third work was inspired from literature, especially Edgar Rice Burroughs' works.

Another vinyl, Lift Every Voice And Sing (Smalltown Supersound, 2019), documents a session recorded in december 2017 by Joe McPhee and Paal Nilssen-Love. The duo performed compositions of their own, plus covers by James Weldon Johnson and Thelonious Monk.

Credited to slovenian jazz drummer Zlatko Kaucic (old sessionman with Barry Guy, Peter Brotzmann, Steve Lacy, Joelle Leandre, etc.), the 5CD boxset Diversity features the leader also on electric zither with Evan Parker (tenor sax), Agusti Fernandez (piano), Lotte Anker (alto, tenor & soprano saxes), Artur Majewski (trumpet), Rafal Mazur (acoustic bass guitar), Johannes Bauer (trombone) and Phil Minton on voice. This work collects set of solo percussion, a duo with Evan Parker, a trio with Parker & Fernandez, a trio with Johannes Bauer & Phil Minton and a quartet with Lotte Anker, Artur Majewski & Rafal Mazur.

Italian label Fantome Phonographique restores after 60 years Saint-Exupery, a Pierre Henry's work released in 1959 by Unidisc. Henry created his music to accompany literary texts by Luc Estang, here based on life of French pilot and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Henry composed electronic and musique concrete sounds, and the play was radiobroadcasted. A vinyl of 35 minutes.

June 2019:

Recorded in an one-day session of november 2018, The Balance (Gearbox, 2019) documents the new Abdullah Ibrahim (aka Dollar Brand) album in four years. The leader, on piano, accompanied the members of his long-time (1983) septet Ekaya: Noah Jackson and Alec Dankworth (double bass, but Jackson is also on cello), Will Terrill (drums), Adam Glasser (harmonica), Cleave Guyton Jr. (alto sax, flute and piccolo), Lance Bryant (tenor sax), Andrae Murchison (trombone) and Marshall McDonald (baritone sax). The leader features several improvised solos on piano.

Topographie Parisienne (Fou, 2017) is a 4CD set that documents an unreleased live performance recorded in april 1981 by Derek Bailey on guitar, Evan Parker on tenor & soprano saxes and Han Bennink on drums & other instruments. The trio already recorded in june 1970 their only studio album,Topography Of The Lungs. This release collects two set long trios, five duos and two solos from Evan Parker.

By the same label, Enfances 8 Janv. 1984 features a ten part suite improvised in concert by Joelle Leandre (double bass), Daunik Lazro (alto sax) and George Lewis (trombone). The performance alternated solos and collectives.

The 2CD set Option 1 documents a release by Experimental Sound Studio, founded in Chicago in 2015, which created Option, a series of concerts of improvised music. In 2018, a consortium of major international art galleries underwrote a month of events. The music was recorded, filling an archive of tapes, from which 15 tracks were selected and programmed onto these two CDs. The team of musicians was comprising of Susan Alcorn (lap steel guitar), percussionist Gerry Hemingway, pianist Havard Wiik and Kris Davis, bassist Kent Kessler, trumpetists Greg Kelley, Ben Goldberg & Michael Coleman, Bonnie Jones, Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Ingrid Laubrock and Dave Rempis (saxes), and many others.

The vinyl In, Demons, In! (Ideal, 2019) is a collaboration between Jim O'Rourke and Swedish composer Carl Michael Von Hausswolff. The two composed and recorded in Japan (2016 and 2018) the two side-long tracks, featuring a funky electronic collection of dark and sidereal drones.

Borasisi (Astral Spirits, 2019) documents Vinny Golia and Patrick Shiroishi (both on saxes), Alex Cline (drums, percussion) and Dylan Fujioka (drums) in a studio october 2018 session, during which were recorded two long pieces.

Crepuscule In Nickelsdorf (Intakt, 2019) documents the seven part suite live recorded in july 2017 by Evan Parker. The sopranoist led the well known duo of John Coxon (turntable, electronics) and Ashley Wales (electronics) along with Matthew Wright (turntable, live sampling) and Adam Linson (double bass, electronics), making a massive use of electronics that imitate a large range of insects and birds.

The vinyl Deeply Discounted II/Sequences Of Snow (Audiographic, 2019) features Ken Vandermark on clarinet and tenor sax and Nate Wooley on trumpet, in a studio june 2017 session, during which they recorded the two title-tracks. This third release by the duo starts from themes they composed, quickly developped in improvised counterpoints.

By the same label, the 2CD set New Industries gathers again Vandermark along with guitarists Andrew Clinkman and Steve Marquette, violinist and organist Macie Stewart and drummer Phil Sudderberg in a session recorded in july 2018 studio (first CD) and live (second CD) of the same four compositions, plenty of swinging dissonances.

The monumental 15th Anniversary Box Set - 2003-2018 gathers fifteen (!) new albums by Talibam duo of Matt Mottell on keyboards & electronics and Kevin Shea on drums. Many guests implemented the performances: Joe McPhee, Phil Minton, Ron Stabinsky, etc. Extensively presented here. Still by Talibam, their self-produced Transynthorbital Implant features the current lineup, i.e. Matt Mottel on electronics and keytar (keyboard in the shape of a guitar), Kevin Shea on drums and SPD-S, Tamio Shiraishi (sessionman in several Keiji Haino releases) on alto sax and David Watson on guitar & bagpipes. Furthermore, a collaboration in a 2016 concert with saxophonist Alan Wiilkinson yelded Malice Afterthought, again self-produced.

The vinyl The No-Nosed Puppet (RogueArt, 2019) features Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn), Mary Halvorson (guitar), BenoŒt Delbecq (piano) and Tomas Fujiwara (drums), in a november 2017 studio session during which they recorded six pieces.

The same labels delivers the CD TISM, that gathers five pieces (notably the 15-minute Tooth And Nail) of avant-garde jazz studio recorded in october 2017 by Tom Rainey (drums), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor and soprano saxes), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) and Mark Feldman (violin).

The 4CD boxset Quartet (New Haven) 2014 (FireHouse12, 2019) documents four disc-long 1-hour improvisations recorded in june 2014 by Anthony Braxton (sopranino, soprano, alto, bariton, bass, and contrabass saxes), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, piccolo and bass trumpets, trumpbone), Nels Cline (electric guitar) and Greg Saunier (drums), each of them dedicates to rock music giants: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, James Brown and Merle Haggard.

By the same label, 12 From 25 is a Blu-Ray documenting a march 2015 show by pianist Myra Melford, during which she was accompanied in duets an0d trios by Tyshawn Sorey, Nicole Mitchell, Ben Goldberg, Mary Halvorson, Mia Masaoka, Dave Douglas, Chris Speed, Marty Ehrlich and many other musicians, in a retrospective spanning 25 years of the pianist's career.

John Zorn's Nove Cantici Per Francesco D'Assisi (Tzadik, 2019) was inspired by the life and thought of that great spiritual figure. Music was performed by the guitar trio of Julian Lage, Gyan Riley and Bill Frisell. This vinyl was recorded in january 2019, featuring ten pieces.

Oslo (Va Fongool, 2019) documents Elliott Sharp on guitar and electronics, accompanied on double-bass by emergent John Andrew Wilhite Hannisdal. Recorded in january 2018, this work gathers seven pieces of electro-acoustic jazz, many experimental. Again Sharp also presents Plastovy Hrad (Infrequent Seams, 2019) recorded in march 2018 with the Brno Contemporary Orchestra, featuring three long compositions, whose only common thread are several solos by a bass clarinet within the orchestra.

In 1952, Charlie Mingus and Max Roach created the label Debut to produce music under their own control, experiment that ended in 1957. Italian label Down At Dawn releases now the vinyl The Rarest On Debut, that collects rare studio sessions released on Debut: april 1952, with the pieces Precognition, Portrait and Extrasensory Perception, performed by a Mingus' Quintet along with Lee Konitz (alto sax), Al Levitt (drums), Phyllis Pinkerton (piano) and Bob Benton (vocals); september 1952, with the piece Paris In Blue, with celloist Jackson Wiley, Max Roach, Paige Brook on flute and alto sax, and John Mehegan on piano; april 1953, with three covers performed by the Hank Jones Trio (with Roach); october 1953, when his octet (with Kenny Clarke, John Lewis, Teo Macero among others) performed four pieces: Eclipse, Blue Tide, Pink Topsy and Miss Bliss); and august 1954, when the Thad Jones Quintet performed his Chazzanova.

Triplicates (Relative Pitch, 2019) documents a collaboration between Zeena Parkins (electric harp) and Jon Leideker (aka Wobbly) on mobile phones, tablets, booper and mixer in nine pieces recorded in may 2014 and until now unreleased. From the liner notes: "Their outputs are routed to a series of simple listening devices, machines designed to sing along with the melodies they believe themselves to be hearing, although they are often fascinatingly wrong. It quickly becomes difficult to determine the boundaries of each participant's contribution: acoustic source, electronic conductor, or triplicate".

Confluence (Libra, 2019) sports Satoko Fujii's piano paired with Spanish Ramon Lopez's drums, in a studio session recorded in december 2018. Speaking about its eight new pieces, Fujii says: "This recording was a kind of a miracle for me. We didn't talk about anything before we played. Ramon is a person with a big and deep heart. When we started recording, something came down to me that I didn't expect. I felt that the room was filled with music and love. It was such a beautiful moment that I ended up playing in a very quiet and peaceful way".

Woodwork/Live At Ateliers Claus (Klanggalerie, 2019) documents the new solo guitar album by Fred Frith, quite totally consisting of the 41-minute Stillness The Dancing, as a part of a november 2018 concert.

William Parker's project In Order To Survive returns after 21 years to produce their fourth live studio album, Live/Shapeshifter (Aum Fidelity, 2019). The leader bassist, here also on shakuhachi, led Rob Brown on alto sax, Cooper-Moore on piano and Hamid Drake on drums in a july 2017 session, presenting notably the five part suite Eternal Is The Voice Of Love.

By the same label, Peace Planet/Box of Light is a 2CD set featuring two different quartets led by drummer Whit Dickey: Peace Planet features Matthew Shipp on piano, Rob Brown on alto sax and William Parker on contrabass; Box Of Light is instead comprising of Rob Brown on alto sax, Steve Swell on trombone and Michael Bisio on contrabass. Both recorded last winter, they are extensively presented here.

Altoist Rob Brown led his quartet in From Here To Hear (Rogue Art, 2019), along with Steve Swell on trombone, Chris Lightcap on contrabass and Chad Taylor on drums. Recorded in june 2018, this CD gathers six new pieces all composed by the leader.

May 2019:

Released by the label Meena, Skullmarks documents a studio session of march 2016 performed by Rhodri Davies' Common Objects, the project that he formed in 2005. The leader (on electric harp), was accompanied by Lina Lapelyte and Angharad Davies (both on violin), John Butcher (soprano and tenor saxes), Lee Patterson (amplified devices and processes) and Pat Thomas (electronics). This work, plenty of improvisations, features for the first time several objects used as scores. The namesake suite is 37-minute long. Common Objects, after having debuted with Live In Morden Tower (january 2013), then released the multisession Whitewashed With Lines (may 2013 and march 2014), comprising of two very long suites (the 57-minute Cup And Ring and the 44-minute Repose And Vertigo). Skullmarks is their third release.

What Beyond (King Harvest, 2019) is a re-release featuring two pieces by Japan saxophonist Kaoru Abe, died very young at 29, on solo alto sax, recorded in december 1972. Originally released in 1974 by Japan label Sound Works with the title of 1972 Winter, it was a bootleg produced not from the master tape, that was lost. Mostly known for his performances with guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi, and for his collaboration on Aida's Call (may 1978) with Derek Bailey and Toshinori Kondo, Kaoru Abe also is documented in many other albums, all posthumous, unfortunately quite unknown because released in Japan only. Among his "identifiable" albums, let's mention the DoLP Partitas (Nadja, 1981), whose latest re-release is by Japan label Clinck, which documents the four improvisations of Well Tempered Alto Saxophone Suite, Unaccompanied & Unfinished, studio recorded in march 1973. Nord Duo '75 (ALM, 1981, re-released by the same label in 1995) features three long duo improvisations along with bassist and celloist Motoharu Yoshizawa (old member of Steve Lacy Sextet), performed in october 1975. Mort A Credit (same label, releases of 1983 and 1995) is a solo album sporting seven improvisations on alto and sopranino saxes, again in october 1975. Last Date 8. 28, 1978, as title suggests, documents his last known "solo" live performance, on which he reveals himself as multiinstrumentist: the three studio improvisations were performed, respectively, on alto sax (30 minutes), guitar and harmonica (both 20 minutes). This CD was released by Japan label DIW in 1989, and was left unrereleased. DIW also released between 1990 and 1991 a good 10 Solo Live At Gaya volumes, documenting improvisations on alto and sopranino saxes, but also on piano, guitar and harmonica, recorded between 1977 and 1978 (notably the 43-minute performance on Vol. 8, recorded in july 1978). Studio Session 1976.3.12 (Vivid, 1992, re-released in 2015 by POCS) documents six solo improvisations, one on piano, two on harmonica and three on alto sax, notably the sixth, 45 minutes (!), recorded, as says title, in march 1976. Solo.1972.1.21 (PFS, 1994, still unrereleased) is a studio performance collecting four improvisations on alto sax and clarinet. Japan label Passe-Tamps's Disk delivered a good 18 CDs of live performances quite all recorded in 1976, on alto sax, guitar, harmonica but also synthesizer. Gradually Projection (DIQW, 2001) sports a 49-minute suite studio recorded in july 1970, performed on alto sax, shakuhachi, clarinet and harmonica along with an unidentifiable guitarist. Perhaps at the same session belong the two long pieces of Mass Projection (DIW, 2001). The Last Recording (DIW, 2003) documents, as says title, his last studio session (august 1978), documenting 15 minutes improvised on alto sax. In 2018, NoBusiness released Mannyoka and Banka, featuring two collaborations along with percussionist Sabu Toyozumi (who worked with Anthony Braxton and Peter Broetzmann). The former documents two suites performed on alto, soprano and sopranino saxes, live recorded in january and july 1978; the latter is a three-part suite on soprano and sopranino, live recorded in january 1978.

Syzygy (Dodicilune, 2019) features Elliott Sharp on guitar, computer & compositions, Giancarlo Schiaffini on trombone (who worked with Andrea Centazzo and Lol Coxhill), Walter Prati (who worked with Evan Parker and Robert Wyatt) on electric cello, Gak Sato on theremin, Sergio Armaroli on vibes, Francesca Gemmo on piano and Steve Piccolo (ex Lounge Lizards) on bass & objects. "The images (of the musical scores) in Syzygy" - states Sharp - " were all generated from one page of musical notation and are inextricably linked. Using a suite of processing strategies, the resultant images remain in a dynamic but oblique relationship with each other, always connected as they metamorphosize." Each of the CDs sports two different versions, a studio and a live version of a seven-tracks suite. All recording sessions date back to october 2018.

Another Fantastic Individual (Discus, 2019) features the first solo album by Martin Archer, 13 track performed on baritone, tenor, alto & sopranino saxes, saxello, bass clarinet, flute, recorder, melodica, acoustic and sampled percussion, software instruments, electronics and keyboards. This is the first time I've made an album on which I'm the only performer. I've been playing AACM style saxophone for more than 40 years now, and this collection - a mixture of solo and small ensembles, sometimes with percussion or minimal electronics - presents everything I've learned about the instrument as a player and composer in that time. Extensively presented here.

NoBusiness releases the CD Emanation, first of eight CDs of its Sam Rivers Archive Series. Emanation is an unissued composition by the saxophonist (dead in december 2011), recorded in june 1971, a 76-minute suite performed on tenor and soprano saxes, flute and piano, accompanied by Cecil McBee (bass) and Norman Connors (drums). Rick Lopez, editor of an extensive Rivers' sessionography, speaking about this release, presents it as a "no edited" session, Impulse never thought of its release. Always by NoBusiness, another unreleased old recording, Day Two documents the trio of Frode Gjerstad (tenor and soprano saxes), Johnny Mbizo Dyani (double bass) and John Stevens (drums) in the namesake 43-minute suite, studio recorded in october 1982. Instead, Homework is a NoBusiness re-release of a forgotten LP, originally delivered in 1997 by the label Super Secret Sound, that documents drummer Sunny Murray along with Bob Dickie (bass) and Robert Andreano (guitar). Their six studio tracks were recorded in may 1994.

Five Times Surprise (Cuneiform, 2019) features Henry Kaiser & Anthony Pirog (six-string guitars), Turtle String Quartet's Tracy Silverman (six-string electric violin), Andy West (six-string bass) and Jeff Sipe (drums). For those who buy the CD from the label, Cuneiform adds a bonus CD with a 40-minute improvisation by the group. The label extensively presents the ten pieces of this album, studio recorded in september 2018.

Time Gone Out (Intakt, 2019) documents eight new compositions by Sylvie Courvoisier, performed by the pianist along with her husband violinist Mark Feldman. Recorded in september 2018. Among the pieces, notably the 20-minute title-track.

Two new albums by Dave Douglas. Devotion (Greenleaf, 2019) features the trumpetist in a trio along with Uri Caine (piano) and Andrew Cyrille (drums and percussion). Recorded in september 2018, it is, as says Douglas, "an amalgam of 200 year old songs from the Sacred Harp that Uri Caine and I have been playing for several years". Instead, Engage (Greenleaf, 2019) features the leader with Jeff Parker (guitar), Tomeka Reid (cello), Anna Webber (alto and bass flutes and tenor sax), Nick Dunston (bass) and Kate Gentile (drums) in twelve tracks recorded in a studio session of december 2018.

Omnisphere (Indirecto, 2018) documents the latest release by Medeski, Martin & Wood, performed along with the Alarm Will Sound, an acoustic ensemble on stage since 2005. The DoLP collects seven pieces collectively composed (notably the 20-minute Eye On Ra, by Medeski), recorded in february 2015.

Arrival (Rune Grammofon, 2019) is the latest Fire! Orchestra's work. Mats Gustafsson's project presents this time six new tracks (notably the 16-minute Silver Trees) he composed along with the other two core members Johan Berthling and Mariam Wallentin, plus a Robbie Basho's cover. Recorded in january 2019.

Graz Live 1961 (Hat Hut, 2019) documents a recently discovered performance by the notable trio of Jimmy Giuffre (clarinet), Paul Bley (piano) and Steve Swallow (double bass). In october 1961 they held a concert as part of an European tour, from which were extracted eleven pieces of chamber jazz.

And the same label just released Fruits Of Solitude, a studio september 2018 session recorded by a septet led by Franz Koglmann. Along with the trumpetist (here also on flugelhorn) played: American composer John Clark (french horn), on stage since early 70s, who played with George Russell, Gil Evans, Paul Winter, Marty Ehrlich, McCoy Tyner, etc.; Italian Mario Arcari (oboe, english horn); Italian Daniele D'Agaro (clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax), who sports collaborations with Alexander Von Schlippenbach; Milan Turkovic (bassoon), classical musician on stage since 70s; Attila Pasztor (cello), and Austrian Peter Herbert (double bass). Arcari and Pasztor already worked with Koglmann is his previous G(ood)luck (april 2015).

The Hierophant (Tzadik, 2019) is a John Zorn's composition inspired by the Tarot. The nine pieces were performed by Brian Marsella (piano), Trevor Dunn (bass) and Kenny Wollesen (drums).

When Will The Blues Leave (ECM, 2019) documents the notable trio of Paul Bley (piano), Gary Peacock (double bass) and Paul Motian (drums) in a live march 1999 concert from which were extracted eight pieces. The trio already worked together on the previous Not Two, Not One, a studio january 1998 session released always by ECM.

The 2CD set Fa‡ons (Circum, 2019) features the ensemble GGRIL, active since 2007 and currently led by saxtenorists Ingrid Laubrock and John Butcher (the second also on soprano), and comprising also of Alexandre Robichaud (trumpet), Catherine S. Massicotte and Raphael Arsenault (violon), Eric Normand, Thomas Gaudet-Asselin, Marc-Antoine Mackin-Guay and Luke Dawson (basses), Gabriel Rochette-Beriau (trombone), Mathieu Gosselin and Caroline Kraabel (saxes), Olivier D'Amours and Robert Bastien (electric guitar), Antoine Letourneau-Berger and Jonathan Huard (percussion), Sebastien Corriveau and Elizabeth Lima (clarinet), Pascal Landry (classical guitar), Remy Belanger de Beauport (cello), Robin Servant (accordion), and Isabelle Clermont (harp). Their eight pieces collected (notably the 21-minute Organon) sport a mixing of monolithic avantgarde music with large improvisations. This multisession album collects recordings of may 2016, april 2018 and october 2018.

NoFo Skies (Blue Room, 2019) documents the latest Alex Sipiagin work, collecting ten new pieces performed by the trumpetist along with Chris Potter: tenor sax; Wiil Vinson: alto sax; John Escreet: piano and keyboards; Matt Brewer: bass; Eric Harland: drums; Alina Engibaryan: vocals. Recorded at a date in 2018, its music was inspired mostly by the North Fork of Long Island of New York.

Chiasm (Clean Feed, 2019) features Evan Parker (tenor sax) along with Kinetics, a new Danish project comprising of pianist Jacob Anderskov (on stage since 2001), bassist Adam Pultz Melbye, and drummer Anders Vestergaard. The music is mostly improvised, and the two long pioeces were recorded in february 2018.

By the same label, Star Splitter (Clean Feed, 2019) sports a collaboration between Rob Mazurek (piccolo trumpet, electronics, objects & voice) and Italian Gabriele Mitelli (cornet, soprano sax, alto flugelhorn, electronics, objects). Recorded in may 2018, its four pieces are another example of pure free jazz.

Screen Off (PNL, 2019) is a collection of twenty-one 2-minute improvisations by Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Ken Vandermark (reeds), their tenth album together. These pieces were extracted from clips of live YouTube performances, between 2008 and 2018.`

April 2019:

Spyro Gyra's vibraphonist Dave Samuels, who also worked with Gerry Mulligan, Anthony Davis and Carla Bley, died on april 22 for a long illness, at 70.

Michael Bisio (double bass), Kirk Knuffke (cornet) and Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello) recorded in october 2018 Requiem For A New York Slice (Iluso, 2019), an album featuring five pieces collectively improvised, notably the 18-minute Pie Jesu.

Boneshaker, the project created in 2012 by Mars Williams (reeds), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Kent Kessler (bass), just released Fake Music (Soul What, 2019), their fourth album, live studio recorded in january 2017. As their previous albums, this is a pure exercise of free jazz. Let's remember their sessionography: Boneshaker (january 2012); Unusual Words (same session); Thinking Out Loud (live album multisession, recorded in june 2014 and january 2016). Nilssen-Love also just released other collaborative albums: Screen Off (PNL, 2019), in a duo with Ken Vandermark, a collection of twenty-one 2-minute You-Tube clips recorded between 2008 and 2018; New Brazilian Funk (PNL, 2019), a july 2018 concert recorded along with Frode Gjerstad (alto sax) and other obscure brazilian musicians; Jikan (PNL, 2019), third album of Arashi project, comprising of Akira Sakata (alto sax and clarinet) and Johan Berthling (bass), another concert (september 2017); New Japanese Noise (PNL, 2019), again a concert (july 2018) with Sakata Kiko Dinucci (electric guitar) and the Japan duo of electronics Kohei Gomi and the more known Toshiji Mikawa.

Oxford-born pianist, organist and composer Alexander Hawkins (1981), after having played classical music on organ with Oxford Improviser Orchestra in 2005, started his jazz career with the Convergence Quartet, then recording several collaborative albums as pianist: Barkingside (september 2006 and may 2007), along with Alex Ward (clarinet), Dominic Lash (double bass) and Paul May (percussion); several discs with Louis Moholo-Moholo: Keep Your Heart Straight (october 2011); For The Blue Notes (march 2012); 4 Blokes (november 2013); Uplift The People (april 2017). In the meantime, he formed in 2009 his project Decoy, a trio of improvisers with John Edwards (double bass) and Steve Noble (drums), playing organ in Spirit (march 2009), The Deep (same session), OTO (december 2009), with Joe McPhee as guest, and Spontaneous Combustion (october 2011), again with McPhee. His Ensemble, with various alternated musicians (Orphy Robinson on vibes, Otto Fischer on guitar, Hannah Marshall on cello, Dominic Lash on bass, and Javier Carmona on drums, etc.), produced No Now Is So (may 2008), All There, Ever Out (july 2011) and Step Wide, Step Deep (april 2013). In another trio, with Neil Charles (double bass) and Tom Skinner (drums), he played piano on Alexander Hawkins Trio (october 2014). On the 2CD set Unit(e) (october 2016 and january 2017) he reunited, among others, Hannah Marshall (cello), Alex Ward (clarinet), Matthew Wright (electronics), James Arben (flute, clarinet and sax) and other reedists, to perform two long suites he composed. But Hawkins also produced two "solo piano" albums: Song Singular (july 2012), ten pieces on which he outlines briefly a melodic theme quickly evolved in free variations; and above all his recent disc for Intakt, Iron Into Wind (september 2018), twelve compositions even more free form, original and creative, alternating moments of meditation, minimalisms and brightness.

One Became Many (FMR, 2019) features Paul Dunmall on tenor sax, Mike Fletcher on alto sax, Percy Pursglove on trumpet, Richard Foote on trombone, Chris Mapp on bass and Tymek Jozwiak on drums, all members that have worked with Dunmall previously in different groups. The two long pieces of this free session (the 33-minute title-track and the 31-minute Many Became One) were recorded in september 2018.

Studio recorded in february 2008, but out only now thanks to El Paraiso label, Chicago Odense Ensemble features the namesake project born from the meeting of Jonas Munk (guitar, electronics) and Jakob Skot (drums, percussion), members of Danish group Causa Sui, and the quintet of Rob Mazurek (cornet), Jeff Parker (guitar), Tortoise's Dan Bitney and Brian Keigher (both on percussion), and Matthew Lux (bass). The eight pieces recorded in that session present a variety of styles, mainly jazz fusion and psychedelic sounds, with many improvisations, later studio edited.

Live At Tou (FMR, 2019) features Frode Gjerstad on alto & tenor saxes, flute & B-flat clarinet, and Dag Magnus Narvesen on drums & percussion. The five untitled pieces were recorded in november 2018. Narvesen also collaborated recently with Alexander Von Schlippenbach on Interweaving (july 2016).

Anything Is Possible (Clean Feed, 2019) documents Larry Ochs (tenor and sopranino saxes), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ken Filiano and Pascal Niggenkemper (both on bass and effects) and Harris Eisenstadt (drums) in a studio may 2018 session, during which were recorded five pieces, three composed by Ochs and two collective, with many improvisations.

Unexpected Twins (Relative Pitch, 2019) sports Fred Frith on electric guitar & piano, Bruce Ackley on soprano sax, Henry Kaiser on electric & acoustic guitars and Aram Shelton on alto sax. Their nine pieces of avantgarde jazz, recorded in november 2016, are comprising of a 20-minute reworking of John Zorn's Curling.

Expressed By The Circumference (Iluso, 2019) features nine compositions collectively composed by Elliott Sharp (electro-acoustic bass clarinet, electric guitar & electronics), Spanish Alvaro Domene (seven string electric guitar) and Australian Mike Caratti (drums & percussion). Recorded in january 2019, this music is quite experimental, alternating dissonances and silences.

Recorded live to tape in june 2017, the four pieces on the 2CD set Mandatory Reality (Eremite, 2019) document the third album by Joshua Abrams and his project Natural Information Society. Abrams, here on guimbri, leads the current lineup comprising of Lisa Alvarado (harmonium and gongs), Mikel Avery (tam-tam and gongs), Ben Boye (autoharp and piano), Hamid Drake (tabla and tar), Ben Lamar Gay (cornet), Nick Mazzarella (alto sax), and Jason Stein (bass clarinet). Very eclectic, this album mixes psychedelic sounds, classical, jazz and world music.

Link (Smalltown Supersound, 2019) features Mats Gustafsson on live electronics & slide, tenor and baritone saxes, along with Christian Marclay on turntables. Recorded in april 2006 but released only now, this vinyl gathers seven pieces of experimental jazz with massive use of electronics.

The four years in the making Fragment Of Balance (ReR, 2019) documents the latest work of Biota, the experimental band founded in Colorado in the late 1970s as Mnemonist. These 26 new pieces, mostly brief, between 1 and 3 minutes, were performed by the current lineup, that sees: Mark Piersel (guitars), Larry Wilson (drums), Tom Katsimpalis (guitars, bass and claviola), James Gardner and William Sharp (electronics), Randy Miotke (guitar, trumpet, flugelhorn, clarinet, electronics), Randy Yeates (keyboards), Gordon Whitlow (organ, accordion), Charles O'Meara (piano), David Zekman (violin, banjolin) and Kristianne Gale (voice, acoustic guitar). Studio recorded between spring 2016 and fall 2018.

OGJB Quartet, featuring Oliver Lake leader on alto and soprano saxes, Graham Haynes on cornet, Joe Fonda on double bass and Barry Altschul on drums, presents their debuting album Bamako (TUM, 2019). After their first performance at the Winter Jazz Festival in New York City, they recorded in july 2016 this CD of original compositions by all four artists and two collective improvisations..

Sound Fountain is the new project by Christy Doran. The guitarist gathered Lukas Mantel (drums) and Franco Fontanarrosa (bass), and the trio debuted with the live Belle Epoque (september 2015), featuring eight tracks collectively composed. After Undercurrent, another live experience recorded in september 2017 at European Jazz Legends, the trio releases now For The Kick Of It (Challenge, 2019), a compromise between jazz, rock, ethnic and classical music, recorded in november 2017.

Cowboy Transfiguration (Fundacja, 2019) documents Brad Barrett (double bass, cello), Joe Morris (guitar) and Tyshawn Sorey (drums, percussion) in a studio may 2018 session during which they recorded four pieces completely improvised, alternating solos and collective.

A Pride Of Lions (Bridge Sessions, 2018) documents Joe McPhee (tenor sax and trumpet), Joshua Abrams (double bass and guimbri), Chad Taylor (drums and mbira), Daunik Lazro (baritone and tenor saxes) and Guillaume Seguron (double bass) in five untitled tracks recorded in january 2016.

Playing kalimba, fourteen-string guitar, steel string guitar, duduk, bass duduk, Tibetan cymbals, sinding, dondon, nay, Indian cane whistles, and also on vocals in two tracks, Stephan Micus delivers White Night, his 23th album "solo" for ECM. Between 2016 and 2018 Micus composed and recorded ten new pieces, featuring spiritual world music, whose themes evolve quickly in improvisations.

Tidal Waves restores Africa, an old Pharoah Sanders' album studio recorded in march 1987 by the saxtenorist and already released by Timeless. The lineup was a quartet, with veteran pianist John Hicks and the rhythm section of Curtis Lundy (bass) and Idris Muhammad (drums). Sanders composed four tracks, adding a reworking of Coltrane's Naima.

Inaugural Sound Clash For The Two Americas documents a special one time only music encounter, currently available only digitallay by M.O.D., organized by Raoul Bjorkenheim in january 2017, when the guitarist gathered Bill Laswell (bass), Hideo Yamaki (drums) and other two guitarists: Dominic James and Mike Sopko. They recorded the 56-minute suite Against The Empire Of Alternative Facts, featuring a jazz-rock approach with many improvisations.

Infinity (HighNote, 2019) documents the latest Tom Harrell album. The trumpetist composed ten new pieces of contemporary jazz, that he recorded in september 2018 in a sextet along with Ben Street (bass), Johnathan Blake (drums), Charles Altura (guitars), Adam Crux (percussion) and Mark Turner (tenor sax). For the same label, Harrell previously recorded First Impressions (april 2013), that featured reworkings of Ravel and Debussy compositions, Something Gold Something Blue (august 2015) and Moving Picture (september 2016).

Recorded in april 2016, Pax 6 documents the latest Kandinsky Effect work, a collection of ten new pieces performed by Warren Walker (sax and electronics), Gael Petrina (bass) and Caleb Dolister (drums), who joined the group in 2015. This work makes a massive use of electronics.

March 2019:

Two Live Sets (Carrier, 2019) documents Peter Evans (trumpet) and Sam Pluta (electronics) in two live performances: De Singer, Belgium (february 2018) a 48-minute track on CD, plus the second, Atlanta (april 2018) available digitally only. The two, who already collaborated in several albums, present an undefinable sound, plenty of improvisations and noised electronics.

Ivo Perelman more and more prolific. After Strings 1 and Strings 2, the saxtenorist released Strings 3 (studio session in february 2018), in a trio with violist Mat Maneri and trumpetist Nate Wooley, recording eleven untitled pieces; and String 4, in a quartet that added pianist Matthew Shipp. This session was recorded in july 2018, for other nine pieces.

French label Cinenato released No Man's Zone, a collaboration between Barre Phillips (double bass) and French composer and songwriter Emilie Lesbros. The fourteen pieces, recorded in a church during 2011, are the soundtrack for the namesake film by Toshi Fujiwara, about the Fukushima "day after". The double bass and the singer mixed with the surviving's cries, leading the making of film.

With We Are On The Edge (PI, 2019) Art Ensemble Of Chicago celebrates their 50th anniversary, dedicating this release to their disappeared members Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman and Malachi Favors. The 2CD set is comprising of a studio session (autumn 2018) and a live album performed by the members still alive: Roscoe Mitchell and Don Moye.

Six Encomiums for Cecil Taylor (Tzadik, 2019) documents as much improvisations recorded in may 2018, a month after the Cecil Taylor's death, by Craig Taborn, Sylvie Courvoisier, Brian Marsella, Kris Davis, Aruan Ortiz and Anthony Coleman, to pay tribute to the later lamented pianist. The six reunited as a project called "Winged Serpents". Album produced by John Zorn.

Recorded "live" in the concert hall of the Franz List Academy of Music in Budapest in march 2018, The Transitory Poems (ECM, 2019) documents the piano duo of Vijay Iyer and Craig Taborn. The two, whose collaborations started in 2002, performed eight pieces composed (seven are by Iyer) and dedicated to famous pianists: Cecil Taylor, Geri Allen and Muhal Richard Abrams among others.

Recorded in may 2004 but out only now by German label Edition Telemark, the vinyl Small Worlds is a splitted 42-minute composition for improvising sextet by Werner Dafeldecker. He wrote the score for any instrument and divided the players into two virtual trios changing every three minutes: Burkhard Beins and Martin Brandlmayr (both on percussion), Klaus Lang (organ), Michael Moser (cello), and John Tilbury (piano), whereas the leader is on double bass.

For Berner Munster (Confront, 2018) documents the duo of Axel Dorner (trumpet) and Jason Kahn (voice) in an october 2017 session during which they recorded the namesake 37-minute suite, basically improvised.

Dave Liebman (soprano and tenor saxophones, piano, wooden recorder), Adam Rudolph (handrumset, piano, sintir, multi-phonic vocal, percussion, electronic processing) and Hamid Drake (drumset, vocal, frame drum, percussion) recorded live, at John Zorn's New York City experimental jazz club The Stone in may 2018, Chi, out now for Rare Noise. Their six piece were an exercise of pure improvisation.

Fred Frith's triple-disc All Is Always Now (Intakt, 2019) collects 23 pieces recorded in concerts between 2006 and 2016 at the Stone (New York), and later edited in march 2018 by the guitarist (sometimes also on piano) along with various musicians, among which let's remember Laurie Anderson, Pauline Oliveros, Sylvie Courvoisier, Evan Parker, Nate Wooley, Ikue Mori and Miya Masaoka.

By the same label, Channels documents Stephan Crump, the bassist of Vijay Iyer Trio, saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and pianist Cory Smythe in a december 2017 concert, from which were extracted four long improvisations. This is their second experience: the three already released (always for Intakt) Planktonic Finales, an august 2015 studio session collecting eleven pieces of avantgarde jazz.

Littlefield Concert Hall Mills College March 19-20, 2018 (Wide Hive, 2019) documents four pieces extracted from a Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra's concert. Three of them are part of the Conversations for Orchestra series, that consists of compositions which trace their genesis back to a suite of improvisations recorded as Conversations I and Conversations II in september 2013. Among the performers, let's remember saxophonist James Fei, Kyle Bruckmann (oboe and electronics) and percussionist William Winant.

Premiered in october 2015, Those Who Remain (National Sawdust, 2018) features two Wayne Horvitz's compositions, the two-part 17-minute title-track and the four-part These Hills Of Glory he composed inspired by two Richard Hugo's poems. Horvitz, who here doesn't play, already recorded in january 2015 Some Places Are Forever Afternoon, another tribute to Hugo, and now presents a new lineup, with improvisations by Bill Frisell (guitar) and Beth Fleenor (clarinet), the Odeon String Quartet and an orchestra conducted by Pablo Rus Broseta.

Recorded in june 2018, The Secret Between The Shadow And The Soul (Okeh, 2019) documents the Branford Marsalis Quartet, with the leader saxophonist along with Joey Calderazzo (piano), Eric Revis (bass) and Justin Faulkner (drums). Their seven pieces feature five tracks collectively composed and two reworkings by Andrew Hill and Keith Jarrett. The current lineup started with Four MFs Playin' Tunes (october 2011), followed by Upward Spiral (december 2015). In previous albums, Eternal (october 2003), Braggtown (march 2006), American Spectrum (january 2008) and Metamorphosen (august 2008), the drummer was Jeff "Tain" Watts.

The Banshee (Chadula, 2019) documents the guitar trio of Eugene Chadbourne, Rob Magill and Daniel Masiel in eleven untitled tracks recorded in december 2018, plenty of experimental improvisations collaged with spoken words. The same label presents another Chadbourne's album: Invitation To A Jam Session, that collects archive material recorded in late `80s with several guest sessionmen: Elliott Sharp (lap steel, guitar), Jon Rose (violin, cello), Bela Bartok (drums), Derek Bailey (guitar), Dave Doyle (French horn) and Gilfred Lee Fray (piano, keyboard). And still the same label releases Unreal Band, a trio the guitarist created along with Tom Shephard (bass) and David Licht (percussion) in 1982 to record the same year 23 pieces collected in this CD.

On Cycle Of Restoration (FPE, 2019) drummer William Hooker leads his new trio along with Mark Kirschenmann (trumpet) and Joel Peterson (bass). Eight tracks, recorded in may 2018.

Mind Creature Sound Dasein (FSR, 2019) features Ben Stapp on acoustic tuba, euphonium & objects, Joe Morris on electric guitar & pedals plus Stephen Haynes on cornets. These 11 pieces, recorded in november 2017, are plenty of drones and textures.

Stone (Libra, 2019) documents a piano solo album by Satoko Fujii studio recorded in september 2018, on which she collected 15 new pieces.

February 2019:

Mary Halvorson (guitar), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone) and Tom Rainey (drums) released for Intakt Combobulated. Credited to the drummer, who founded this trio in 2009, the disc was recorded live studio in september 2017, when the trio performed six pieces (notably the 19-minute title-track) to celebrate their tenth anniversary as Tom Rainey Trio. The sessionography of the previous three albums: Pool School (september 2010); Camino Cielo Echo (may 2011); Hotel Grief (december 2013).

Seagull Sonatas (Konvoj, 2018) documents John Tilbury on grand piano and Ola Paulson on alto sax and electronics. In a studio april 2016 session they recorded six pieces collectively composed, with many improvisations (notably the 18-minute Seagulls Screaming, Dog Barking). Paulson is a Swedish saxophonist on stage since 2012.

After their november 2013 Alternating Current, the trio of Jeff Cosgrove (drums), Matthew Shipp (piano) and William Parker (bass) returns with Near Disaster (Grizzley, 2019). Recorded at a date in 2018, it features three pieces, collectively composed, among which the 35-minute October Nights Sky.

Dave Rempis reunited guitarist Tashi Dorji and percussionist Tyler Damon to create his new project trio Kuzu. They debuted with the vinyl Hiljaisuus, recorded in september 2017 and featuring two pieces (notably the splitted 30-minute Fontanelles I). Rempis is on alto, tenor and baritone saxes. The other two musicians already played as a duo in several albums since 2015. Particularly, Dorji is a bhutanese guitarist who started his career recording five cassettes of solo albums between 2009 and 2014. Rempis also released The Early Bird Gets (Aerophonic, 2019) by the namesake new project with the leader on alto, tenor & baritone saxes, Brandon Lopez on bass and Ryan Packard on drums & electronics. The seven pieces were recorded in two sessions (march and june 2018), featuring a strong free jazz.

Das Rad is a project trio that debuted with live concerts since the summer 2016, and now released a self-titled. Das Rad was founded by Martin Archer (saxes, clarinets, flutes, recorder, melodica, keyboards, electronics and synth bass), Nick Robinson (guitars and electronics) and Steve Dinsdale (electric drums, synth and percussion). Their first album, released by Discus the last november, balances between progressive rock, fusion jazz and kosmische music. Recorded in march 2018.

Austrian label Black-Monk restores Opium For Franz, an old an until now unrereleased album cocredited to Bill Dixon and Franz Koglmann. Firstly released by Pipe in 1977, this album multisession features Dixon on trumpet and Koglmann on flugelhorn, along with Steve Lacy on soprano sax plus several obscure musicians on tenor sax, trombone, computer, cymbal and the rhythm section. The old release was comprising of the A-side For Franz suite (17 minutes), composed by Dixon and whose session dates back to august 1976, and the three tracks of B-side (20 minutes), all composed by Koglmann and recorded between december 1975 and november 1976.

Still Archer. Les Oiseaux De Matisse (Discus, 2018) features the project Axis, led by Martin (this time on reeds and electronics) with East Of Eden rock band old member Ron Caines (saxes). The two created nine pieces of experimental jazz-rock, with the collaboration of Laura Cole (grand piano and electric piano), Gus Garside (double bass), Johnny Hunter (drums), Herve Perez (live sound processing, shakuhachi) and Graham Clark (violin, electric guitar). Album multisession, recorded from may to july 2018.

Recorded in december 2016, What Is To Be Done (Clean Feed, 2019) documents Larry Ochs (tenor & sopranino saxes), Nels Cline (electric guitar, effects) and Gerald Cleaver (drums) in three studio pieces collectively composed, two of them over 20 minutes, performed as pure contemporary jazz.

The Newest Sound You Never Heard (A-Side, 2019) features sessions dating back to 1996-97 by Ran Blake and Jeanne Lee, five-six years after their The Newest Sound Around. The 33 tracks collected in this 2CD set present the pianist and the vocalist in many jazz and rock covers, live tunes, gospels and some originals never released until now.

Fritz Hauser's Laboratorio (Hat ART, 2018) documents six pieces of solo percussion, produced generating open-air locations with bird sounds and cymbals. Speaking about th recording, Hauser states that it's "music for spaces that do not (yet) exist - percussion sounds that reflect mainly the architecture of my mind".

In Between The Tumbling A Stillness (Hopscotch, 2018) documents William Parker (bass) and Hamid Drake (drums) along with Israeli reedist Assif Tsahar in three improvised pieces (notably the 36-minute In Between). Tsahar, let's remember, sports a long career started in 1994, during which he played with Cecil Taylor, Butch Morris, Fred Anderson, Ken Vandermark, Peter Kowald, Cooper-Moore and many others. Recorded in february 2015.

Blue Note restores In Pursuit Of The 27th Man, an old studio album by Horace Silver firstly released in 1973. Recorded in october and november 1972, it features the pianist along with Michael Brecker on sax, Randy Brecker on trumpet and flugelhorn, David Friedman on vibraphone and the rhythm section of Bob Cranshaw (bass) and Mickey Roker (drums). Seven pieces mixing hard bop and melodic soul.

Blues, Hues, & Views (Cavity Search, 2019) features guitarist Elliott Sharp (here also on mandoncello) along with American composer and accordionist William Schimmel, famous for his collaborations with Luciano Berio, Elliott Carter and Tom Waits. Recorded in december 2018.

GTM (Syntax) 2017 (New Braxton House, 2019) is a 12 CD box set of Anthony Braxton's complete Syntactical Ghost Trance Music (SGTM) - the subset of Ghost Trance Music, written for the human voice. Guest for this recording is the 12-member choir Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble. Recorded in its entirety for the first time and dedicated to ensemble member Michael Douglas Jones, dead in 2016. Recorded in january 2017, it collects the compositions nø 192, 219, 220, 221, 239, 254, 255, 256, 265, 339, 340 and 341, all of quite one hour.

David Torn (electric guitar, live-looping, electronics), Tim Berne (alto sax) and Ches Smith (drums, electronics, tanbou) released Sun Of Goldfinger (ECM, 2019). Recorded in september 2015 and in august 2018, it sports three long compositions: the 24-minute Eye Meddle, the 22-minute Spartan, that sports also Craig Taborn on electronics and piano along with the Scorchio Quartet (they played in David Bowie's Heathen) and the guitar duo of New York-based Mike Baggetta and Ryan Ferreira, and the 23-minute Soften The Blow.

Jazz Band/Rock Band/Dance Band (Hot Cup, 2019) collects three album recorded by Moppa Elliott: Advancing On A Wild Pitch, performed with a jazz band which features Talibam's Sam Kulik on trombone, Charles Evans on baritone sax, Danny Fox on piano, Moppa on double bass & compositions and Christian Coleman on bass. Unspeakable Garbage features a rock band: many Arm's Nick Millevoi on guitar, Jon Irabagon on tenor sax, Ron Stabinsky on keyboards, Moppa on electric bass and Dan Monaghan on drums. Acceleration Due To Gravity sports the Moppa's dance band: Nate Wooley on trumpet, Dave Taylor on trombone, Matt Nelson, Bryan Murray & Kyle Saulnier on saxes, Ava Mendoza on guitar, George Burton on piano, Moppa on electric bass and Mike Pride on drums.

The solo percussion album Reality Axis For Solo Percussion (Sync Source, 2019) documents music composed by Sarah Weaver performed by drummer Gerry Hemingway. Three are the pieces collected: Nodes 111, Volumes 1-3 (composed between 2011-2016), Reality Axis (2016) and Nexus Expanse (2018). All the works were premiered in december 2018.

Paired with French drummer Manu Katche, pianist Yelena Eckemoff presents Colors, her new album (as always, self-produced), recorded in may 2017, that features fourteen pieces, whose titles are different colors. The presence of the drummer adds a bit of "rocky" atmosphere to several moments. Katche is on stage since late `80s, and produced many credited albums.

Studio recorded in november 2017, Sidereus Nuncius - The Starry Messenger (Maya, 2018) features Ramon Lopez on drums & percussion and Barry Guy on contrabass. Their thirteen almost brief pieces were quite totally improvised.

Life & Music (Hi4Head, 2019) documents Trevor Watts on alto & soprano saxes, wooden flute, piano, synth & mbira, who leads Jamie Harris on percussion, Geoff Sapsford on guitar, Rob & Amy Keake on tenor saxes, Roger Carey on bass and Giampaolo Scatozza on drums. With many overdubs by the leader, this work presents fourteen pieces of contemporary jazz. Other players are known quite only for their collaborations with Watts, who composed all the pieces, recorded between 2005 and 2011.

Studio recorded in november 2018, and now out by ugExplode, Shattered Dimension is the new album since 2007 by Weasel Walter's Flying Luttenbachers. The leader drummer reunited Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Matt Nelson (tenor sax) and Tim Dahl (electric bass) for five new pieces (among which the 21-minute Mutation).

In 1997, recently disappeared Joseph Jarman created his project Bright Moments, that disbanded the year after. The lineup was comprising of the leader (alto sax and flute), Malachi Favors (bass), Adegoke Steve Colson (an American pianist who also worked with Andrew Cyrille), Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre (tenor sax), and Kahil El'Zabar (drums). They released an album for Delmark, Return Of The Lost Tribe, recorded in december 1997. The seven pieces of avant-garde jazz were composed by the leader and the drummer.

The DVD T H I R documents One Large Rose, a 43-minute composition by Phill Niblock, presented for the first time in DVD with two alternate soundtracks. T H I R (Ten Hundred Inch Radii) is a film from his Environments series that was out in 1972. Niblock finished this composition in 1975, after first rercording sessions dating back to 1971-72. In may 2008, Niblock recorded a second version of this soundtrack, later edited in february 2015, that features a new soundtrack by Phill Niblock, with the piece One Large Rose as well as the original soundtrack from 1972.

January 2019: AACM pioneer and historical member of Art Ensemble of Chicago altoist Joseph Jarman died in New York for a cardiac arrest on january 9, at 81.

A July 2018 studio session of Signature documents the first ESP album of Matthew Shipp Trio, led by the pianist along with bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Newman Taylor Baker. The ten new pieces also feature several drums solos, as for instance in the 16-minute The Matrix.

Poisonous (Ugexplode, 2018) documents Peter Evans (trumpet) and Weasel Walter (drums) in a january 2018 studio session, during which they recorded seven pieces mostly improvised. Walter is also documented on Idiomatic (Ugexplode, 2018); the drummer, here also on electronics, paired with guitarist Sandy Ewen performed a studio september 2017 session, during which the two recorded three long pieces, quite totally improvised. On stage since 2011, Ewen played in collaborative albums, also recording the solo Tributaries.

Captiva (Good Child, 2018) is a solo album by Zeena Parkins, performed on on acoustic harp & objects with live processing. Created with the collaboration of dancer & choreographer Jennifer Monson, it was premiered in november 2016.

Neuma (Leo, 2018) documents Slava Ganelin, leader of a famous Russian trio, along with organist Vladimir Homyakov, in a two-part suite (72 minutes) she performed on piano and synthesizer, recorded in concert in march 2018. The music is mostly improvised.

Inhale (Omlott, 2018) documents the Mats Gustafsson project Luft, featuring the reedist along with bagpipes player Erwan Keravec; they debuted with an album that collects six pieces mostly improvised, and presented here.

Joe Lovano's Trio Tapestry (ECM, 2019) features the leader tenorist along with Marilyn Crispell (piano) and Carmen Castaldi (drums). Studio recorded in march 2018, this work gathers eleven pieces all composed by the leader, mostly brief, and documenting, say credits, "music of flowing lyricism, delicate texture, and inspired interplay".

The five-part suite Imagine Meeting You Here features the Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe that comes back after the debuting march 2006 Kobe Yee!! The ensemble, led by the pianist and conducted by Alister Spence, recorded this suite in may 2017.

12 Episodes (Relative Pitch, 2019) documents Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet) and Brandon Lopez (contrabass) in a june 2017 studio session during which the two performed twelve pieces of avantgarde jazz. 30 years old, New Jersey-born Brandon Lopez already worked with many notable jazzists, as sideman in discs of William Parker, Ingrid Laubrock, Sun Ra Arkestra, Weasel Walter, Steve Swell, Nate Wooley and Ivo Perelman. He also recorded three credited albums (two are of solo contrabass).

How Does This Happen? (Ambiances Magnetiques, 20185) features the trio of John Butcher (tenor and soprano saxes), Philippe Lauzier (bass clarinet) and Eric Normand (electric bass) in two multipart suites (24 and 21 minutes) recorded in april 2018 and mostly improvised. Canadian reedist Philippe Lauzier is on stage in various lineups since 2005; Canadian bassist Eric Normand began his career in 2007, and joined Lauzier in 2010 in several collaborations.

The same label releases Sudoku Pour Pygmees, studiorecorded in march 2018 Jean Derome. The reedist, on flute and baritone sax, composed thirteen new tracks (notably the 18-minute title-track) leading ten musicians conducted by Jean Rene, all acoustic but the electric guitar of Bernard Falaise.

News by Chris Speed. Human Feel, the project he created in 1989, comes back with Gold, their sixth album in eleven years, after the previous Galore (june 2006). Recorded at a date in 2017 and released now by Intakt, the current lineup, the same of Galore, sees the leader on clarinet and tenor sax along with Andrew D'Angelo (alto sax and clarinet), Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar and voice) and Jim Black (drums and electronics), producing a fusion of various musical idioms, as states Jim Black: "We were joking recently we only make an album every 10 years now... The past four years we've been getting together more often to work on new material, and to record when schedules allow... We believe more than ever that the four of us making music together is a necessity, and we intend to keep doing it wherever and whenever we can". Instead, Endangered Blood, the other Speed's project, comes back with Don't Freak Out! (Skirl, 2018), their third disc also featuring Oscar Noriega on alto sax & compositions, Trevor Dunn on bass and Jim Black on drums. They recorded eight new pieces in december 2017.

All Things Are (RogueArt, 2019) features nine pieces composed by Matthew Shipp, recorded by the pianist in august 2018 along with Nicole Mitchell (flutes), Michael Bisio (double bass) and Newman Taylor Baker (drums).

The same label also just released Voyage And Homecoming, a collaboration between Roscoe Mitchell (sopranino, alto and soprano saxes) and George Lewis (laptop and trombone). Their three long compositions (notably the 25-minute Voyager) were recorded in a february 2018 concert.

Illuminated Silence (Fuyndacja, 2019) documents Barry Guy (bass), Gerry Hemingway (drums) and Japanese pianist Izumi Kimura (to which is credited the album) in a february 2018 session during which the trio recorded eight pieces of avant-garde jazz. Kimura is a classical/contemporary musician; she started her career in 2009, recording four albums of contemporary jazz (two are collections of her piano solos).

The same label released Free Radicals At DOM, studio recorded in november 2017 again by Guy, along with Agusti Fernandez (piano) and Peter Evans (trumpet), an exercise of pure improvisation.

Still Guy. His Blue Shroud Band presents Odes And Meditations For Cecil Taylor (Not Two, 2019), a 5-CD's Box-Set also with poetry by Marilyn Crispell. Recorded in november 2016.

The 2CD set Parallel Moments Unbroken (FMR, 2018) documents two studio sessions by the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (december 2013 and june 2014), commissioned by the BBC, along founder Evan Parker (sax) and Marilyn Crispell (piano) featuring as guests. The 20-musician ensemble of the first session is expanded to 28 musicians in the second.

By the same label, two new Paul Dunmall albums. In Inner And Outer he plays with the saxtenorist led Philip Gibbs on guitar, James Owston on bass and Jim Bashford on drums. They recorded in august 2018 five new studio pieces, notably the 20-minute Outta Time. Instead, As One Does see the leader with Julian Siegel on tenor sax & bass clarinet, Percy Pursglove on bass & trumpet and Mark Sanders on drums. In another studio august 2018 session they recorded six pieces mostly improvised.

DKV & Joe McPhee's The Fire Each Time (Not two, 2019) is a 6CD boxset that collects a work multisession recorded in november and december 2017. The reedist led Ken Vandermark (reeds), Kent Kessler (bass) and Hamid Drake (drums) for a collection of long improvisations.

Studio recorded in october 2017, and now planned for a spectacular "party release" on next february 22, Columbia Icefield (Northern Spy, 2019) features Nate Wooley on trumpet & amplifier, Mary Halvorson on electric guitar, Susan Alcorn on pedal steel guitar and Ryan Sayer on drums & voice. Inspired by the largest icefield in the Rocky Mountains, the disc gathers three long pieces, sporting jazz textures and drones in slow movements.

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