Joe Pass

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Krentz Ratings:
Sound of Synanon (1963), 5.5/10
Guitar Interludes (1969), 6/10
Virtuoso (1973), 5.5/10
Virtuoso 3 (1977), 6/10

White guitar virtuoso Joe Pass (1929) recorded his first album, Sound Of Synanon (july 1962), while he was living in a drug rehabilitation center, using an electric guitar designed for rockers. Influenced by both Charlie Christian and by Django Reinhardt, he proceeded to revisit the traditions of swing and bebop music, but attained true guitar nirvana with the electric guitar solos of Virtuoso (august 1973), although he wasted his immense talent in covers of other people's songs. Only Guitar Interludes (august 1969) and Virtuoso 3 (june 1977) fully displayed his potential on a set of self-composed guitar studies.

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