Scott Tinkler
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Australia trumpeter Scott Tinkler formed a quartet with pianist Paul Grabowski that recorded The Scott Tinkler Quartet (february 1994), The Back Of My Head and Hop To The Cow and the live Tinkler, Rex, Grabowsky, Edie (2006). He is also part of the Antripodean Collective, documented on The Massacre of the Egos (Extreme, 2008) and Funcall (Extreme, 2008).

Tinkler also recorded in a quartet with clarinetist Elliot Dalgleish Dance Of Delulian (may 1996) and in a quartet with saxophonist Ian Chaplain The Future In Today (1998).

His trio has released Dance Of Delulian (1996), Sofa King (november 1997) and Shrike Like (1999).

Backwards (july 2006 - Extreme, 2007) is his first solo trumpet effort.

FATS (altoist David Ades, bassist Thierry Fosmale and drummer Greg Sheehan) have recorded FATS (march 2000) and Juicy Shoots (2002).

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