Ben Webster

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Krentz Ratings:
King of the Tenors (1953), 7/10
Soulville (1957), 7/10
Tenor Giants (1957), 7/10
See You at the Fair (1964), 7/10
Stormy Weather (1965), 7/10

Kansas City's most influential tenor saxophonist, Ben Webster served Bennie Moten (1932), Fletcher Henderson (1934), Duke Ellington (1940-43). In the 1950s he became a mainstream entertainer with romantic collections such as King Of The Tenors (december 1953), featuring alto saxophonist Benny Carter and pianist Oscar Peterson among others, and Soulville (october 1957), again with Peterson on piano. His career was revitalized by the piano-based quartets of Meet You At The Fair (november 1964) and Stormy Weather (january 1965).
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