Documenting the first LAST festival

The line-up

Schedule, art installations, speakers

General videos

Setting up

Watch a video of curators and artists as we are creating it

Watch a video of the opening night.

Zero1 on a quiet friday afternoon

Final words by Joel Slayton before opening the doors

Ready to go: group picture!

The installations

The Symposium

Watch Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google on Artificial Intelligence
Watch Daniel Kaufman, Director of the Information Innovation Office at DARPA, on DARPA's high-tech projects (NOT AVAILABLE - waiting for clearance)
Watch Jennifer Dionne, founding director of the Stanford Nanotech Lab, on Nanotechnology
Watch Chris McKay, Planetary Scientist at NASA Ames, on Space Exploration and Life in the Universe
Watch Alvy Ray Smith, Co-founder of Pixar, on Graphics/Animation


For historical purposes

The original website of the first LAST festival

Erich Richter's article in Leonardo Journal

The first LAST festival