Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous of February 2009

Constructive Interference of the Arts and Sciences

Mountain View, 11 February 2009
c/o SETI Institute
515 N. Whisman Road
Mountain View, CA 94043

An event about Artists and Scientists who work/think/imagine/engage at the intersections of the Arts and Science.

Chaired by Piero Scaruffi (
Part of a series of cultural events
Sponsored by: ZKM|Center for Art and Media

Leonardo ISAST and SETI Institute invite you to a meeting of the Leonardo Art/Science community. See below for location and agenda.

The event is free and open to everybody. Feel free to invite relevant acquaintances.

Please RSVP to . Admission is limited.

Like previous evenings, the agenda includes some presentations of art/science projects, and time for casual socializing/networking.

In order to facilitate the networking, feel free to send me the URL of a webpage that describes your work or the organization you work for. I will publish a list on this webpage before the day of the event so that everybody can check what everybody else is doing. (Not mandatory, just suggested).

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    When: February 11, 2009

    Where: SETI Institute

    515 N. Whisman Road, Mountain View, California, USA
    Please note that the doors of the SETI Institute will physically be locked after 7:30pm. Nobody can be admitted after that time.
    • 6:30pm-7:00pm: Socializing/networking. We encourage you to interact with Leonardo ISAST board members.
    • 7:00-7:30: Amy Ione of the Diatrope Institute on "Perception, Photography, and the Art/Sci Equation" The USA film and video critic Gene Youngblood once wrote that "all art is experimental, or it isn't art." This presentation examines some historical experiments between artists and scientists, primarily those who brought perception and photography together, to show the value of an interdisciplinary approach. I will then relate this model to the contemporary Art/Sci environment.
    • 7:30-8:00: Frank Pietronigro, co-founder and director of the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, Lowry Burgess, former dean and professor, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, on "I See The Earth and it is Beautiful" An historic Arts, Humanities, Culture and Space Science video, sound and performance work, presenting dramatic images of space science and nature, while engaging artists and scientists, on Earth, with astronauts living onboard the International Space Station.
    • 8:00-8:30: BREAK
    • 8:30-9:00: Daniel "Cosmo Kichman" Grupp (Artist in residence at DeYoung Museum) on "Yielding to Irony: Understanding the Illusion of Importance in Art and Science." Both art and science can attain levels of great importance in our lives. We start from a clear intention, and may end up in a place where the importance itself is what is important. In both art and science, we may present with magnified importance an idea or an object, completely without irony. In this talk I explore the joy we can experience when we yield to the irony of our seriousness.
    • 9:00-9:30: Robert Rich, Electronic and Digital Composer, on "Microtonal Music and Just Intonation" A brief introduction to the use of tuning systems based upon ratios, focusing on musical examples and audio demonstrations, with just a bit of history and not much math.
    • 9:30: Piero Scaruffi on the next Leonardo Art/Science evening I will simply preview the line-up of speakers for the next Leonardo evening.
    • 9:30pm-10:00pm: Discussions, more socializing You can mingle with the speakers and the audience

    • Amy Ione, an international lecturer, painter, and writer, is presently the Director of the Diatrope Institute in Berkeley. She has published several books, most recently Innovation and Visualization: Trajectories, Strategies, and Myths (Rodopi, 2005), and is working on a special issue for the Journal of the History of Neuroscience on Visual Images and Visualization.
    • Frank Pietronigro is an interdisciplinary artist and author, an Associate Fellow at the Studio For Creative Inquiry, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, and the co-founder and director of the Zero Gravity Arts Consortium. In 1998 he pioneered "drift paintings" where his body floated within a three-dimensional painting in zero gravity aboard NASA's KC135 turbojet. The Zero Gravity Arts Consortium, founded in 1999, is a space arts organization dedicated to fostering greater access for artists to zero gravity space through international partnerships with space agencies.
    • Robert Rich has released over 30 albums in the last three decades, mostly instrumental electronic music. He became somewhat notorious for performing all-night Sleep Concerts in the '80s. He studied for a year at Stanford's CCRMA while getting a degree in Psychology, and now tours occasionally, creates sound design for films and electronic instruments, and has begun teaching courses on audio mastering and studio engineering. More at
    • Cosmo Kichman, nee Dr. Daniel Grupp, is a well-published and patented nanotechnology physicist and entrepreneur. Prior to making art, he was most recently a Visiting Scholar at Stanford in the Electrical Engineering department. His transistor technology is currently being developed at Sematech. He has always sought to maintain a sense of play, evident in activities from costuming to fire performances, to scientific innovation, and now to sculpture. His current work will be on exhibit and visitors can participate in creating art while he is the Artist in Residence for the month of March 2009 at the de Young Museum in San Francisco.
    • Piero Scaruffi is a cognitive scientist who has lectured in three continents and published several books on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, the latest one being "The Nature of Consciousness" (2006). He pioneered Internet applications in the early 1980s and the use of the World-Wide Web for cultural purposes in the mid 1990s. His poetry has been awarded several national prizes in Italy and the USA. As a music historian, he has published ten books, the latest ones being "A History of Rock Music" (2003) and "A History of Jazz Music" (2007). He has also written extensively about cinema, literature and the visual arts. An avid traveler, he has visited 121 countries of the world.

    Address and directions: 515 N. Whisman Road, Mountain View, CA 94043.
    Phone: 650-961-6633
    Directions to SETI
    Confirmed so far:
    • George Alexander
    • Katharine Alexander
    • Thomas Asmuth
    • Noah Beil
    • Connie Bertka (Carnegie Institution of Washington)
    • Lisa Blatt
    • Lowry Burgess (Carnegie Mellon University)
    • Dixie Chan-Rich
    • Carol Cleland (Colorado)
    • Leonard David (
    • Anna Davidson
    • Bruce Davis (Arts Council Silicon Valley)
    • Mike DeFrenza (NASA)
    • Diana DeFrenza
    • Katja Degroot
    • Mike Degroot
    • Kathryn Denning (York University)
    • Anthony Dick (Stanford University)
    • Steven Dick (NASA)
    • Robert Edgar (Stanford)
    • Will Erokan (PDI/Dreamworks)
    • Tarek Fahmy
    • Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College)
    • Glenn Friedland
    • Rita Garcia
    • William Grassie (New York)
    • Gene Hargrove
    • Al Harrison (UC Davis)
    • Jeff Hawkins (Numenta)
    • Carl Heiney
    • Javier Ideami
    • Amy Ione (Diatrope Institute)
    • Cosmo Kichman
    • Shona Kitchen (Artist)
    • William Kramer (Hawaii)
    • Sofia Lozano (Canada College)
    • John Mabey (video artist)
    • Michelle McDermid
    • Andrew Morgan
    • Sesh Mudumbai
    • Ron Olowin (Saint Mary's College)
    • Nate Pagel
    • Frank Pietronigro (Zero Gravity Arts Consortium)
    • Sally Prowitt (California Institute of Integral Studies)
    • Margaret Race (SETI Institute)
    • Arun Rao (Sterling Stamos)
    • Gertrude Reagan
    • Robert Rich (Composer)
    • Bob Richards
    • Isahia Roggow (Canada College)
    • Mary Rubin (San Jose Public Art Program)
    • Philip Sakimoto (University of Notre Dame)
    • Peter Samuels
    • Mirela Savin
    • piero scaruffi (Author)
    • Joel Slayton (ZER01)
    • Daniela Steinsapir
    • James Stone (SJSU, CADRE)
    • Susan Stone
    • Thom Stone (NASA)
    • Cindy Stokes
    • Janet Strauss
    • Barry Threw (Media Art and Technology)
    • Denver Tuttle (Artist)
    • Marty Tuttle
    • Ashok Vaish
    • Gita Vaish
    • Doug Vakoch (SETI Institute)
    • Wim van Schooten
    • Chantal van Schooten
    • Liena Vayzman (San Jose State University)
    • Lou Wadell
    • Geri Wittig
    • Christine Yonemura

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