Archive of the L.A.S.T. Dialogies (Life Art Science Tech)

held online during the Covid pandemic from Stanford University by piero scaruffi
Part of the Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvouz (LASERs) series
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The L.A.S.E.R.s are an international program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversation with an audience.
The L.A.S.E.R. (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) series was started by Piero Scaruffi in january 2008 as a local forum for presenting art and science projects underway in the Bay Area, and is coordinated worldwide by Leonardo ISAST.
The mission of the LASERs is to provide the general public with a snapshot of the cultural environment of a region and to foster interdisciplinary networking. Each evening, free of charge and open to the public, presents up to four artists, scientists, philosophers, historians, inventors and scholars who are working on paradigm shifts.
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Online during the Covid Pandemic (2020-21)

  • June 2020 - Stanford:
    June 8, 2020: Catherine Blish (Stanford virologist) on Covid-19 ( video)
    June 10, 2020: Mark Jacobson (Stanford energy scholar) on Renewable Energy (video)
    June 23, 2020: "Rethinking Art for the Online World: Online Art, Online Exhibitions, Online Audience" with Caroline Jones (MIT), Joel Slayton (curator), Chris Chafe (Stanford CCRMA) (video)
    June 24, 2020: "Opportunities for Online Art and Science Collaboration" with Bettina Forget (SETI Inst), Jennifer Parker (UCSC OpenLab), Curtis Frank (Stanford) (video)
    June 25, 2020: "Online Art for the Age of Plague" with media artists/inventors/scholars (video)
    Jiabao Li, Media Artist (video)
    Alex Reben, Inventor and Artist (video)
    Craig Hobbs, director of the CADRE Lab at San Jose State Univ (video)
  • July 2020 - Stanford:
    July 8, 2020: Luis Villarreal (Founding Director, Center for Virus Research, UC Irvine) on "Living in the Virosphere: A Virus-first Theory of the Evolution of Life" (video)
    July 9, 2020: Bruno Olshausen (Director of UC Berkeley's Redwood Center for Neuroscience) on "Visual Perception and the Brain: What we know, what we don't know, and what we don't even know we don't know." (video)
  • August 2020 - Stanford:
    August 24, 2020: Panel on "Revolution" with Historian Steve Harris (SFSU), art historian Dawna Schuld (Texas A&M Univ), physicist Saul Perlmutter (Lawrence Berkeley Lab) and cultural historian Piero Scaruffi (video)
    August 26, 2020: Stanford epidemiologist Julie Parsonnet on "Covid-19: Where we Stand" (video)
    August 27, 2020: Codame founders Bruno Fonzi and Jordan Gray, visual designer Don Hanson and computational artist Char Stiles on "New Paradigms and Spaces for Artistic Expression" (video)
  • September 2020 - Stanford:
    September 10, 2020:
    Roger Malina on "The Legacy of Frank Popper" (video)
    Ilke Demir on "The Science of Generative Art" (video)
    AnneMarie Schleiner on "Transnational Play" (video)
    September 17, 2020: Yi Zeng of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on "Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence" (video)
    September 24, 2020: Margot Gerritsen (Stanford Univ) on "Computational Mathematics gives you wings: how Computational Mathematics powers the modern world" (video)
  • October 2020 - Stanford:
    October 1, 2020:
    Rebecca Rutstein on "Illuminating the Depths: Artist at Sea" (video)
    Blanca Bercial on "The paradox of silence within a social and artistic framework" (video)
    Pantea Karimi on "The Unbearable Lightness of Mathematics" (video)
    October 14, 2020:
    Piroska Kopar (Washington Univ) on "Ethics in the Time of Coronavirus" (video)
    Milana Trounce (Stanford Univ) on "Pandemic Resilience" (video)
  • November 2020 - Stanford:
    November 5:
    Sachiko Kodama (Visual Artist, live from Japan) on "magnetic fluid sculptures" (video)
    Robert Buelteman (Cameraless Photographer) on "The Voice of the Biosphere" (video)
    November 12:
    Heather Spence (Marine biologists and Composer) on "Underwater Sound Research: Music of Marine Biology" (video)
    Cheryl Leonard (Composer and Instrument builder) on "Phantom Limbs: Composing Music Amidst the Sixth Extinction" (video)
  • December 2020 - Stanford:
    December 3:
    Ian Hodder (Stanford/ Anthropology) on the prehistoric settlement of Çatalhöyük, one of the world's earliest societies" (video)
    Miriam Dym (Visual Artist & Systems Thinker) on her visual art based on infinitely variable and interactive pattern systems (video)
    Vijaya Nagarajan (Univ. of San Francisco/ Theology and Religious Studies) on "Embedded Mathematics in Southern India's Ritual Art of the Kolam" (video)
    December 17:
    Daniela de Paulis (Artist in Residence at the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope) on her conceptual art based on space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (video)
    Janine Marchessault (Professor of Cinema and Media Studies at York University) on "Media, Utopias, Ecologies" (video)
  • February 2021 - Stanford:
    Mike Parker Pearson (UC London/ Archeology) on "The World of Stonehenge" (video)
    Maryam Razi (Art Researcher) on "Iran's Media Art Scene" (video)
    Panel on "The Algorithmic Society" with Irina Raicu (Santa Clara University), Michal Kosinski (Stanford), Simina Mistreanu (China-based journalist) and cultural historian Piero Scaruffi (video)
  • March 2021 - Stanford:
    Ian Duncan (UC Berkeley) on "The Novel after the Scientific Revolution" (video)
    Anastasiia Raina and the Posthuman Mobility team (Rhode Island School of Design) on "Microbial Cosmologies" (video)
    Christian Kohler (Lawrence Berkeley Labs) on "Environmental Building Technologies" (video)
    Monica Smith (UC Los Angeles/ Anthropology) on "Urban Art: The First 6,000 Years" (video)
    Brian Knutson (Stanford/ Neuroscience) on "Toward a Deep Science of Affect, Motivation, and Choice" (video)
    Sophia Moskalenko (National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism) on "Radicalization and Martyrdom" (video)
  • April 2021 - Stanford:
    Janine Randerson (Auckland University of Technology, live from New Zealand) on "Weather as Medium" (video)
    Jennie Lavine (Emory Univ) on "What is the endgame of the covid pandemic? Will covid become endemic?" (video)
    A conversation on "Pulled Apart: Re-engineering and Re-purposing Human Civilization" with Cynthia Hooper (Media Artist) ( video), Adam Chin (Photographer) ( Adam Chin), Terry Berlier (Stanford/ Art) ( Terry Berlier), Glori Simmons (Director, USF Thacher Gallery) ( video), John Campbell (UC Berkeley/ Philosophy), ( video) and Piero Scaruffi (cultural historian)
  • September 2021 - Stanford:
    Carol Strohecker (Dean of Design, University of Minnesota, and cofounder of the SEAD network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design) on "The Kusske Design Initiative" (video)
    Anastasia Raina (Rhode Island School of Design) on "Posthuman Polymythology" (video)
    Warren Sack (UC Santa Cruz/ Digital Media) on "The Software Arts" (video)
    Cindy Cohn (Executive Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation) on "Imagining A Future with Real Digital Privacy" (video)
    Elizabeth Currid-Halkett (University of Southern California) on "Inconspicuous Consumption and Cultural Capital: the New Inequality" (video)
    Alvy Ray Smith (Co-founder of Pixar, live from Montreal) on "A Biography of the Pixel" (video)
  • October 2021 - Stanford:
    David Kirby (Cal Poly) on Diegetic Prototypes (video)
    Jessie Liu (UC Berkeley), David Moses (UCSF) & Sean Metzger (UCSF) on Speech Neuroprosthesis (video)
    Alysson Muotri (UC San Diego) on Applications of Brain Organoids (video)
    A fireside chat with Catherine Blish (Stanford/ Infectious Diseases) on Covid-19 and the Virusphere (video)
    Heather Barnett (University of the Arts London) on "Compostulations: stories of interspecies encounters (between art, science and ecology)" (video)
    Clare Stanton (Harvard Law School) on "Linkrot and Content Drift: The Irreversible Decay of Internet Content" (video)
  • November 2021 - Stanford:
    Neil Shubin (University of Chicago) on "Decoding Four Billion Years of Life" (video)
    Albert Russell Ascoli (UC Berkeley) on "Dante and the Invention of Italian, Italians, and Italy" (video)
    Kat Mustatea (Playwright & Technologist) on "Augmented Reality and the Decaying Book" (video)

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