A Timeline of Artificial Intelligence - The 2000s

by piero scaruffi | (contact)

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All of these events are explained in my book "Intelligence is not Artificial".

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2000: Cynthia Breazeal's emotional robot, "Kismet"
2000: Seth Lloyd's "Ultimate physical limits to computation"
2000: Hirochika Inoue's humanoid robot H6
2000: Honda's humanoid robot "Asimo"
2001: Juyang Weng's "Autonomous mental development by robots and animals"
2001: Herbert Jaeger`s echo state networks
2001: Nikolaus Hansen introduces the evolution strategy called "Covariance Matrix Adaptation" (CMA) for numerical optimization of non-linear problems
2001: Yoshua Bengio's "Neural Probabilistic Language Model"
2002: iRobot's Roomba
2002: Wolfgang Maass and Henry Markram's liquid state machines
2002: Ronan Collobert develops the deep-learning platform Torch
2003: Hiroshi Ishiguro's Actroid, a robot that looks like a young woman
2003: Jackrit Suthakorn and Gregory Chirikjian build an autonomous self-replicating robot
2003: Gabriela Csurka's bag-of-features
2003: Tai-Sing Lee's "Hierarchical Bayesian inference in the visual cortex"
2003: DARPA's assessment of progress in speech recognition
2003: Klaus Loeffler's humanoid robot Johnnie
2004: Mark Tilden's biomorphic robot Robosapien
2005: Jun-ho Oh's humanoid robot Hubo
2005: Hod Lipson's "self-assembling machine" at Cornell University
2005: Patrice Simard uses GPUs to implement a neural network
2005: Andrew Ng at Stanford launches the STAIR project (Stanford Artificial Intelligence Robot)
2005: Sebastian Thrun's driverless car Stanley wins DARPA's Grand Challenge
2005: Pietro Perona's and Fei-Fei's "A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Learning Natural Scene Categories"
2005: Boston Dynamics' quadruped robot "BigDog"
2006: Geoffrey Hinton's Deep Belief Networks ("A Fast Learning Algorithm for Deep Belief Nets")
2006: The Monte Carlo tree search algorithm
2006: Scott Hassan founds robot startup Willow Garage
2006: Alex Graves' connectionist temporal classification (CTC)
2006: Osamu Hasegawa's Self-Organising Incremental Neural Network (SOINN), a self-replicating neural network for unsupervised learning
2007: Yeshua Bengio's Stacked Auto-Encoders ("Greedy Layer-wise Training of Deep Networks")
2007: Stanford unveils the Robot Operating System (ROS)
2008: Dharmendra Modha at IBM launches a project to build a neuromorphic processor
2008: Oriza Hirata's theatrical play "Hataraku Watashi/ I Worker" features a robot
2008: Cynthia Breazeal's team at the MIT's Media Lab unveils Nexi, the first mobile-dexterous-social (MDS) robot
2009: Fei-fei Li's ImageNet database of human-tagged images
2009: ARPA's assessment of progress in speech recognition

See also A Timeline of Androids and Automata (they have nothing to do with A.I. but they are increasingly popular)

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TM, ®, Copyright © 1996-2019 Piero Scaruffi except pictures. All rights reserved.