Gerald Edelman:
WIDER THAN THE SKY (Yale University Press, 2004)

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Edelman may have written one or two books too many. Not only is this book confusing and badly written, but it doesn't seem to contain any new piece of information that was not in the previous (better) books: This slim book seems to be mainly a commercial product aimed at serving a faithful audience. It rehashes his Darwinian theory of the brain (or, better, Jerne's theory) and it actually sounds a lot less convincing than in his previous books:
Edelman Gerald: NEURAL DARWINISM (Basic, 1987)
Edelman Gerald: TOPOBIOLOGY (Basic, 1988)
Edelman Gerald: THE REMEMBERED PRESENT (Basic, 1989)
Edelman Gerald: BRIGHT AIR BRILLIANT FIRE (Basic, 1992)
Edelman Gerald & Tononi Giulio: A UNIVERSE OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Basic, 2000) Copyright c 2005 Massachusetts Medical Society. All rights reserved. The New England Journal of Medicine is a registered trademark of the MMS.

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