Michael Talbot:

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Inspired by the work of David Bohm and Karl Pribram, Michael Talbot tries to patch together a general theory of the holographic universe that would explain everything from quantum oddities to Christian miracles to psychedelic experiences, all based on the existence of a deeper level of reality and the fact that our daily world is but a projection of that deeper level of reality. Particles are not separate entities but aspects of the same holographic universe. Under some circumstances they appear to communicate faster than light for the simple reason that they "are" the same thing, i.e. they do not need to send a message to each other. Past, present and future are not separated either, but just different aspects of the same hologram.

There may be a good idea behind this fusion of Bohm's and Pribram's ideas, but this book (mainly targeting the "new age" crowd) is not science, just fiction.

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