Boris Artzybasheff (1899, Russia)





"Mud Puddle"

"Hydraulic Press"

"Foaming Presses"

"Wire Drawing" (1932)

"Electric Welders - Machinalia" (1935)

"Wire Looms"

"One Lump Please"



"War News and Strange Brews"

"Wire Hell-fire"

"Weaving Fence"

"Blooming Mill"

"Stranding Wire"



"Rod Mill"

"Heat of Steel"

"Brown & Sharpe"

"Soup's on"

"Making Steel"

"Repressed Hostility"


"The Last Trumpet" (1937)


"Improved Design for Modern Man"

"A Caricature Of Communism" (1945)

"Radio Propaganda"

Time Magazine (1952)

"Cybernetics" (1952)

"Origin of the Flying Saucers" (1954)

"Milling" (1954)

Cover of "As I See" (1954)

"Sport Car"

Time Magazine (1960)

"Buckminster Fuller" (1963)
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