"Mild Mild West", depicing a Teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail at three riot police (Bristol, 1997)

"Lenin Punk" (Bristol, 1997)

"Gorilla in a Pink Mask" (Bristol, 2001)

"Girl with Balloon/ There is always hope" (London, 2002)

"Laugh Now" (Los Angeles, 2002)

"Love is in the Air/ The Flower Thrower" (Jerusalem, 2003)

"Bomb Hugger" (Brighton, 2003)

"Guard Dog and His Masters Voice" (London, 2003)

"Balloon Girl/ Old Street Version" (London, 2004)

"Consumer Jesus" (canvas, 2004)

"Can't beat the feelin/ Napalm" (print, 2004)

"Smiling Grim Reaper" (London, 2004)

"Di Face Tenner" (money, 2004)

"Girl frisking a West Bank guard" (Palestine, 2005)

"Flying Balloon Girl" (Palestine, 2005)

"Soldiers Painting Peace Sign" (London, 2005)

"Unwelcome Intervention/ Children playing under a Caribbean paradise" (Palestine, 2005)

"You Have Beautiful Eyes", hanged illegally in a room of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (2005)

"The Kissing Coppers" (Brighton, 2005)

"Snorting Copper" (London, 2005)

"Hitchhiker to Anywhere" (London, 2005)

"West Bank Wall" (Palestine, 2005)

"West Bank Wall" (Palestine, 2005)

Life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee (Disneyland, 2006)

Fake Paris Hilton CD (2006)

"Well Hung Lover/ Naked Man" (Bristol, 2006)

"Maid in London" (2006)

"Elephant In the Room" (Los Angeles, 2006)

"Destroy Capitalism" (poster, 2006)

"Sweep it under the Carpet" (London, 2006)

"Mona Lisa with Rocket Launcher" (London, 2007)

"Peel Fiction" (London, 2007)

"Yellow Lines Flower Painter" (London, 2007)

"Graffiti Removal" (2008)

"Toilet-henge/ A Pile Of Crap" (Somerset, 2008)

"KKK" (Birmingham, 2008)

"Let Them Eat Crack" (New York, 2008)

Animatron exhibition "The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill" (2008)

"No Loitering" (New Orleans, 2008)

"Choose Your Weapon" (London, 2008)

"Regent's Canal Mural/ The Fisherman" (London, 2009)

"Steam Roller Traffic Warden" (London, 2009)

"Don't Forget Your Scarf" (Bristol, 2009)

"Interest in People" (Toronto, 2010)

"This'll Look Nice When It's Framed" (San Francisco, 2010)

"Peaceful Hearts Doctor" (San Francisco, 2010)

"No Trespassing" (San Francisco, 2010)

"I Remember When All This Was Trees" (Detroit, 2010)

"Follow Your Dreams" (Boston, 2010)

"Drunk Mickey" (Los Angeles, 2011)

"Shop Till You Drop" (London, 2011)

"Queen Elizabeth as Ziggy Stardust" (Bristol, 2012)

"Hammer Boy" (79th St & Broadway, New York, 2013)

"Crazy Horses", with the sounds of gunshots firing and radio communications of soldiers (New York, 2013)

"Waiting in Vain at the Door of the Club" (678 W 51st St, New York, 2013)

"The Girl With A Pierced Eardrum" (Bristol, 2014)

"Government Spies" (Cheltenham, 2014)

"Steve Jobs" (Calais, 2016)

"Les Miserables" (London, 2016)

Banksy's painting "The Girl with the Balloon" (2017) self-destructs at an auction, the shredded painting is authenticated as a new artwork, "Love is in the Bin" (2018)

"Season's Greetings" (Port Talbot, 2018)

"Turkish artist Zehra Dogan's prison sentence" (20-meter mural on the Houston Bowery Wall, New York, 2018)

Christmas mural (Birmingham, 2019)

"Don't Forget to eat your Lunch and Make some Trouble"


"No Future"

Child in the snow

"Man Offering Dog a Bone" (Paris)

"Sight-Seeing Rats" (Paris)

"Umbrella Girl" (1098 Kerlerec St, New Orleans)

"Girl on a Swing" (917 S Broadway, Los Angeles)

Giant rat on the wall with scissors (New York)

"Washing Zebra Stripes" (Timbuktu, Mali)

"I Want Change" (Melbourne)

"One Original Thought" (Brooklyn)

"Queen's Guard Pissing" (London)

"Old Skool" (London)

"?" (?)

"Girl hula-hooping with a bicycle tyre" (Nottingham, 2020)

At home during the covid lockdown (2020)

Details: the bathroom during the covid lockdown (2020)

"Girl throwing flowers with slingshot" (Bristol, 2020)
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