Robert Williams

"In the Land of Retinal Delights" (1968)

"Appetite for Destruction" (1978)

"Appetite for Destruction" (detail)

"Thenti Madonna's Affirmation of the Status Quo" (1986)

"The Appearance of the Emblemata of the Beat Generation" (1987)

"Decorator General" (1989)

"Decorator General" (detail)

"Decorator General" (detail)

"Magnitude" (1990)

"While Traveling Near..." (1990)

"Death on the Boards" (1992)

"Death on the Boards" (1992)

"Death on the Boards" (1992)

"Death on the Boards" (1992)

"Vanity of the New" (1992)

"Jezebel" (1992)

"Mata Hari" (1992)

"The Chrome Plater's Wet Dream" (1992)

"The Thing in the Hope Chest" (1992)

"Nostradamus and the Astrological Planet Skinner" (1993)

"Expectorating In A Fast Food Patron's Double" (1997)

"Putting The Genie Back In The Bottle" (2000)

"Pathos in Papier-Mache'" (2012)

"Pathos in Papier-Mache'" (detail)

"Terra Facia" (2013)

"The Fraught Proposal" (2014)

"The Fraught Proposal" (detail)

"The Decline of Sophistication"

"The Girl with the Faberge Ass"

"In The Pavilion of The Red Clown"

"The Kachina Club"

" Stuff Fink"

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