Classical Music

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Chronology of Classical Music

Recommended discography
The essentials for beginners
Synopses of classical musicians (in preparation)
Avantgarde composers
History of Avantgarde Music
History of Rock Music
History of Jazz Music
History of Pop Music
A Guide to Modern Music (in preparation)
The Essential Sonatas
The Essential Symphonies and other Orchestral Works
The Essential Piano Concertos
The Essential Concertos (except piano)
The Essential Trios, Quartets, Quintets, Sextets
Music for Chamber Ensemble
The Essential Ballets
The Essential Operas
The Greatest Vocal Music
The Best of Early Electronic Music
Greatest conductors and orchestras
The Greatest Pianists
The Greatest Violin Players
The Greatest Flutists, Cellists, etc
The Greatest Sopranos
Best of Jazz Music
Best of Rock Music

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