Greatest string/wind players of all times

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  1. John Cale (viola, Velvet Underground)
  2. Lindsay Cooper (Henry Cow)
  3. Simon Jeffes (Penguin Cafe` Orchestra)
  4. John Lurie (sax, Lounge Lizards)
  5. Jonathan Segel (Camper VanBeethoven)
  6. Steve Moss (Universal Congress)
  7. Eric Ungar (sax, Alter Natives)
  8. Christopher Tunney (Dogbowl)
  9. Ralph Carney (sax, Tom Waits)
  10. Billy Currie (violin, Ultravox)
  11. Fred Lonberg-Holm (Terminal 4)
  12. Pete Stampfel (violin, Holy Modal Rounders)
  13. Andy McKay (Roxy Music)
  14. Jane Scarpantoni (cello, Tiny Lights)
  15. Andrew Bird,
  16. Simon House (violin, High Tide)
  17. Johannes Enders (Tied and Trickled Trio, sax)