The Nature of Consciousness

Piero Scaruffi

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These are excerpts and elaborations from my book "The Nature of Consciousness"

The Mind’s Growth

The fundamental feature of the mind is that it is not always the same. Just like every other organ in the body, it undergoes growth. It is not only a matter of memory getting "bigger": the "quality" of the thought system changes in a significant way. What we are capable of doing with our minds changes dramatically during the growth of the mind from childhood to adulthood. It is more than just learning about the environment: the mind literally “grows” into something else, capable of new types of actions. The brain, as well as the rest of the body, undergoes a massive change in shape and volume. Somehow this also results in significant new skills.

The balance between "nature" and "nurture" (between "nativism" and "constructivism") is the key to understanding the mind’s growth. Humans are born with “instincts”, and then “experience” shapes the mind, i.e. nature and nurture coexist and interact.


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