The Nature of Consciousness

Piero Scaruffi

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These are excerpts and elaborations from my book "The Nature of Consciousness"

A Science of Prisms

In the 1970s the US inventor Buckminster Fuller developed a theory, also called "Synergetics", that approached systems from a holistic perspective that is basically the opposite of the reductionist perspective of Physics. Fuller's philosophy was inspired by one of his own inventions, the "geodesic" dome (1954), a structure that exploits a very efficient way of enclosing space and that gets stronger as it gets larger.

"Synergy" is the behavior of a whole that cannot be explained by the parts taken separately. For example, a star attracts a planet: humans could not have predicted this by simply studying the two bodies separately. Synergetics, therefore, studies a system in a holistic (rather than reductionist) fashion. The way it does this is by focusing on form rather than internal structure. Because of its emphasis on shape, Synergetics is, de facto, a branch of Geometrics, the discipline of configurations (or patterns).

Synergetics employs 60-degree coordination instead of the usual 90-degree coordination. The triangle (and the tetrahedron) instead of the square (and the cube) is the fundamental geometric unit. The tetrahedron is the minimal system with the fewest possible points.

Fuller argued that reality is not made of "things", but of angle and frequency events. All experience can be reduced to only angles and frequencies. Fuller found "prisms" to be ubiquitous in nature and in culture. All systems contained in the universe are polyhedral, "universe" being the collection of all experiences of all individuals.

Synergetics rediscovers, in an almost mystical way, most of traditional science, but mainly through topological considerations (with traditional topology extended to "omnitopology"). For example, Synergetics proves that the universe is finite and expanding, and that Planck's constant is a "cosmic relationship". Synergetics unifies Physics and Metaphysics.


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