Discography of New Age, Electronic, and Ambient Music

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Explanation of the Listings and Ratings

Explanation of the Listings and Ratings

Dates of release are approximated when unknown: 19## means "in this century", 198# means "in the Eighties".

Reissues are not always listed. Many albums were issued by two or more labels in different countries when they originally came out. I normally only list the label of the country of origin. Songs in "various artists" compilations are not listed.

Ratings: from ** (fair) to ***** (excellent). One star really means "no opinion". Either I have not listened to it and haven't found any consistent, reliable reason to upgrade the rating, or I really don't like the album. Either way, I can't recommend it, even to the fondest fan. Ratings are also based on other listener's beliefs, and you are encouraged to send me your opinions. Just don't expect to make a lot of difference, because in most cases these ratings are either based on my personal, strong beliefs, or on consistent suggestions from reliable sources (a reliable source is, ultimately, simply someone who has listened to a lot of music and picks her/his favorites from thousands of recordings). One opinion is rarely enough to make a big difference. But it is always valuable to me!