Discography of New Age, Electronic, and Ambient Music

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Explanation of the Listings and Ratings

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Jean-Pierre Labreche Gary Lamb David Lanz David Lange Jaron Lanier Serge Laporte Sergio Lara and Joe Reyes Laraaji Larkin Mars Lasar Max Lasser Latitude Nando Lauria Daniel Lauter Leahy Gabriel Lee Riley Lee Kerry Leimer Michael Levanios Benjamin Lew Brent Lewis Ottmar Liebert Joaquin Lievano Life Garden Living Mirrors Lights In A Fat City Lightwave Caryn Lin Liquid Mind Annie Locke Kevin Locke (native flute and natural sounds) Annea Lockwood Nick Longo Loop Guru Oscar Lopez Frank Lorentzen The Lothars Ralph Lundsten Dave Lunt LVX Nova (Florida-based duo of guitarist Bobby Devito and keyboardist Mike Meengs, groove-oriented ambient music with blues-rock guitar) Ray Lynch Lyghte Cecil Lytle