Guide to Avantgarde Music

by piero scaruffi
This page contains the text of an old history of avantgarde music that i wrote in Italy in the late 1980s. The new profiles and the new history can be found here:

Presentazione (Italian only)

Indice alfabetico/ Alphabetical index

L'avanguardia popolare (Italian only)

Minimalismo (Italian only)

Improvisation and computer music (Italian only)

Musique concrete (Italian only)

Creative vocalism (Italian only)

European minimalism (Italian only)

Maximalism (Italian only)

Electronic rock (Italian only)

Electronic ensembles (Italian only)

Creative soloism (Italian only)

Space jazz (Italian only)

Post-modern jazz (Italian only)

New Age music (Italian only)

Acoustic ensembles (Italian only)

World music (Italian only)

Space music (Italian only)