Theodor Adorno
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Philosophy of History
Philosophy of Society

  • Philosophy still exists only because of its failure to free humans from alienation
  • "Suffering is the corporeal imprint of society"
  • Centuries of human sufferings are surprisingly missing from the history of philosophy
  • Art, not philosophy, is the memory of accumulated suffering
  • Subject and object are distinct
  • Dialectics is the attempt to recognize the nonidentity between the subject (thought) and the object while trying to identify with the object. Dialectics is "consciousness of nonidentity"
  • To think is to identify
  • Dialectics is thinking in contradictions
  • A "logic of disintegration" that does not reconcile opposites but realizes their identity
  • Western civilization is moving towards self-destruction
  • Reason has come to dominate not only nature, but also humanity itself
  • Critique of mass culture
  • Mass-culture industries manipulate the masses
  • People become passive
  • Pseudo- individualization: individuals are fed standardized cultural goods
  • Mass-culture industries cultivate false needs, needs created and satisfied by capitalism

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