Henri Bergson
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Philosophy of Nature

  • Reality is an endless flow of change of the whole
  • The upward flow is life, the downward flow is inert matter
  • The universe is like a cable railway on a steep incline, with simultaneously ascending and descending cars
  • There is an "elan vital" (vital force) that causes life despite the opposition of inert matter
  • In human beings Intellect and Intuition have become separated faculties
  • Intellect is life observing inert matter
  • Intuition is life observing life
  • Intellect is related to space (inert matter is located in space)
  • Intuition is related to time (life is located in time)
  • Intellect can only understand inert matter, not life
  • Intuition can grasp life
  • We join (flow with) inert matter when habits take over the intellect
  • Intellect is simply the contemplation of inert matter
  • Space appears to exist to the intellect (space is a practical way to organize inert matter)
  • The intellect divides reality into objects
  • The "time" coordinate of Newtonian physics is (like space) an artifice to represent inert matter (Newtonian time is a form of space)
  • "Time" (not Newton's time) appears to exist to intuition (time is a practical way to organize life)
  • Intuition does not divide reality into objects: it grasps the flow of the universe as a whole
  • Time is the sequence of conscious events
  • We have a memory for habits and a memory for events
  • Time is our memory of events

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