Ludwig Boltzmann
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Philosophy of Nature

  • How the properties of atoms determine the properties of matter
  • Solution: probabilities
  • A statistical description of a system can be made in terms of the distribution f(r,v,t)
  • number of molecules= f(space range, velocity range, time range)
  • Statistical Mechanics: statistical description of ensembles of discrete molecules (spheres) obeying classical mechanics and subject to perfectly elastic collisions)
  • Relationship between Mechanics (which is reversible in time) and Thermodynamics (which is irreversible)
  • Many different microscopic states of a system result in the same macroscopic state
  • Boltzmann's statistical definition of entropy: the entropy of a macrostate is the logarithm of the number of its microstates
  • S = K * Log(W)
  • Entropy is a measure of disorder in a system
  • Boltzmann's eternal doom: the universe must evolve in the direction of higher and higher entropy
  • The universe is proceeding towards the state of maximum entropy

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