Georg Cantor
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  • Set Theory: emancipates Mathematics from its traditional domain (numbers)
  • Transfinite numbers
  • Zeno's Paradoxes: "if space is infinitely divisible in finite points, then_"
  • Solutions to Zeno's Paradoxes
  • Hume: space and time are composed of indivisible units having magnitude
  • Kant: contradictions are immanent in our conceptions of space and time, so space and time are not real
  • Hegel: all reasoning leads to contradictions which can only be reconciled in a higher unity
  • Cantor's solution to Zeno's Paradoxes
  • A one-dimensional line is not a sum of an infinite number of infinitely small points, but a set-theoretic union of an infinite number of unit-sets of zero-dimensional points
  • What Zeno proved is a general property of space...
  • There is no point next to any other point: between any two points there is always an infinite number of points
  • The non-denumerable infinity of points in space and of events in time is much larger than the merely denumerable infinity of integers.
  • An infinite series of numbers can have a finite sum

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