Rudolf Carnap
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Philosophy of Science

  • Program to derive scientific knowledge (knowledge of the physical world) by logical construction starting from our sensory experience
  • The fundamental elements of knowledge are the qualia ("red"), which are global and immediate experiences: subjectivity
  • From subjectivity one derives physical objects (logical constructions from the sense data)
  • From physical objects one can derive the intersubjective level, and then the sociocultural level
  • Metaphysics, instead, is only a form of art
  • Experience comes as wholes, not as items
  • Construction of the world arises from the experienced events of a lifetime
  • The meaning of a proposition is its method of verification
  • Truth is coherence within a set of beliefs
  • A language is defined by
  • a set of formation rules that specify if a sequence of symbols is a valid sentence in that language
  • and a set of transformation rules that allow to transform one valid sentence into another valid sentence

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