Antonio Damasio
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Philosophy of Mind

  • Locations where the brain binds features together: convergent zones
  • A convergence zone is not a "store" of information but an agent capable of decoding a signal (of reconstructing information)
  • Convergence zones behave like indexes that draw information from other areas of the brain.
  • A convergence zone is the instructions to recognize and combine features (bring back the memory of something)
  • Convergence zones enable the brain to work in reverse at any time
  • The assembly ("binding") of consciousness requires more than a working memory: a system of "convergence zones"
  • "Movie in the mind" consciousness (how a number of sensory inputs are transformed into the continuous flow of sensations of the mind):
  • Constructed from sensory mappings
  • First order narrative of sensory mappings
  • Unchanged throughout a lifetime
  • Shared by other species
  • Purely non-verbal process
  • "Self" consciousness
  • Topography of the body
  • Topography of the environment
  • Self vs nonself
  • Second-order narrative in which the self is interacting with the non-self
  • An "owner" and "observer" of the movie is created
  • Verbal process
  • Body's homeostasis (continuity of the same organism)
  • The self is continuously reconstructed
  • The "I" is not telling the story: the "I" is created by stories told in the mind
  • "You are the music while the music lasts" (Eliot)

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