Jacques Derrida
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Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Language

  • Structuralists claimed that "everything is language", but this leads to the same metaphysics (Logos) of the ancient Greeks, that confuses "being" and "Being" (if everything is significant, then the signifier must rely on a transcendental signified or nothing would have meaning)
  • The Logos presupposes an "Archi-ecriture" (a prior form of expression) in which the Logos can be expressed: this defers meaning indefinitely
  • Grammatology is the theory of archi-escriture, of penetrating the archi-ecriture of a text (deconstruction or "differance")
  • Metaphysics is like a circle, closed on itself, a vicious loop from which the the philosopher cannot escape
  • Metaphysics cannot be deconstructed without first deconstructing reason itself
  • Language is not a tool to represent the world, but a world in which we live
  • Language changes ideas as it expresses them
  • The author of a text is not the only source of its meaning
  • The meaning of a text changes over time
  • There are multiple legitimate interpretations of a text, multiple layers of meaning
  • Language is constantly shifting

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