Galileo Galilei
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Philosophy of Nature

  • Atomistic theory of matter
  • There is a reality independent of anyone perceiving it, and our senses represent it...
  • ...but our senses cannot access it directly (only through the sensations)
  • A body in free motion does not need any force to continue moving
  • If a force is applied, then what will change is the acceleration, not the velocity
  • Linear uniform motion as the natural motion of all objects
  • Acceleration is due to forces
  • Acceleration is the same for all falling objects
  • Celestial objects are not perfect spherical bodies
  • The Heavens are not static and perfect, but subject to forces and continuously changing
  • The same natural laws apply on Earth and in the Heavens
  • Relativity: All physical laws are the same regardless of the observer's state of motion as long as the velocity of the observer does not change

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