Peter Gardenfors
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Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Nature
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of History
Philosophy of Ethics

  • How self-conscious beings came to be: first sensations, then attention, then emotions, then memory, then internal representations, then planning, then the self, then free will and finally language
  • Perceptions (the interpretation of sensations, which are representations directly related to the world) vs "detached" representations (representations about something that is present here and now)
  • Detached representations allow a being to "become increasingly detached from the immediate vicinity"
  • The self presupposes a you
  • The "I" emerges from a network of inter-related cognitive functions
  • Language came last: human language is very much about the "I" and the "you"
  • Language is an emergent property of cognitive systems (it is a natural evolution of cognitive skills that preexisted it)

(Copyright © 2005 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions - Termini d'uso )