Thomas Hobbes
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Philosophy of Nature
Philosophy of Society

  • Materialism
  • Nature is a mechanism
  • The motion of living beings is due to a force to eskew pain and a force to desire pleaure
  • The human body is a mechanism
  • Human behavior is caused by material phenomena, and is controlled by the competing motivations of appetite and aversion
  • The soul is part of the body (it represents its "vital" quality)
  • Force is transmitted by contact between bodies
  • There is a substance filling the void between bodies:
  • God is that substance
  • Human nature is evil. Good arises with society.
  • Human nature is inherently selfish and violent, bound to endless civil strife ("war of all against all")
  • The state provides stability and security for the people
  • Peace and security are more important than liberty and rights
  • The laws of the country (designed to maintain peace and security) are the equivalent of the laws of nature (designed to maintain order)

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