Karl Jaspers
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Philosophy of History

  • Existence (Dasein) is existence in the world ("situated" existence)
  • Existence is orientation in the world
  • It is impossible to transcend the human experience
  • Freedom of the individual (to choose another existence and the risks that come with it)
  • Real freedom of choice is impossible because we are what we are (historically, socially, etc)
  • Freedom is only acceptance of one's destiny
  • Communication is the way an existence realizes itself, but even communication is a mirage: an existence cannot truly join with other existences
  • An existence is a contradiction in terms
  • Each existence can only glimpse the essence of its own existence (it cannot change it)
  • Nazism was the last avatar of German nationalism that, starting with the Reformation, assumed increasingly aggressive forms as a reaction to the difficulty in achieving political unity

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