Carl Jung
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  • Parallels between ancient myths and psychotic fantasies
  • Motives are not in the history of the individual but in the history of the entire human race
  • Unconscious as a repertory of symbols
  • Unconscious: Freud's personal unconscious (repressed memories) + collective unconscious (inherited motives shared by all humanity)
  • Collective unconscious: a shared repertory of archaic experience represented by "archetypes" which spontaneously emerge in all minds
  • Mythology is the key to understanding the human mind
  • Predispositions by all human brains to create some myths rather than others
  • Libido is not just sexual
  • Dreams reflect the collective unconscious
  • Dreams connect the individual with the rest of humankind
  • Mandala as the archetypical symbol of the self
  • Trance ("active imagination") helps become one with the archetypes and achieve immortality
  • The goal of psychoanalysis is spiritual renewal
  • Self-deification through the mystical connection with our primitive ancestors ("We must dig down to the primitive in us"_ "a new experience of God")
  • A race is identified by the archetypes that bind all individuals of the race together with their ancestors

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