Rodolfo Llinas
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Philosophy of Mind

  • Neurons are active all the time
  • The activity of neurons generates patterns of behavior all the time
  • Neurons are always active, even when there are no inputs
  • Neurons operate at their own pace, regardless of the pace of information
  • A rhythmic system controls their activity
  • The neurons are telling the body to move even when the body is not moving
  • The environment selects which movement the body will actually perform
  • Movement is not reactive: it is active and automatic
  • An organism has only limited control of its brain
  • A scanning system that sweeps across all regions of the brain 40 times a second
  • A wave of nerve pulses sent out from the thalamus and triggering all the synchronized cells in the cerebral cortex that are recording sensory information
  • The cells then fire a coherent wave of messages back to the thalamus
  • Only cortex cells that are active at that moment respond to the request from the thalamus.
  • Consciousness originates from the constant interaction between the thalamus and the cortex
  • Every function in the body is controlled by a rhythmic system that occurs automatically

(Copyright © 2005 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions - Termini d'uso )