Ernst Mach
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Philosophy of Nature

  • Scientific phenomena can only be understood in terms of sensory experience
  • The domain of science is the abstractions constructed by the scientist on the bases of his sensory perceptions
  • Only empirical statements are valid scientific statements
  • The task of the scientist is to describe the world, not to explain it
  • (e.g., causality, which is a way to explain a phenomenon, should be replaced by the concept of relation, which is mere description)
  • Absolute time and space are explanations, not descriptions, and thus should be removed from science
  • Inertia (the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest and of a body in motion to continue in motion in the same direction) results from a relationship of that object with all the rest of the matter in the universe
  • Inertia is a function of the interaction between one body and other bodies in the universe, even at enormous distances.

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