George-Herbert Mead
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Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Nature

  • Consciousness is not a separate substance, but the world in its relationship with the organism
  • Consciousness is in the world, outside the organism
  • Objects of the environment are colored, beautiful, etc: that "is" consciousness
  • Objects do not exist per se, they are just the way an organism perceives the environment
  • It is our acting in the environment that determines what we perceive as objects
  • Different organisms may perceive different objects
  • The environment results from the actions of the organism
  • We are actors as well as observers (of the consequences of our actions)
  • Any change in the organism results in a change of the environment.
  • Those objects have qualities and values that constitute what we call "consciousness"
  • Consciousness is not a brain process: the switch that turns consciousness on or off is a brain process
  • Consciousness is pervasive but only social species can report on their conscious experiences
  • A self always belongs to a society of selves
  • Consciousness is a product of socialization among biological organisms
  • The mind is socially constructed: society constitutes an individual as much as the individual constitutes society

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