Isaac Newton
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Philosophy of Nature

  • Mathematical description of the motion of bodies in space and over time
  • Natural state is uniform straight motion
  • Absolute time and space made of ordered instants and points
  • Force as cause of change of motion (acceleration)
  • Gravitational force as cause of planetary motion
  • Action at distance
  • Unification of terrestrial and celestial mechanics
  • Conservation of energy
  • God is necessary to keep gravitation from destroying the universe
  • New view of the world
  • Mathematics and Mechanics can explain Nature
  • Matter is made of atoms subject to mechanical laws
  • "The smallest particle of matter may cohere by the strongest attractions, and compose bigger particles of weaker virtue. And many of those may cohere, and compose bigger particles whose virtue is still weaker. And so on for diverse successions until the progression ends in the biggest particles on which the operation in chemistry and the colors of natural bodies depend."

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