Friedrich Nietzsche:

"Ecce Homo" (1888)

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This is not the most delirious of Nietzsche's books, despite the fact that the chapters are titled "Why I Am So Wise", "Why I Am So Clever", "Why I Write Such Excellent Books" and "Why I Am a Destiny". What is missing is the chapter "Why I am so Modest" :-). Quote: "To take a book of mine into his hands is one of the rarest distinctions anyone can confer upon himself". This is mostly an autobiography, but it can also be read as a self-psychoanalysis. The last sentence summarizes his philosophy, which really didn't have much more in it than one sentence: "Dionysus over Jesus".

Anyway, boring like hell. You will not find a summary of this book anywhere because there is nothing to summarize (if you already read the other books listed below). As an autobiography, it is pompous and superficial. As a self-psychoanalysis it is too kind to himself. As a summary of his philosophy, it is too diluted and verbose.

One has to psychoanalyze his age in order to understand why he became so famous.