Ilya Prigogine
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Philosophy of Nature

  • Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics
  • Irreversible processes are ubiquitous in nature
  • Life happens far from equilibrium
  • "Conservative" systems vs "dissipative" systems (subject to fluxes of energy and/or matter)
  • Dissipative systems give rise to irreversible processes
  • Order can be created either from equilibrium systems or from non-equilibrium systems that are sustained by a constant source (by a persistent dissipation) of matter/energy
  • All living organisms are non-equilibrium systems
  • The non-linearity of a system drives the system to ordered configurations, i.e. create order
  • Non-equilibrium and non-linearity favor the spontaneous development of self-organizing systems, which maintain their internal organization by trading matter/energy with the environment
  • Nonlinear systems driven away from equilibrium can generate instabilities that lead to bifurcations
  • When the system reaches the bifurcation point, it is impossible to determine which path it will take next: chance
  • Once the path is chosen, determinism resumes

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