Hilary Putnam
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Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Language

  • Semantic externalism
  • Meaning is not in the mind" ("water" in "twin earths")
  • Meaning exhibits an identity through time, but not in its essence
  • Most people know what gold is, and still they cannot explain what it is
  • If some day we found out that Chemistry has erred in counting the electrons of the atom of gold, this would not change what it is
  • The meaning of the word "gold" is not its scientific definition, but the meaning that a community has given it
  • Functionalism
  • If a mental state can be realized in more than one physical state (more than one brain), is the physical state important at all?
  • What is it that makes a physical state of the brain also a mental state? the function it performs (eg, thermometer)
  • Mental states have a function
  • A mind doesn't necessarily require a brain
  • The mind is a symbol processor, and mental states are related to computational states
  • The mind is the software and the brain is its hardware
  • Functionalism
  • The execution of that program (the mind) in that hardware (brain, computer,_) yields behavior

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