Sayyid Qutb
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Philosophy of History

  • Philosopher of militant Islam
  • Islamic holy war (jihad) as the duty of every Muslim
  • Against Islamic regimes
  • Integralist view of society
  • Violent Muslim resistance to regimes that are not truly Islamic
  • Ibn Taymiyya's verdict of 1300: Jihad legitimate against Mongols even if they converted to Islam
  • A Muslim might justly assassinate an unjust Muslim ruler (he is not a Muslim anymore)
  • Jahiliyya ("pagan ignorance") is the main evil in the world
  • Secular society violates God's sovereignty on Earth by creating new rules which override the wishes of God
  • Jahiliyya is rebellion against God's sovereignty on earth
  • Christians are all destined for hell
  • Jewish conspiracy against Muslims
  • America's separation of church and state is "the" problem
  • Capitalism is evil
  • Dream of a purified world
  • "the worship of God alone,
  • the foundation of human relationships on the belief in the Unity of God,
  • the supremacy of the humanity of man over material things,
  • the development of human values and the control of animalistic desires,
  • respect for the family,
  • the assumption of the vice-regency of God on earth according to His guidance and instruction
  • the rule of God's law (Shari'a) "

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