Richard Rorty
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Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Science

  • Eliminative materialism
  • The mind-body dualism is a false problem that leads to false problems
  • Philosophical relativism
  • Any theory is inevitably conditioned by the zeitgeist of its era
  • Philosophy cannot discover the world
  • Philosophy is a genre of literature
  • Science cannot independently justify its findings
  • Science is a genre of literature
  • We cannot know the world
  • Pragmatic conception of truth: Truth is a relative concept
  • Philosophical relativism
  • Facts do not exist independently of the way we describe them with words
  • The goal of philosophy and science is not to verify if our propositions agree with reality but to create a vocabulary to express what we think is reality
  • Science is just one possible vocabulary, religion is another one: all possible vocabularies are equally valid
  • Philosophical relativism
  • Metaphysics is nothing but lay religion
  • We need to free the minds of metaphysics the same way that the Enlightenment freed the minds of theology

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