Friedrich Schelling
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Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Nature

  • The phenomena of the world vary in degree of self-consciousness, from the rocks (will is completely unconscious) to humans (will is conscious)
  • The universe is moving towards a higher consciousness of itself
  • The world is created by a universal will that strives to manifest itself (the world is that manifestation)
  • Dualism creates oppositions of mind/matter, good/evil, subject/object, etc which make philosophical problems insoluble
  • Objective idealism: underlying unity of nature
  • equilibrium of forces
  • Consciousness is the product of unconscious forces
  • There is an "unprethinkable" being that precedes all thought and is the condition of thought
  • Nature precedes Spirit
  • The process of self-organization is the primary creator of reality
  • Consciousness emerges from unconscious matter through stages of self-organization
  • All that exists is continuously being redefined by the process of self-organization
  • The process of self-organization is fundamentally a process of "limiting" (a generalization of Fichte's limiting activity)
  • Living organisms interact with the environment to continuously reorganize themselves
  • Eventually "Spirit" emerges, that has both self-consciousness and free will
  • Emergence is a process of constraining activity
  • All languages derive from a mother language
  • All myths derive from one primordial mythology

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