Arthur Schopenhauer
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Philosophy of Nature
Philosophy of Society

  • Kant + Buddha
  • We can know reality in itself, but only from within, via self-knowledge, via the realization that we are "will" (striving nature of conscious beings)
  • Mind (conscious and unconscious) is will, which assumes the idea of the body in space and time
  • Will is the inner force of human life
  • "Will and acting are one"
  • Will is the true substance of the body
  • Will is the inner reality of every natural phenomenon
  • Everywhere there is will: "impulse, persistence, determination"
  • All reality is will; there is one universal will
  • The will's constant urge for achievement of ever more ambitious goals causes human unhappiness
  • We are victims of our insatiable will
  • We are either bored (because we are not letting our will act) or frustrated (because we can't achieve what our will wills)
  • The will is the origin of our sufferings: the less you "will", the less you suffer
  • The endless cycle of willing and suffering can be broken only by ceasing the striving, i.e. Buddhist-like resignation/contemplation
  • Salvation requires an "euthanasia of the will"
  • Moral virtue is a way to reduce the evil power of will
  • Moral virtue is a way to realize that individuals are an illusion, that only Will (one shared will) exists

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