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We Believe in Gods because otherwise we wouldn't be

  • Billions of humans still believe in superstitions about gods and prophets.
  • The human brain is genetically programmed to find explanations to the history of the universe (and of itself) and, when it can't find easy rational explanations, it naturally invents irrational supernatural events.
  • However, these are "irrational" because there isn't a speck of evidence for it. There is no evidence that Jesus resurrected, let alone that he was the son of a god, and there is no evidence that the "Quran" was dictated by a god, and there is no evidence that these gods ever existed. Legends don't count as evidence, no matter how many people repeat them. It is like believing that some elephants have wings and that some tigers are vegetarian.
  • We don't teach children that elephants may have wings and that tigers may be vegetarian, because we've never seen one, but billions of people do teach their children that there are gods, even though they have never seen one.
  • It seems difficult to teach children the simple truth: that we don't know how the universe was created, why it exists, why we exist, and what happens after we die. Maybe those who did it learned that the truth raises a generation terrified from an early age, a generation that will not be motivated to raise other generations. In other words, those who tried went extinct.