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Free Will is a General Property of the Universe

(Expanding from Nature never repeats itself and from Is Consciousness Conserved).
  • If the universe only obeyed mathematical deterministic laws, there would be millions of identical rocks and millions of identical tree branches (and millions of identical cats and millions of identical human beings).
  • Instead, it's impossible to find two identical rocks or two identical branches or two identical human beings.
  • Nature never repeats itself. Physics, which is the study of matter, cannot explain this simple fact.
  • Physics ignores one thing that we know it exists: consciousness.
  • I know it exists because i am one of the beings that has it.
  • Who else has it? The conventional answer is that all humans have it (although historically there were times when women and/or slaves were denied it) and that perhaps some animals have it.
  • Some of us believe that all animals are conscious, although to different degrees.
  • Any being with a nervous system is able to move and "behave", and the "behavior" includes "being afraid", "being hungry", etc, all actions that we relate to a degree of consciousness.
  • But this is not proof that a nervous system is necessary condition for consciousness.
  • If consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe, then it is likely that all things have a degree of consciousness, including rocks and trees.
  • Two assumptions that would explain the infinite differentiation of Nature are: consciousness is everywhere and in everything, to some degree, and consciousness is always free will, to some degree.
  • This would explain why no two rocks are identical: they have their own degree of "free will" and, over the centuries, each one evolved in a different way because its "consciousness" can act on its atomic processes.
  • Nature never repeats itself because each part of Nature, whether alive or not, has a degree of free will.
  • All things have free will, there is always an element of free will.