Giambattista Vico
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Philosophy of History

  • There is a single history of humankind, due to the fact that there is a single God, a single Creation, etc
  • The Fall determined the history of humankind
  • The natural sciences cannot explain nature because nature was created by God, and after the Fall humans cannot understand God's mind
  • One can only know one's creations
  • We can know the creations of other humans by using our mind to simulate theirs, but we can never know the creations of God because we cannot simulate his mind
  • Humans can only know history, culture, art and languages
  • The study of human creations (humanities) relies on a method that is different from the study of divine creations (sciences)
  • Languages are the supreme achievement of humans, a consequence of the Fall, as humans got dispersed on Earth
  • Pattern ("corso e ricorso") of social development in every culture: from barbarism to civilization and then back to barbarism
  • Age of the Gods: religion and family emerge from the barbaric state
  • Age of Heroes: social order is created by a class rules the other classes
  • Age of Men: the lower classes obtain equality, but cause society to disintegrate
  • This pattern replicates the stages of personal development from child (emotions) to middle age (self-critical) to old age (chaos)
  • The pattern endlessly replicate the pattern of fall, alienation and redemption
  • Pattern of artistic development from poetry to prose
  • Family is the institution that mediates between nature and culture

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